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Hello UU and welcome to the Personal Viability Ranking thread! The official Viability Rankings won’t be made until the meta has settled post-February shifts, meaning there’s a few weeks before the VR thread is up. As such, this thread can be used for players to share their own personal VRs in the meantime. Just post your rankings and feel free to add any extra thoughts or reasoning behind certain rankings if you desire. The official Viability List is linked here for quick access to the main forces in the metagame. For a bit of a guideline, I’ll post the general definitions of the main ranks below to help those unsure where to rank.

S and S-: The best of the best Pokemon, being extremely splashable and versatile, having high consistency, and shaping the tier’s development. S- Pokemon are Pokemon that are a step above the rest of the A+ Pokemon but may not be as centralizing or potent as another S tier.
A+ and A: great and metagame defining Pokemon that have exceptional prowess and must be accounted for while building, not as defining as S rank Pokemon but still strong Pokemon that most teams should make use of.
A- and B+: These are Pokemon that still have an impactful role in the metagame and should still be accounted for, but lack the consistency and/or potency to be ranked any higher.
B: Generally the lowest ranking of Pokemon considered impactful to the tier, these Pokemon operate decently within the metagame but have enough notable flaws to keep them from being tier staples.
B- and C+: Pokemon in these ranks are without a doubt viable, but have noticeable flaws and restrictions that limit splashability and usage in the tier while not being too consistent either. Pokemon that are staples found in niche but viable playstyles reside here.
C: These Pokemon have roles in the metagame that are generally outclassed for the most part, but still have enough relevance and usefulness in the metagame to warrant a ranking.

Happy Posting!
My rough thoughts on the tier. Pokemon are not ordered within tiers. When I think about viability, I think about "how many teams does this Pokemon fit on" moreso than an abstract quality of "goodness" in the tier, so that's what I used to help make this list. Don't take this toooooo seriously, especially for the lower-ranked mons, as I have less experience using them and could be totally wrong.
Good thing I was already working on a VR since earlier this month. I'm keeping it in the spoiler to not flood the thread.
Edit: Dropped Lokix to C+ after testing it for research week

S Rank

:gengar: Gengar

:slither wing: Slither Wing
:tinkaton: Tinkaton

A Rank


:gastrodon-east: Gastrodon
:grafaiai: Grafaiai
:iron jugulis: Iron Jugulis
:lucario: Lucario
:salamence: Salamence
:staraptor: Staraptor
:tyranitar: Tyranitar

:haxorus: Haxorus
:kilowattrel: Kilowattrel
:pelipper: Pelipper
:polteageist: Polteageist
:quagsire: Quagsire
:sandy shocks: Sandy Shocks

:bisharp: Bisharp
:donphan: Donphan
:floatzel: Floatzel
:hawlucha: Hawlucha
:hippowdon: Hippowdon
:noivern: Noivern
:slowbro: Slowbro
:talonflame: Talonflame
:tsareena: Tsareena

B Rank


:armarouge: Armarouge
:barraskewda: Barraskewda
:brambleghast: Brambleghast
:gallade: Gallade
:gyarados: Gyarados
:indeedee: Indeedee-M
:klefki: Klefki
:lycanroc-dusk: Lycanroc-Dusk
:scream tail: Scream Tail
:toxtricity: Toxtricity

:gardevoir: Gardevoir
:iron thorns: Iron Thorns
:magnezone: Magnezone
:maushold: Maushold
:oricorio-pom-pom: Oricorio-Pom-Pom
:oricorio-sensu: Oricorio-Sensu
:slowking: Slowking

:alomomola: Alomomola
:drednaw: Drednaw
:orthworm: Orthworm
:primeape: Primeape
:tauros-paldea-fire: Tauros-Paldea-Fire
:tauros-paldea-water: Tauros-Paldea-Water
:wo-chien: Wo-Chien

C Rank


:altaria: Altaria
:blissey: Blissey
:coalossal: Coalossal
:golduck: Golduck
:espeon: Espeon
:lokix: Lokix
:mimikyu: Mimikyu
:rotom-heat: Rotom-Heat
:rotom-mow: Rotom-Mow
:salazzle: Salazzle

:avalugg: Avalugg
:bronzong: Bronzong
:ditto: Ditto
:florges: Florges
:gogoat: Gogoat
:goodra: Goodra
:hariyama: Hariyama
:heracross: Heracross
:krookodile: Krookodile
:palossand: Palossand
:toedscruel: Toedscruel
:venomoth: Venomoth

