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(picture by kirbezman of youtube)

dat swag

Magnemite @ Oran Berry
Timid | Sturdy
No EVs
~Magic Coat

Credit for this set goes to Chimpact. This set is pretty self explanatory. At level one, Swagnemite's HP is at 11. With Sturdy now acting like a Focus Sash in 5th gen, Swagnemite can take any hit and fully recover with an Oran Berry. Use Recycle to get the Oran Berry back, rinse, repeat. Get some Toxic Spikes up, and with Recycle + Protect, Swagnemite can stall entire teams. That's right, a level one Magnemite can stall entire teams. Don't think it will work? Check it out in use here.

(Shawk - 13860)()

Nature: Timid | Ability: Sturdy | Location: Iron Island
IVs: 31 | 30 | 31 | 30 | 31 | 30 | Hidden Power: Fire 70
Level 1 UT - Recycle | Protect | Endure | Magic Coat


Read these simple rules or you can't trade Swagnemite.

-Swagnemite is fully redistributable by everyone. Because of this, winners of the giveaway will get a little extra something for winning.
-Winners must have a trade thread. After they get it, if you want it and don't have one, you can get it from them. This is just to spread it around quicker.
-You cannot alter Swagnemite's nickname in any way. Make sure you include this when you add Swagnemite to your trade thread.


The bonus for winning the giveaway is two credits in my thread to use on whatever you want, or one credit plus semi-redistributable rights on whatever you choose (unless it was a B/CP for someone else).

How to win:

Tell a story about something cool. Something cool you saw, heard, did, whatever, just something cool. It has to involve you in it somehow. Doesn't matter how long it is, but if it's something like "1 time i got in a fight" you probably won't win. There will be ten winners. Winners will be chosen on Saturday, June 25th.


1. Shinyweavile
2. Luxpluff91
3. Ames
4. Shiny Mew2
5. SigmaEpsilon
6. Iceman Hotty
7. Percussionist
8. Dr. Alex
9. tomtom5858
10. Mmeyer

Distributors: pokeman42 and hipoke

Winners contact either of the two distributors to receive your pokemon.

Good luck!
Well, one time, I saw a giveaway called swagnemite. I pressed on it and read everything. But while reading, I saw a link that led to a youtube video. It said that it would show "swagnemite" in action. I didn't believe it. When I began watching the video, I was AWED! Swagnemite... ripped apart an infernape, a haxorus, and even a mew. I was standing there watching the little thing stall the crap out of them, when I realized that this swagnemite would pair up so well with nidoqueen on a sandstorm team.... I began building a sandstorm team immediately.... Then I realized that I can't get swagnemite unless I write something cool. So I began writing...
Nothing cool ever happens to me. Here's something I found extremely funny (and a bit cool): my little brother always makes fun of me driving and now he has his driver's license. He always acts a bit cocky and said he can drive better than me. Yesterday he wanted to park the car, hasn't mastered reverse in our car yet, and gently bumped into the car in front of us. You wouldn't believe how fast he wanted me to drive so he could get out of the car. For him to turn to me for driving was cool (at least to me).

Edit: I saw your swagnemite in action and it was truly amazing.
So the other day i,with a few of my cousins and my boyfriend were taking a taxi to the mall and turned out the driver was crazy and attempt to run over pedestrians and cyclists while touching the little cousins and my boyfriend

We survived XD
Back then in 2005, there was a cultural event near my home; the idea was to foster reading, make it attractive to kids and teenagers. Other than the book fairs, there were other events; one of them was a Pokémon TCG tournament. I was very hooked on it at the time and had just built a neat Dark Tyranitar deck - it was my chance to test it in grand style.

I spent all week testing my deck with myself alone, thinking about what to add and what to remove. Since it was an Unlimited format tourney, every card was allowed. 5 mins before leaving for the tourney on Sunday, I opted to add 4 Bill's to my deck for added draw power. They were really helpful on all matches to make my deck faster.

So I left for the tourney. It was divided in 3 parts: one in my school, one in another big building, and the last on a park near my house. Each part had a minigame to be completed, and then I had to duel the "Gym Leader" of that place. Winning and completing minigames awarded points, and whoever had the most points by the end would win the tourney.

