Swap Drop and Roll: A SatisFactory Pokemon Guide


warning i kind of swear a lot so if you're a lil baby don't read on!!!

hi. battle factory is the only part of pokemon this jaded trainer has fun with anymore, but boy, can it ever be taxing. i finally got my coloured symbol, and it took me 340 hours over the course of a couple years to earn it. you may be thinking 'well if it took you so long maybe you arent the best person to be taking advice from!' and i must insist that such a statement is really hurtful and also kinda wrong. the amount of chance involved in the battle factory is positively heart-breaking. 4th gen really upped the ante on just how much shit a person must eat before getting their 49 wins. granted, 3rd gen only required 42 wins, but i beat the 3rd gen factory in five hours. if trends continue, 5th gen factory will take me somewhere around 23 000 hours.

firstly, if you're interested in undertaking this cruel endeavor, you may be asking yourself 'will it take me 340 hours?' the answer is a definite probably not. i say with candor that i think i just had an overwhelming amount of bad luck. you can probably do it in much less time, especially if you follow my helpful hints. so, young aspirant, take heed of my warnings and suckle at the teats of experience and regret!

also im only talking about open level here because this is called 'Swap Drop and Roll: A SatisFactory Pokemon Guide' not 'Pussy Shit for (BAN ME PLEASE)s'



this is your new bible. jumpman16 is your new god. pray hard like a pious pope.

each pokemon has 4 sets. as a general rule, set 1 is the worst while set 4 is the best, though there are many exceptions. battles are fought in waves of 7 rounds. i will refer to each set of 7 as a wave, and each individual battle as a round. for the first six rounds of a wave, you will only encounter mons whose sets match your current wave. for the seventh and final battle, you will face mons from the wave after. simply put, for rounds 1-6, you will fight set 1 mons. for round 7 you will fight set 2 mons. for rounds 8-13 you will fight set 2 mons. for round 14 you will fight set 3 mons. this continues up until you would progress to set 5 mons, but since set 5 doesn't exist the game just starts to mix it up with having trainers use mons with differently numbered sets in the same round. round 28 is the first round you will be able to see a set 1 mon and a set 4 mon in the same round, for example. from then on, you you will continue to see trainers with mixed sets.

there are some exceptions. the main one is that, due to item clause, you can never face a pokemon with an item one of your pokemon, or a pokemon you could have taken during the last battle/opening 6, is carrying. say its round 8. your opening roster contains set 2 cradily. the nice lady tells you the opponent is carrying a skarmory. whether or not you take that cradily, you know for certain that the skarmory you are about to face is set 1, since set 2 uses leftovers and so does your potential cradily. you also know that the opponent's other mons are set 1 as well. if it weren't obvious, the same applies to pokemon you could potentially battle. in this situation, you also know for certain that whether or not you take it, cradily will not be seen in round 8, and skarmory will not be seen in round 9.

the rules are different for thorton, who you face during round 21. he can use legendaries and they will be of random set. however, any non-legendary he uses will always be set4.


the factory is soul-crushing simply because there are too many threats. in third gen factory you could have a team that would be literally unbeatable. this is not possible in fourth gen. even the most cosmetically indestructible teams can lose to that errant walrein, that rogue umbreon. i have been 3-0'd with set4 zapdos/set4 garchomp/set1 heatran by set2 quagsire. it doesn't feel good. it is misery. just before i finally got my coloured symbol, round 48 got my heart thumping. my team was set1 porygon2, set2 gardevoir, and set2 venusaur (the obvious strategy being paralyze with pory, leech seed with venu, and start calm minding until god summons the locusts). the opponent led with infernape. it used close combat to 1shot pory, and i realized that if this was set4 infernape i lost, and if it was set1 and decided it would be more in its favour to fire punch instead ko with uturn, i could win. it was set1, it did fire punch (i suppose it doesnt prioritize uturn due to the 'drawback' of swapping out), and i managed to seal the game with a well-timed sleep powder from venusaur. so much of the game comes down to 'oh well, if its x i win and if its y i lose', but there is a lot you can do to minimize the chances of those situations ever coming up, and even more you can do to reduce the toll said situations can take on both your streak and your psyche.

how the opening roster works, thanks to team rocket elite:

Battle Factory Open level swapping

In Round 1, you get 6 Set 1 Pokemon and they all have IV0.

In Round 2, if you swapped 7 times, you get 5 Set 2 Pokemon with IV 4 and 1 Set 3 Pokemon with IV8
In Round 2, if you swapped 6 or fewer times, you get 6 Set 2 Pokemon with IV 4

In Round 3, if you swapped 14 times, you get 4 Set 3 Pokemon with IV 8 and 2 Set 4 Pokemon with IV12
In Round 3, if you swapped between 7 and 13 times, you get 5 Set 3 Pokemon with IV 8 and 1 Set 4 Pokemon with IV12
In Round 3, if you swapped 6 or fewer times, you get 6 Set 3 Pokemon with IV 8

In Round 4, if you swapped 21 times, you get 3 Set 4 Pokemon with IV 12 and 3 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16
In Round 4, if you swapped between 14 and 20 times, you get 4 Set 4 Pokemon with IV12 and 2 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16
In Round 4, if you swapped between 7 and 13 times, you get 5 Set 4 Pokemon with IV12 and 1 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16
In Round 4, if you swapped 6 or fewer times, you get 6 Set 4 Pokemon with IV 12

In Round 5, if you swapped 28 times, you will get 2 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16 and 4 Set 5 Pokemon with IV20
In Round 5, if you swapped between 21 and 27 times, you will get 3 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16 and 3 Set 5 Pokemon with IV20
In Round 5, if you swapped between 14 and 20 times, you will get 4 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16 and 2 Set 5 Pokemon with IV20
In Round 5, if you swapped between 7 and 13 times, you will get 5 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16 and 1 Set 5 Pokemon with IV20
In Round 5, if you swapped 6 or fewer times, you will get 6 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16

his 'round' is my 'wave'. i must express my confusion at these numbers though, since its impossible to swap 7 times going into wave 2 ?_?. subtract 1 from each number given, i guess.

it is worth noting, too, that if you've swapped every time, you can start seeing legendaries in your opening roster as early as wave 4, albeit rarely. while continuous swapping can make round 21's thorton more challenging (its very possible for you to have a badass team going into the fight with him and not wanting to trade anything), i assure you it's worth it in the long run. most legendaries are amazing, and getting one for wave 4 can trivialize said wave, allowing you to continue swapping with ease and in turn increasing the odds of you getting a legendary in your opening 6 for waves 5 and above. remember that your goal is not to beat thorton once, but twice, and that making the first battle against him harder with repeated swaps effectively makes everything up to and including thorton 2 easier.

switching is death. don't do it early in your streak. up to a certain number of matches the AI uses moves randomly (battles 1-20, and then 22-a random number. i have yet to figure out what causes the ai to start using the right move. i thought it was swaps but its not). the AI will never start being smart in the middle of a match, even if it seems like they have through their continuous stream of 'correct guesses'. thorton will always use the correct move. switching is only acceptable if you have access to the factory mon database and can ensure that none of the moves the opponent can use will compromise the mon you intend to bring in. switching becomes easier when the AI starts to use the best move, as there is no element of prediction; you know exactly what move they are going to use. this can allow for some sneaky shit (toggling between a jolteon and gyarados vs a set 4 electivire [eq/tpunch/ice punch/fire punch] until it was out of tpunch pp and i could set up some dragon dances with gyara). the only other time i recommend switching is if you're confused/attracted. these afflictions, while borderline laughable in 6mon battling, can destroy even the best team in the factory. always play it safe when afflicted. anyway, ensuring a safe switchin for a mon is of nonpareil importance. a lot of matches will be won 1-0. this is normal. most of your wins will involve killing their first mon with your first mon, revenging their second mon with your second mon, and revenging their third mon with your third mon.

my main strategy for the first few waves is keep a good, safe mon in reserve, and swap my lead depending on what i'm up against. this strategy is great since you know what they're leading with and usually one of the 3 can counter it. that puts you in a great 3-2 situation, and your good reserve mon can almost always get a mon and a half down, allowing, if all else fails, your third to clean up. you may feel dumb swapping your swampert for a mr mime but in the grand scheme of things it'll make for an easier journey.

during later rounds (anything 3 and beyond, basically), defensive synergy means a lot more than offensive synergy. this differs from regular pokemon in that your defensive synergy relies not on switching to minimize damage, but in confirming that you will not be ko'd by certain pokemon. say you have a metagross and a nidoking (dont laugh, nido is a good dude in the factory). you want a third mon like swampert or something, not to soak earthquakes on switches, but to kill the quaker after metagross dies so your nidoking doesnt auto-lose.

setting up is risky but can be worthwhile with certain mons. if, later in the game, you are blessed with a boon like set2 skarmory or set2 umbreon, don't lead with it. bring it out only vs something that can't kill it easily, then confirm 6 double teams and start cackling maniacally.

moves like stone edge suck. sometimes you have to use them, but avoid them whenever you can. mons like set4 aerodactly seem fantastic in theory, but often times games will come down to 'if stone edge hits i win and if it misses i lose'. don't put yourself in those situations. in regular pkmn, a move that will win you 8 games and lose you 2 is fantastic. in the battle factory, you can't lose two games. you can't lose any games. with half the resources a 6mon team has, a miss is twice as gamebreaking. facile math, i know, but i think it's pretty accurate.

legendaries aren't always good. set2 latias is fucking garbage. don't be fooled by BSTs.

white herb + leaf storm variation is an incredibly potent combo. roserade3 and 4 will almost always get two kills.

almost every loss i had, i could have done something to prevent it. even when you lose to bad luck, there is usually something you could have done to not put yourself in that situation. example: round 21, vs thorton. i have set3 infernape, set3 staraptor, and set3 drapion. thorton is leading with the aforementioned set2 latias. i decided i would switch to staraptor, take an intimidated zen headbutt for next to nothing, and return twice for game. i got one return off, but unfortunately, i lost to two flinches and then a crit. in retrospect, i realized that i should have swapped in drapion to negate the zen headbutt, then to staraptor to negate the eq, then back to drap to either soak a -1 neutral dragon claw or negate a zen headbutt (normally the AI will always use a perfect accuracy move over one with imperfect accuracy but in situations like this they choose randomly between them because of zen headbutt's potential flinch), then back to staraptor, and so on and so on until latias is at -6. drapion had battle armor so i could guarantee i'd be 3-2 with full health nape and full health staraptor waiting in the wings. that's too obvious an example since it's rarely as cut and dry as manipulating immunities, but i can't think of a better one right now.

always check a damage calculator when you're not sure if something will ko. remember what i said about putting yourself in bad situations?

explosion and destiny bond are incredible. simplifying to 2-2 can be risky even if your other 2 mons are great, but these two moves can easily turn a 3-2 lead into a 2-1 lead which is very, very hard to lose with.

trick room is actually really cool. one time i beat an entire wave with set3 exeggutor into set4 marowak. nothing beats trick room marowak.

bad items are bad, and good items are beyond incredible. leftovers turns almost anything into a good pokemon.

even when the AI starts to make the right move, you will win the occasional battle you shouldn't thanks to their attempts at prediction. when you are very low on health, the AI 'predicts' a switch and will use a move that it thinks would hit your potential switch-in for more damage. this is usually enough to kill you anyway, but sometimes you will win because it'll opt to use stone edge instead of earthquaking for game, stone edge will miss, and you'll kill it.

when the AI gets its act together, flying/levitating mons get even better and borderline staple on teams. i really cannot express the importance of being able to switch in on earthquakes freely.

the most important tip i can give you is to walk into the factory with an open mind. mons that seem terrible can be incredible, and the reverse holds true. every tyranitar is pretty terrible, while every leafeon is at least decent since it has that cheekily fast leaf blade. i have swept 4 rounds in a row with set4 walrein. walrein.


i will now give a tiny review of every mon available. that's a lot of fucking mons. sets taken from jump's guide, of course.

as a disclaimer, you may notice that a lot of my opinions contradict each other. very well then, i contradict myself (i am large, i contain multitudes). whitman aside, it's worth noting that waves 1 and 2 are very different from 3 onward. 3 onward you are playing to win. 1 and 2 you are playing to win quickly. 1 and 2 involve getting a mon with a strong earthquake and going from there. many things are great wave 1 and 2 and piss-poor later on.

406 | Abomasnow | Calm | Lum Berry | Giga Drain | Ice Beam | Water Pulse | GrassWhistle | HP/SpA

awful. perma-hail will never help your team, and if it helps your team your team sucks and you need to change it. stab ice beam is pretty good, especially early game, but thats no reason to use this asshole. watch out when fighting him, grasswhistle is bullshit.

542 | Abomasnow | Bold | Big Root | Giga Drain | Sheer Cold | Ingrain | Leech Seed | HP/Def/SpD

hail sucks but leech seed makes everything better. everything with leech seed gets a passing mark in my books. sheer cold is also hilarious if you wanna be zany.

678 | Abomasnow | Quiet | Occa Berry | Energy Ball | Blizzard | Shadow Ball | Focus Blast | HP/SpA

why is this quiet? stab 100 accuracy blizzard is a terrifying thing to be up against depending on your team, but this just never worked out whenever i tried it.

814 | Abomasnow | Brave | Shell Bell | Wood Hammer | Avalanche | Earthquake | Rock Slide | HP/Atk

why is this brave? dont bother. twin 120-power stabs are incredible but abomasnow just loses to way too much shit.

374 | Absol | Jolly | Chople Berry | Sucker Punch | Facade | Double Team | Taunt | Atk/Spe

awful up until round 30+ when they start using the right moves, then sucker punch can win you a couple important games. until then enjoy sucker punching the wrong shit at the wrong time. one time i lost cause i absent-mindedly thunder waved this thing. oops!!!!!

510 | Absol | Adamant | Quick Claw | Punishment | Swagger | Attract | Thunder Wave | HP/Atk

be careful of anything with attract/twave/swagger. your shit can get fucked up if you miss enough coin flips in a row. dont bother using gimmicks like this, though.

646 | Absol | Jolly | Razor Claw | Night Slash | Psycho Cut | X-Scissor | Aerial Ace | Atk/Spe

too slow and night slash is not strong enough to ko important shit.

782 | Absol | Adamant | Choice Band | Night Slash | Superpower | Giga Impact | Zen Headbutt | Atk/Spe

this is actually pretty cool, choice band gives night slash the punch it needs to get shit done. i've used this guy to moderate success. don't worry too much about facing him, if your team is well-built anything with choice band is just begging to get outplayed.

443 | Aerodactyl | Jolly | King's Rock | Rock Slide | Aerial Ace | Torment | Taunt | Atk/Spe

garbage. stabs are too weak. one time i taunted umbreon2 and felt pretty proud of myself.

579 | Aerodactyl | Jolly | Razor Fang | Bite | Fire Fang | Thunder Fang | Ice Fang | Atk/Spe

dont mind me just using a frail sweeper with every move having and unstabbed <70 base power

715 | Aerodactyl | Adamant | Yache Berry | Giga Impact | Earthquake | Rock Slide | Crunch | Atk/Spe

earthquake is almost always good, and giga impact can randomly confirm some kills. not a bad mon by any stretch. watch out for rock slide flinches, they will happen when you play vs mons like this.

851 | Aerodactyl | Adamant | Choice Band | Stone Edge | Aerial Ace | Earthquake | Dragon Claw | Atk/Spe

amazing in theory, decent in practice. as mentioned earlier, this will win you games 80% of the time, but sadly that isn't quite good enough in the factory.

463 | Aggron | Adamant | Quick Claw | Iron Head | Rock Slide | Sandstorm | Screech | Atk/Def

not the worst guy in the world, being set1 you'll see him during wave 1 usually which means you can see exactly what theyre using and can bring him in when they dont have a ground/fighting/water mon. quick claw is funny.

599 | Aggron | Adamant | Quick Claw | Metal Claw | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Atk/Def

bad, too many set2 mons with punches/fangs and this one doesn't do it very well.

735 | Aggron | Adamant | Muscle Band | Iron Tail | Dragon Rush | Avalanche | Aerial Ace | Atk/Def

stab iron tail hits way harder than you'd expect. not a good mon to use, but definitely a mon to be careful of.

871 | Aggron | Adamant | Focus Sash | Metal Burst | Stone Edge | Earthquake | Shadow Claw | Atk/Def

focus sash metal burst is sneaky, but not overly effective. unlike weavile and a couple others, once this guy kills someone with metal burst he will do nothing to the next pokemon except scout out what set it is as he dies.

401 | Alakazam | Timid | Brightpowder | Psychic | Shadow Ball | Calm Mind | Future Sight | SpA/Spe

zam hits hard. good since you can scout when they have special mons and probably get in a cm or two, then sweep. definitely a good mon early on. one to be scared of too since a) bright powder is bullshit and b) even timid psychics will do a lot of damage to a lot of mons.

537 | Alakazam | Modest | Colbur Berry | Psychic | Focus Blast | Charge Beam | Recover | SpA/Spe

recover? oh ok

673 | Alakazam | Timid | Wise Glasses | Psychic | Charge Beam | Signal Beam | Grass Knot | SpA/Spe

grass knot can solve some key problems your team may have. not much on his own (though again, timid psychic hits for a lot especially with those glasses) but an incredible team player depending on your other guys. a solid mon to pick if only because speed is everything.

809 | Alakazam | Modest | Expert Belt | Psychic | Shadow Ball | Energy Ball | Focus Blast | SpA/Spe

this thing is fucking crazy. you can one-shot tauros with psychic. if you can get it and dont mind doing some damage calcs to make sure of important kills, you will tear through teams.

404 | Altaria | Careful | Chesto Berry | Dragon Claw | Aerial Ace | Dragon Dance | Rest | Atk/SpD

i think i lost to this one time and i was really mad because it's terrible. though i hate to laud anything about altaria, rest is a very useful move in some situations as it allows you to beat any toxistaller one on one. still, fuck altaria.

540 | Altaria | Modest | Shell Bell | Dragon Pulse | Ominous Wind | Sing | Perish Song | SpA/SpD


676 | Altaria | Adamant | Brightpowder | Dragon Rush | Sky Attack | Earthquake | Dragon Dance | Atk/SpD

why is +1 dragon rush barely doing any damage? oh right, fuck altaria.

812 | Altaria | Modest | White Herb | Draco Meteor | Air Cutter | Flamethrower | Ice Beam | SpA/Spe

this is actually an ok mon. meteorherb is a very useful strategy even when your spatk is kind of lacking, and the coverage can help a lot. still, fuck altaria.

393 | Ambipom | Jolly | Muscle Band | Double Hit | Shadow Claw | Brick Break | Knock Off | Atk/Spe

ok early game if it has technician, if it has run away do just that.

529 | Ambipom | Jolly | Metronome | Last Resort | Thunder Wave | Protect | Fake Out | Atk/Spe

what a gimmick. enjoy losing to ghosts/rocks/anything that can handle your whopping 5 pp of offensive moves. a joke to play against since you will almost always play vs it early game meaning it will never use the moves in the right order, rendering the gimmick obsolete.

665 | Ambipom | Adamant | Life Orb | Double Hit | Gunk Shot | Seed Bomb | Aerial Ace | Atk/Spe

good with technician, terrible with run away

801 | Ambipom | Adamant | Life Orb | Double Hit | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Atk/Spe

worse than set3 imo, seed bomb and 90 power aerial ace are really niche

420 | Ampharos | Modest | Shuca Berry | Thunderbolt | Power Gem | Light Screen | Thunder Wave | SpA/SpD

not a bad mon at all. shuca is fun for everyone, stab tbolt with modest is good shit, thunder wave is an incredible move and holy fuck this thing soaks special hits.

556 | Ampharos | Careful | Cheri Berry | ThunderPunch | Fire Punch | Focus Punch | Thunder Wave | Atk/SpD

only use this if its the only possible thunder waver and you have something like set2 gyarados that just really really really wants to get a couple dances off

692 | Ampharos | Modest | Chesto Berry | Charge Beam | Hyper Beam | Thunder Wave | Rest | HP/SpA

i used this for rounds 36-42 in my winning streak and oh my god is it amazing. you can sneak in a couple charge beam boosts and thunder wave rest is an incredible combo, especially with a chesto backing it up. both as team support and as a sole powerhouse, this thing does not disappoint. i dont think any other mons have twave and rest.