:abomasnow: Abomasnow
:arcanine: Arcanine
:brute bonnet: Brute Bonnet
:cetitan: Cetitan
:cloyster: Cloyster
:drifblim: Drifblim
:flamigo: Flamigo
:forretress: Forretress
:froslass: Froslass
:frosmoth: Frosmoth
:mabosstiff: Mabosstiff
:medicham: Medicham
:naclstack: Naclstack
:sylveon: Sylveon
:veluza: Veluza

D Rank

:arboliva: Arboliva
:bellibolt: Bellibolt
:copperajah: Copperajah
:cryogonal: Cryogonal
:dugtrio: Dugtrio
:glaceon: Glaceon
:glimmet: Glimmet
:indeedee-f: Indeedee-F
:jolteon: Jolteon
:masquerain: Masquerain
:morgrem: Morgrem
:oricorio: Oricorio-Baile
:revavroom: Revavroom
:sableye: Sableye
:tatsugiri: Tatsugiri
:umbreon: Umbreon
:ursaring: Ursaring
:vaporeon: Vaporeon
:weavile: Weavile
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Just wanted to post a quickie because I noticed that this thread existed. Ordered within each tier with the least amount of effort put in as possible.
S Rank

:Iron-Hands: :gengar:

:tinkaton: :slither wing: :Pawmot:

A Rank


:Gastrodon: :lucario: :tyranitar: :talonflame: :iron jugulis: :sandy shocks:

:grafaiai: :kilowattrel: :salamence: :quagsire:

:bisharp: :noivern: :tsareena::gallade: :polteageist: :scream tail: :staraptor:

B Rank


:haxorus: :indeedee: :lycanroc-dusk: :brambleghast: :toxtricity: :slowking: :hippowdon: :alomomola: :armarouge: :donphan: :lokix: :hawlucha: :Torkoal:

:magnezone: :oricorio-sensu: :oricorio-pom-pom: :slowbro: :gardevoir: :iron thorns: :Gyarados: :klefki::maushold: :espeon: :wo-chien:

:blissey: :drednaw: :primeape: :tauros-paldea-fire: :tauros-paldea-water: :rotom-mow: :Scovillain:

C Rank


:dudunsparce: :avalugg: :coalossal: :mimikyu: :rotom-heat: :salazzle: :heracross: :altaria: :forretress: :crocalor: :Tatsugiri: :Masquerain:

From here on you're only gonna see bad mons kekw. Not ordered because I do not really care about these mons.

C Rank and Bellow
:bronzong: :ditto: :florges: :hariyama: :krookodile: :palossand: :toedscruel: :venomoth: :arcanine: :brute bonnet: :cetitan: :cloyster: :drifblim: :flamigo: :froslass: :frosmoth: :mabosstiff: :medicham: :naclstack: :sylveon: :Morgrem: :Charizard: :Leafeon: :Spidops:

These are here to piss of 2 specific people.

:goodra: :gogoat:
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Gallade & Bisharp deserve to be much better. They are staples (as far as I know). Tinkaton as well.

EDIT: grafaiai sucks. Anti-lead it with bisharp means you autowin the game (unless they have quag, but thats another issue, bisharp & bonnet REMOVE it)
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since we're coming up on a complete revamp of the tier at the end of the month, I thought I'd send off this era of UU with a personal VR. feel free to ask me any questions about my thoughts!

rankings ARE ordered in each tier! best to worst left to right.

each tier means the same as on the official VR, with the exception of D. D now also contains pokemon that I've heard discussion of but think are completely unviable.

Liz Angeles

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Made this in like 5 minutes cos I was bored, only included stuff that was rubl or higher except for stuff that was randomly on my phone from whenever I last made a vr. Brief thoughts:

Hydreigon is broken af so I pretty much had to include it in here. I'm honestly not sure if dirge belongs this high, it's clearly one of the most defining mons in the tier but I honestly feel it's not that hard to pressure it rn, one of the first things you have to account for in the builder though so I'm cool with it in s. Tink honestly feels as good as it ever has. I think there's just a wider range of defensive options now that allows tink to fully show it's versatility while also checking some really key threats. Easily one of the best mons in the tier rn.

