Championship - Type B Sweet 16 (Round 4)

Approved by Quite Quiet

Please read the rules!

Specific Tournament Rules:
  • Your team must be in standard with the current viability rankings as soon as the round goes up!
  • Unranked pokemon are now worth 0 points instead of 1
  • A replay from at least one person is absolutely mandatory, otherwise it will result in DQ's. Please post it, or if you plan on using the same team for the tour, VM it to me.
  • Refer to the viability ranking thread for pokemon tiers
  • S = 4; A = 3; B = 2; C = 1
  • Your team must not exceed 16 points
  • SM OU, best of 1

General Tournament Rules

Type B point distribution:


Pohjis vs (Kebab mlml vs MegaStarUniverse)
Mindnight vs Marshall.Law
Lycans vs Gondra
Level 56 vs (Matame vs Luispeikou)
vsomani vs FMG
Mimolette vs Googly

Deadline for extensions is Saturday, October 7 at 4:59 PM EDT GMT -4. Deadline for this round is Wednesday, October 11 at 11:59 PM EDT GMT -4.

no johns
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Seeing as all the matches except one are done, I'll probably get to posting semis before the scheduled deadline to give everyone more time to schedule/complete matcches

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