828 | Ampharos | Quiet | Zoom Lens | Thunder | Focus Blast | Signal Beam | Power Gem | HP/SpA

this thing is scary to play against since it seems to always hit with thunder. not worth using because even 84 accuracy thunder is too risky

480 | Arcanine | Jolly | Lum Berry | Fire Fang | ExtremeSpeed | Crunch | Will-O-Wisp | Atk/Spe

i dont get to use this guy often but a fast willowisp is really cool. it wont be doing much damage to anyone though.

616 | Arcanine | Jolly | Salac Berry | Flare Blitz | Thunder Fang | Reversal | Endure | Atk/Spe

flare blitz is amazing. use this guy. pretend his moveset is flare blitz/---/---/---.

752 | Arcanine | Modest | White Herb | Overheat | SolarBeam | Dragon Pulse | Sunny Day | SpA/Spe

there are lots of sunnybeamers, this one is interesting in that it is the only one that can hit dragons while doing so. unfortunately it doesnt really hit them for anything and almost every dragon can do a lot more damage to it.

888 | Arcanine | Adamant | Focus Band | Flare Blitz | ExtremeSpeed | Crunch | Thunder Fang | Atk/Spe

truly an incredible mon. adamant flare blitz should be illegal. focus band for some more bullshit? sign me up.

410 | Armaldo | Adamant | Razor Claw | X-Scissor | Rock Slide | Earthquake | Iron Defense | Atk/SpD

useful early game if only because of what wonders those spdef evs do. soaks hits from frail special guys and usually one shots them back. not bad at all.

546 | Armaldo | Adamant | Scope Lens | Crush Claw | Aqua Tail | Aerial Ace | Swagger | Atk/SpD

what the fuck were they thinking

682 | Armaldo | Adamant | Choice Band | Stone Edge | Superpower | Earthquake | Giga Impact | Atk/Def

slow choice banders suck. if this thing had x scissor itd be ok but it doesnt so its not.

818 | Armaldo | Adamant | Life Orb | Stone Edge | X-Scissor | Earthquake | Cross Poison | Atk/Def

one of the few available life orbers, this thing is sadly not any better than set3 because freedom to choose moves is irrelevant when you're dead. and you're armaldo so you probably are.

895 | Articuno | Docile | Icy Rock | Blizzard | Fly | Roost | Hail | Atk/SpA

bad legendary. kind of dangerous to play against since those blizzards can hurt

909 | Articuno | Brave | Wacan Berry | Avalanche | Aerial Ace | Facade | Reflect | Atk/Def

this thing is really bulky, i recommend stalling it out so you kill it as its reflect ends, as whatever is coming out next is probably scarier behind a reflect than articuno is

923 | Articuno | Modest | Wise Glasses | Ice Beam | Signal Beam | Ominous Wind | Water Pulse | Def/SpA

useable if only because stab ice beam is so rare

937 | Articuno | Modest | Charti Berry | Ice Beam | Air Cutter | AncientPower | Sheer Cold | SpA/SpD

watch out for this thing's sheer cold. i've been very mad at this articuno before.

411 | Bastiodon | Impish | Focus Band | Iron Head | Stone Edge | Swagger | Taunt | Def/SpD

you might lose to its swagger, but you will probably kill it

547 | Bastiodon | Modest | Persim Berry | AncientPower | Flamethrower | Thunderbolt | Ice Beam | HP/SpA


683 | Bastiodon | Careful | Leftovers | Iron Head | Fissure | Double Team | Iron Defense | HP/SpD

one of the myriad mons that is terrifying to go up against but just awful to use. if you have the wrong team you can lose to this thing in a heartbeat. if you have a team without earthquake or close combat but a rester or a guy who resists iron head, you can usually beat this thing by forcing it to struggle, but it will take a long fucking time. watch tv while you do it or something.

819 | Bastiodon | Adamant | Focus Sash | Metal Burst | Stone Edge | Avalanche | Curse | HP/Atk

worse version of an already bad aggron

353 | Blastoise | Modest | Mystic Water | Hydro Pump | Signal Beam | Icy Wind | Mirror Coat | Def/SpA/SpD

i really wish they had given this thing some spatk to take advantage of how monstrous mystic water hydro pump is. it still is pretty potent though. mirror coat + bulk is amazing, but sadly youll get this guy early when they use random moves and mirror coat is a terrible choice

489 | Blastoise | Adamant | Shell Bell | Waterfall | Focus Punch | Double Team | Aqua Ring | HP/Atk

annoying to play vs, terrible to use

625 | Blastoise | Adamant | Life Orb | Aqua Tail | Earthquake | Avalanche | Zen Headbutt | HP/Atk

if this had waterfall i'd say it was good but it doesn't so no. even with life orb your eqs are too weak.

761 | Blastoise | Modest | Shell Bell | Hydro Cannon | Ice Beam | Hyper Beam | Focus Blast | HP/SpA

awesome mon. not many mons take hydro cannon well, even fewer take a torrented one without getting kinda sour about it.

358 | Blaziken | Adamant | Salac Berry | Blaze Kick | Reversal | Aerial Ace | Endure | Atk/Spe

good early mon, just shit on the world with blaze kick and hope it doesnt miss. dont endure ever vs bad ai.

494 | Blaziken | Timid | Brightpowder | Blast Burn | Focus Blast | SolarBeam | Sunny Day | SpA/Spe

terrible lead, bit you can almost always guarantee it will kill one mon. good fallback mon during wave2, especially in the event that you run into set2 skarmory.

630 | Blaziken | Adamant | Passho Berry | Blaze Kick | Earthquake | Shadow Claw | Stone Edge | Atk/Spe

this guy's good. passho lets you beat random shit and for some reason whenever i use this mon is run into a tentacruel who isnt happy about how things turn out.

766 | Blaziken | Adamant | White Herb | Flare Blitz | Superpower | ThunderPunch | Night Slash | Atk/Spe

the thing about the factory is that pretty much anything with speed evs is 'fast' so this is a 'fast' mon with two of the best moves available. enjoy winning.

475 | Blissey | Modest | Chople Berry | Hyper Beam | Shadow Ball | Water Pulse | Sing | HP/SpA

every blissey is about the same. you auto-lose to physical moves (unstabbed eqs will kill you, seriously) but you cannot lose to a special mon. i sometimes like keeping a blissey on my team for thorton and, when the lady tells me hes opening with a special mon i switch into it for an easy 3-2 lead, and if thorton is leading physical i swap the blissey for something good. as for playing vs blissey, its never recommended to have an all-special team because you WILL lose to blissey eventually.

611 | Blissey | Calm | Chesto Berry | Toxic | Double Team | Softboiled | Counter | HP/SpD

the only thing youre countering is unstabbed aerial aces

747 | Blissey | Modest | Brightpowder | Flamethrower | Thunderbolt | Ice Beam | Calm Mind | HP/SpA

this thing can randomly kill your slow physical sweepers if it guesses right, which it usually seems to

883 | Blissey | Calm | Leftovers | Dream Eater | Sing | Softboiled | Counter | HP/SpD

one time i used this thing and lost cause it was my last mon and i got leech seeded

371 | Breloom | Impish | Focus Sash | Seed Bomb | Sky Uppercut | Rock Slide | Counter | Atk/Def

slow counterer, kinda bad, etc. sash is best used here to guarantee an ohko on a faster mon. not terrible though since it has good stabs and resists eq.

507 | Breloom | Brave | Big Root | Drain Punch | Giga Drain | Synthesis | Leech Seed | Atk/SpA

dumb idea, but the team support leech seed offers is unparalleled

643 | Breloom | Adamant | Toxic Orb | DynamicPunch | ThunderPunch | Stone Edge | Facade | Atk/Def

the gimmick only works half the time (effect spore + toxic orb, 'ok') and even when it does you're too frail to do anything with it. this thing can beat you sometimes with dynamicpunch though, so watch out.

779 | Breloom | Adamant | Shell Bell | Focus Punch | Seed Bomb | Giga Impact | Spore | Atk/Def

you have spore. this pretty much automatically beats anything slower than it, and anything faster than it that can't 1-shot it. a terrifying mon.

431 | Bronzong | Impish | King's Rock | Extrasensory | Iron Head | Rock Slide | Trick Room | Def/SpD

trick room is never worth using early in your streak. this thing does nothing. playing vs it sucks cause you have to guess on heatproof vs levitate

567 | Bronzong | Calm | Lum Berry | Dream Eater | Hypnosis | Signal Beam | Trick Room | Def/SpD

see above

703 | Bronzong | Modest | Leftovers | Psychic | Shadow Ball | Charge Beam | Signal Beam | HP/SpA

leftovers turn excrement into gold. this thing can easily score a couple kills. rock on, you charge beaming bastard.

839 | Bronzong | Adamant | Quick Claw | Zen Headbutt | Iron Head | Earthquake | Explosion | HP/Atk

it is worth noting that quick claw explosion always works when you want it to. one of the few things in the factory that seems stacked in your favour.

352 | Charizard | Modest | Petaya Berry | Flamethrower | Air Slash | SmokeScreen | Scary Face | SpA/Spe

this thing is incredible. if you get petaya off you win, even if you dont you can still kill a ton of shit with flamethrower, especially scary mons like set1 hippowdon who has ended some of my streaks far too early.

488 | Charizard | Modest | White Herb | Overheat | SolarBeam | Will-O-Wisp | Sunny Day | SpA/Spe

one of the better sunnybeamers, if only because willowisp is as rare as it is wonderful

624 | Charizard | Adamant | Scope Lens | Flare Blitz | Earthquake | Crunch | Dragon Claw | Atk/Spe

not the worst mon, but flare blitz just doesnt hit hard enough even with adamant

760 | Charizard | Timid | Brightpowder | Blast Burn | Air Slash | Focus Blast | AncientPower | SpA/Spe

a top tier lead for sure. you can usually kill their lead before they kill you, blast burn will then almost always kill their second mon. its basically explosion only you get to scout the set of their third mon too!

429 | Claydol | Brave | Kasib Berry | Earthquake | Zen Headbutt | Grass Knot | Trick Room | Def/SpD

i remember one time i used earthquake with this thing and it did 20% to tauros and i actually turned my game off

565 | Claydol | Modest | Rindo Berry | Earth Power | AncientPower | Signal Beam | Shadow Ball | Def/SpA

earth power is under-represented as a move. not a bad guy, cool typing.

701 | Claydol | Modest | Wise Glasses | Earth Power | Psychic | Charge Beam | Ice Beam | SpA/SpD

just a better version of set2

837 | Claydol | Adamant | Lax Incense | Earthquake | Zen Headbutt | Rock Slide | Explosion | Atk/SpD

lax incense? explosion? oh ho ho ho

409 | Cradily | Impish | Razor Claw | AncientPower | Energy Ball | Confuse Ray | Sandstorm | HP/Def/SpD

razor claw? thanks guys

545 | Cradily | Impish | Leftovers | Toxic | Stockpile | Double Team | Ingrain | HP/Def/SpD

really good mon to have in reserve during wave 2 in case things get messy. enjoy struggle wars vs poison and steel mons though.

681 | Cradily | Calm | Big Root | Giga Drain | Sludge Bomb | Recover | Ingrain | HP/Def/SpD

doesnt die but doesnt really do anything either. wish it had leech seed

817 | Cradily | Calm | Leftovers | Stone Edge | Seed Bomb | Earthquake | Mirror Coat | HP/Def/SpD

this guy is pretty good cause he can survive anything and mirror coat it. better than a sash-reflector since he will usually take less than 50% from a hit and ko back with mirror coat, meaning he isnt dead weight afterwards

907 | Cresselia | Bold | Heat Rock | Psychic | SolarBeam | Moonlight | Sunny Day | Def/SpD

can beat almost anything that doesnt set up one on one. scary mon to face if your team cant deal.

921 | Cresselia | Bold | Lum Berry | Psychic | Toxic | Double Team | Moonlight | HP/Def/SpD

would be almost unbeatable if moonlight had more pp. still a great mon to bring in when you can start double teaming

935 | Cresselia | Modest | Wise Glasses | Psychic | Shadow Ball | Energy Ball | Charge Beam | HP/SpA

never actually used this but it seems a lot like that bronzong, only worse due to no lefties

949 | Cresselia | Modest | Leftovers | Psychic | Ice Beam | Signal Beam | Moonlight | HP/Def/SpD

this thing is awesome, who cares if you cant even 3hko anything, you have lefties and moonlight

467 | Crobat | Jolly | Payapa Berry | Cross Poison | Aerial Ace | Roost | Hypnosis | Atk/Spe

bad early game cause it doesnt kill things fast enough, kind of stressful to play vs since fast hypnosis can be bullshit

603 | Crobat | Hardy | Razor Fang | Air Slash | Zen Headbutt | Bite | Twister | Atk/Spe

legend of twisterbat

739 | Crobat | Modest | King's Rock | Air Slash | Sludge Bomb | Heat Wave | Dark Pulse | SpA/Spe

good coverage until you realize it does way less than most mons do with stab neutral hits. watch out for those air slash flinches though

875 | Crobat | Adamant | Razor Claw | Cross Poison | Brave Bird | X-Scissor | Zen Headbutt | Atk/Spe

adamant turns this set from ho-hum to huzzah. brave bird gets shit done.

379 | Dewgong | Careful | Razor Fang | Waterfall | Avalanche | Headbutt | Fake Out | Atk/SpD

interesting to play against since its fakeout vs your resisting mon is probably the weakest unmodified hit you'll ever take

515 | Dewgong | Calm | Wacan Berry | Ice Beam | Signal Beam | Encore | Disable | SpA/SpD

one of two mons with encore, which is sadly wasted by its superfluity in wave 2 which is when you'll probably get it. if you can get it later on, id recommend it if you have a stat upper to use alongside it.

651 | Dewgong | Calm | Salac Berry | Sheer Cold | Horn Drill | Rest | Sleep Talk | HP/Def/SpD

awful to play against, give it a spin if you want to be a shithead

787 | Dewgong | Calm | Chesto Berry | Surf | Ice Beam | Signal Beam | Rest | SpA/SpD

good stabs, bad stats. there is almost always better.

427 | Donphan | Impish | Razor Claw | Earthquake | Rock Slide | Poison Jab | Sandstorm | Atk/Def

every donphan is good. every donphan earthquakes with a lot of attack. this one is impish so it doesnt hit very hard with anything else, but its still a good choice early game.

563 | Donphan | Adamant | White Herb | Earthquake | Superpower | Gunk Shot | Counter | Atk/Def

earthquake until your finger hurts. counter is never worth it early game for obvious reasons, but ive had success with this thing later on too.

699 | Donphan | Brave | Lax Incense | Earthquake | Gyro Ball | Fire Fang | Thunder Fang | Atk/Def

its rare that gyro ball will do more than earthquake, but that lax incense, oh man

835 | Donphan | Adamant | Quick Claw | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Seed Bomb | Fissure | Atk/Def

have you ever lost to quick claw fissure? it's like being tied down and watching your dad get beat up

481 | Dragonite | Adamant | Lum Berry | Dragon Claw | Aerial Ace | Thunder Wave | Dragon Dance | Atk/SpD

dont be fooled by how clinquant a dragon dancing dragonite looks, this is not a good pokemon. takes too many dances to outspeed anything which just makes early waves drag on (no pun intended).

617 | Dragonite | Adamant | Razor Claw | Dragon Rush | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Atk/Def

one of the better set2 punchmasters if only because you outspeed more than you would expect and dragon rush can really flinch some shit

753 | Dragonite | Modest | Expert Belt | Draco Meteor | Flamethrower | Thunderbolt | Surf | Def/SpA

im on the fence about this mon. herbless draco meteor is sketchy but expert belt with coverage is so good.

889 | Dragonite | Adamant | Choice Band | Outrage | Giga Impact | Earthquake | Superpower | Atk/SpD

nothing that isn't steel will survive this thing's outrage. this as a lead is your ticket to a quick and easy 7 rounds. most of said rounds will take 3 turns.

432 | Drapion | Adamant | Lum Berry | Poison Jab | Crunch | Aqua Tail | Acupressure | Atk/Def

this mon always reminds me how hard neutral poison jab can hit and i'm always surprised

568 | Drapion | Adamant | Iron Ball | Payback | Poison Jab | Fling | Knock Off | Atk/Def

set2 mons have this flinging obession but i guess on this guy its stabbed so its not as bad, but then again i have payback so why do i need it

704 | Drapion | Jolly | Scope Lens | Cross Poison | Fire Fang | Thunder Fang | Ice Fang | Atk/Spe

not a good mon. bad stab, bad atk, fangs suck.

840 | Drapion | Adamant | Razor Claw | Cross Poison | Night Slash | Earthquake | Aerial Ace | Atk/Spe

never actually used this guy but he seems like too little too late. at this point you can get much better mons pretty reliably so why bother

414 | Drifblim | Modest | Salac Berry | Ominous Wind | Air Cutter | Baton Pass | Endure | HP/SpA

drifblim is terrible, you need to watch out for aftermath though

550 | Drifblim | Adamant | Black Sludge | Payback | Facade | Will-O-Wisp | Trick | HP/Atk

what are they trying to do here?

686 | Drifblim | Modest | Wise Glasses | Psychic | Thunderbolt | Icy Wind | Destiny Bond | HP/SpA

thanks for the slowest destiny bond in the world and no stab

822 | Drifblim | Docile | Lax Incense | Shadow Ball | Air Cutter | Silver Wind | Explosion | HP/Atk

never used it but lax incense explosion is mighty tasty

363 | Dugtrio | Jolly | Grip Claw | Earthquake | Rock Slide | Astonish | Sand Tomb | Atk/Spe

the worst. eq hits for nothing. one time i got flinched by astonish 4 times in a row vs this thing though. but dont worry, i was at 80% after

499 | Dugtrio | Modest | Lax Incense | Earth Power | Sludge Bomb | Tri Attack | Sandstorm | SpA/Spe


635 | Dugtrio | Jolly | Razor Claw | Fissure | Giga Impact | Aerial Ace | Night Slash | Atk/Spe

fast fissure is scary, always be careful when you see dugtrio

771 | Dugtrio | Adamant | Muscle Band | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Slash | Shadow Claw | Atk/Spe

even with muscle band this thing's eq doesnt do enough to warrant using one of the frailest mons available

462 | Dusknoir | Brave | Iron Ball | Shadow Punch | Fling | Will-O-Wisp | Trick Room | Atk/Def

willowisp is good if you dont mind slowing down your first wave

598 | Dusknoir | Careful | Leftovers | Curse | Pain Split | Confuse Ray | Attract | Def/SpD

if this thing had willowisp itd be fantastic but it doesnt so fuck it

734 | Dusknoir | Adamant | Scope Lens | Shadow Punch | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Atk/SpD

soaks special hits like nothing youve seen, but doesnt do much back

870 | Dusknoir | Adamant | Muscle Band | Shadow Punch | Earthquake | Brick Break | Rock Slide | Def/SpD

oh look, it thinks it can sweep

477 | Electivire | Jolly | Scope Lens | ThunderPunch | Cross Chop | Thunder Wave | Screech | Atk/Spe

decent early game mon until you realize that stuff that resists thunderpunch isnt taking much from cross chop either

613 | Electivire | Quirky | Wide Lens | Thunder | DynamicPunch | Rock Slide | Iron Tail | Atk/SpA

'quirky' indeed

749 | Electivire | Modest | Wise Glasses | Thunderbolt | Psychic | Focus Blast | Signal Beam | SpA/Spe

not a bad set. modest with the glasses lets tbolt hit decently hard. ive used this thing and not felt bad about it

885 | Electivire | Adamant | Shuca Berry | ThunderPunch | Fire Punch | Ice Punch | Earthquake | Atk/Spe

shucavire. ive lost to this thing a few times but never used it successfully. probably just bad luck though, as its pretty swanky.

