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:snorlax: :sv/snorlax: :snorlax:
From being the king of RBY and GSC OU, to finding himself in the ZU tier in SV, Big Lax has had quite the downfall. But here, it is ready to dominate.
Build a team featuring Snorlax and post it in this thread with a brief description.
Deadline is Friday 10th at 10pm GMT+2.
Have fun!
:Snorlax: :alcremie: :Farigiraf: :Morpeko: :electrode-Hisui: :Passimian:
My favorite Snorlax set has been by far curselax. And what's better than 1 bulky setup sweepers? Why 3 bulky setup sweepers, of course!
:Snorlax: is the first mon in the team, and I ran and bulky curselax with rest + 2 attacks, and tera fairy to turn the tables on fighters like Emboar
:Alcremie: is probably the scariest bulky sweeper in the tier right now, and I ran it with acid Armor + cm as boosting moves, stored Power for damage, dkiss for recovery and to hit dark types, and tera poison to dodge toxic from would be checks like Muk
:Morpeko: has 2 purposes on this team. Firstly, it is a hazard remover, massively helping out with this team's weakness to tspikes, and vulnerability to getting layered on by spikers. Secondly, it can use parting shot to make setup opportunities out of otherwise threatening attackers like hoopa, conserving momentum and most of the time letting a teammate get a free cm/curse/acid armor
:electrode-Hisui: is one of my favorite new mons this month, and I ran it with leaf Storm + eject pack for easy momentum while doing loads of damage, tbolt for stab, volt Switch for more momentum, and taunt to stop a large variety of shenanigans from the opponent
:passimian: is this teams scarfer, and with u-turn for momentum, absurdly strong ccs, and great coverage, it can easily punch holes in teams or clean them up after the bulky sweepers take a few KOs
:farigiraf: is a slot I've gone back and forth on for a while. Originally, it was a regirock, but it was really only serving as a worse, second lax. Then it was a uxie, but that was far too frail to ever get a setup opportunity, but eventually I settled on a Cud Chew Kee Berry set. It can switch into weaker physical attackers like orthworm, get +2 defense after taking a body press/heavy Slam, setup with calm mind, heal with wish, and sweep with stored Power + dgleam, with tera fairy for extra dgleam damage and to turn dark and bug from weaknesses to resistances
I mayhaps have also used a couple of bulky setup sweepers...
:snorlax: :alcremie-caramel-swirl: :pincurchin: :oricorio-sensu: :komala: :veluza:
I wanted to start with CurseLax and Alcreamie, because having several bulky setup mons makes it easier for the others to make progress. Additionally, I wanted to pair them with Toxic Spikes to make it easier to outlast any opposing setup mons. Electric Seed gives the same effect as Grassy Seed and Pincurchin gets Tspikes, so I couldn't pass up the shot at Electric Terrain. Sucker Punch and Scald are so Pincurchin can theoretically do something. Komala spins and serves as a slow pivot to get in a better sweeper, and Oricorio and Veluza are self-explanitory fast sweepers. Slash is to get the sharpness boost and get through dark-type water absorbers.

Edit: Look i found a replay!
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:emboar: :sv/emboar: :emboar:
Undoubtedly one of, if not the strongest wallbreaker in the meta. With its huge attack stat, good bulk, decent speed, a threatening STAB combo supplemented by vast coverage, and good item variety, Emboar is a force to be reckoned with in the ZU tier.
Build a team featuring Emboar and post it in this thread with a brief description.
Deadline is Friday 17th at 10pm GMT+2.
Have fun!


