Championship - Type B Sweet 16 (Semifinals)

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Congratulations to all the semi-finalists who made it this far! You are eligible for at least 5 points towards the Smogon Championship!

Please read the rules!

Specific Tournament Rules:
  • Your team must be in standard with the current viability rankings as soon as the round goes up!
  • Unranked pokemon are now worth 0 points instead of 1
  • Please VM me with a replay of your battle!
  • Refer to the viability ranking thread for pokemon tiers
  • S = 4; A = 3; B = 2; C = 1, UR = 0
  • Your team must not exceed 16 points
  • SM OU, best of 1

General Tournament Rules


Pohjis vs (Mimolette vs Googly)
Lycans vs Mindnight
Level 56 vs vsomani

We have a talented group of players left. Have fun with your matches, and good luck to all! :toast:

Deadline for this round is Wednesday, October 18 at 11:59 PM EDT GMT -4. Next round will go up before the scheduled date if it's done sooner.
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