386 | Electrode | Modest | Chesto Berry | Thunderbolt | Swift | Thunder Wave | Light Screen | SpA/Spe

the worst. one of the many electrics that cannot beat any ground mon

522 | Electrode | Timid | Brightpowder | Charge Beam | Thunder Wave | Flash | Swagger | SpA/Spe

see above

658 | Electrode | Timid | Damp Rock | Thunder | Hyper Beam | Magnet Rise | Rain Dance | SpA/Spe

see above

794 | Electrode | Quirky | Focus Sash | Thunderbolt | Signal Beam | Explosion | Mirror Coat | SpA/Spe

ive used this a couple times and it was actually decent. explosion will not kill very many pokemon but this thing can consistently deal with one and one half of a pokemon, which goes a long way, especially if you have another fast mon to clean up after trode splodes

362 | Empoleon | Adamant | Razor Claw | Waterfall | Metal Claw | Brick Break | Knock Off | Atk/SpD

not a good choice for the time youll usually get him

498 | Empoleon | Adamant | Razor Claw | Drill Peck | Aqua Jet | Shadow Claw | Rock Slide | Atk/SpD

drill peck is cool, aqua jet as your only stab is not

634 | Empoleon | Brave | Quick Claw | Surf | Earthquake | Blizzard | Signal Beam | Atk/SpA

now we're talkin. i never thought those evs would amount to anything but this guy is still bulky enough to take some serious shit, and quick claw + hitting decently from both ends of the spectrum make this mon a keeper

770 | Empoleon | Brave | Quick Claw | Hydro Cannon | Flash Cannon | Drill Peck | Earthquake | Atk/SpA

basically a better version of set3. hydro cannon forever. blizzard is really good though...

899 | Entei | Jolly | Shuca Berry | Fire Fang | Return | Roar | Reflect | Atk/Spe

return hits harder than fire fang does. that's embarrassing. a fast reflect is good team support though, so this can be useful

913 | Entei | Jolly | King's Rock | Fire Fang | Bite | Iron Head | Stone Edge | Atk/Spe

i dont see why this would be good ever

927 | Entei | Modest | Shuca Berry | Fire Blast | SolarBeam | Hyper Beam | Sunny Day | SpA/Spe

a fast and fairly bulky sunnybeamer, i used this once when my team was sunny day-friendly and he helped quite a bit

941 | Entei | Modest | Shuca Berry | Overheat | Extrasensory | Shadow Ball | Calm Mind | SpA/Spe

doesnt work. needs too many calm minds to do anything, cant overheat without being forced to switch after, etc

455 | Espeon | Timid | Lum Berry | Psychic | Reflect | Calm Mind | Baton Pass | SpA/Spe

youll never baton pass with this thing but cm psychic can do a lot of shit if they dont have a steel or a dark (and since its probably wave 1, youll know when to use this little guy)

591 | Espeon | Timid | Brightpowder | Psychic | Swift | Charm | Attract | SpA/Spe

fast charm helps in tandem with stuff like set2 gyara, very niche though

727 | Espeon | Modest | Lum Berry | Psychic | Shadow Ball | Hyper Beam | Grass Knot | SpA/Spe

modest psychic is powerful. hooray for grass knot, rhyperior never expects it

863 | Espeon | Modest | Wise Glasses | Psychic | Shadow Ball | Signal Beam | Morning Sun | SpA/Spe

set 3 is better, youre too frail for morning sun

449 | Exeggutor | Modest | Brightpowder | SolarBeam | Psychic | Synthesis | Sunny Day | HP/SpA

this is annoying to play vs sometimes, synthesis heals for a lot in sun and it just slows your shit down.

585 | Exeggutor | Modest | Lum Berry | Dream Eater | Hypnosis | Leech Seed | Ingrain | HP/SpA

leech seed means this is a keeper

721 | Exeggutor | Brave | Focus Sash | Wood Hammer | Zen Headbutt | Trick Room | Explosion | HP/Atk

this is one of my favourite mons. if your team likes trick room, this thing will change your life. you can almost guarantee turn 3 will involve a 2-2 score and trick room being active. not many mons can boast such advantages.

857 | Exeggutor | Modest | Expert Belt | Leaf Storm | Psychic | Sludge Bomb | AncientPower | HP/SpA

too slow, needs white herb. not a good leaf stormer. id honestly take meganium over this, and meganium is a pussy.

389 | Exploud | Modest | Chople Berry | Hyper Voice | Extrasensory | Water Pulse | Torment | HP/SpA

so poor

525 | Exploud | Adamant | Life Orb | Facade | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | HP/Atk

one of the only set2 mons with life orb, this is one of the better punchmasters if only because of the force behind them. plus when you use facade its basically like youre using return without life orb, which is, uh, good, i guess.

661 | Exploud | Adamant | Life Orb | Facade | Earthquake | Avalanche | Crunch | HP/Atk

this guy isnt very good but he can do annoying shit like beat good dragons one on one (set2 can as well). the number of times ive had this thing avalanche my garchomp is much higher than id like to admit.

797 | Exploud | Modest | White Herb | Hyper Voice | Overheat | Surf | Ice Beam | HP/SpA

i think ive only seen this once ever, i dont see how itd be useful though

356 | Feraligatr | Adamant | King's Rock | Waterfall | Ice Fang | Rock Slide | Scary Face | Atk/Def

waterfull over aqua tail is definitely welcome, a nice bulky guy who can dish some out.

492 | Feraligatr | Adamant | White Herb | Aqua Tail | Superpower | Dragon Claw | Shadow Claw | Atk/Def

objectively worse than set1

628 | Feraligatr | Modest | Wise Glasses | Hydro Cannon | Ice Beam | Focus Blast | AncientPower | Def/SpA

wise glasses hydro cannon is not something i'm opposed to. ice beam is the icing on the cake.

764 | Feraligatr | Adamant | Lum Berry | Waterfall | Earthquake | Ice Fang | Dragon Dance | Atk/Def

for the longest time i thought this guy was awesome. bulky enough to dance a bit, good coverage. i've since learned dragon dancing doesn't work unless you're gyarados, salamence, or very rarely that kingdra.

454 | Flareon | Adamant | Quick Claw | Fire Fang | Superpower | Curse | Baton Pass | Atk/SpD

cursepassing, while terrible during wave1, could be really cool later on but sadly ive never had it as an option

590 | Flareon | Jolly | Salac Berry | Fire Fang | Flail | Endure | Sand-Attack | Atk/Spe

sand attack? what is this, brock's gym?

726 | Flareon | Modest | White Herb | Overheat | Shadow Ball | Mud-Slap | Will-O-Wisp | SpA/SpD

willowisp makes this set not unbearably bad, but it's still really really bad. dont use flareon guys, i know hes cute but be mature.

862 | Flareon | Adamant | White Herb | Fire Fang | Giga Impact | Superpower | Bite | Atk/SpD


412 | Floatzel | Jolly | Sitrus Berry | Waterfall | Ice Punch | Quick Attack | Rain Dance | Atk/Spe

one time i waterfalled vs set1 steelix and i think it did less than 20%. floatzel.....................

548 | Floatzel | Jolly | Chesto Berry | Waterfall | Focus Punch | Double Team | Attract | Atk/Spe

garbage mon that you will lose to if you are unlucky

684 | Floatzel | Modest | Wave Incense | Surf | Ice Beam | Focus Blast | Rain Dance | SpA/Spe

now this is a good mon. there aren't many fast surfers with ice beam. can't really take a hit but can ohko a surprising amount of stuff.

820 | Floatzel | Adamant | Razor Fang | Aqua Tail | Ice Fang | Crunch | Brick Break | Atk/Spe

i don't see why you'd want this over set3

451 | Flygon | Adamant | Yache Berry | Earthquake | Dragon Claw | Roost | Sandstorm | Atk/Spe

amazing mon early game. fast earthquakes make things go by quickly.

587 | Flygon | Jolly | Razor Fang | Fissure | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Aerial Ace | Atk/Spe

this is my least favourite set in the factory. why is it here? who would orchestrate such an awful thing? this set is god's punishment for an evil world.

723 | Flygon | Timid | White Herb | Draco Meteor | Earth Power | Flamethrower | Giga Drain | SpA/Spe

i love herb meteor but i don't like giga drains that do <50% to gastrodon. you will not be killing anything with this.

859 | Flygon | Adamant | Lum Berry | Earthquake | Outrage | Crunch | Stone Edge | Atk/Spe

fantastic mon. wishes it was garchomp, but still gets shit done. the lum is incredible. set4 dragons make your life a lot easier.

372 | Forretress | Brave | Occa Berry | Gyro Ball | Bug Bite | Revenge | Counter | Atk/Def

gyro ball will surprise you. not a very good mon, but you can do worse during wave 1.

508 | Forretress | Brave | Sitrus Berry | Payback | Stealth Rock | Toxic Spikes | Spikes | Atk/Def

ok so i know this looks terrible, and it probably is. spiking just doesnt work in 3v3. however, later on in your streak with a rester or something supporting it, toxic spikes could let you outstall most stuff that isnt immune. sadly such quixotry has no place in the high stakes world of the battle factory.

644 | Forretress | Adamant | Leftovers | Dig | Swagger | Toxic | Double Team | Atk/Def

this thing is a fink. unprepared physical-heavy teams will have a lot of trouble with it. were it not so stupidly natured/ev'd it would be one of the overall best mons in the factory.

780 | Forretress | Adamant | Lax Incense | Explosion | Double-Edge | Earthquake | Rock Slide | Atk/Def

i don't understand why this has double edge. still though, an exploder with lax incense who can actually knock some fuckers out? sign me up.

392 | Froslass | Timid | Cheri Berry | Ice Beam | Ominous Wind | Confuse Ray | Attract | SpA/Spe

stab ice beam is great, but not when it does less than most unstabbed ice beams. sadly, ive lost round one to this thing and a bad string of coin flips.

528 | Froslass | Adamant | Focus Band | Ice Punch | Sucker Punch | Swagger | Psych Up | Atk/Spe

garbage ersatz swords dance on a mon you'd never want to swords dance with anyways. you will be amazed at how little damage ice punch does.

664 | Froslass | Modest | Expert Belt | Ice Beam | Thunderbolt | Signal Beam | Destiny Bond | SpA/Spe

not bad. it needs a good type matchup to take down a mon before being forced to destiny bond, so i dont like it as a lead, but it's a fantastic second mon. you bring it in against something that will die to ice beam and then get a second kill with destiny bond. works surprisingly well.

800 | Froslass | Modest | Lax Incense | Blizzard | Shadow Ball | Psychic | Hail | SpA/Spe

set3 is way better, even modest blizzard wont be doing much

448 | Gallade | Careful | Kasib Berry | Zen Headbutt | Brick Break | Thunder Wave | Confuse Ray | Atk/SpD

ah, gallade. the mon i want to like. twave is good, so is double stab. not a bad wave 1 mon by any stretch.

584 | Gallade | Jolly | Brightpowder | Drain Punch | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Atk/Spe

why the fuck is the only gallade with speed also the one with the worst set? i'm kinda mad. as i've said before, anything with speed evs outspeeds most of the factory so this one is ok but he cant really ohko much and dies to everything. good as a second mon to clean up messes i guess.

720 | Gallade | Adamant | Scope Lens | Psycho Cut | Stone Edge | Aerial Ace | X-Scissor | Atk/SpD

better than set 2, but still very lacking. you can almost always do better.

856 | Gallade | Adamant | Scope Lens | Psycho Cut | Close Combat | Leaf Blade | Night Slash | Atk/SpD

i avoided this one for a long time expecting it to be almost as bad as set 3, but one time i used it as a lead and i swear it took down like 17/21 mons. it somehow still outspeeds a fair chunk of the factory even with no speed evs and it ohkos almost everything. this is glorious.

485 | Garchomp | Jolly | Brightpowder | Dragon Claw | Earthquake | Double Team | Sandstorm | Atk/Spe

brightpowder will trigger constantly when you dont need it to, eliciting a tiny smirk from your crooked maw as you earthquake the interloper into submission. it is not your fault. this is the warped man garchomp turns you into.

621 | Garchomp | Modest | White Herb | Draco Meteor | Earth Power | Flamethrower | Surf | SpA/Spe

didnt work with flygon, not gonna work here. this set really reminds you how bulky garchomp is though, holy moly

757 | Garchomp | Adamant | Focus Sash | Dragon Rush | Stone Edge | Aqua Tail | Aerial Ace | Atk/Spe

such a troll set. looks awful but performs very well. on a speedy mon, focus sash is probably the best item in the factory. it confirms a second hit. there are not very many mons in the factory that can survive 2 hits from this thing, meaning as long as dragon rush wants you to you're taking out at least one mon. risky, but very effective. i normally stay away from low accuracy shit but since focus sash lets you try again for free, i'm all over this guy.

893 | Garchomp | Adamant | Persim Berry | Outrage | Earthquake | Crunch | Fire Fang | Atk/Spe

there is a god, and it's you

447 | Gardevoir | Calm | Lum Berry | Psychic | Shadow Ball | Thunder Wave | Confuse Ray | SpA/SpD

twave is cool, and you can dick people around with synchronize + lum. a good set 1 mon, probably safer than zam even.

583 | Gardevoir | Modest | Chesto Berry | Psychic | Thunderbolt | Calm Mind | Rest | SpA/SpD

im partial to this because i used it when i won my coloured symbol. with the right support it's fantastic, and even by itself it can beat almost any special mon/double teaming toxic user one on one, and believe me, in wave 2 the latter can be devastating.

719 | Gardevoir | Modest | Brightpowder | Psychic | Charge Beam | Energy Ball | Focus Blast | SpA/SpD

don't bother. too slow, too frail.

855 | Gardevoir | Timid | Wise Glasses | Psychic | Thunderbolt | Shadow Ball | Destiny Bond | SpA/Spe

timid with speed evs makes you faster than almost everything for some reason, this is basically a better froslass

382 | Gastrodon | Careful | Focus Sash | Waterfall | Earthquake | Recover | Mirror Coat | HP/SpD

this thing's potential is wasted in wave 1, but you can do wonders with it if you get it late game. it takes paltry damage from anything special and mirror coats back for more. it's a war off attrition you always win.

518 | Gastrodon | Sassy | Zoom Lens | Muddy Water | Mud Bomb | Recover | Yawn | SpA/SpD

one of the few mons with yawn, as team support this thing is incredible and even by its lonesome it can beat almost anything special one on one and finish with full health afterwards. as long as they cant 2-shot you, you can just loop yawns and recovers until you win.

654 | Gastrodon | Adamant | Shell Bell | Waterfall | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Fissure | HP/Atk

why do you get stone edge while swampert doesn't? he deserves it more

790 | Gastrodon | Modest | Wise Glasses | Surf | Earth Power | Ice Beam | Sludge Bomb | HP/SpA

good coverage, good damage. beats a lot of stuff one on one, but can almost never get a second kill. safe mon to leave for a 1v1 stand, you can feel good even going blind into their last mon with this guy at full health. it's weird how 3/4 gastrodon sets are genuinely amazing.

419 | Gengar | Timid | Payapa Berry | Shadow Ball | Sludge Bomb | Spite | Confuse Ray | SpA/Spe

wish he was modest, but this guy simplifies wave 1. use him well.

555 | Gengar | Modest | Life Orb | Shadow Ball | Dream Eater | Hypnosis | Substitute | SpA/Spe

whenever im against a gengar i worry that it's this one. you have a 40% chance of losing to this pokemon. it doesnt matter what your team is, you probably cant outspeed it and you sure as fuck cant beat it once it sleeps you. just hope for the best. on the flip side, when you beat it and choose to use it (and you will choose to use it) the sleep gimmick is pretty much gratuitous since modest life orb shadow ball will ohko most things. sub is a lot of fun though.

691 | Gengar | Modest | Scope Lens | Psychic | Energy Ball | Focus Blast | Confuse Ray | SpA/Spe

this just awful. never pick this unless you want to 50/50 everything with confuse ray bullshit

827 | Gengar | Modest | Lum Berry | Shadow Ball | Sludge Bomb | Thunderbolt | Destiny Bond | SpA/Spe

not as good as set 2 but still ok. lum helps a lot with getting dbond off, and you can usually kill a mon beforehand. redolent of gardevoir, maybe even a bit better, i havent tested with this thing enough.

458 | Glaceon | Calm | Lax Incense | Ice Beam | Water Pulse | Double Team | Baton Pass | SpA/SpD

notable for being one of the only set1 stab ice beam users, and also for having sick-nasty special attack while doing so. you will tear any team that doesnt resist ice beam apart.

594 | Glaceon | Calm | Leftovers | Ice Beam | Double Team | Yawn | Hail | SpA/SpD

powerful ice beam, lefties, and yawn combine to make this one too cute to pass up

730 | Glaceon | Modest | Focus Sash | Blizzard | Hyper Beam | Hail | Mirror Coat | Def/SpA

gimmicky but bearable in wave3 if only for those terrifying blizzards. can get a kill with mirror coat and then ohko a slow guy with low sp def afterwards sometimes.

866 | Glaceon | Modest | Wise Glasses | Ice Beam | Shadow Ball | Signal Beam | Water Pulse | Def/SpA

by the time you'll get this, you'll have much better

390 | Glalie | Brave | Iron Ball | Avalanche | Payback | Gyro Ball | Ice Shard | HP/Def/SpD

glalie is one of the worst pokemon. this thing is terrible. ice shard doesn't even come close to ohkoing garchomp.

526 | Glalie | Adamant | Lum Berry | Ice Fang | Crunch | Earthquake | Explosion | HP/Atk

the only set2 mon with explosion i think, so it's not the worst choice if you want to expedite wave 2

662 | Glalie | Modest | Scope Lens | Ice Beam | Shadow Ball | Signal Beam | Water Pulse | HP/SpA


798 | Glalie | Modest | Lax Incense | Blizzard | Dark Pulse | Sheer Cold | Hail | HP/SpA

terrible. beware its lax incense/sheer cold. it will make you forget your loved ones.

441 | Gliscor | Adamant | Yache Berry | Earthquake | Aerial Ace | Swords Dance | Baton Pass | Atk/Def

one of my favourite mons for wave 1. with bad ai you can almost always confirm a swords dance and then start quaking everything in sight. if you get him later on the baton pass can make for some interesting setups. i don't think i've ever not taken him when he was available.

577 | Gliscor | Jolly | Razor Fang | Earthquake | Fire Fang | Thunder Fang | Ice Fang | Atk/Spe

one of the better punch/fang users in wave2 if only because you won't usually use any of them, you'll just be quaking all the time.

713 | Gliscor | Jolly | Focus Sash | Guillotine | Earthquake | U-turn | Counter | HP/Spe

i used to hate this thing due to its retarded ev spread. i recently learned that it's not the worst sash reflector in the world since quake can usually do 50% to something so itll handle a mon and a half in most circumstances. you can also troll with guillotine if you really want to.

849 | Gliscor | Adamant | Expert Belt | Earthquake | Aerial Ace | X-Scissor | Stone Edge | Atk/Def

this guy is a goodie. a semi-dangerous pick since there are a lot of ice/water mons in the factory, but expert belt stone edge usually handles the ice ones. he loses to a lot but he can always take out at least 1 mon if you bring him out at the right time.

415 | Golduck | Modest | Rindo Berry | Surf | Psychic | Confuse Ray | Calm Mind | HP/SpA

surprisingly decent early game, set1 mons with surf are kind of rare. steelix/rhydon/rhyperior/golem/aggron and friends really dont like stuff like this.

551 | Golduck | Adamant | Shell Bell | Waterfall | Mud Bomb | Shadow Claw | Aerial Ace | Atk/Spe


687 | Golduck | Adamant | Scope Lens | Aqua Tail | Cross Chop | Ice Punch | Zen Headbutt | HP/Atk

even super effect cross chop hits for nothing, this mon is the stuff of remorse.

823 | Golduck | Modest | Wacan Berry | Hydro Pump | Psychic | Ice Beam | Signal Beam | HP/SpA

pretty solid, hydro pump is potent. not the best choice, but you can do worse, especially if you get him wave3.

