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The Vish survives another day. Yeah having it stay at B is solid cause some teams just straight up don’t have good checks or counters for Vish and they just makes the game tilted heavily towards the Vish’s favor.


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Now that we have official confirmation, I want to clarify a few things about Pokemon HOME stuff. For anyone who is unaware, HOME changes very little for BSS at the moment, the only change is that previously unreleased abilities for past gen Pokemon are now legal (Unaware Clefable, Sturdy Avalugg, etc). Unreleased abilities for Galar Pokemon are still not available, for clarification, so still no Libero Cinderace or Sand Rush Dracozolt/Dracovish.

No new Pokemon or regional forms are allowed this season so they will not be ranked at the moment, but we now have confirmation that starting next season we will have access to Venusaur, Blastoise, Decidueye, Primarina, Incineroar, and regional forms. We are restricted to Pokemon caught or bred in Galar though, which means that Alolan Raichu and Kantonian Weezing still won't be allowed, since there is no way to evolve Pikachu or Koffing into these forms within the current game. This also bans all transfer-only moves, so things like Toxic Aegislash, Roost Togekiss, and Knock Off Conkeldurr are not relevant to this metagame.

These Pokemon additions will happen starting in Series 3, which begins on March 1st. We will be placing the new additions that we believe are viable in a "New Pokemon" rank with the next vote, and will not be properly placing them until after we see how they perform in the Series 3 metagame. Due to the nature of these additions they may be voted on separately before the end of Series 3, but that will not be until mid March at the earliest so don't expect to see Venusaur and friends properly ranked quite yet.

And that's it for now, hope this clarifies any questions about the HOME additions!


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Rotom-H: A+-> A

Tyranitar is a big can of worms, so let's leave that for now.

ANYways, what isn't so controversial is Rotom-H A+ -> A. Only 2 councilmembers ranked it at exactly 7th, many ranked it 8th or below, which seems odd for a Pokemon that has "majority vote for significantly stronger than the 8th Pokemon, as one of the 7 Pokemon in S or A+"

Dracozolt, Lapras: B -> B+

I really like these Pokemon for what they do - difficult coverage to switch into, and has a very defined defensive niche in order to get the chance to do the damages it wants to do. It seems way better than something like Charizard, which is just another Airstream sweeper and doesnt really have that clear niche unless it has a full slot of team support for weather.


Umbreon, Charizard: B+ -> B

It just depends on where you want to cut off the Pokemon anyways, these seemed to be the weakest B+ Pokemon by a significant margin (Umbreon is also fairly significantly worse than Sylveon)

Sylveon: A- -> B+

Yawn being heavily prepped for, and Snorlax being the emergent special Dragon check with its AV set, hurts Sylveon's niche significantly. Not a nom I enjoy making, and I honestly still think Sylveon is A-, but I figured some would deem in appropriate because I seem to be in the minority here.

These would be the final changes I would be comfortable making for the current season. I brought all of this up internally amongst VR council. However, the new season is bound to significantly shake up the metagame with Home. It remains to see how exactly any of those will change.

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