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:Emboar: :Virizion: :Uxie: :Frosmoth: :Rotom: :Cramorant:
Haven't posted a team in a while so might give this go again!
Double Fighters! Virizion and Emboar were both extremely fun to use on the ladder; Emboar's strength of Reckless + Choice Band + high-base powered moves made it very appealing to give it a Choice Band. On the other hand, Virizion's excellent mixed attacking stats + movepool tempted me to pick Leaf Storm over the weaker Leaf Blade, and its good speed + typing made it decent speed control if Rotom lacked its Choice Scarf. It was also nice for being one of my few Electrode-Hisui checks, as I had no Volt Switch immunity for my team. Defensive Uxie used to be a staple in SS ZU and I wanted to try it again over here. Uxie provides a lot of utility in one slot - Knock Off, slow pivoting, Stealth Rock support, and Future Sight to complement my Fighting-types. Frosmoth was generally nice as a late-game wincon and for being specially bulky as a sweeper. Rotom was a great Choice Scarf user, complmeneted Uxie's U-turn and formed a VoltTurn core, and provided additional utility with Will-O-Wisp. Cramorant was my hazard remover and while not amazing defensively, its typing could help in a pinch against Emboar and Palossand.
Haven't posted a team in a while so might give this a go again!


You get my terrible spriting but even worse because I don't remember how to make it look pretty/was never good at it anyways.

I have an affinity for sub-3 attack sets, particularly on ladder. It seemed like a fair way to try to take advantage of the switches the Emboar forces, but I ultimately wasn't enthralled with his 3-move coverage, especially in this brave new generation where any mon can become anything it wants.

You could easily sub out Iron Head for CC or Drain Punch, but you'll run into the same problems no matter what. As with any heavy-hitter or mon that requires a turn to set up, pivoting is essential, so I settled on a volt-turn team to bring Boar in safely as often as possible to set up substitutes.

As far as partners went, it was obvious that I needed a Dipplin and Qwilfish answer, so I started there - enter Scarf Rotom-Frost. You can't Trick the eviolite off, Dipplin, but you can nuke it with Blizzard - and also any potential switch-ins to Volt Switches that you want to throw at Qwilfish. Outside of this specific purpose, having a Choice Trick user on your team is ridiculously useful right now because of all of the slow bulky setup mons like Snorlax. I went old-school and ran Frostom without hazard removal because you're never living a hit with him anyways so whatever.

AV Eel is another Qwil answer and can threaten Ground-type switch-ins and also provides an important slow pivot to get Boar or Fari into the game. It also provides the only real Special bulk on the team in case of emergency.

Uxie provides a fighting resist, slow-turn, and rocks. I packed in Encore because that move is annoying and because there are so many slow setup mons running around that it seemed useful - and it was.

Farigiraf is an absolute MONSTER. Even with only Agility or NP up, it can blow holes in so many teams. IT also provides a Special Attacker and sweeper to the team, which it needed. It's a logical recipient of a volt/turn because of just how dangerous it can get, and how quickly. Mon is nutty.

And I don't really remember why I picked Passimian, except that it can u-turn and is fast-ish with passable bulk for a banded mon. You might find a better breaker, but U-turn is essential (already have too many Volt users).

I have no idea how to play this tier.

But vote for me because I beat 5dots' submission with this team and it is therefore superior.
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Click the sprites to access the team!
:Carbink: :Exeggutor-Alola: :Spiritomb: :Crabominable: :Rampardos::Hattrem:
Trick Room! Four Trick Room setters, each with their specialized roles. Carbink was my entry hazard setter, having sufficient bulk to avoid a 2HKO from any of Emboar's attacks and a 3HKO from Jolteon's attacks. Exeggutor-Alola was my first offensive Trick Room setter, able to threaten foes with excellent STABs and coverage in Flamethrower. I ran with White Herb to more consistently pressure Grass- and Fire-resistant foes with Draco Meteor, and ran with Tera Dragon to gain a Fire resistance. Spiritomb was my second offensive Trick Room setter and was a decent spinblocker against Hitmonchan. I ran with Psyshock to threaten Fighting-types like Passimian and Emboar better. Crabominable hit extremely hard under Trick Room, and used Ice Hammer lowering its Speed to counterract Glasterier, who might underspeed Crab with its own low Speed. Rampardos with Sheer Force and Life Orb hit hilariously hard under Trick Room, and was my second physical breaker. Hattrem rounded the team by providing entry hazard control, Trick Room support, and Healing Wish to give a second wind to any weakened attacker under Trick Room.

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