395 | Golem | Impish | Focus Band | Earthquake | Rock Slide | Sucker Punch | Sandstorm | Atk/Def

sucker punch has no use early game and this guy just doesnt hit hard enough

531 | Golem | Adamant | White Herb | Earthquake | Superpower | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Atk/Def

adamant makes quake hit harder but golem is just too vulnerable

667 | Golem | Brave | Iron Ball | Gyro Ball | Earthquake | Hammer Arm | Fling | Atk/Def

same problems as golem2

803 | Golem | Brave | Quick Claw | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Gyro Ball | Explosion | Atk/Def

oh man, qc explosion with some awesome stab to back it up? if you have a mon to soak all the water and ice shit thats gonna be thrown at this guy (even then though, watch out for roserade leaf storms), you'll find he can take down 2 mons very consistently. i love you golem.

367 | Granbull | Adamant | Razor Claw | Return | Rock Slide | Crunch | Thunder Wave | HP/Atk

powerful return, good choice wave 1.

503 | Granbull | Adamant | Quick Claw | Facade | Fire Fang | Thunder Fang | Ice Fang | HP/Atk

the worst. id use this if it had return.

639 | Granbull | Adamant | Muscle Band | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Payback | HP/Atk

muscle band lets this thing dish out surprising damage but where the fuck is my return

775 | Granbull | Adamant | Life Orb | Giga Impact | Close Combat | Earthquake | Stone Edge | HP/Atk

this thing is a menace if it has intimidate. too sluggish to do that much but you can always kill a physical mon with it and sometimes do a bit to their second mon as well. you can do much worse.

472 | Gyarados | Careful | Razor Fang | Aqua Tail | Ice Fang | Bite | Rain Dance | Atk/SpD

this gyarados sucks. it beats most special stuff one on one but doesn't do enough damage, and wave 1 is all about powering through shit as fast as possible. aqua tail doesnt help.

608 | Gyarados | Jolly | Lum Berry | Waterfall | Ice Fang | Iron Head | Dragon Dance | Atk/Spe

this guy is good. sucks that all 3 of your attacking moves lose to waters, but in wave 2 this guy's bulk will usually let you get 4 or 5 dances off, letting you destroy waters anyways. a top mon for wave 2, even useful in later waves if only for the boon that is intimidate.

744 | Gyarados | Adamant | Persim Berry | Outrage | Waterfall | Stone Edge | Giga Impact | Atk/SpD

better than it looks. i like this mon for round 21 a lot, as the moveset handles a lot of potential legendaries without losing to very many of them. not a good lead by any stretch but he's a very safe mon to have in your roster for wave 3.

880 | Gyarados | Adamant | Chesto Berry | Waterfall | Earthquake | Rest | Dragon Dance | Atk/Spe

oh baby. this is a monster. if your life is so rife with serendipity that you find yourself with this and a pokemon with leech seed, you will win that wave guaranteed. even without it, intimidate lets this thing dance up under most circumstances. dont ruin a good thing by making this your lead, you might as well be texting 'hello????' to a girl when she's taking a while to respond. just relax man.

376 | Hariyama | Adamant | Persim Berry | Arm Thrust | Earthquake | Facade | Fake Out | HP/Atk

arm thrust? fuck that shit

512 | Hariyama | Adamant | Iron Ball | Revenge | Payback | Fling | Fake Out | HP/Atk

a good wave 2 mon. fake out is loads of fun, revenge is basically close combat and fling/payback lets you take out those pesky psychic mons who only have a 1/4 shot of using psychic against you anyway. thick fat is also great if you get it.

648 | Hariyama | Adamant | Life Orb | DynamicPunch | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | HP/Atk

50/50 dynamicpunch bullshit. skip it

784 | Hariyama | Adamant | Scope Lens | Cross Chop | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Poison Jab | HP/Atk

too slow, and you get it too late.

906 | Heatran | Modest | Shuca Berry | Heat Wave | Flash Cannon | AncientPower | Scary Face | SpA/SpD

damn you are good. make sure you have a team that can handle the myriad water mons in the factory, as those are the only things that will stop you. most quakers with stab are slow and get ko'd by flash cannon, and this thing takes unstabbed quakes and can almost always ohko back. use ancientpower as a finisher where permitting for a 10% chance of hilarious results!

920 | Heatran | Adamant | Quick Claw | Iron Head | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Crunch | HP/Atk

ugh. whenever i see heatran in my opening roster i get soooo excited and then it's usually this one. this is just stupid. his bountiful resistances are meaningless in the factory, there are just too many waters. skip it and dont look back.

934 | Heatran | Modest | Brightpowder | Flamethrower | Earth Power | Dragon Pulse | Dark Pulse | HP/SpA

slightly better than set1. that brightpowder can put in work and allow you to win some games that you really shouldn't be winning. earth power is pretty fantastic too. the spread lets you take physical hits a bit better too which is always welcome.

948 | Heatran | Quiet | Focus Sash | Magma Storm | Flash Cannon | Earth Power | Explosion | Atk/SpA

i love this guy. he's kind of weird and requires a proper team so you don't burn your sash on stupid shit, but he can usually take 2 mons. still surprisingly fast even with quiet, just be careful of magma storm's accuracy.

424 | Heracross | Jolly | Focus Band | Megahorn | Focus Punch | Swagger | Attract | Atk/Spe

decent wave 1 sicne megahorn is, you know, amazing, but 85 accuracy can get a bit frustrating

560 | Heracross | Adamant | Scope Lens | Close Combat | Aerial Ace | Night Slash | Bulk Up | Atk/SpD

one of the best mons in wave 2. bulk up once when applicable and start close combatting anyone stupid enough to get in your way.

696 | Heracross | Adamant | Coba Berry | Megahorn | Stone Edge | Facade | Shadow Claw | Atk/Spe

viable for wave 3, this can take out some key pokemon. not a good choice for thorton though since any legendaries you want to megahorn will psychic you to death first, the exception being cresselia.

832 | Heracross | Jolly | Salac Berry | Megahorn | Earthquake | Reversal | Endure | Atk/Spe

astonishing pokemon, especially with swarm. endrevving is an incredible tactic once the AI starts to do the right shit (sometimes they start at wave 4, sometimes not til wave 5 or even 6 so be careful). also a really good choice for thorton if you're lucky enough to get it in your opening 6 wave 3, you can reliably 3-0 him with this thing.

460 | Hippowdon | Impish | Persim Berry | Earthquake | Crunch | Slack Off | Curse | Atk/Def

if your team is all physical you will have a very, very hard time beating this. it's not as good when you use it since it makes battles take longer than they should, but youve still got that mighty eq even without setup, so its not that bad a choice.

596 | Hippowdon | Impish | Sitrus Berry | Earthquake | Swagger | Sand Tomb | Yawn | Atk/Def

ok cause of yawn, the fact that you cant hit fliers at all makes this way too risky though

732 | Hippowdon | Adamant | White Herb | Superpower | Fire Fang | Ice Fang | Fissure | HP/Atk

no eq/no ty

868 | Hippowdon | Adamant | Quick Claw | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Crunch | Thunder Fang | HP/Atk

quick claw earthquake is something to watch out for, but not nearly as good if youre using it. good if your team likes sandstorm though (but such a team is usually risky)

438 | Honchkrow | Adamant | Wacan Berry | Night Slash | Aerial Ace | Torment | Taunt | HP/Atk

ive learned to like this guy during wave 1, night slash punishes posers.

574 | Honchkrow | Adamant | White Herb | Superpower | Pluck | Confuse Ray | Thunder Wave | HP/Atk

kind of stupid, use this if you're desperate for twave

710 | Honchkrow | Modest | Life Orb | Dark Pulse | Air Cutter | Psychic | Shadow Ball | HP/SpA

too risky to use, beware this thing if your team is slow though, flinch dark pulses can ruin your shit

846 | Honchkrow | Adamant | Scope Lens | Night Slash | Drill Peck | Sucker Punch | Steel Wing | HP/Atk

this guy is fantastic. sucker punch is so incredible later in the game. there is a lot that this can beat one on one, and it can get a sucker punch off on their second mon as well.

426 | Houndoom | Jolly | Focus Sash | Fire Fang | Crunch | Roar | Counter | Atk/Spe

a bother to play vs cause sash just slows things down, terrible in wave 1, terrible in general

562 | Houndoom | Jolly | Focus Sash | Fire Fang | Thunder Fang | Reversal | Endure | Atk/Spe

even worse than set1. sash reversal? really?

698 | Houndoom | Modest | Passho Berry | Flamethrower | Shadow Ball | Sludge Bomb | Will-O-Wisp | SpA/Spe

i never really get a chance to use this guy but a fast willowisp is always welcome. why isn't shadow ball dark pulse ?_? considering how many things charizard's flamethrower ohkos, i could see this tearing through teams

834 | Houndoom | Timid | White Herb | Overheat | Dark Pulse | SolarBeam | Sunny Day | SpA/Spe

interesting, but wave4 is not a good place for sunnybeaming.

394 | Hypno | Brave | Iron Ball | Psycho Cut | Fling | Hypnosis | Trick Room | Atk/SpD

oh my god this thing is terrible

530 | Hypno | Quirky | Persim Berry | Dream Eater | Nightmare | Drain Punch | Hypnosis | SpA/SpD

even worse than set1. drain punch will do 40 damage to most stuff unresisted, im serious

666 | Hypno | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | Zen Headbutt | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Atk/SpD

i fucking loathe this thing. that sitrus berry lets it randomly beat good stuff one on one and it's infuriating since it'll always happen to you and you'll never get to use it because you're not going to be using hypno, come on man

802 | Hypno | Modest | Choice Specs | Psychic | Shadow Ball | Signal Beam | Focus Blast | SpA/SpD

when facing a hypno in wave4 and beyond, always consider how much damage specs psychic will do. dont let this thing surprise you.

361 | Infernape | Jolly | Coba Berry | Close Combat | Fire Punch | U-turn | Fake Out | Atk/Spe

heroic. close combat is all you need for wave 1. if you're lucky enough to get him later on you can do some neat stuff with fake out/uturn, and cleverly switch him back in at the right time to get into blaze range.

497 | Infernape | Adamant | Muscle Band | Blaze Kick | Shadow Claw | ThunderPunch | Gunk Shot | Atk/Spe

adamant muscle band blaze kick will do a lot of damage. you can rely on this guy for wave 2. handles common threats like set2 ludicolo, set2 skarmory, set2 venusaur et al. laugh at gunk shot all you want, it's your main out to that fucking ludicolo.

633 | Infernape | Modest | Brightpowder | Flamethrower | Focus Blast | SolarBeam | Sunny Day | SpA/Spe

a solid mon. brightpowder is fun obviously, flamethrower is tremendous. even with poor ai, you can usually force yourself into blaze range with a sunny day, meaning flamethrower will destroy pretty much everything. dont focus blast unless you have to, you will lose if it misses.

769 | Infernape | Jolly | King's Rock | Flare Blitz | Close Combat | Earthquake | ThunderPunch | Atk/Spe

truly the boss. flare blitz/cc with this speed just tears through the competition, and when you flinch with one of them you will feel so full of vim and joie de vivre you will earnestly consider kissing your best female friend who you're secretly in love with. you're perfect for each other, that's why you've been close for so long.

453 | Jolteon | Timid | Focus Sash | Thunderbolt | Thunder Wave | Agility | Baton Pass | SpA/Spe

not bad, tbolt deals with the surpluss of water mons, and focus sash lets you get 2 of them off which will usually kill most mons. the fact that you have to switch whenever a ground comes along really slows things during wave 1, so i wouldn't recommend this thing.

589 | Jolteon | Hardy | Razor Claw | Discharge | Double Kick | Dig | Thunder Wave | Atk/SpA

while fast thunder wave is ok, double kick makes this a waste of everyone's time

725 | Jolteon | Timid | Lax Incense | Thunder | Shadow Ball | Rain Dance | Yawn | SpA/Spe

this mon is a prime example of how capricious and silly the battle factory can be. in theory, it's terrible. look at that set. all it should be able to do is get off a fast yawn. that is how i felt about this jolteon until one day when i was going into round 21 and i was told thorton is leading with infernape. i decide to lead with this thing. rain dance as it flare blitzes, thunder for the kill. in comes articuno. thunder. in comes suicune. thunder. thunder. jolteonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

861 | Jolteon | Modest | Razor Fang | Thunderbolt | Hyper Beam | Shadow Ball | Signal Beam | SpA/Spe

no good. too frail to do much, there are safer answers to water pkmn (especially considering you will run into water/grounds a lot)

368 | Jynx | Calm | Chesto Berry | Psychic | Ice Beam | Lovely Kiss | Fake Tears | SpA/SpD

very good wave 1, that ice beam will fuck shit up. lovely kiss is pretty much spore, too.

504 | Jynx | Calm | Lax Incense | Dream Eater | Lovely Kiss | Perish Song | Mean Look | SpA/SpD

not a bad choice wave 2 solely for the 'fast' lovely kiss, which can handle scary shit. this mon will constantly remind you that stab dream eater has 150 power.

640 | Jynx | Modest | Expert Belt | Blizzard | Energy Ball | Signal Beam | Wring Out | SpA/Spe

risky due to its frailty, but man, expert belt blizzards? expert belt energy balls on quag/pert/gastro? you could do a lot worse.

776 | Jynx | Modest | Choice Specs | Ice Beam | Psychic | Focus Blast | Shadow Ball | SpA/Spe

amazing lead. ice beam until you can't ice beam any more. that is pokemon.

399 | Kangaskhan | Jolly | Salac Berry | Double-Edge | Crunch | Reversal | Endure | Atk/Spe

good choice wave 1. stab double edge is the answer. the question is pokemon.

535 | Kangaskhan | Adamant | Razor Claw | Dizzy Punch | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | HP/Atk


671 | Kangaskhan | Jolly | Life Orb | Double Hit | Hammer Arm | Shadow Claw | Rock Slide | Atk/Spe

hooray, life orb lets you have a less accurate return. total poop.

807 | Kangaskhan | Adamant | Muscle Band | Giga Impact | Earthquake | Crunch | Outrage | HP/Atk

waste of time. terrible moves, terrible stats.

474 | Kingdra | Timid | Razor Fang | Surf | Dragon Pulse | SmokeScreen | Rain Dance | SpA/Spe

very good choice wave 1. if you have swift swim you can rain dance as a pseudo special dragon dance. even if you don't, surf tears through most stuff and you cant lose to waters thanks to dragon pulse.

610 | Kingdra | Timid | Shell Bell | Brine | Ice Beam | Twister | Yawn | SpA/Spe

brine is the stupidest move ever conceived. if this had surf it'd be one of the best mons. yawn is still pretty cool though.

746 | Kingdra | Adamant | Lum Berry | Waterfall | Outrage | Iron Head | Dragon Dance | HP/Atk

oh man, this thing. you need 2 dances to outspeed anything but if you can get them off you will win guaranteed. this is one of my fave mons for wave 3, since even unboosted outrage will kill a ton of shit and vs thorton you can almost always take out a mon. don't bother with dancing vs thorton unless you're absolutely sure you can get 2 off. 1 is a waste of time since you're still slow.

882 | Kingdra | Modest | Wide Lens | Hydro Pump | Draco Meteor | Blizzard | Signal Beam | HP/SpA

this thing is incredible. 93% hydro pumps are legendary, so are 99% draco meteors. great dual stab with a crazy blizzard to boot, handles almost everything. A+++ would mon again

370 | Lanturn | Modest | Rindo Berry | Surf | Discharge | Thunder Wave | Aqua Ring | HP/SpA

too slow to be of much use wave 1, but those are some tasty stabs

506 | Lanturn | Calm | Lum Berry | Dive | Confuse Ray | Thunder Wave | Attract | HP/SpD

dont bother. enjoy guessing if it has illuminate or volt absorb though.

642 | Lanturn | Modest | Sitrus Berry | Hydro Pump | Thunder | Blizzard | Rain Dance | HP/SpA

this thing is surprisingly decent. i lose to it a lot with frail stuff like gengar. give it a chance.

778 | Lanturn | Modest | Expert Belt | Surf | Thunderbolt | Ice Beam | Signal Beam | HP/SpA

too little, too late

466 | Lapras | Adamant | Leftovers | Aqua Tail | Avalanche | Ice Shard | Curse | HP/Atk

so cool in theory, but even +1 ice shard doesn't do anything. poor lapras. leftovers are incredible, but it just takes too long to do much with this lovely mon.

602 | Lapras | Impish | Quick Claw | Sheer Cold | Perish Song | Sing | Confuse Ray | Def/SpD

everything about this pokemon is bullshit

738 | Lapras | Adamant | Lum Berry | Waterfall | Outrage | Zen Headbutt | Dragon Dance | HP/Atk

i've tried to like this, but you need 3 dances to do anything and that is just too much setup.

874 | Lapras | Modest | Brightpowder | Surf | Ice Beam | Psychic | Thunderbolt | HP/SpA

this thing's bulk allows it to beat a ton of interesting shit one on one. brightpowder is the icing on the cake. a choice you won't regret.

904 | Latias | Calm | Lum Berry | Psychic | Dragon Pulse | Attract | Calm Mind | SpA/SpD

it's funny, i've never had luck with the latis before. i don't know why. whenever i get the chance to use it, i always run into a fast physical mon right after and then it dies. if it was speedy it would be amazing. still a good choice, you'll probably have better lucky with it than i did.

918 | Latias | Adamant | Expert Belt | Dragon Claw | Zen Headbutt | Earthquake | Aerial Ace | Atk/Spe

what a terrible idea

932 | Latias | Timid | Brightpowder | Psychic | Ice Beam | Energy Ball | Shadow Ball | SpA/Spe

a good choice. straightforward special sweeper with fantastic coverage and an ok stab move. typing lets you beat a lot of shit.

946 | Latias | Modest | White Herb | Mist Ball | Draco Meteor | Thunderbolt | Surf | SpA/Spe

i've never seen this but i don't see why it wouldn't be absolutely incredible. fast herb meteor will not let you down.

905 | Latios | Calm | Focus Band | Psychic | Dragon Pulse | Thunder Wave | Calm Mind | SpA/SpD

same problems as set1 latias, but the thunder wave is kinda cool i guess.

919 | Latios | Adamant | Lum Berry | Dragon Claw | Shadow Claw | Earthquake | Dragon Dance | Atk/Spe

garbage. even if you get 2 dances off you still cant ohko anything with dragon claw and you'll die thanks to the damage you took dancing.

933 | Latios | Timid | Brightpowder | Psychic | Thunderbolt | Ice Beam | Energy Ball | SpA/Spe

better version of set3 latias.

947 | Latios | Modest | White Herb | Luster Purge | Draco Meteor | Hyper Beam | Surf | SpA/Spe

again, never seen it, but should just be a better version of set4 latias. shame about the hyper beam though.

457 | Leafeon | Jolly | Scope Lens | Leaf Blade | Aerial Ace | Double Team | Baton Pass | Atk/Spe

every leafeon is basically the same. if you want a semi-bulky mon with a hard hitting grass move, use it. if not, move on.

593 | Leafeon | Jolly | Brightpowder | Leaf Blade | Last Resort | Curse | GrassWhistle | Atk/Spe

curse with jolly and max speed is really weird, you still outspeed a ton of stuff even after a curse.

729 | Leafeon | Adamant | Heat Rock | Leaf Blade | X-Scissor | Synthesis | Sunny Day | Atk/Def

this thing has a cool niche in that you can't lose to toxistallers which is nice if it comes up but its not something you should obsess over.

865 | Leafeon | Adamant | Quick Claw | Leaf Blade | X-Scissor | Aerial Ace | Bite | Atk/Def

pretty terrible, but yeah, leaf blade.

445 | Lickilicky | Careful | Chesto Berry | Return | Earthquake | Belly Drum | Rest | HP/Atk

DRUMMYBELLY. make sure you don't do anything stupid against this one. not a good choice to use it, though.

581 | Lickilicky | Modest | Expert Belt | Surf | Ice Beam | Thunderbolt | Shadow Ball | HP/SpA

BELTIBOLTY. this is actually ok for some reason. burly as fuck and the belt lets you beat a lot of guys.

