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Orange Islands

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are coming later in 2019!

The Pokemon Direct on 27th February announced the first images of Generation 8!

Our starters are Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble!

More information about the starters can be found here: https://swordshield.pokemon.com/en-gb/

The region which we traverse is called the Galar Region. It appears to be loosely based on Europe/Great Britain in particular. A good look at the map can be found here

We know that Ohmori is the game director for these games, and he oversaw ORAS, SM and USUM.

English Trailer 1
Japanese Youtube Trailer

English Trailer 2
Japanese Trailer 2
5th June Pokemon Direct

The Pokemon Direct showed us a lot of new views of the Galar region, it also showed us 5 new Pokemon and the new legendaries!

We also had James Turner come on and show off some more new Pokemon:
Wooloo - A Normal Typed Sheep Pokemon with Fluffy and Run Away
Gossifleur - A Grass Typed Flower Pokemon with a new ability, Cotton Down (which appears to be a clone of Gooey/Tangled Hair) and Regenerator; It's evolution:
Eldegoss - A Grass Typed Cotton reed like Pokemon
Drednaw - A Water/Rock Tortoise like Pokemon with access to Strong Jaw and Shell Armour
Corviknight - A Flying/Steel Raven like Pokemon which is used as your fast travel transport throughout the region.

A new phenomenon known as Dynamax allows Pokemon to become huge versions of themselves. This appears to be this Generations version of Megas or Z moves. It can only be done in certain locations throughout Galar. Expanding form this, Max Raid Battles allow a group of Trainers to team up and take on a Wild Dynamaxed Pokemon!

Dynamaxing is being researched by Professor Magnolia and her granddaughter Sonia, who appear to help you throughout your journey. We also know that Hop is the name of your rival, and he is the younger sibling of the Galar Champion, Leon. Milo appears as the Grass Typed Gym Leader, who will likely be one of the first you come across.

Treehouse and the E3 Tech Demo have shown off another two new Pokemon, Impidimp and Yamper. Impidimp is Fairy/Dark and Yamper is pure Electric. We also have news that Pokemon not in the Galar Pokedex will not be compatible with Sword and Shield. There was also some other stuff shown off in the "Big" Nintendo Direct.

27th Feb 2019 - Updated OP To include information released so far
27th May 2019 - Pokemon Direct will be airing on June 5th 2019
28th May 2019 - Announcement of Pokemon Home, the Switch version of Pokemon Bank, will be coming early 2020 Pokemon Home will have connectivity with Pokemon Bank, GO, Let's Go and Sword and Shield.
5th June 2019 - Pokemon Direct airs and shows off 7 new Pokemon, Dynamaxing, Raids, the Champion, Rival and the Professor as well as many new shots of locations around Galar. Release Date is shown as 15th November 2019.
11th June 2019 - Sword and Shield will connect to Home, but only allow Galar Dex Pokemon to be transferred into it. Impidimp and Yamper are shown. We also have more information on the Wild Area from Nintendo Treehouse.
20th October 2019 - Updated Second post with the latest videos up to Pokemon Camp
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Orange Islands
Gigantmaxing is a variation of Dynamaxing which allows Pokémon of certain species to turn into much larger variations of themselves. Gigantamaxing unlocks a G-Max Move, which have various powerful effects which vary from the Dynamax moves we have already seen.

Alcreamie, Drednaw and Corviknight are all shown to have Gigantamax formes which all have unique moves.
This video also shows off Yamper and Rolycoly, and Duraludon
Alcremie turns into an enormous wedding cake using the G-Max Move: G-Max Finale. This will heal all Pokémon on Alcremie’s side while dealing damage to an opponent.
Corviknight turns into a huge eagle which can use the G-Max Move: G-Max Wind Rage. This move deals damage and clears the Battlefield from effects such as Reflect, Light Screen, Spikes and Terrains!
Drednaw turns into a massive tortoise which stands on its rear legs. Its G-Max Move: G-Max Stonesurge deals damage and sets up Stealth Rocks on your opponents side of the field!

Two more gym leaders are shown, our Fighting Gym Leader Bea and our Ghost Gym Leader, Allister. These Gym Leaders take each others places, Bea appears in Sword, and Allister in Shield. The Pokémon League is run by Chairman Rose and Oleana.

Team Yell appear as our "baddies" supporting one of your rivals; Marnie. She uses a new Pokémon, Morpeko! Morpeko is our "Pikaclone" of this Generation! Its ability allows it to change form in battle. Bede is another one of our rivals, and is shown using a Duosion.

This video also introduces us to Galarian Formes! We are shown Weezing, Zigzagoon, Linoone and a newevolution, Obstagoon.

