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Sword and Shield CAP C&C Index

If you are new to C&C and analysis writing standards, read these before posting:

  • Spelling and Grammar Standards
  • Introduction to Contributions and Corrections
  • Guide to Writing and QCing
  • [SET]
    move 1:
    move 2:
    move 3:
    move 4:

    Set Details
    In this section, make sure to include:
    - the role that the Pokémon plays;
    - coverage moves that affect its role; in UU CB Scizor's case, Pursuit allowing Scizor to trap fleeing foes in addition to functioning as a wallbreaker;
    - a description of the EV spread in one sentence or less; don't focus on "default" things like maximum Attack investment, do give reasoning behind the benchmarks chosen;
    - a brief example of teammates that benefit from the analysed Pokemon's presence;
    - a brief example of foes that the analyses Pokemon is vulnerable to + teammates to help cover them.

    Checks and Counters
    In this section, briefly cover some common checks and counters to the Pokemon in question.

    **Specially Bulky Pokemon**: Specially bulky Pokemon such as Blissey and Slowking can easily switch into Equilibra and force it out due to its lack of recovery.

    - Written by: [[username1, userid1]]
    - Quality checked by: [[username1, userid1], [username2, userid2]]
    - Grammar checked by: [[username1, userid1]]
Welcome to the official Sword and Shield CAP Analysis Reservation Thread! Here, you may reserve analyses for Pokemon that you are knowledgeable about and wish to contribute an analysis for.

Reservation Rules
  • You may reserve up to two analyses at a time, as long as the writer requesting to reserve this many is deemed responsible enough by QC to handle this many at once. Quality Control members may reserve more than this limit, but are still expected to complete their analyses in a timely manner.
  • Additional reservations cannot be made until your current analyses are posted and in the written stage.
  • Post in this thread with your analysis reservations. Pay attention to the posts in front of you in case the list is not updated.
  • Do not edit your posts in this thread after an extended period of time. Double post if you wish to unreserve your Pokemon or select another one instead.
  • If a Pokemon is not on the reservation list and you strongly believe it deserves a CAP Metagame analysis, post in this thread with a thorough explanation as to why and the Quality Control team will address it. For now we will be focussing on getting all CAPs an SS analysis, after that we may consider other Pokemon.
Analysis Thread Tags

When you post your thread, please use the appropriate tags for each stage of the analysis:

[Work in Progress]: The skeleton is incomplete and is not ready for the QC Team to evaluate. Keep in mind that the longer your analysis stays in WIP stage, the greater the chance of it being reassigned. Do not be lazy.

[Quality Control]:
In the thread title, include [QC 0/2]. The analysis is complete in bullet point form and now needs to seek approval by the QC Team. Make sure you update the thread title with the number of QC checks you currently have. Once you receive one check from the QC team, the analysis must be written up in order to receive its second. Do not write up the analysis before getting a QC check either.

[Grammar-Prose]: In the set title, remove [QC 2/2] and include [GP 0/1]. The two required QC approvals have been met. The Grammar-Prose team now takes over. When you are ready for a GP check, please post in the Grammar-Prose Queue with a link to your analysis. Preview analyses only require 1 GP check.

[Done]: After the analysis gets the GP stamp, the analysis is ready for upload.

Please update your thread's tags and stamp number as you move along the process.

Reservation List

After reserving a Pokemon, you must post your analysis in a timely fashion. Your analysis thread must be up in 72 hours (3 days) or your reservation will be dropped. If you have any extenuating circumstances that prevent you from getting up your thread within this time frame, please notify an active member of the QC team. Pokemon analyses will be categorized under the following headings:
  • Unreserved: The Pokemon has yet to be claimed.
  • Reserved / In Progress: The Pokemon is claimed by someone, the analysis has been posted, and is going through the writing process.
  • Completed: The Pokemon's analysis is complete and is awaiting upload.

Chromera dex
Corviknight velvet
Galarian Slowking velvet
Heatran Zephyri
Kyurem Lasen
Revenankh Lasen
Tapu Fini velvet
Toxapex dex
Weavile OofTheQuagsire

Arghonaut Lasen
Astrolotl Rabia
Astrolotl (Update) Rabia
Aurumoth Lasen
Cawmodore Zephyr2007
Colossoil snake_rattler
Crucibelle dex
Cyclohm Rabia
Equilibra spoo
Jumbao Rabia
Jumbao (Life Orb) D2TheW
Kerfluffle spoo
Krilowatt Zephyr2007
Miasmaw dex18
Naviathan Lasen
Necturna Lasen
Pajantom spoo
Stratagem Lasen
Syclant spoo
Tomohawk dex18
Volkraken dex18

Clefable dex
Dragapult Rabia
Garchomp Lasen
Landorus-T dex
Slowking Rabia
Tapu Koko dex
Tornadus-T Lasen
Urshifu-R pannuracotta
Zeraora dex
Zapdos spoo

16/9/20: Fixing analysis format (also informing writers)
1/7/21: Updated reservation list
9/2/21: Updated reservation list
9/18/21: Updated reservation list
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Ok, we're now accepting new analysis reservations.

As a note, please make sure you've got experience with the mon you're reserving.

(The most important here are Astrolotl and Equilibra, so please ensure that you've got a lot of high-level knowledge if picking them)
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Here to claim Tomohawk if it is still available, and if not I'd like to do a write up of Cyclohm if y'all would like.

snake edit: do tomohawk
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