Meowscarada is one of the first threats you have to account for in the builder and is overall just a great mon, probably the best fairy attacker in the tier as well thanks to protean. The mons that can deal with its stabs often lack longevity which makes it even more threatening. Kleavor is defining the ho lead metagame and is honestly really annoying to switch into. Donphan and cyclizar are the best hazard removal in the tier rn and donphan is honestly probably the best ground type, a+ might be too high for donphan particularly though. Battle bond greninja cleaves through unprepared teams like nothing else rn, kinda floppy at times though. Idt I need to explain slowking and glowbro, most splashable defensive options rn.

H arc is really good, boots is the best set, everything else is just excessive power imo. Has some cool defensive traits and is really hard to switch into. Bascu f is good, specs and scarf are the best sets imo. Cm cress is really strong, it's hard to hit this super effectively after tera and it's excessively bulky. Gastro is kinda passive but water immunity is good and it has some key resistances, there aren't that many good ground types rn. I think mence is still great honestly, the tier getting faster isn't great for it but it still does mence things. Moltres is really good, great defensive and offensive profile and has an amount of versatility in how you invest in it. Scizor is definitely worse than it was pre home, band and sd are both pretty good though, only mon it really hates dealing with is moltres. I like aqua tauros a lot, great defensive profile and it's stabs are spammable into a lot of teams rn.

Rillaboom is solid, terrain is really good and it's good at forcing progress. Quaquaval is still really annoying for offense to deal with but not as annoying as it was pre home. Overqwil and alolan muk have the same typing but have pretty different roles, I've used overqwil more and it's a solid spiker/meow check. Muk is more of a special wall that forces progress thanks to knock off and poison touch. Breloom is really good, sleep is broken, mach punch is nice. Defensive counterplay isn't great but you can out offense it. Enam t is cool, I'm honestly not a big fan of the cm/id variants but I like cm moonblast ep hwish a lot. Hard to switch into and you can chunk mons like tink to enable your teammates. Honestly haven't seen or used hisuian zoroark much but I assume it's still pretty good. Gmolt is pretty defining threat in the builder and with support can be great but it's less splashable than most of the stuff above it and hurricane misses a lot.

I don't like how passive scream tail is rn, it's still viable but not amazing rn imo. Thund t is good but the speed tier isn't amazing and it kinda feels like a volt switch bot sometimes. Quag has issues with passivity sometimes and I just haven't really liked it so far. Slither has some cool defensive traits and first impression is nice, really hates dirge and glowbro though. Wo chien is probably still good but idt I've seen it once so idk where to rank it really. Mola also feels very passive rn, can be tough for some teams to break through though. The fact it's less reliant on wishtect than scream tail helps it a lot, but in general hard to justify over slowking rn for me. Mimikyu still does mimikyu things, it provides insurance vs ho and randomly 6-0s half my teams for some reason (I hate this mon). Deci h is probably the best defogger rn and it's typing is pretty good defensively but it kinda struggles to actually defog and gets forced into recovering too easily imo.

Ngl idk what my thought process was with most of these, they're probably all reasonably viable, and I think they're better than the mons in B- and worse than the mons in B+ but mostly I just ranked these here cos I didn't know where else to put them.

Zarude has some upisde over meowscarada, probably a decent mon but more niche. I think there's very little reason to use talon rn, I guess the hazard removal sucks but I'd rather run no removal than defog talon tbh. Gyarados seemed pretty bad every time I faced it, it can probably still do gyara things though. Azelf is disappointingly bad from what I've seen so far, b- feels kinda harsh but it's so frail and there's too many faster mons. Regidrago is a pretty good fish but I don't think it's anything more than that. Yama is probably decent but it feels like the type of team it preys on is rarer rn and there are just better ways of breaking. I think it's really hard to justify zone rn, trapping tink just isn't an auto win rn and you just end up carrying a mon with pretty poor utility if you don't face tink, just not worth it imo. I used lycandusk and it was pretty good, has competition from h arc but banded accelerock is a really nice win condition, could maybe have been higher but I think it's generally outclassed.

I'm not going in depth here, these are either outclassed or really niche imo.

Floatzel being on this was an accident lol. I think bascu m is complete garbage if you face a team that doesn't lose 6-0 to the move wave crash. Everything else is either a new drop that sucks or mons I think have pretty much no place anymore.

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