The next video gave is Galarian Weezing's new ability, Neutralizing Gas, which blocks all other abilities on the field from working (Including your own teammate in Doubles). We are also shown several new battling items, one which lowers speed in trick room (Room Service) and another which lets you switch out after you lower your stats through a move like Draco Meteor (Eject Pack). We also see a new move Breaking Swipe, which appears to be a physical reduction spread move like Snarl. We are also shown Corviknight's hidden ability, Mirror Armor, which reflects back stat changes to the opponent. Dynamax Pokémon (and presumably Gigantamax) are also immune to the effects of Flinching. Max moves are shown to have powerful secondary effects, Electric Max moves bringing in Electric Terrain or Fighting Max moves raise the users Attack.

Cramorant and Polteageist are both shown as new Pokémon! Cramorant fires fish from its mouth! We also see our first showing of Pokemon Camp. This mode lets you see your Pokémon and you can also visit other players in the Wild Area! You get to make Curry which has effects in your Pokémon! We are also shown the first glimpses of Trainer Customization and how far we can go this time to give trainers their own flair. We can also create our own customized League Cards for sharing with other users. We appear to also collect them from our rivals and gym leaders!

Sirfetch'd and Galarian Ponyta were both teased through semi viral marketing. Sirfetch'd is the evolution to our old friend, Farfetch'd and Ponyta is a Psychic take on itself for a Galarian Forme.

Our latest trailer shows us more Gigantamax formes! In Addition to the previously shown ones, we now have Charizard and Butterfree! These are alongside Pikachu and Eevee (Obtained via having save data from Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu or Eevee respectively) and Gigantamax Meowth who is our "Early Adpotion" Pokemon this time around, mirroring Torchic in XY and Munchlax in SM.
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As exciting as this is folks, something important to note: usually with these Pokemon directs, a lot of the 7 minutes is for recapping the series, and at best we only get a short trailer. So don't go coming in expecting a mega blow out. Worst case scenario, we just get logos like with Sun and Moon. Best case scenario, we get a nice introduction trailer like XY gave us.
Most people are just hoping for *something* to look forward to. The logos in Sun/Moon were leaked beforehand, and that alone sparked so much conversation. But for this one, it seems like we got nothing.

So yeah, I'll welcome anything!

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Gen 8 has officially been announced. Games are called Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Region looks like Europe. E: Region is called Galar.

Starters are a fire rabbit, a water lizard, and a grass monkey.

E2: Late 2019 release date.
The Grass-type starter is called Grookey, Fire-type starter Scorbunny and Water-type Pokémon is Sobble.

I just need to know two things:
1. Can we battle wild Pokemon?
2. Are motion controls still a thing?
All the starter look great this time, albeit a bit a save design choice for them. Nonetheless, I prefer the water starter the most.
Pleasantly surprised by that direct. Showed more than I was expecting, although still not much. I suspect they'll reveal more at E3. Quite like the look of the Fire starter, not sure about the others though. From the looks of it I'd guess the region was based on somewhere in the Scandanavian region. I don't think it's based on the UK.

I love the names, Sword and Shield is great. I'm guessing one of the box legendaries will be offensively focused, the other defensively focused.

Later down the line we could even see one of the new Pokemon as DLC in Smash.
Reaaaaallly hoping we get megas back.

But seems like it's taking a more RPG style of game? Interesting.

The starters all look legit. I'd guess the Grass starter becomes Grass/Fighting and uses a bamboo cane or something similar, the Fire starter becomes Fire/...Electric (fast Rabbit, etc.), and the Water starter becomes Water/...well it's a shy lizard, so maybe Ground?
Just some short thoughts right now after watching the Direct:
- Really happy that we got to see an actual trailer for the games, showcasing graphics and gameplay.
- The starters look really weird, but that's my usual impression from all new Pokémon. Right now I'm mostly into the fire rabbit but we'll see what I end up choosing.
- Did not expect the game names. Sword and Shield. Not sure which one to get, though I'm slightly biased towards Sword because it is "blue" and swords symbolizes offense which I prefer over defense. Also, it seems like there are wolves in the logos? Really cool since I love wolves. New legendaries or something else?
- The region looks interesting and quite varied in terms of environments from what little we got to see of it.

Overall, I'm very happy about this direct. Good initial trailer which showed lots of information. I might make a somewhat longer post about more of my initial thoughts later on, don't have time for it right now.
I'm pleasantly surprised by this direct! I was expecting not much more than the game titles, but we actually got solid information.

I love the region already. Looks like it'll be pretty linear, but it'll be interesting to see what they do with it.

Not going to lie, all of the starters look a bit odd to me. Leaning towards the water starter right now, but we'll have to see what their evolutions look like.

These are looking like pretty solid games as long as GF can show that they've actually put effort into them.

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If anyone wants to dissect the region map

I imagine that the bigger buildings are the bigger cities. The one at the top is probably the Pokemon League and the snowy path is yet another icy Victory Road. Wonder what would a ferris wheel do in a Pokemon League though.
I wonder if the cover legendaries are going to follow the titles of the game, i.e. one hyper-offensive mon and one defensive behemoth.
Now that you mention it, it’s very strange we never saw the legendaries.

Given that the region appears to be England, maybe they’ll both take on a knight theme of some kind? But that feels very predictable. Then again, we did get a literal X and Y for Gen 6, so....

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