717 | Lickilicky | Brave | Lum Berry | Return | Gyro Ball | Curse | Rest | HP/Atk

LUMMIBALLY. this thing puts in some fucking work. it's hard to deal with, and is a veritable threat to a lot of teams. use it if you think you can get a curse off, cause after that it's smooth sailing.

853 | Lickilicky | Adamant | Lax Incense | Body Slam | Power Whip | Earthquake | Explosion | HP/Atk

LAXIWHIPPY. incredible pokemon. lax incense with a stab explosion is simply wonderful, power whip is so good your dick will hurt and body slam always seems to paralyze. lickilicky for top tier.

391 | Lopunny | Jolly | Focus Band | Return | Drain Punch | Charm | Mirror Coat | Atk/Spe

lopunny is the worst

527 | Lopunny | Jolly | Brightpowder | Focus Punch | Sweet Kiss | Attract | Thunder Wave | HP/Spe

i have lost to this. sometimes there is just nothing you can do.

663 | Lopunny | Modest | Wise Glasses | Charge Beam | Ice Beam | Shadow Ball | Focus Blast | SpA/Spe

this is like when your friend gets you a really shitty gift only in this case you're lucky in that you don't have to feign gratitude. kick this slut to the curb.

799 | Lopunny | Jolly | Muscle Band | Dizzy Punch | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Atk/Spe

lopunchy!!!!!!! too bad about the uh, you know, stats

459 | Lucario | Modest | Brightpowder | Aura Sphere | Flash Cannon | Water Pulse | Roar | SpA/Spe

aura sphere your wave through wave 1, young lucario

595 | Lucario | Adamant | Scope Lens | Cross Chop | Stone Edge | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Atk/Spe

sucks. too frail to afford a cross chop/stone edge miss.

731 | Lucario | Adamant | Muscle Band | Close Combat | Earthquake | Blaze Kick | Shadow Claw | Atk/Spe

now we're talking. muscle banded adamant close combat will cause the fabric of space to warp and bend at your behest. blaze kick is surprisingly useful for dealing with fuckers like venusaur who always seem to pop up when you're on a close combat spree.

867 | Lucario | Modest | Expert Belt | Aura Sphere | Psychic | Shadow Ball | Dragon Pulse | SpA/Spe

worse than set3. you just dont have enough coverage to exploit expert belt. aura sphere still hits like a train though, so you can do a lot worse.

387 | Ludicolo | Adamant | Muscle Band | Waterfall | Razor Leaf | Drain Punch | Swords Dance | Atk/SpD

stop getting in the way of my earthquakes!!!!!

523 | Ludicolo | Impish | Leftovers | Leech Seed | Toxic | Double Team | Rain Dance | HP/Def/SpD

one of the best sets in the entire factory. it is very, very hard to lose wave 2 if you have this. when the ai gets smart its potential is stymied a bit, but it can still put in work if you bring it in at the right time.

659 | Ludicolo | Modest | Wide Lens | Hydro Pump | Grass Knot | Blizzard | Focus Blast | HP/SpA

a very good choice. this thing sweeps way better than you'd expect it to, and it doesn't really get hit se by anything.

795 | Ludicolo | Modest | Lum Berry | Surf | Giga Drain | Ice Beam | Rain Dance | SpA/SpD

if you have swift swim, this thing is a monster. rain dance and start collecting those bp.

433 | Luxray | Adamant | Razor Claw | Thunder Fang | Crunch | Howl | Charge | HP/Atk

only a baby would use this

569 | Luxray | Modest | Wise Glasses | Thunderbolt | Signal Beam | Thunder Wave | Magnet Rise | HP/SpA

better than set1, almost good enough to make you forget that you're using luxray

705 | Luxray | Adamant | White Herb | Thunder Fang | Ice Fang | Superpower | Thunder Wave | HP/Atk

twave is always good, especially if you have intimidate. a consideration if you have a setup mon.

841 | Luxray | Adamant | Muscle Band | Thunder Fang | Ice Fang | Crunch | Thunder Wave | HP/Atk

see above

435 | Machamp | Adamant | Scope Lens | Cross Chop | Earthquake | Bullet Punch | Foresight | HP/Atk

a good choice for wave 1 if you have no guard, slightly less useful with guts. you'll still kill shit though.

571 | Machamp | Adamant | Focus Sash | Revenge | Earthquake | Payback | Counter | Def/SpD

dont bother with counter, but revenge will deal with almost every threat. this mon just simplifies the game. it takes out one thing and then it dies.

707 | Machamp | Adamant | Quick Claw | DynamicPunch | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Ice Punch | HP/Atk

if you get this with no guard, you win. don't even think about it. just do it

843 | Machamp | Adamant | Quick Claw | Cross Chop | Earthquake | ThunderPunch | Fire Punch | HP/Atk

worse than set3, but less reliant on no guard. just not explosive enough, unfortunately.

478 | Magmortar | Modest | Heat Rock | Fire Blast | Focus Blast | Will-O-Wisp | Sunny Day | SpA/Spe

good choice wave 1 if you don't mind 85 accuracy, fire blast will kill almost everything.

614 | Magmortar | Adamant | Shuca Berry | Fire Punch | Focus Punch | Confuse Ray | SmokeScreen | Atk/Spe

one time i beat thorton with this thing thanks to confuse ray. it's still awful, though.

750 | Magmortar | Adamant | Passho Berry | Flare Blitz | ThunderPunch | Earthquake | Brick Break | Atk/Spe

flare blitz is ok, but you really can't hit for anything. worse than both charizard and typhlosion, and that's saying something.

886 | Magmortar | Modest | White Herb | Overheat | Psychic | Focus Blast | Confuse Ray | SpA/Spe

never actually used this thing. a semi-fast white herb overheat is pretty cool though. definitely considerable.

468 | Magnezone | Bold | Light Clay | Thunderbolt | Mirror Shot | Light Screen | Reflect | Def/SpA

an all-star. the only thing that beats this pokemon is earthquake, and considering during wave 1 their quaking mon only has a 1/4 chance of firing it off, you'll be able to kill them first. amazing too if you can get this later in the game, 8 turn screens are game-winning in 3v3.

604 | Magnezone | Impish | Lum Berry | Iron Head | Explosion | Swagger | Psych Up | Atk/Def

dumb gimmick. not even explosion makes this worthwhile

740 | Magnezone | Modest | Chesto Berry | Charge Beam | Flash Cannon | Magnet Rise | Thunder Wave | Def/SpA

another dumb gimmick, but this one actually works sometimes. magnet rise is cheeky, thunder wave into charge beam spam lets you beat a lot of fuckers. i don't think i'd use it for thorton though.

876 | Magnezone | Modest | Brightpowder | Thunderbolt | Flash Cannon | Tri Attack | Signal Beam | Def/SpA

brightpowder, good stabs, tbolts comparable to modest zam psychics, crazy physical bulk. this one is a keeper.

465 | Mamoswine | Adamant | Icy Rock | Earthquake | Ice Fang | Peck | Hail | HP/Atk

one of the best mons for wave 1. peck lets you beat heracross, dont laugh!!!!!

601 | Mamoswine | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | Avalanche | Earthquake | Iron Head | Curse | HP/Atk

pretty much the same thing as set1. you will never get a curse off. avalanche is kinda cool sometimes.

737 | Mamoswine | Adamant | Lax Incense | Earthquake | Superpower | Fissure | Hail | HP/Atk

probably better than the prior mamos if only cause of lax incense. you were never really using ice fang anyways.

873 | Mamoswine | Adamant | Life Orb | Earthquake | Ice Fang | Stone Edge | Double-Edge | HP/Atk

good but risky. you're pretty slow, and while that eq ohkos a lot, mamo is frail and loses to the millions of water mons in the factory.

380 | Manectric | Adamant | Shuca Berry | Thunder Fang | Crunch | Roar | Thunder Wave | Atk/Spe

dont bother

516 | Manectric | Modest | Damp Rock | Thunder | Hyper Beam | Thunder Wave | Rain Dance | SpA/Spe

better than set1, but you can be better than diarrhea and still be a bodily fluid

652 | Manectric | Adamant | Quick Claw | Thunder Fang | Fire Fang | Ice Fang | Bite | Atk/Spe

they're not even trying anymore

788 | Manectric | Timid | Brightpowder | Thunderbolt | Flamethrower | Signal Beam | Swift | SpA/Spe

i always forget that this thing can use flamethrower. that and brightpowder make it an ok choice, just watch out for dragons.

364 | Marowak | Adamant | Razor Claw | Bone Rush | Brick Break | Iron Tail | Sandstorm | Atk/Def

marowak without thick club, enjoy being worse than sandslash

500 | Marowak | Adamant | Thick Club | Bone Rush | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Rock Slide | Atk/Def

bone rush is garbage, but it's hilarious when one hit is enough to ko some frail stuff. makes you feel tough.

636 | Marowak | Adamant | Thick Club | Earthquake | Giga Impact | Outrage | Fire Punch | Atk/Def

incredible. survives every physical hit and always ohkos back.

772 | Marowak | Adamant | Thick Club | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Iron Head | ThunderPunch | Atk/Def

even better than set3, use this with trick room to win every battle ever

365 | Medicham | Jolly | Salac Berry | Zen Headbutt | Reversal | Endure | Fake Out | Atk/Spe

endrevving doesnt work early game, but if you could get this later on i could see it being a menace.

501 | Medicham | Jolly | Cheri Berry | Drain Punch | Poison Jab | Detect | Recover | Atk/Spe

this is just retarded

637 | Medicham | Modest | Wise Glasses | Psychic | Focus Blast | Shadow Ball | Calm Mind | SpA/Spe

see above

773 | Medicham | Adamant | Scope Lens | Psycho Cut | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Atk/Spe

kinda fast, kinda mean. sadly if this is your best choice for waves 4 and above you are not going to do very well.

354 | Meganium | Modest | Heat Rock | SolarBeam | AncientPower | Synthesis | Sunny Day | Def/SpD

this thing always gets ancientpower boosts on me. shame it can't do anything with them except waste your time.

490 | Meganium | Calm | Big Root | Giga Drain | Leech Seed | Toxic | Substitute | HP/Def/SpD

hooray, subseeding. use this whenever you get the chance. you will not be disappointed. bulk + leech seed is so hard to deal with for the AI. if only they knew how to switch...

626 | Meganium | Bold | Light Clay | Leaf Storm | Wring Out | Light Screen | Reflect | HP/SpA

what a team player. 8 turn screens with good bulk already is pretty great. leaf storm actually does something when you're in overgrow range, too. this and set4 gyarados are best friends.

762 | Meganium | Modest | Lax Incense | Frenzy Plant | AncientPower | Hyper Beam | Light Screen | HP/SpA

worse than set3. worse than most things.

484 | Metagross | Adamant | Brightpowder | Zen Headbutt | Bullet Punch | Facade | Light Screen | Atk/Def

ok choice for wave1. zen headbutt is really annoying, but even neutral bullet punches do a surprising amount of damage. also this thing is bulky as fuck.

620 | Metagross | Modest | Wise Glasses | Psychic | Flash Cannon | Shadow Ball | Sludge Bomb | Def/SpA

surprisingly good. very good choice when you get it as set2 is riddled with toxic users who will all fall to your mighty steel husk.

756 | Metagross | Adamant | Occa Berry | Hammer Arm | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Aerial Ace | Atk/Def

looks terrible, but for some reason this thing performs very well. i can't really explain why since it has no stab and its moves are lacking, but just try it and you'll see what i mean.

892 | Metagross | Adamant | Quick Claw | Meteor Mash | Zen Headbutt | Earthquake | Explosion | HP/Atk

one of the best sets in the factory. you can easily kill 2 mons and then explode on the third. unreasonably good.

476 | Milotic | Modest | Shell Bell | Surf | Ice Beam | Attract | Hypnosis | HP/SpA

fantastic no matter when you get it. modest surf/ib is incredible, hypnosis isnt worth it early game but it could do something later if you're lucky.

612 | Milotic | Impish | Leftovers | Toxic | Confuse Ray | Double Team | Aqua Ring | HP/Def

auto-wins vs anything that isnt steel or poison, but it takes a while. use it if you don't mind a long wave 2.

748 | Milotic | Calm | Wide Lens | Hydro Pump | Blizzard | Mirror Coat | Recover | SpA/SpD

unstabbed tbolts wont even 2hko you. this thing is nuts. thorton cant deal with this, as most legendaries are special and thus lose to mirror coat, while most physical mons will lose to a hydro pump.

884 | Milotic | Modest | Lum Berry | Surf | Ice Beam | Dragon Pulse | Recover | HP/SpA

worse than set3 but better than set1. hard to kill but not quite enough firepower to be your main sweeper.

403 | Miltank | Impish | Cheri Berry | Return | Iron Head | Thunder Wave | Milk Drink | Atk/Def

surprisingly powerful return makes this a good choice for wave 1, especially with tricks like twave.

539 | Miltank | Adamant | Salac Berry | Facade | Zen Headbutt | Reversal | Endure | Atk/Spe

dont even

675 | Miltank | Adamant | Scope Lens | Dizzy Punch | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Atk/Def

idk why they kept multipunchers for set3 but surprise, they did

811 | Miltank | Adamant | Muscle Band | Giga Impact | Earthquake | Rock Slide | Zen Headbutt | Atk/Spe

this just doesnt work. giga impact doesnt do enough damage, you're a fucking cow

413 | Mismagius | Modest | Kasib Berry | Shadow Ball | Power Gem | Magical Leaf | Memento | SpA/Spe

this thing tends to memento vs you a lot which is annoying since it forces a switch. ive never had a chance to use it late game but it would be damned good with a dragon dancer or something.

549 | Mismagius | Modest | Lum Berry | Shadow Ball | Confuse Ray | Perish Song | Mean Look | SpA/SpD

waste of time

685 | Mismagius | Timid | Wise Glasses | Shadow Ball | Energy Ball | Icy Wind | Destiny Bond | SpA/Spe

not enough firepower with timid. skip it.

821 | Mismagius | Timid | Focus Sash | Shadow Ball | Psychic | Thunderbolt | Destiny Bond | SpA/Spe

this missy will almost always get 2 kills. one of the best mons available. lead with it and have fun, but dont be surprised. by how little even super effective tbolts do.

897 | Moltres | Timid | Passho Berry | Flamethrower | Air Slash | AncientPower | Roost | SpA/Spe

should be just a better version of set1 charizard, but i've never had the chance to use it effectively.

911 | Moltres | Timid | Heat Rock | Fire Blast | SolarBeam | Hyper Beam | Sunny Day | HP/SpA

8 turns of sun is cool, but this is just too fragile

925 | Moltres | Adamant | Power Herb | Sky Attack | Return | Steel Wing | U-turn | Atk/Spe

what an awful moveset. watch out for this thing though, that sky attack will ohko a lot of stuff.

939 | Moltres | Modest | White Herb | Overheat | Air Slash | AncientPower | Ominous Wind | SpA/Spe

better than set1. herb overheat is cool but your coverage is just bleh.

369 | Mr. Mime | Calm | Cheri Berry | Psychic | Signal Beam | Copycat | Mimic | SpA/SpD

this thing walls your special attackers but does nothing in return. sometimes it will copy your moves though!!

505 | Mr. Mime | Calm | Light Clay | Dream Eater | Hypnosis | Light Screen | Reflect | SpA/SpD

if its somehow faster than you, opts for the 1/4 hypnosis, and actually hits with it this thing can be a pain to take down. screen support isnt very useful in wave 2 though.

641 | Mr. Mime | Modest | Kasib Berry | Psychic | Thunderbolt | Energy Ball | Hyper Beam | SpA/SpD

those super effective tbolts just dont do enough damage. sorry mime.

777 | Mr. Mime | Modest | Choice Specs | Psychic | Charge Beam | Shadow Ball | Focus Blast | SpA/SpD

not a good lead at all due to its physical frailty, but if you keep it on your team and bring it out vs some special threats it'll put in a lot of work.

418 | Muk | Adamant | Black Sludge | Poison Jab | Shadow Sneak | Minimize | Acid Armor | HP/Atk

this thing is a load of shit to play vs. hope you have an earthquake. hope it doesnt piss you off. dont bother with it though, takes too long

554 | Muk | Adamant | Expert Belt | Poison Jab | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | HP/Atk

one of the better wave 2 punchers thanks to expert belt and a surprisingly powerful stab poison jab.

690 | Muk | Brave | Zoom Lens | Gunk Shot | Payback | Shadow Sneak | Curse | HP/Atk

i've never used this but it could be ok i guess. curse and shadow sneak work well against assholes like zam.

826 | Muk | Adamant | Quick Claw | Gunk Shot | Shadow Sneak | Brick Break | Explosion | HP/Atk

quick claw explosion makes anything good

408 | Nidoking | Impish | Focus Band | Earthquake | Poison Jab | Double Kick | Counter | HP/Atk

the king. decent for wave 1 thanks to that stab eq. take it if you dont have mamo or gliscor of flygon or something.

544 | Nidoking | Careful | Brightpowder | Focus Punch | Dragon Pulse | Horn Drill | Substitute | HP/Def/SpD

why is this a thing

680 | Nidoking | Modest | Expert Belt | Earth Power | Sludge Bomb | Ice Beam | Shadow Ball | SpA/Spe

this guy is delightful. he will do wonders. eclectic moveset bursting at the seams with coverage, two great stab moves, expert belt, and sometimes even a rivalry boost? the king.

816 | Nidoking | Adamant | Muscle Band | Earthquake | Poison Jab | Megahorn | Outrage | Atk/Spe

not as good as set3, but muscle band adamant eq can do things

407 | Nidoqueen | Adamant | Payapa Berry | Earthquake | Poison Fang | Aerial Ace | Charm | HP/Atk

notable as one of the few charmers. never worthwhile early game, if you randomly see it later on and want to confirm some dragon dances or something take it

543 | Nidoqueen | Adamant | Scope Lens | Poison Jab | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | HP/Atk


679 | Nidoqueen | Modest | Black Sludge | Sludge Bomb | Earth Power | Flamethrower | Ice Beam | HP/SpA

worse version of set3 king. cheekily beats good dragons sometimes though.

815 | Nidoqueen | Adamant | Razor Claw | Earthquake | Poison Jab | Superpower | Crunch | HP/Atk

waste of time, likes to superpower vs you and let you set up with other stuff though.

434 | Ninetales | Timid | Brightpowder | Fire Blast | SolarBeam | Attract | Sunny Day | SpA/Spe

shitty. that sp atk is abhorrent.

570 | Ninetales | Timid | White Herb | Overheat | Dark Pulse | Nasty Plot | Confuse Ray | SpA/Spe

this is shitty since herb only triggers if you go below 0, meaning if you nasty plot and then overheat, herb wont restore you to +2.

706 | Ninetales | Timid | Wide Lens | Heat Wave | Ominous Wind | Dream Eater | Hypnosis | SpD/Spe

a fast wide lens hypnosis is pretty cool. certainly not killing anything with that ev spread but its interesting

842 | Ninetales | Modest | Passho Berry | Flamethrower | Extrasensory | Energy Ball | Calm Mind | SpA/Spe

good luck calm minding

422 | Pinsir | Adamant | Coba Berry | X-Scissor | Earthquake | Rock Slide | Swords Dance | Atk/Def

one of the best mons for wave 1. same principle as gliscor.

558 | Pinsir | Jolly | Salac Berry | X-Scissor | Revenge | Flail | Endure | Atk/Spe

useful if only for a fast x scissor which deals with asshole grassers that wave 2 is lousy with.

694 | Pinsir | Adamant | Lax Incense | X-Scissor | Superpower | Stone Edge | Giga Impact | Atk/Def

weird set. too risky to use vs thorton.

830 | Pinsir | Adamant | Scope Lens | X-Scissor | Earthquake | Close Combat | Guillotine | Atk/Def

this is very good. even unstabbed close combat causes problems for trainers. guillotine if you want to not deserve your win.

421 | Politoed | Calm | Lax Incense | Surf | Hyper Voice | Mud Bomb | Swagger | SpA/SpD

hyper voice???????