The first step was easy: I had to make a Pokemon statue using clay. I made a ball, made 2 eyes and a line on the middle, and called it a Voltorb. Instant win! (it would be easier to make a Ditto but whatever) The duel went out pretty smoothly; I got D. Ttar out quicklt and from there onwards it was destruction with damage spread.

The second step involved a little jigsaw puzzle with Pokemon images. Quickly was done with it, and so was the duel too. My opponent used a Dark Dragonite deck, but I got Ttar out so fast he never evolved his Dragonairs.

The final step, in the park, was a treasure hunt; I had to search for tips all around and then find the last message. I spotted the last hint before I found any others (they were paper pieces hidden in statues, bushes, etc), so I was done VERY quicly with this.

So far I had maximum points; the only thing keeping me from the prize was the final duel. And surprise, surprise! It was a pre-built deck match. My opponent opened a pre-constructed deck before my eyes, and I was forced to play with that, against another pre-built deck by him. (For records, it was a Base Set Gyarados deck) I outplayed him by using Computer Search to discard hand and get Prof. Oak, drew 7 for free and got Gyarados out, completely owning his unevolved Pokes in the process.

My heart was beating quickly; I had to wait for about 1 hour for the tourney to end, but unless someone else had maxed out in points too, I was already the winner.

That was a long hour. In the mean time, I called my Mother and gradparents to wait there with me. And finally, we got the outcome: I got first place! My prizes were 20 Boosters from ex Deoxys set (I pulled a Deoxys ex on the first booster) and a Tangerine Orange Nintendo 64 with Wave Race 64.

That was my first tournament win ever, and I still remember it fondly to this day. D. Ttar is still one of my favorite decks. :D

Hope this was an interesting enough read ^^
1 tim i got in2 a hug fite n beet up da tufest kid @ my skool ololo xD he nevr cam b4ck bcuz he wuz skard i wud woop him agen xDD lololololmaoroflololol
The other week. We went to the zoo for a German excursion (not much work done :P ) and when we went over to the meercat enclosure and three of the little guys ran over to us and they were so eager they ended up jumping on top of each other. The top one stood up then toppled over into a muddy puddle. Was pretty funny
Unfortunately I don't have a trade.thread but plenty of my friends without WiFi would love it!
I found a $100 bill while walking a couple of weeks back
'nuff said

That drawing is pure win, it honestly inspires me to draw wimpy mons in similar positions xD
Me and some of my friends were playing Risk. I rolled a 6-6-6 on the defense roll. 3-4 days later I was teeching a friend to play Black Jack when I got a 6 card hidden, 6 on top, then 1 more hit. It was another six
I'd be willing to distribute. I can work with PKM files and trade on gen IV and V.

Alright guys, I have the Pokemon and I'm ready to distribute. Use the Black and upcoming HG friend code in my sig.
Well I don't have a trade thread but I would really love one of these to train:) Well okay here is my story...

In 2009, when I went to Pokemon TCG Nationals, my friends and I were all in the hotel room about to go to sleep and all five of us wanted a bed. We definitely didn't want to share any beds with each other so we decided that we all had to wrestle in a wrestling tournament to see which two of us five would get a bed and who had to sleep on the floor. I won the first round ,but lost the next and my friend Jordan just gave up as soon as someone touched him... lol Anyways it came down to my friend Ryan and Justin. Justin is a small strong kid and Ryan's nickname is Biggie. LOL It was actually close! Justin kept hitting him in the head with a phone book, and Ryan kept flipping him around like a toy. Justin eventually got him on the floor. It was just downhill from there for Ryan My friend Justin ended up winning after about 20 minutes wrestling by choking out my friend Ryan with his OWN ARM!!! hahahaha

Hope you enjoyed the story and it would be great if I could get one of these Swagnemites :)
This will be tough, because I don't have a cool factor.

I was able to convience my teacher to let me create my cosplay in class, in college, and it counted as my final mark toward my sculpting grade. Technicaly it did represent the human form in some sense, it servered as a accelgor helm for my head. :pimp:
I don't know how many of you smogon goers are seriously into music, but I have a few good ones. I try to attend as many concerts/shows/performances as possible and this has not only resulted in some of the most amazing experiences of my life (such as feeling the ground shake in a Rage Against the Machine mosh, watching an almost VIP Les Claypool show, talking to John Patrucci of Dream Theater at a guitar clinic, etc.) but the most amazing of all was being able to actually get up and briefly play WITH Victor Wooten (one of, if not the greatest, bass player alive today) after a clinic here in South Australia.

