SPOILERS! Sword and Shield in-game team discussion thread


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New game, new Pokémon, new tools for old Pokémon! Which ones are you using on your adventure in Galar? Discuss your in-game teams here!

Be advised that this thread will probably include mentions of Pokémon that have not been officially revealed by the pre-release information. Hence the tag on the thread title.


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Now we have enough data to let you guys loose, away you go! Please check the Datamine Thread for more information!

Let's see what you guys are planning!
I am thinking to get a used cart. Now I feel like I want to play this game for how hilariously bad this is.
My team....

Well, since there's possibility of having illegal foreign mons, I'll go....
Team Warriors: Intelleon / Frosmoth / Togekiss / Gallade / Flygon / Aegislash
Team WonderWitch: Sylveon / Ninetales-A (f) / Alcremie / Hatterene / Togekiss /Milotic Primarina (f)
/ [Ribombee / Whimsicott] / [Cinderace/Intelleon, fight!]

I think I'll run Wonderwitch to run over Bede and his smug face. I'll also need to rotate them often since Exp.Share debacle....
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I am very boring, I thought I would have been going with whatever I find on the way, but I actually realized I have some plan.

I am definitely including
- Grookey: cause, grass master race
- Wooloo (at least for a while): because it's just too cute for its own good and must be protected

If they're not too rare / off track:
- Galarian Ponyta: I must maintain my degenerate weeb level
- Impidimp: I just love the typing. Been wanting a Fairy/Dark for ages as they're my 2 favourite types.

I'll be grabbing the Eevee and Meowth special gifts at start, but they'll sit in team only until I find something else.

The other 2 slots i'll fill with whatever I end up needing, maybe Togekiss and a Eevolution if I run into them.
...Thinking of it, I might just die to anything that's remotely poison or steel type. Maybe I should reconsider this fairy type abuse...
My in-game will end up as Sobble, Rolycoly, Impidimp, Galarian Weezing and... two others. The leaks revealing everything at once has meant there's not enough time to look at other new Pokemon and decide which are my favourites. Pincurchin might get in based just on its name unless it turns out to be a gimmick mon like Pyukumuku, and I'd like reps for my favourite types (Bug, Ghost, Steel, Fairy) so I really don't know.
I think I'll go with:
- Cinderace
- Corviknight
- Dragapult (before with Flygon, I guess)
- Grimmsnarl
- Toxtricity (since it's a gift, it won't be that hard to get xD)
- and one last Mon I'm not sure about now. Maybe a special Grass or Water type attacker.

I want to go with a "Fairy Tale" core, so Dragon, Steel and Fairy. Since two of the Mons in the list are already counting to my favorites, the choice wasn't that hard (Corviknight and Dragapult).
might as well throw my team in here too.
first time:
- Rillaboom
- Orbeetle
- Obstagoon
- Toxtricity
- Cursola
- Falinks
then for every time i replay the game, it'll be either a nuzlocke or a monotype challenge.
My indecisiveness when it comes to in-game teams makes it super hard for me to set on a certain six for more than five minutes, and I tend to change my mind many times, even during the playthrough depending on what 'Mons look like animated and whatnot. Though, for the moment, I'm leaning towards a team of Corviknight, Alcremie, Barraskewda, Centiskorch, Appletun, and Toxtricity. Relatively balanced type-wise and I like their designs. I didn't use any of the starters in Sun and Moon due to not liking any of them enough to use a slot for them, and that will most likely be the case for Sword and Shield as well.
I wanted Inteleon to be good, but its movepool is such a sad joke. It gets really nothing of interest. Its signature move is bad. And not that it matters for ingame really but its Hidden Ability is also a sad joke compared to the other starters.

With that said, however, it's like the only good fast special attacking new Pokemon. And I only like to use new Pokemon.

Inteleon - Scald/Ice Beam/Shadow Ball??? Wtf does this thing learn
Corviknight - Drill Peck/Iron Head/Bulk Up/I guess it has to use Rest ingame if I don't breed Roost?
Greedent - this thing is surprisingly bulky wtf, Body Slam/EQ/Swords Dance
Centiskorch - Fire Lash/Leech Life/Coil
Appletun - Apple Acid/Dragon Pulse/Leech Seed/Recover
Duraludon - Dunno yet

I wanted to use Rillaboom, because I think it has the most balanced stats, but that would make me use Barraskewda as my water type and my whole team would skew physical since I then wouldn't wanna use Appletun along with Rillaboom. So Inteleon it is. But I honestly looked at its movepool five times in confusion because I couldn't believe how few toys it got.

I did these by hand because I don't think the team builder calc is up yet...


I'm trying to get no repeat typings across all my Pokemon so I'm choosing:
Inteleon, Corviknight, Frapple, Centiskorh, Grimmsnarl, Galarian Darmanitan
I wanted Inteleon to be good, but its movepool is such a sad joke. It gets really nothing of interest. Its signature move is bad. And not that it matters for ingame really but its Hidden Ability is also a sad joke compared to the other starters.

With that said, however, it's like the only good fast special attacking new Pokemon. And I only like to use new Pokemon.

Inteleon - Scald/Ice Beam/Shadow Ball??? Wtf does this thing learn
For whatever it's worth, it gets Air Slash and Dark Pulse too.


