Tournament Sword and Shield 1v1 Startup Tour Round 6

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Kaif vs LaBalladeDesCieux (I dunno)
TheShadowClaw vs Lkjchjdhbjidcgjhd (Coolest person)
London13 vs RaJ.Shoot (Again, I dunno)
Kickassin666 vs DenisTheMenace (The man the myth the legend Kickassin666)

Loser’s Bracket

Eriey vs pqs (Bailey is cuter than pqs)
Jamez155 vs M24 (They're both solid players)
7shoes vs SUSTENANCE_1 (Queen)
Waylaid vs Squirtell 1v1 (Cutest user) (but Squirtell is cool as well)
SUSTENANCE_1 and I had difficulty to schedule because our availabilities were not at all the same in recent days.
So we request an extension until Tuesday (or Wednesday) since we are both free pretty much whenever this day.
Not open for further replies.

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