Hopefully this makes the cut, but if it doesn't; I'm going to Japan at the end of the year with my girl! Wooo!

Sorry to say but I do not have a trade thread but I do hope that my story still has some merit and if I'm really lucky I still score a credit or two :)
I saw swagnemite in action.

Naw, really, the coolest thing that happened to me was when I built a fort. It had airsoft defense, cammo, that kinda shit. I scared little kids away by screaming "SNAKE!!!!". Me and my friends would run out, the kid would get scared and leave, and we would be happy. Then, the mother( I think) was watching us. Thye kid said "don't break the trees." My friends and I then started screaming 'BREAKING THE TREES!!!!!" over and over, like the song breaking the law.
Whuchoo know 'bout Swagnemite?
Bitches can't handle it.
Seeing it in action?
You don't even know.

So, something cool, eh?

Well, something pretty cool happened to me last week. My friend and I had a calculus exam to study for.


So I head over to his house, we start studying and then about an hour in he goes into the kitchen and starts making a snack. I keep working on this problem, and then I smell a greasy and delicious smell coming from the kitchen. Not one to spoil a good surprise, I wait for him to come back out. A minute or two later the smell changes to a sweet smell, like candy. I'm thinking, "what the hell is he making in there?" Another minute later, he comes back into the room we were studying in.

With bacon.

Candied bacon.




I don't know if you've ever had candied [freaking] bacon, my friend, but it was Swagnemite-in-your-mouth-branded-good.
In Australia a few years back a medical student ran into a group of thugs in a dark alley. When all seemed lost, he saved by the unlikeliest of people...a group of armed ninjas.

Turns out a martial arts school had it's entrance in the very same ally, and the time happened to be when a class of ninjas was being dismissed.

True story.
Okay here is my story hope you guys like :)

Okay,about a week befor brake,we went to the computuer lab. Unfortunatly it was closed we stayed there for 30-45 mins. to see if anyone would come. At my school every one loves Black Ops,MW2 and all that stuff. One of my tearchers is a "Pro".

Now this kid (wont mention his name since he doesn't aprrove) looks at my teacher and says " Tamahack!" outload my teacher looks at him and yells " Sticky Granade" lol
The kid then says " Claymore!" .

All of a sudden he grabs me and places me in the " Claymore" to save himself and I die lol. Another teacher also play Black OPs,MW2 etc. He tells my teacher " Hey (teachers name) stop being a camper!" I laugh so hard!

My teacher then says "Quick Scope,son!".Then at that point this kid takes a huge fart! I say " Nuke!!!! I win!"

lol I hope you like my stoy and I hope I win me some swag! Thanks for the Giveaway,I also saw the video of Swagnemite and I can help distribute :)
I was out exploring my town with a friend of mine the other day, and we went into this really thick forest behind an abandoned church. It was almost impossible to get through, but his grandfather told him that there were cool things back there.
He was right.
Behind this church, under neath this forest, was an honest to God skate park. It was abandoned also, but I shit you not. The church kids would go there and skate after the service. There were also religious statues made of marble I believe surrounding the park.
Those were some pretty cool church kids.
Oh, there was also a rusty old bike abandoned in the trees. No idea how it got up there.
So we kept exploring and we found this old shack behind the town hospitol, with radiation warning signs all over it. We checked it out and heard a siren go off in the distance.
We sprinted out of there, and we saw the hospitol police come around the corner. I didn't even know hospitol's had their own police. Anyway, we played cool, but the cars kept following us down the road, until they eventually gave up.
Thank God.
So yeah, that was a pretty chill day. I was thouroughly entertained by your video of Swagnemite. Beautiful strategies at work there.
one time i was at a bus stop and the was this drunk guy dancing (he thinks he's jesus btw) then he fell.

i guess that one sucks..

well one time i was at my house and i saw a KKK member walking around with bells on his feet and a dog.

i guess nothing crazy happens to me. :/
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