Tournament Sword and Shield Startup Tour Round 3 (Loser’s Bracket)

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Le Creme Brule

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Formerly Lkjchjdhbjidcgjhd
M24 vs PartChandelure (snom gang)
Eriey vs aqh (:/)
Boat vs Huston (boat is good)
Jamez155 vs Tom842 (He said he doesn’t cteam anymore)
alive vs Cantius (central gang vs snom gang)
Close vs Maki’s Fox (Hi maki)
Osra vs zugubu royale (idk what to say here)
Synonimous vs ryy (how are these guys in losers)(HL)
Yami vs Simbo (uhhhhh)
Arai vs Allfourtyone (hi Arai :) snom gang)
D2theW vs RahelGamer03 (didn’t these guys play r1 wtf smogtours)
Notater vs Crucify (snom gang)
The Thunderbirds vs bigtalk (who)
chimp vs ExplodingDonkey (snom gang)
ThatCabbageGuy vs SUSTENANCE_1 (snom gang, also sus is an underrated threat)
Squirtell 1v1 vs Dragonmirror vs WailJesus (no matter which way this goes it’s gonna be a highlight)


u rly thought
highlight matches of the week:

Synonimous vs ryyjyywyy - this could go either way, i'm excited to watch the battle no matter what
Squirtell 1v1 vs WailJesus - idrk these people but squirtell seems good ig

Le Creme Brule

Formerly AllFourtyOne
All matches will be extended if they are interferes with by Pokemon Showdown’s network problems. If you are able to play, please post screenshots of the victory like done above
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