557 | Politoed | Impish | Chesto Berry | Dive | Brick Break | Hypnosis | Perish Song | HP/Atk

dont even THINK about using this, buckaroo

693 | Politoed | Careful | Chesto Berry | Waterfall | Earthquake | Belly Drum | Rest | Atk/SpD

drum doesnt work. politoed doesnt work.

829 | Politoed | Modest | Wacan Berry | Hydro Pump | Ice Beam | Psychic | Hypnosis | SpA/SpD

ok i lied politoed works sometimes. wacan is lovely and this thing can twist scrotums with those hydro pumps. hypnosis when you're in trouble and hope for the best.

416 | Poliwrath | Modest | Rindo Berry | Surf | Vacuum Wave | Psychic | Double Team | HP/SpA

just gets in the way wave 1

552 | Poliwrath | Adamant | Lax Incense | Waterfall | DynamicPunch | Poison Jab | Bulk Up | HP/Atk

I LOVE YOU BULKYWRATH. this is one of my favourite mons. lax incense always triggers it seems, and this thing can just bulk up forever, especially if you get it with one of the myriad leech seeding mons during wave 2.

688 | Poliwrath | Modest | Wide Lens | Hydro Pump | Focus Blast | Blizzard | Mud Bomb | HP/SpA

i feel like i would be cheating on set2 poliwrath if i said i liked this

824 | Poliwrath | Adamant | Expert Belt | Waterfall | Focus Punch | Earthquake | Hypnosis | HP/Atk

i am a faithful man, i will not even look at this poliwrath

444 | Porygon2 | Modest | Cheri Berry | Tri Attack | Charge Beam | Thunder Wave | Recycle | HP/SpA

PORY2. i am biased about this set since i used it when i beat thorton2. thunder wave and bulk like this is fantastic. really good during wave 1 just cause of that special attack and a possible download boost. yeehaw.

580 | Porygon2 | Quiet | Iron Ball | Tri Attack | Thunderbolt | Recover | Trick Room | HP/SpA

really cool trick roomer. recover with bulk like this makes duckboy a hard mon to kill

716 | Porygon2 | Modest | Wise Glasses | Tri Attack | Thunderbolt | Psychic | Ice Beam | HP/SpA

pory2 is seriously one of the best mons in the factory. its stat spread usually means that whatever it can ohko cant ohko it, and whatever it can 2hko cant 2hko it. such a lovely duck.

852 | Porygon2 | Modest | Lum Berry | Tri Attack | Signal Beam | Shadow Ball | Ice Beam | HP/SpA

not as good as set3, those glasses made pory2 very wise

471 | Porygon-Z | Modest | Sitrus Berry | Tri Attack | Shadow Ball | Recycle | Conversion 2 | HP/SpA

will sweep through wave 1 if you have adaptability or get a sp atk download boost

607 | Porygon-Z | Timid | Choice Scarf | Tri Attack | Thunder Wave | Recover | Trick | SpA/Spe

this is the coolest set in the factory. i almost never get it but the combo potential is endless. you either trickscarf and set up your goodie, or you tear through the team with a fast powered up tri attack. this thing's potential is wasted during wave 2, but if you're lucky enough to get it later abuse the fuck out of it.

743 | Porygon-Z | Modest | Wise Glasses | Psychic | Ice Beam | Signal Beam | Charge Beam | HP/SpA

no stab means you know it'll usually have adaptability. sucks.

879 | Porygon-Z | Modest | Expert Belt | Tri Attack | Shadow Ball | Thunderbolt | Recover | SpA/Spe

patently worse than pory2. sorry dude!!!

461 | Probopass | Brave | Cheri Berry | AncientPower | Magnet Bomb | Thunder Wave | Protect | Atk/SpA

one of those mons that only exists to be earthquaked

597 | Probopass | Adamant | Chople Berry | Iron Head | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Atk/SpD

terrible puncher, probably because it has no arms

733 | Probopass | Adamant | Scope Lens | Stone Edge | Iron Head | Earthquake | Explosion | Atk/Def

not bad if only because it's a mon with explosion on set3. can be useful against thorton if you want to simplify the battle and hope for the best.

869 | Probopass | Modest | Life Orb | Flash Cannon | Power Gem | Earth Power | Thunderbolt | SpA/SpD

no redeeming qualities. skip.

366 | Quagsire | Adamant | Rindo Berry | Earthquake | Aqua Tail | Brick Break | Counter | HP/Atk

considerable if you have no other quaker, but certainly nowhere near ideal. aqua tail sucks.

502 | Quagsire | Careful | Leftovers | Dive | Yawn | Curse | Amnesia | HP/Def/SpD

this thing is monstrous. always watch out for this mon during wave 2 because it can randomly beat unprepared teams. not worth using in wave 2 since it just takes too long, but has incredible utility later game both because of bulk + yawn for team support and because it can set up on a lot, and once it sets up you win. watch out for dive's pp though.

638 | Quagsire | Modest | Quick Claw | Surf | Earth Power | Focus Blast | Sludge Bomb | HP/SpA

too average, you can do better by wave 3

774 | Quagsire | Adamant | Muscle Band | Earthquake | Waterfall | Stone Edge | Ice Punch | HP/Atk

surprisingly viable. adamant muscle band eq is potent. this can beat a lot of stuff one on one, keeping him in the wings can help you recover from a seemingly game-ending crit on your lead if you play him right.

378 | Raichu | Adamant | Wide Lens | ThunderPunch | Iron Tail | Slam | Quick Attack | Atk/Spe

if a pokemon has slam, it's probably terrible

514 | Raichu | Jolly | Focus Band | ThunderPunch | Focus Punch | Sweet Kiss | Thunder Wave | Atk/Spe

terrible mon, watch out for it though. anything with fast parafusion can wreck your shit if you're unlucky. lucky those focus punches don't really hit for very much.

650 | Raichu | Timid | Petaya Berry | Thunderbolt | Focus Blast | Signal Beam | Nasty Plot | SpA/Spe

pretty solid lead, surprisingly. can usually get a np off and then wrecks most stuff afterwards. one time vs thorton i brought this in as a lead knowing that his first mon couldnt quite ohko me, so i got a nasty plot + petaya off and then tore through the team.

786 | Raichu | Adamant | Brightpowder | Volt Tackle | Return | Brick Break | Thunder Wave | Atk/Spe

i've used this a couple times to great effect. waters are everywhere and a fast volt tackle will solve a lot of problems. noticeably weaker than set4 arcanine's flare blitz, but with a way better attacking type. can't take any hits but usually doesn't need to. not a good lead, just bring him in to quickly revenge something and hope their followup mon is water. twave is techy, too.

898 | Raikou | Timid | Lum Berry | Thunderbolt | Shadow Ball | Thunder Wave | Light Screen | SpA/Spe

pretty good mon as long as your team can handle ground mons. light screen has limited use but it can turn a game in your favour.

912 | Raikou | Jolly | King's Rock | Thunder Fang | Crunch | Iron Head | Return | Atk/Spe

this is stupid

926 | Raikou | Modest | Wise Glasses | Thunder | Extrasensory | Signal Beam | Rain Dance | SpA/Spe

this is probably better than set1, even without a team that likes rain. if you lead with it and you can usually get a rain dance off due to your bulk, and then modest wiseglasses thunders will destroy everything. i find set1 raikou has this bad habit of doing 75% to stuff with tbolts, and id much rather go rain dance into thunder for the ohko and have 3 turns of thunders left.

940 | Raikou | Modest | Shuca Berry | Thunderbolt | Extrasensory | Shadow Ball | Calm Mind | SpA/Spe

amazing, but not quite as good as it seems, i found myself unable to get a calm mind off very reliably. still the best raikou set thanks to that shuca and modest.

430 | Rampardos | Adamant | Toxic Orb | Rock Slide | Facade | Crunch | Screech | HP/Atk

not threatening since its slow and loses to everything

566 | Rampardos | Brave | Iron Ball | Stone Edge | Payback | Avalanche | Fling | HP/Atk

equally terrible

702 | Rampardos | Adamant | Life Orb | Head Smash | Zen Headbutt | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | HP/Atk

life orb head smash works as a pseudo explosion with bad accuracy, but sadly this thing can't take a hit so at best you're going one for one.

838 | Rampardos | Jolly | Choice Scarf | Head Smash | Earthquake | Giga Impact | Superpower | Atk/Spe

very menacing. i've lost with some pretty strong teams to this thing. i don't enjoy using it myself thanks to head smash's accuracy, but it's a good last mon cleaner a la slaking.

417 | Rapidash | Modest | Chesto Berry | Fire Blast | SolarBeam | Sunny Day | Rest | SpA/Spe

sp atk is too low, way better fires in wave 1, and fires in general arent very good since wave 1 is you spamming earthquake and your mon eventually dying to a probable water mon, making fires a bad followup choice.

553 | Rapidash | Modest | White Herb | Overheat | SolarBeam | Swift | Sunny Day | SpA/Spe

herb overheat seems solid enough, i've never used this though

689 | Rapidash | Adamant | Brightpowder | Flare Blitz | Poison Jab | Iron Tail | Horn Drill | Atk/Spe

now we're talking. the number of times i've ohko'd 2 mons in a row with flare blitz and horn drilled the third is more than 1. fast flare blitzes that hit like a truck thanks to adamant, the brightpowder just makes you even cuter. a very solid choice for the impending thorton battle.

825 | Rapidash | Jolly | Chesto Berry | Flare Blitz | Megahorn | Double-Edge | Hypnosis | Atk/Spe

pales in comparison to set 3 due to lackluster item and a lesser nature. that hypnosis can put in a bit of work but relying on 60% when you're this far in the game? take some time and think about it, hotshot.

902 | Regice | Modest | Lum Berry | Ice Beam | Signal Beam | Charge Beam | Amnesia | SpA/SpD

a safer blissey that can actually fuck shit up. lum is a good safety net. very good choice if you have a way to handle shit like infernape.

916 | Regice | Impish | Leftovers | Avalanche | Hammer Arm | Double Team | Curse | HP/Def

one of the best mons in the factory. find something you can set up on and don't stop until you're +6+6+6. even with +6 hammer arm wont be doing much but who cares, you're invincible. clear body makes this set shine.

930 | Regice | Bold | Chesto Berry | Ice Beam | Flash Cannon | AncientPower | Rest | Def/SpA

im not sure if this is worse than set1 or not. less firepower and a far worse moveset, but those evs and chestorest can let you survive a ton. this also makes it impossible to lose to bullshit stall mons. a rester on your team is never a bad idea.

944 | Regice | Modest | Shell Bell | Ice Beam | Thunderbolt | Hyper Beam | Focus Blast | HP/SpA

never seen this one, but i don't think it's as good as set1/3. most waters are special and thus cant touch you, making charge beam a better electric move in the long run.

908 | Regigigas | Impish | Lax Incense | Return | Aerial Ace | Thunder Wave | Confuse Ray | HP/Def/SpD

annoying but pretty useless. scary to bump into though, parafusion is a force to be reckoned with.

922 | Regigigas | Careful | Leftovers | Facade | Zen Headbutt | Double Team | Substitute | HP/Def/SpD

another very good mon. bulky double teamer/subber WITH LEFTOVERS that eventually starts dishing out somewhat powerful facades?

936 | Regigigas | Modest | Wise Glasses | Earth Power | Focus Blast | Thunderbolt | AncientPower | HP/SpA

nice try, but no

950 | Regigigas | Adamant | Brightpowder | Crush Grip | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Drain Punch | HP/Atk

bad mon for bad people

901 | Regirock | Impish | Leftovers | Rock Slide | Earthquake | Brick Break | Sandstorm | Atk/Def

takes close combats like they're nothing. too bad about, you know, the water type.

915 | Regirock | Adamant | Razor Claw | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Drain Punch | HP/Atk

this is probably worse than miltank at multipunching. yes, you read that right.

929 | Regirock | Careful | Chesto Berry | Stone Edge | Hammer Arm | Rest | Curse | HP/SpD

never had a chance to use this but it could see it getting the job done. watch out for crits, you big rocky linebacker.

943 | Regirock | Careful | Quick Claw | Stone Edge | Earthquake | Hammer Arm | Explosion | Atk/SpD

quick claw explosion. you win.

903 | Registeel | Modest | Lum Berry | Flash Cannon | Thunderbolt | Thunder Wave | Amnesia | HP/SpA

decent for team support since it can almost always get a thunder wave in. bad evs though.

917 | Registeel | Adamant | Leftovers | Iron Head | Toxic | Double Team | Iron Defense | HP/Def/SpD

imagine it; you're at battle 45. this thing comes out. you hit it for 30%. it double teams. you quickly realize that the situation is nowhere near as malleable as you wish it were. you then see two menacing steel behemoths begin to robotically 'eat' whatever their leftovers are. the image is so fey and so surreal that you are on the verge of tears. you attack again and you miss, it double teams a second time. three registeels are now consuming something in front of you, but you still can't make out what it is. their movements are jerky yet calculated. they feed almost ritualistically. your palms are sweaty. you quickly check this list to see what its exact moveset is, but you don't really know why. you know what its moveset is. you've always known. maybe you were trying to buy time? you attack and it misses for the second time. your pokemon is encircled by four registeels, and you swear you hear it make a mournful sound.

you press buttons. you writhe. you writhe and then you lose.

931 | Registeel | Adamant | Razor Claw | Shadow Claw | Aerial Ace | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | HP/Atk

i was really impressed with how many mons this guy can beat one on one. give him a try.

945 | Registeel | Adamant | Shell Bell | Iron Head | Hammer Arm | Earthquake | Curse | HP/Def/SpD

cursing with no recovery sucks

396 | Rhydon | Adamant | Passho Berry | Earthquake | Rock Slide | Crunch | Scary Face | Atk/Def

a solid wave 1 quaker, with a useful secondary stab. a bit on the slow side though.

532 | Rhydon | Adamant | Focus Sash | Earthquake | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Atk/Def

focus sash makes this a very cool mon. worth taking early game for sure.

668 | Rhydon | Brave | Persim Berry | Outrage | Hammer Arm | Shadow Claw | Avalanche | HP/Atk

bad moves. avalanche lets you beat dragons i guess?

804 | Rhydon | Adamant | Quick Claw | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Megahorn | Horn Drill | HP/Atk

late in the game you have safer mons with earthquake, so i dont see a use for this. watch out for quick claw horn drill though. that dirty, sticky feeling your skin gets afterwards lasts forever. there is no ablution but through the death of the self, or of thorton.

469 | Rhyperior | Adamant | Focus Band | Rock Wrecker | Earthquake | Crunch | Roar | Atk/Def

better than set1 rhydon i guess. wrock wrecker hits so ridiculously hard

605 | Rhyperior | Adamant | Expert Belt | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Aqua Tail | Atk/Def

expert belt makes him kinda neat, much worse than set2 muk though

741 | Rhyperior | Impish | Focus Sash | Horn Drill | Avalanche | Payback | Counter | HP/Def

takes an absolute pittance from physical mons (if you have solid wrock, im pretty sure flygon eq is a 4hko) but cant reliably beat very much. also loses to most things special, but if someone like zam decides to not focus blast you, payback is cool.

877 | Rhyperior | Adamant | Choice Band | Rock Wrecker | Earthquake | Hammer Arm | Megahorn | HP/Atk

decent cleaner. cb wrock wrecker beats everything. probably not worth the team spot though.

437 | Roserade | Calm | Coba Berry | Sludge Bomb | Magical Leaf | Stun Spore | Mud-Slap | SpA/SpD

not the worst for wave 1, magical leaf beats the ubiquitous rhydon/rhyperior/golem crew.

573 | Roserade | Calm | Big Root | Giga Drain | Leech Seed | Ingrain | Synthesis | SpA/SpD

nowhere near the best leech seeder in wave 2, but still a damn good mon. that special defense is absurd, too.

709 | Roserade | Modest | White Herb | Leaf Storm | Sludge Bomb | Hyper Beam | GrassWhistle | SpA/Spe

so good. you outspeed most shit, and leaf storm ohkos the world. multitudinous waters beware, you've got a white herb.

845 | Roserade | Modest | White Herb | Leaf Storm | Sludge Bomb | Shadow Ball | Weather Ball | SpA/Spe

slightly better than set3 but not very noticeable. one time i had a tyranitar as a lead with this mon. articuno was not expecting that weather ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

483 | Salamence | Adamant | Cheri Berry | Dragon Claw | Aerial Ace | Aqua Tail | Scary Face | Atk/Spe

hard to lose with this mon during wave 1. sadly dragon claw is kinda weak so you usually 2hko stuff, making the process slog on a bit longer than it has to.

619 | Salamence | Jolly | Razor Fang | Dragon Claw | Fire Fang | Thunder Fang | Dragon Dance | Atk/Spe

wonderful during wave 2. always gets 2 dances in. almost every match ends in 5 turns.

755 | Salamence | Modest | Wise Glasses | Draco Meteor | Hydro Pump | Flamethrower | Ominous Wind | SpA/Spe

hydro pump doesnt really solve any problems unfortunately. modest glasses meteor will tear holes through stuff, but sadly you have to switch out after which kinda spoils it.

891 | Salamence | Adamant | Lum Berry | Outrage | Crunch | Earthquake | Zen Headbutt | Atk/Spe


357 | Sceptile | Jolly | Liechi Berry | Leaf Blade | Crunch | Quick Attack | Screech | Atk/Spe

attack is too low to accomplish much. this mon threatens your quakers with leaf blade, but dont worry, its only 1/4

493 | Sceptile | Timid | Leftovers | Giga Drain | Leech Seed | Toxic | Double Team | SpA/Spe

the worst leech seeder due to its frailty, but its niche is that its fast enough to guarantee getting a seed off before dying, so if you have another setup mon you can keep him healthy.

629 | Sceptile | Adamant | Scope Lens | Leaf Blade | X-Scissor | Night Slash | Aerial Ace | Atk/Spe

even as adamant, you still cant do anything with leaf blade

765 | Sceptile | Timid | Occa Berry | Leaf Storm | Dragon Pulse | Focus Blast | Hyper Beam | SpA/Spe

really wish it was modest@white herb but oh well. not very good, unfortunately. dragon pulse wont be killing any dragons, and every dragon will one shot you.

423 | Scizor | Impish | Brightpowder | X-Scissor | Bullet Punch | Swords Dance | Baton Pass | Atk/Def

the best scizor is set1 scizor. look at this thing. devastating with technician, still threatening with swarm. great lead for wave 1. dance once or twice and then take on the world.

559 | Scizor | Careful | Sitrus Berry | Metal Claw | Night Slash | Iron Defense | Roost | Atk/SpD

pretty powerful with technician, terrible with swarm.

695 | Scizor | Jolly | Salac Berry | X-Scissor | Quick Attack | Reversal | Endure | Atk/Spe

if this thing has swarm, it can work wonders once the ai gets good. being set3, its a very solid choice for thorton.

831 | Scizor | Adamant | Occa Berry | X-Scissor | Iron Head | Aerial Ace | Night Slash | Atk/Def

technician aerial ace is cool i guess, but this just doesnt measure up during wave 4 and beyond

388 | Shiftry | Jolly | Persim Berry | Seed Bomb | Faint Attack | X-Scissor | Fake Out | Atk/Sp

seed bomb can sweep a little bit during wave 1. one of the better bad choices.

524 | Shiftry | Calm | Leftovers | Giga Drain | Leech Seed | Double Team | Synthesis | HP/Def/SpD

the only seeder with synthesis, this guy is kind of cool. not quite as good as ludicolo/meganium/venusaur but hes certainly a good mon

660 | Shiftry | Modest | White Herb | Leaf Storm | Dark Pulse | Focus Blast | Shadow Ball | HP/SpA

roserade without the speed and with slightly better coverage. can take most non-se hits and ohko back with leaf storm.

796 | Shiftry | Adamant | Cheri Berry | Seed Bomb | Sucker Punch | Aerial Ace | Explosion | HP/Atk

cheri berry is a waste of everyone's time, but man, sucker punch is awesome late game. explosion is too. this mon is just full of tricks.