My Shield team I think will be:


Sword team:


Might swap in some old pokemon with good new moves like Heliolisk, Kommo-o, Steelix, Kingler, etc.
The decisions are simple:
First playthrough (only new mons)
- Corviknight
- Coalassal
- Copperajah
- Toxtricity
- Frosmoth
- Grapploct

THEN avian-only and herptile-only
- Noctowl
- Corviknight
- Pelipper
- Sirfetch’d
- Hawlucha
- Braviary

- Drednaw
- Seismitoad
- Toxicroak
- Salazzle
- Sandaconda
- Heliolisk
My hope is for:

Rapidash (G)
Darmanitan (G)

Depending on how accessible they are throughout the game. See if you can guess the theme.
My team if I get Sword (I don't have a Switch):


I may use something else like Flapple if Haxorus is a lategame mon.
Cinderace, Corviknight, Boltund, Flapple, Gardevoir, and Seismitoad.

None of the new Water-types really interested me all that much but this team gives me some pretty good defensive type coverage.
Appletun / Impidimp / Frosmoth / Cursola / Pincurchin / Falinks


Galar Stunfisk / Eiscue / Alcremie / Eldegoss / Stonjourner / Polteageist
None of the starters super speak to me (I always prefer dual type Pokemon), so I'm choosing based on whose type isn't covered otherwise. And I only use entirely new Pokemon in my first play through – and prefer Pokemon that evolve.
  • Cinderace was my favorite starter, but he's out because both Coalossal and Centiskorch look great. I'm undecided between the two of them, but leaning toward Coalossal.
  • Rillaboom looks solid all around, but Appletun has a more interesting typing. Gossifer is the only other new Grass option and it's not speaking to me.
  • Inteleon was my least favorite of the starters, but it's between him and Barraskewda, who's also a solo Water type, or Drednaw. So I'm guessing I'm picking Sobble.
  • Corviknight might be my favorite starting bird ever. Definitely going with it.
  • Not the biggest fan of Grimmsnarl's look, but that typing is really cool. Dragapult would be the other option, depending on its availability. I do like using the local Pseudo Legendary in my first run.
  • Toxtricity looks really cool, has an interesting typing and seems to be given to you at some point if I remember correctly? Either way, definitely sold.
So looks like it'll be...

Inteleon | Coalossal | Appletun | Corviknight | Grimmsnarl | Toxtricity
Subject to change.

I’m in a bit of a dilemma. I wanna use Rillaboom, but at the same time I wanna use Appletun (probably my favorite Gen 8 mon design-wise <3 ) and I usually don’t have type overlaps on my ingame teams. If it comes down to it, I’ll probably choose Cinderace since that’s my second starter choice and it synergizes well with the Yoshi-Apple Pie mon.

Tyranitar will be the only non-Galarian Pokemon I choose to run because it’s my favorite Pokémon yet I’ve never used it in an ingame run before due to how late its line typically appears, and I want to have Godzilla Dynamax on my team.

Galarian Weezing is probably my favorite Galarian form in the same way Alolan Exeggutor is one of my favorite Alolan forms design-wise (so goofy it’s good lmao) and Levitate variants have great synergy with Tyranitar, covering almost all of its weaknesses other than Steel, which Cinderace will handle, and Water, which Appletun has covered.

For my Water-type, I'm torn between Cramorant and Barraskewda. Cramorant sounds like a fun gimmick mon to utilize Gulp Missile with and falls in line with the goofiness I love so much, but on a more serious note, Barraskewda seems like a powerhouse that hits fast and hard. Technically, if I choose Cramorant, I’m using both (at least Barraskewda’s pre-evo) at the same time with Gulp Missile taken into account :p I’ll probably pick whoever I come across first.

Unsure about my last mon. I’ll see when the game drops.
Words of warning for anyone else looking to use Dragapult, it comes *incredibly* late, from what I can tell. I was considering trying to grab an egg and use Dreepy throughout the game, but it doesn't learn any moves until it evolves at Level 50, so that is not a great option either. I had to rebuild my team taking that into consideration. Much of the ice types seem to also come late, but if you like using ice types you are probably used to that. If I ever replay the games outside of these two teams I will probably be breeding a Mime Jr. for the team, he was one of the closer second choices for these teams.

Sword: Rillaboom, Orbeetle, Event Kommo-o, Perrserker, Grimmsnarl, Sandaconda

Shield: Cinderace, Event Tyranitar, Barraskewda, Cursola, Rapidash, Grapploct
I'm having a bit of trouble deciding my final team, but I definitely want to use Rillaboom / Corviknight / Polteageist / Frosmoth. For the last two slots I'm considering Hatterene / Sirfetch'd / Grimmsnarl. Might have to raise them all and see who sticks

That said I'm also considering Galarian Darmanitan if its zen mode form is readily accessible in-game, because I'vewanted a snowman pokemon for years. I was going to raise Dreepy but seeing how late it's available, I think I'll just sub it in to my team during the post-game


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Inteleon / tsareena / gardevoir / HIHIDARUMA / galvantula /dragapault

Monkey / arawuianid or golisopod / centiskortch / sirfetched / hydreigon

Cinderace / baracuda / conkeldurr / noivern / cream dude?

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