436 | Shuckle | Impish | Lax Incense | Stone Edge | Bug Bite | Swagger | Power Trick | HP/Def/SpD


572 | Shuckle | Careful | Grip Claw | Wrap | Swagger | Attract | Toxic | HP/Def/SpD


708 | Shuckle | Impish | Lax Incense | Gyro Ball | Substitute | Double Team | Power Trick | HP/Def/SpD

this thing can troll the fuck out of you with that incense/double teams. do your best to not let it get a sub up.

844 | Shuckle | Calm | Leftovers | Toxic | Substitute | Double Team | Sandstorm | HP/Def/SpD

be very, very careful of this mon. if you have a steel/poison/rester you're fine, but otherwise do everything in your power to not let it get too many double teams in.

373 | Skarmory | Impish | Occa Berry | Drill Peck | Steel Wing | Spikes | Roar | Atk/Def

drill peck hits pretty hard, surprisingly.

509 | Skarmory | Careful | Leftovers | Fly | Toxic | Double Team | Roost | HP/Def/SpD

this is the best pokemon in the factory, bar none. i have killed 21 straight pokemon in a round with this thing multiple times. not 'fainted'. killed. you don't faint from poison. or you do, and then you die afterwards. always make sure your team during wave 2 has an answer to this, otherwise you may as well turn your game off when you see it. in the past i've got 4 crits on it and still lost. it is unfairly durable.

645 | Skarmory | Impish | Razor Claw | Drill Peck | Slash | Payback | Night Slash | Atk/Def

slash? gen 1 chic

781 | Skarmory | Adamant | Life Orb | Brave Bird | Steel Wing | X-Scissor | Rock Slide | Atk/Def

cool idea, brave bird is always welcome, especially with life orb. sadly the two forms of recoil make this bird nowhere near as durable as it should be. oh well.

383 | Skuntank | Adamant | Razor Claw | Sucker Punch | Poison Jab | Slash | Screech | HP/Atk

poison jab hits kinda hard, but is it really worth hearing skuntank's cry every round?

519 | Skuntank | Jolly | Chesto Berry | Crunch | Toxic | Swagger | Double Team | HP/Spe

ev spread is ridiculous. set is ridiculous. i roll my eyes when i see this pokemon.

655 | Skuntank | Timid | Shuca Berry | Sludge Bomb | Dark Pulse | Flamethrower | Shadow Ball | SpA/Spe

sometimes you have a steel mon or something and this uses flamethrower and you kind of get nervous and then you watch your pokemon's health drop and you notice it stops kind of early and you think 'wait a minute do i have an occa berry' and then you remember that skuntank is fucking garbage

791 | Skuntank | Jolly | Muscle Band | Poison Jab | Night Slash | Crunch | Explosion | Atk/Spe

ok i lied, skuntank is kind of cool. explosion? how stinky would THAT be

486 | Slaking | Impish | Lax Incense | Facade | Shadow Claw | Slack Off | Yawn | HP/Def

total bother to run into wave 1. takes forever to beat this thing with a physical mon, especially since it seems to always use yawn as its first move. dies to almost anything special though, dont worry.

622 | Slaking | Adamant | Lum Berry | Crush Claw | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Atk/Def

its rare to find a mon where every single move does less than return

758 | Slaking | Jolly | Life Orb | Return | Night Slash | Gunk Shot | Aerial Ace | Atk/Spe

this guy is good. incredible mon to keep on your team for thorton, cleans up messes like nothing else. return ohkos almost everything, watch out for steels though.

894 | Slaking | Adamant | Muscle Band | Giga Impact | Earthquake | Hammer Arm | Shadow Claw | HP/Atk

worse than set 3 probably, but maybe not since it has an answer to steels. i've never actually used this but i could see it serving the same purpose.

397 | Slowbro | Bold | Chesto Berry | Psychic | Surf | Calm Mind | Yawn | Def/SpA

bro!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this guy, he surfs fuckers until they're nothing but sopping corpses, and smiles dopily while doing so. yawn into calm mind if you really want to have fun.

533 | Slowbro | Adamant | Expert Belt | Zen Headbutt | Aqua Tail | Earthquake | Avalanche | HP/Atk

come on, bro

669 | Slowbro | Modest | Choice Specs | Psychic | Flamethrower | Shadow Ball | Signal Beam | HP/SpA

why the FUCK does this not have surf, i mean seriously, it would be amazing with it aaaaaaa

805 | Slowbro | Quiet | Leftovers | Psychic | Surf | Ice Beam | Trick Room | HP/SpA

bulk, leftovers, trick room, amazing coverage. this is one top tier mon, even without a team that likes trick room.

402 | Slowking | Quiet | Shell Bell | Psychic | Brine | Yawn | Trick Room | HP/Def/SpD

brine is shit. way worse than the bro.

538 | Slowking | Adamant | Quick Claw | Zen Headbutt | Aqua Tail | Earthquake | Curse | HP/Atk

stop trying

674 | Slowking | Modest | Lum Berry | Psychic | Shadow Ball | Signal Beam | Focus Blast | SpA/SpD

sponges specials sometimes and does 70% to everything before dying, whatever

810 | Slowking | Modest | Wise Glasses | Psychic | Surf | Ice Beam | Flamethrower | HP/SpA

ok youre marginally better than set3

473 | Snorlax | Adamant | Leftovers | Return | Rock Slide | Curse | Yawn | HP/Atk

such a cockblock. one of the best set1 mons, even +1 return puts nails in coffins. really stressful to play against, youll go first and hit it for 40% as it yawns, then youre forced to switch out as it yawns again and gains health from lefties, then yawns a third time and you realize that your hard work is being undone but theres no way it would yawn a 4th time so you switch, but it fucking does

609 | Snorlax | Adamant | Chesto Berry | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Rest | Atk/SpD

rest would be useful to combat all the stall mons in wave 2, but considering this cant actually beat any of them (im pretty sure everything will gain like 30% per turn from leech seed) its not a good choice

745 | Snorlax | Adamant | White Herb | Outrage | Superpower | Gunk Shot | Seed Bomb | Atk/SpD

all i want is return

881 | Snorlax | Adamant | Life Orb | Double-Edge | Earthquake | Zen Headbutt | Crunch | HP/Atk

pretty good as a cleaner, sluggishness + recoil means you cant really kill more than one mon reliably thogh. its unfortunate, but the only good life orb mons in the factory are slaking and gengar.

381 | Staraptor | Jolly | King's Rock | Return | Aerial Ace | Double Team | Roost | Atk/Spe

your gung-ho return-spamming attitude is stultified by all the rocks and steels, so be careful. a quaker is better, but this guy is a nice boost to your wave 1 team with proper support.

517 | Staraptor | Jolly | King's Rock | Endeavor | Aerial Ace | Endure | Quick Attack | Atk/Spe

how droll. one time i lost to this thing cause it endured, got a flinch on endeavor thanks to kings rock, then quick attacked. - ___-

653 | Staraptor | Adamant | Muscle Band | Brave Bird | Return | Steel Wing | Pursuit | Atk/Spe

oh yes yes yes. adamant muscle band lets return show you just how much this bird cares about you. brave bird makes a mockery of all things. steel wing is cute vs rocks or whatever. you still cant do much vs steels but by the time you get this you care less about rushing through the wave and more about longterm usefulness, which this mon has in spades.

789 | Staraptor | Adamant | Choice Band | Brave Bird | Giga Impact | Close Combat | U-turn | Atk/Spe

wish it had return over giga impact, but yeah, this thing is a monster. can come in quite easily on most things physical thanks to indimiate, and quickly destroy with brave bird/close combat. u-turn is kinda sneaky, useful if you want to get a second intimidate off.

450 | Starmie | Timid | Lum Berry | Surf | Psychic | Confuse Ray | Thunder Wave | SpA/Spe

bleh, timid means you just don't hit very hard. good as a backup mon with something like staraptor since you can handle rocks and steels and stuff.

586 | Starmie | Timid | Wide Lens | Hydro Pump | Blizzard | Thunder | Recover | SpA/Spe

this guy is a lot of fun in wave 2. just roll the dice and hope for the best. usually you ohko stuff.

722 | Starmie | Modest | Wise Glasses | Surf | Psychic | Power Gem | Signal Beam | SpA/Spe

modest wise glasses puts in a bit of work, but the coverage is lacking. the last two moves may as well not exist, except vs exeggutor or something

858 | Starmie | Modest | Expert Belt | Surf | Psychic | Thunderbolt | Ice Beam | SpA/Spe

this is one cool cat. modest with expert belt scores those delightful kos, and whatever you cant ohko you can usually take a hit from, letting you still come out on top.

439 | Steelix | Impish | Passho Berry | Earthquake | Iron Head | Crunch | Sandstorm | Atk/Def

good luck killing this physically. lackluster quaker due to that paltry pittance of an attack stat.

575 | Steelix | Adamant | Shuca Berry | Earthquake | Fire Fang | Thunder Fang | Ice Fang | Atk/Def

adamant makes eq a bit better, not the worst fanger in wave 2 assuming you're not playing against any mons with special attacks.

711 | Steelix | Relaxed | Iron Ball | Gyro Ball | Payback | Swagger | Curse | Atk/Def

gyro ball does surprising damage, but this is a gimmick not worth using.

847 | Steelix | Brave | Quick Claw | Gyro Ball | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Explosion | Atk/Def

qc explosion!!!!!!!!!! good mon. bring it out vs waters and explode in their faces 30% of the time

900 | Suicune | Calm | Focus Sash | Surf | Icy Wind | Ominous Wind | Mirror Coat | SpA/SpD

this guy's good. takes stab tbolts and mirror coats brash interlopers. surf hits surprisingly hard, icy wind is a hilarious but useful gimmick vs mence and chomp.

914 | Suicune | Jolly | King's Rock | Waterfall | Ice Fang | Iron Head | Bite | Atk/Spe

exists only to get your hopes up when you see a suicune

928 | Suicune | Bold | Lum Berry | Hydro Pump | Blizzard | Shadow Ball | Hail | Def/SpA

i don't really understand this set, but man, this thing takes hits

942 | Suicune | Modest | Wacan Berry | Surf | Ice Beam | Extrasensory | Calm Mind | HP/SpA

not much of an endeavor to get a couple calm minds off, then stuff starts to happen. a very good choice.

359 | Swampert | Adamant | Shell Bell | Waterfall | Earthquake | Ice Punch | Protect | HP/Atk

one of the best mons in wave 1. such good coverage. only bad matchup is vs ludicolo, everything else will fall.

495 | Swampert | Adamant | Lum Berry | Aqua Tail | Earthquake | Hammer Arm | Curse | HP/Atk

pretty good during wave 2, if you don't mind things taking kinda long it isn't hard to open with a seeder and swap into this guy.

631 | Swampert | Modest | Expert Belt | Muddy Water | Earth Power | Ice Beam | Counter | HP/SpA

too bad about that muddy water. expert belt with such wonderful coverage and the veritable blessing that is counter makes this pert a keeper.

767 | Swampert | Adamant | Rindo Berry | Earthquake | Aqua Tail | Avalanche | Mirror Coat | HP/Atk

fucking aqua tail. still the best pert, rindo with mirror coat is incredible. quake some fuckers. avalanche some draconic fuckers. swampert is probably the most consistently good mon in the factory.

470 | Tangrowth | Modest | Coba Berry | Energy Ball | Sludge Bomb | Focus Blast | Sleep Powder | Def/SpA

this thing gets in the way of your quakefast wave 1. not a good choice since energy ball kinda sucks.

606 | Tangrowth | Bold | Big Root | Giga Drain | Leech Seed | Toxic | Double Team | HP/Def/SpA

physically defensive roserade kinda, you can double team forever vs something physical and hope for the best vs special mons.

742 | Tangrowth | Modest | Heat Rock | SolarBeam | Wring Out | Synthesis | Sunny Day | Def/SpA

man this thing is bulky. i beat a set4 garchomp one on one with this, outrage couldn't even 2hko and i eventually got some outrage confusion masochism and took the win. i love you, tangrowth.

878 | Tangrowth | Adamant | Lax Incense | Power Whip | Earthquake | Aerial Ace | Brick Break | Atk/Def

not that great, power whip would be good vs all the waters but most of them are special and thus outspeed and ohko with ice shit before you even get a chance.

400 | Tauros | Jolly | Persim Berry | Thrash | Zen Headbutt | Pursuit | Scary Face | Atk/Spe

this is so embarrassingly weak, thrash is the worst

536 | Tauros | Adamant | Life Orb | Facade | Earthquake | Rock Slide | Payback | Atk/Spe

still surprisingly weak, ugh. being a 3rd gen player i was so excited to use this thing ('its almost like cb tauros and that guy hit pretty hard!!!') but even super effective quakes dont finish the job sometimes. fucking tauros.

672 | Tauros | Jolly | Lum Berry | Giga Impact | Earthquake | Outrage | Iron Tail | Atk/Spe

you hit harder than set2 with that giga impact, but bleh. sucks.

808 | Tauros | Adamant | Choice Band | Return | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Zen Headbutt | Atk/Spe

now this is a good mon. one of the best choice banders since return is accurate and deadly. even without intimidate this guy will still put in a ton of work.

442 | Tentacruel | Timid | Wacan Berry | Surf | Sludge Bomb | Icy Wind | Barrier | SpA/Spe

timid hits like a baby with muscular dystrophy. there are better surfers.

578 | Tentacruel | Calm | Black Sludge | Toxic | Giga Drain | Attract | Confuse Ray | HP/SpD

really annoying and tanks specials like nothing else, but id rather a leech seeder or something.

714 | Tentacruel | Modest | Focus Sash | Surf | Sludge Bomb | Giga Drain | Mirror Coat | SpA/SpD

decent mirror coater, can actually ko some stuff too. beware its relative sluggishness though.

850 | Tentacruel | Timid | Scope Lens | Hydro Pump | Sludge Bomb | Ice Beam | Wring Out | SpA/Spe

wish it was modest, even hydro pump is kinda weak. ice beam is always welcome though, set4 dragons arent about to get in your way.

479 | Togekiss | Adamant | Power Herb | Sky Attack | ExtremeSpeed | Drain Punch | Roost | Atk/SpD

the worst

615 | Togekiss | Modest | Scope Lens | Air Slash | Ominous Wind | Silver Wind | AncientPower | HP/SpA

wondrous with serene grace, unusable with hustle

751 | Togekiss | Modest | Wise Glasses | Air Slash | Heat Wave | Signal Beam | Magical Leaf | SpA/Spe

see above. magical leaf takes rhydon and friends to town.

887 | Togekiss | Modest | Expert Belt | Hyper Beam | Air Slash | Aura Sphere | Psychic | SpA/Spe

pretty terrifying with serene grace. hyper beam is pretty nutty, and aura sphere just says no to bullshit. a very no-nonsense pokemon.

360 | Torterra | Adamant | Yache Berry | Earthquake | Grass Knot | Rock Slide | Curse | HP/Atk

torterra's typing is terrible, and its not as fast as stuff like mamoswine so there's no way to get around his awful typing. adamant grass knot? coooooooooooooool

496 | Torterra | Sassy | Leftovers | Giga Drain | Leech Seed | Synthesis | Amnesia | HP/Def/SpD

there are better seeders. why is this sassy?

632 | Torterra | Modest | Lax Incense | Frenzy Plant | Earth Power | Hyper Beam | Leech Seed | Def/SpA

frenzy plant can randomly ko you so be careful

768 | Torterra | Adamant | Quick Claw | Wood Hammer | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Crunch | HP/Atk

i swear to god this thing's qc always triggers. not worth using due to that ass typing. if you want to risk it for the biscuit i guess you can try to wood hammer waters before they ice beam you. maybe that's something you're into.

405 | Toxicroak | Adamant | Black Sludge | Poison Jab | Brick Break | X-Scissor | Knock Off | Atk/Spe

such a fink!!! poison jab teaches lessons. even with no bulk, black sludge helps.

541 | Toxicroak | Adamant | Wide Lens | DynamicPunch | Poison Jab | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Atk/Spe

50/50 control, thats a good strategy NAHT

677 | Toxicroak | Modest | Wise Glasses | Sludge Bomb | Focus Blast | Shadow Ball | Dark Pulse | SpA/Spe

ive never used this, not quite fast enough for thorton and far too frail.

813 | Toxicroak | Adamant | Razor Claw | Gunk Shot | Cross Chop | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Atk/Spe

like many mons, you can do better by this point

355 | Typhlosion | Adamant | Scope Lens | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Shadow Claw | Quick Attack | Atk/Spe

why are your waters taking <50% from thunderpunches? because this is typhlosion.

491 | Typhlosion | Serious | Salac Berry | Blast Burn | Earthquake | Reversal | Endure | Atk/SpA

serious nature, joke set. blazed blast burn can kill a guy though

627 | Typhlosion | Adamant | Shuca Berry | Flare Blitz | Earthquake | Shadow Claw | Aerial Ace | Atk/Spe

shuca is cool but your flare blitz is just so weak, man!!!!

763 | Typhlosion | Modest | White Herb | Overheat | SolarBeam | Focus Blast | Sunny Day | SpA/Spe

it took typhlosion til set4 to realize something that better fire mons have been doing since set2

482 | Tyranitar | Brave | Focus Band | Rock Slide | Payback | Avalanche | Curse | Atk/SpD

insane special sponge. very good mon for set 1, curse once and finish him. not worth using later, though

618 | Tyranitar | Jolly | Choice Scarf | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Aerial Ace | Atk/Spe

the original scarftar!!!!!!!!!!! this is honestly the worst. really frustrating when youre playing vs it and it guesses right with a punch that happens to hit the rest of your team super effective.

754 | Tyranitar | Adamant | White Herb | Superpower | Dragon Claw | Shadow Claw | Aqua Tail | Atk/Def

ok i lied, this is the worst. what the fuck were they thinking?

890 | Tyranitar | Adamant | Chople Berry | Stone Edge | Crunch | Earthquake | Dragon Dance | HP/Atk

nice coverage, but this is just far too slow. you need 3 dances to outspeed anything and you'll be dead by then even with chople. this guy can reliably kill a mon but he almost always gets revenged. sorry tyra. you're still the best mon irl.

456 | Umbreon | Careful | Leftovers | Payback | Confuse Ray | Curse | Baton Pass | Def/SpD

likes to use baton pass as its first move. waste of time during wave 1 but if you can somehow snag this in later waves and cursepass to something good, man, this thing would be lovely.

592 | Umbreon | Impish | Leftovers | Toxic | Mean Look | Double Team | Confuse Ray | Def/SpD

what a monster. does nothing to steels and poisons but beats literally everything else.

728 | Umbreon | Impish | Lax Incense | Faint Attack | Swagger | Psych Up | Screech | HP/Def

man what

864 | Umbreon | Impish | Brightpowder | Payback | Trump Card | Curse | Moonlight | Def/SpD

only impeded by moonlight's low pp. why does this thing have trump card? it doesnt make any sense. unstabbed special move with curse/impish??? idgiiiiii

425 | Ursaring | Brave | Focus Sash | Slash | Payback | Avalanche | Counter | HP/Atk

if you proposed using this ring, she would politely decline

561 | Ursaring | Adamant | Life Orb | Hammer Arm | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | HP/Atk

needs return like i need this list to be over

697 | Ursaring | Adamant | Toxic Orb | Facade | Superpower | Crunch | Protect | HP/Atk

this thing is very cool. even with quick feet you ohko most stuff with facade, but with guts, oh man. oh MAN.

833 | Ursaring | Adamant | Quick Claw | Return | Cross Chop | Earthquake | Aerial Ace | HP/Atk

undeniably worse than set3.

452 | Vaporeon | Modest | Brightpowder | Surf | Ice Beam | Acid Armor | Baton Pass | HP/SpA

kinda like milotic. cool alongside bros like staraptor.

588 | Vaporeon | Modest | Damp Rock | Hydro Pump | Ice Beam | Acid Armor | Rain Dance | HP/SpA

really weird. still better than fuckers like golduck though

724 | Vaporeon | Modest | Leftovers | Muddy Water | Blizzard | Aqua Ring | Yawn | HP/SpA

why no surf???? yawn with lefties is still good though. beats a rhydon and then yawns the second mon. total cutie.

860 | Vaporeon | Modest | Expert Belt | Surf | Ice Beam | Shadow Ball | Signal Beam | HP/SpA

id rather have yawn support. dont be silly vap, youre not cut out to be a sweeper.

351 | Venusaur | Modest | White Herb | Leaf Storm | Sludge Bomb | Amnesia | Sleep Powder | SpA/SpD

oh man this guy is goodies. leaf storm everyone everywhere. sleep powder if you feel like it, who cares, youre fucking venusaur.

487 | Venusaur | Bold | Big Root | Giga Drain | Ingrain | Leech Seed | Sleep Powder | HP/Def/SpD

probably the best seeder. insane bulk with sleep powder and ingrain makes him plain wonderful.

623 | Venusaur | Adamant | Black Sludge | Seed Bomb | Earthquake | Outrage | Curse | Atk/SpD

surprisingly good, decent typing with curse and sludge and a good stat spread? seed bomb forever. outrage that confident salamence.

759 | Venusaur | Modest | Wise Glasses | Frenzy Plant | Sludge Bomb | Hyper Beam | Synthesis | HP/SpA

2 hyper beams on the same mon? did my 8 year old self devise this set?

377 | Vespiquen | Modest | Scope Lens | Silver Wind | Air Cutter | Ominous Wind | Swagger | Def/SpD

every vespiquen is terrible

513 | Vespiquen | Careful | Persim Berry | X-Scissor | Toxic | Heal Order | Destiny Bond | HP/Def/SpD

beat my physical latias one time, i was mad

649 | Vespiquen | Adamant | Muscle Band | X-Scissor | Aerial Ace | Pursuit | U-turn | HP/Atk

dont be stupid

785 | Vespiquen | Adamant | Shell Bell | Attack Order | Defend Order | Heal Order | Confuse Ray | HP/Atk


385 | Victreebel | Modest | Payapa Berry | Leaf Storm | Sludge Bomb | Sleep Powder | Gastro Acid | HP/SpA

would be ok with white herb, but no.

521 | Victreebel | Adamant | Black Sludge | Seed Bomb | Spit Up | Swallow | Stockpile | HP/Atk

bad combo

657 | Victreebel | Modest | Power Herb | Sludge Bomb | SolarBeam | Hyper Beam | Synthesis | HP/SpA

'lets take an already shaky concept like sunnybeaming and make it worse'

793 | Victreebel | Modest | Focus Band | SolarBeam | Sludge Bomb | Wring Out | Sunny Day | HP/SpA

victreebel could have been pretty cool, but all its sets are garbage

384 | Vileplume | Modest | Big Root | Giga Drain | Sludge Bomb | Sleep Powder | Ingrain | Def/SpA

survives eqs and puts your fuckers to sleep. total pissant.

520 | Vileplume | Bold | Black Sludge | Toxic | Grass Knot | Double Team | Attract | HP/Def/SpD

certainly a bother, attract forces switches and toxic fucks bitches. golem comes in expecting to stay a while but you let him know hes 'knot' welcome.

656 | Vileplume | Adamant | Lum Berry | Seed Bomb | Drain Punch | Frustration | Swords Dance | Atk/SpD

why couldnt victreebel get swords dance??? FUCKING vileplume

792 | Vileplume | Modest | Wise Glasses | Sludge Bomb | Energy Ball | Hyper Beam | Synthesis | HP/SpA

wish it had leaf storm. does it even learn leaf storm? i dont know anything about vileplume other than that its shrill cry perturbs us all.

428 | Wailord | Modest | Sitrus Berry | Surf | Ice Beam | Attract | Double Team | HP/SpA

annoying since when you earthquake it it takes sooo long for the bar to empty

564 | Wailord | Impish | Chesto Berry | Whirlpool | Toxic | Amnesia | Rest | HP/Def/SpD


700 | Wailord | Adamant | Leftovers | Waterfall | Avalanche | Earthquake | Curse | HP/Atk

curse your parents for raising the blasted fool who would use something like this

836 | Wailord | Modest | Quick Claw | Hydro Pump | Blizzard | Hyper Beam | Fissure | HP/SpA

it's Quentin Charles Fissure III, here to wreck your day.

464 | Walrein | Adamant | Chople Berry | Ice Fang | Aqua Tail | Swagger | Encore | HP/Atk

one of two mons that knows encore. waste of time early game, give it a shot later though if you like encore.

600 | Walrein | Brave | Life Orb | Avalanche | Earthquake | Crunch | Curse | HP/Atk

would be ok with waterfall

736 | Walrein | Bold | Lax Incense | Sheer Cold | Fissure | Rest | Sleep Talk | Def/SpD

sometimes i use this mon just so i know i wont run into it

872 | Walrein | Modest | Leftovers | Surf | Ice Beam | Signal Beam | Hail | HP/SpA

a selcouth wonder. it just kills stuff, i cant explain it!!!!!

440 | Weavile | Adamant | Chople Berry | Night Slash | Ice Punch | Screech | Fake Out | Atk/Spe

weavile sucks. ohkos nothing, is ohkod by everything.

576 | Weavile | Jolly | Brightpowder | Night Slash | Attract | Double Team | Hail | Atk/Spe

see above. attract? double team? hail? how ludic. too bad it's not playtime, it's fucking pokemon.

712 | Weavile | Adamant | Focus Sash | Night Slash | X-Scissor | Metal Claw | Counter | Atk/Spe

not bad at all, i like having this guy for thorton. takes out a mon and a half.

848 | Weavile | Jolly | Razor Claw | Night Slash | Ice Punch | Aerial Ace | Brick Break | Atk/Spe

this will not help you in your quest

398 | Weezing | Bold | Payapa Berry | Sludge Bomb | Dark Pulse | Shock Wave | Grudge | Def/SpA

i think zam psychic still ohkos through payapa, fuck weezing

534 | Weezing | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | Double Hit | Payback | Toxic | Swagger | Atk/Def

double hit? oh, i get it. you have two heads.

670 | Weezing | Sassy | Lax Incense | Sludge Bomb | Thunderbolt | Dark Pulse | Explosion | SpA/SpD

so sassy. lax incense explosion!!!!!!! this can reliably take out 2 mons. what a great guy you are, weezing.

806 | Weezing | Modest | Quick Claw | Sludge Bomb | Flamethrower | Shadow Ball | Destiny Bond | Def/SpA

quick claw destiny bond is infuriating. dont forget about flamethrower.

375 | Whiscash | Modest | Shell Bell | Surf | Earth Power | Icy Wind | Amnesia | HP/SpA

not that bad. surf and earth power are both very good.

511 | Whiscash | Adamant | Persim Berry | Aqua Tail | Earthquake | Rock Slide | Thrash | HP/Atk

this pokemon has thrash because in japanese legends earthquakes are caused by a giant catfish thrashing about!

647 | Whiscash | Modest | Zoom Lens | Hydro Pump | Earth Power | Blizzard | Fissure | HP/SpA

36% fissure aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. this guy is a force to be reckoned with, fucking perfect accuracy hydro pumps. i swear this guy always comes in when you have an amazing mon like zapdos or garchomp or salamence, and he just kills them. like, theres nothing you can do. you lose to fucking whiscash.

783 | Whiscash | Adamant | Muscle Band | Earthquake | Aqua Tail | Zen Headbutt | Stone Edge | HP/Atk

no ice moves, skip it

446 | Yanmega | Timid | Coba Berry | Signal Beam | Air Cutter | Detect | Double Team | SpA/Spe


582 | Yanmega | Adamant | Muscle Band | Aerial Ace | U-turn | Night Slash | Steel Wing | Atk/Spe

double poop

718 | Yanmega | Modest | Lum Berry | Silver Wind | AncientPower | Ominous Wind | Giga Drain | SpA/Spe

yanmega does not get better, it seems

854 | Yanmega | Modest | Wise Glasses | Bug Buzz | Air Slash | Psychic | Shadow Ball | SpA/Spe

actually, it does. this thing is a treat. ive only seen it twice, but man, bug buzz. bug fucking buzz.

896 | Zapdos | Serious | Yache Berry | Thunder | Drill Peck | Thunder Wave | Rain Dance | Atk/Spe

what a waste. still somewhat decent maybe, you can usually survive the rain dance turn but no sp atk evs make thunder hit for less than the average tbolt. ugh.

910 | Zapdos | Timid | Focus Band | Thunderbolt | AncientPower | Ominous Wind | Light Screen | SpA/Spe

focus band has won me games. wish it was modest but this guy is still kinda cool.

924 | Zapdos | Jolly | King's Rock | Drill Peck | Twister | Steel Wing | U-turn | Atk/Spe

sometimes i take this just because zapdos has the best cry in the game.

938 | Zapdos | Modest | Brightpowder | Thunderbolt | Air Cutter | Heat Wave | Signal Beam | SpA/Spe

oh man, this guy is great. wish it had air slash but whatever!!! brightpowder to dick everyone around. heat wave is super neat too. perfect typing, one of the better mons for sure.

man, that was arduous. your mileage will totally vary, and the factory has a charming way of making my opinion on most mons labile due to just how random the whole shebang is. i hope my guide helps you on your journey! i realize that i namedrop other mons in my analyses enough to make ctrl+f a bit of a task but whatever!!


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Glen can I just say you're my favorite person at the moment? I couldn't even get past 49 in the factory (I gave up but whatever)

Yeah I'll have to try it again now.

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goddamn glen youre so fucking good

that was an excellently written article, truly. i have been fiddling with factory on and off since platinum came out and I think that I have a silver symbol...the sheer amount of work put into this is amazing

also it was pretty funny -- you just lost to whiscash. also king's rock infernape.

excellent once again.
This is a very good article. The informality is part of what makes it so great, but it also means it won't go through C&C and will remain in this obscure location, when it deserves much better :/

PK Gaming

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Thats a lot of text!

While i'm not a battle tower kind of guy, I can appreciate the amount of work you put into this. What kept me reading was the individual Pokemon descriptions, you did an excellent job summarizing 400+ pokemon. The majority of them were interesting, humorous, amazing or all of them combined.

I'm definitely going to try to tackle the BT now.
This is a very good article. The informality is part of what makes it so great, but it also means it won't go through C&C and will remain in this obscure location, when it deserves much better :/
the reason i didn't make an effort to keep things solemn and dignified was because i didn't think c&c would want anything to do with the battle factory since it isn't exactly competitive pokemon.

if, however, this has a shot at being a serious article i'd be more than happy to redo it with a more mature tone!


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big fat post
You sir, are my hero!

Congrats won´t mean anything to you, because you feel the satisfaction of a superhuman achievment. Noone can take it away from you. You lived and you won.

If there is one person out there who is able to comprehend this epic effort, it´s me. The only difference is, that after taking hundreds of hours to beat the emerald battle factory (see first link in my sig what it made me do), I simply couldn´t find enough will to seriously go for it in plat factory. It wouldn´t have any value anymore. Also being totally helpless in the hands of the randomness that is factory, you know there´s a certain level of masochism in each of us. I´ve pretty much used up mine in emerald. I´m thankful for that experience. I´m sure now you´re able to smile at a kick into your balls, because that pain doesn´t last the hours you need to get back up to 28, only to have a horrible choice of 6 after swapping in each and every single battle before, etc.

If someone asks, why? why all of this ridiculous effort, for some symbol noone cares about? The answer is...a man must do what he must do and beating the odds is manly.

But back to this awesomeness, I found the following comments be highlights for me:

429 | Claydol | Brave | Kasib Berry | Earthquake | Zen Headbutt | Grass Knot | Trick Room | Def/SpD
i remember one time i used earthquake with this thing and it did 20% to tauros and i actually turned my game off
actually, turning your game off in the first "wave" is standard play in my book

835 | Donphan | Adamant | Quick Claw | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Seed Bomb | Fissure | Atk/Def
have you ever lost to quick claw fissure? it's like being tied down and watching your dad get beat up

880 | Gyarados | Adamant | Chesto Berry | Waterfall | Earthquake | Rest | Dragon Dance | Atk/Spe
oh baby. this is a monster. if your life is so rife with serendipity that you find yourself with this and a pokemon with leech seed, you will win that wave guaranteed. even without it, intimidate lets this thing dance up under most circumstances. dont ruin a good thing by making this your lead, you might as well be texting 'hello????' to a girl when she's taking a while to respond. just relax man.

769 | Infernape | Jolly | King's Rock | Flare Blitz | Close Combat | Earthquake | ThunderPunch | Atk/Spe

truly the boss. flare blitz/cc with this speed just tears through the competition, and when you flinch with one of them you will feel so full of vim and joie de vivre you will earnestly consider kissing your best female friend who you're secretly in love with. you're perfect for each other, that's why you've been close for so long.
gold, silver, crystal?

917 | Registeel | Adamant | Leftovers | Iron Head | Toxic | Double Team | Iron Defense | HP/Def/SpD

imagine it; you're at battle 45. this thing comes out. you hit it for 30%. it double teams. you quickly realize that the situation is nowhere near as malleable as you wish it were. you then see two menacing steel behemoths begin to robotically 'eat' whatever their leftovers are. the image is so fey and so surreal that you are on the verge of tears. you attack again and you miss, it double teams a second time. three registeels are now consuming something in front of you, but you still can't make out what it is. their movements are jerky yet calculated. they feed almost ritualistically. your palms are sweaty. you quickly check this list to see what its exact moveset is, but you don't really know why. you know what its moveset is. you've always known. maybe you were trying to buy time? you attack and it misses for the second time. your pokemon is encircled by four registeels, and you swear you hear it make a mournful sound.

you press buttons. you writhe. you writhe and then you lose.
THIS COMMENT DIDN´T JUST MAKE MY DAY, IT MADE MY YEAR!!! [size=-2]yeah now people think that my life sucks but whatever, at least I get a good laugh once in a while[/size]

509 | Skarmory | Careful | Leftovers | Fly | Toxic | Double Team | Roost | HP/Def/SpD

this is the best pokemon in the factory, bar none. i have killed 21 straight pokemon in a round with this thing multiple times. not 'fainted'. killed. you don't faint from poison. or you do, and then you die afterwards. always make sure your team during wave 2 has an answer to this, otherwise you may as well turn your game off when you see it. in the past i've got 4 crits on it and still lost. it is unfairly durable.
nothing can top the previous one, but loooooooool poison kills riight

473 | Snorlax | Adamant | Leftovers | Return | Rock Slide | Curse | Yawn | HP/Atk

such a cockblock. one of the best set1 mons, even +1 return puts nails in coffins. really stressful to play against, youll go first and hit it for 40% as it yawns, then youre forced to switch out as it yawns again and gains health from lefties, then yawns a third time and you realize that your hard work is being undone but theres no way it would yawn a 4th time so you switch, but it fucking does
you´d think lax would fall asleep like the friggin anime teaches but no, it keeps on yawning and after a while, you just want to wake up, like for real?

561 | Ursaring | Adamant | Life Orb | Hammer Arm | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | HP/Atk

needs return like i need this list to be over
I was wondering at what point you´d get enough of this

736 | Walrein | Bold | Lax Incense | Sheer Cold | Fissure | Rest | Sleep Talk | Def/SpD

sometimes i use this mon just so i know i wont run into it

647 | Whiscash | Modest | Zoom Lens | Hydro Pump | Earth Power | Blizzard | Fissure | HP/SpA

36% fissure aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. this guy is a force to be reckoned with, fucking perfect accuracy hydro pumps. i swear this guy always comes in when you have an amazing mon like zapdos or garchomp or salamence, and he just kills them. like, theres nothing you can do. you lose to fucking whiscash.
too strongth, too strongth

My parting words are



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Just a note: Fissure is still 30%, even with Zoom Lens. OHKO moves are not altered by accuracy / evasion changes.

Reading this made me want to play in the Battle Factory.
hey thanks nice guide, any chance of doing something similar for lvl 50 (yeah it would take a lot of time...) or at least comparing the difficulty of lvl 50 and lvl 100?

edit: just caught the line in the opening paragraph concerning this... still lvl 50 is interesting to compare once you get past the 3rd set.

Glen said:
485 | Garchomp | Jolly | Brightpowder | Dragon Claw | Earthquake | Double Team | Sandstorm | Atk/Spe

brightpowder will trigger constantly when you dont need it to, eliciting a tiny smirk from your crooked maw as you earthquake the interloper into submission. it is not your fault. this is the warped man garchomp turns you into.
I've seen that look before...
hey thanks nice guide, any chance of doing something similar for lvl 50 (yeah it would take a lot of time...) or at least comparing the difficulty of lvl 50 and lvl 100?

edit: just caught the line in the opening paragraph concerning this... still lvl 50 is interesting to compare once you get past the 3rd set.
i spent a few hours messing with lv50 and its certainly interesting. fewer intricacies than lv100, at least superficially.

for reference: 'baddies' are mons that dont appear in lv100 factory. 'goodies' are mons that do.

basically up until round 21 (so thorton) you only play vs baddies. however, if you swap a lot, you can have goodies in your opening 6. hold onto them, obviously. thorton himself uses goodies only, it seems. he is incredibly challenging. my win against him was through sheer luck. im told hes opening with megahorn hera, and thankfully im leading with return/drill peck fearow. drill peck for ohko. in comes breloom, which makes me grin. drill peck again, he hangs on with sash, sky uppercuts for like 90%, i kill with drill. he brings in nape. nape kills with fake out. i have set1 bronzong (which, hilariously, was my best sweeper for the first few rounds of wave 3. 100 attack is pretty huge in a sea of smoochums and shit) and a fucking stantler. i bring in zong, trick room hoping he doesnt crit with fire punch (he doesnt), extrasensory for 70%, i get an unneeded flinch, ko next turn.

the two times i faced thorton, all his mons were goodies and set 1. i would assume it's always like that. after beating him, my opening 6 from then on were always goodies (but thats probably because i swapped every time), though for wave 4 you still play vs some baddies, but there are some goodies and they are all set1. at this point i had set1 alakazam vs stuff like tangela, 'oh ok'.

once i hit wave 5 i started running into only goodies, and they are all set2. i got to round 35, and since during the last round of a wave you fight mons with sets from the next wave, i fought/lost to a team of set3 mons (jynx destroyed my team of set3 vire/set2 poliwrath/set2 roserade).

this means that during wave 7 you'll fight set4 mons, which presumably entails thorton2 potentially using legendaries. makes sense.

as for how the opening roster works im really not sure. all i know is i swapped every time for my two streaks and the time i got past thorton, my opening 6 from there on were always goodies of varying sets (but nothing set4, you probably have to reach wave 6 to unlock set4 [assuming you swapped every time] or wave 7). you probably shouldnt swap wantonly after thorton1 though, my wave 4 i opened zam1/gliscor1/dragonite2 and when given the opportunity to swap into seaking/tangela/pelipper i politely declined.

all in all 50 is kinda cool, first couple waves are completely ridiculous (gloom ohkos riolu with mega drain lol) and mons like sableye reign supreme, and you basically need to swap every time to have a chance at beating thorton. third wave you better hope you open some useful goodies in your opening 6, otherwise it's an uphill battle.

i think what's most interesting about the lv50 factory is that the damage calculations are noticeably different due to how wonky (relative to lv100) the stats are. stuff like electivire being ohkod by set1 granbull's return really caught me off guard.

i'll tinker around with lv50 more tomorrow probably

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Community Leader
Glen, do I have your permission to attempt to go through the post, and "amateur check it," as GP would say?
This is incredible Glen, Jesus is looking at you saying this is the greatest sacrifice in Human history, and I have to agree.
Seriously though it is so helpful, and the humor made the article great

I'd still like Glen's approval, though.
um if youd like to then go ahead i guess??

im glad you guys enjoy it. i know not many people are into the factory but i had a ton of fun writing it, and i'll certainly do a 5th gen one (assuming grey or whatever has the frontier) much sooner in its life than this one


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yea, this is a great guide, Glen. Battle Factory is also my fave, since I can start playing on the Frontier without the bother of raising mons. It's definitely a hit-or-miss, but your guide helps optimize the chance of success.

Great reference to say the least!
This has actually been the most helpful guide ever! I got the best team at the end of Wave 3 for Thornton
Lucario4, Gyarados3, Meganium2

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