Sword & Shield **Official news only** DLC Crown Tundra 22nd October

Do we have a list for all the confirmed returning Pokémon?
Nothing like a complete list, but there's a graphic on the website that shows some of the species returning in each expansion:
Isle of Armor: Horsea line, Larvesta line, Magnemite line, Rockruff line, Zorua line, Azurill line, Happiny line, Dedenne
Crown Tundra: Beldum line, Amaura line, Nidoran-m line, Gible line, Zubat line, Elekid line, Spheal line, Cryogonal

In addition, we know we're getting Galarian Slowpoke and its evolutions (and thus normal Slowpoke line as well), and apparently most legendaries, including Galarian Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.
people: *purchases ultra sun/ultra moon*
also people: wtf a $30 DLC? what are you? hitler?
Won't this expansion + base game cost $10 more than both S/M and USUM combined? Also didn't Nintendo not charge for Internet service then as well?


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So, while we've been talking about these expansion passes, there's something else we've glossed over...


(it's actually a remake of Red/Blue Rescue Team but still neato)
As my favourite spin-off ever, you can take my money.

I was at work so I was not fully focused, what do we know about the Dojo? I heard about "new ways to battle", so the gullible me immediately thought "it's time for a Frontier"
So the first DLC drops in June 2020 and the second DLC drops late 2020, so fall.

That's a good timeframe for the meta to adjust, and by June the current meta will start to become stale so the games will continue to be fun and unpredictable. The only downside is that power creep is going to flush back in and alot of the new mons are going to find homes in the lower tiers.

$30 isn't that much to pay, especially if it replaces the tiresome third version.
Won't this expansion + base game cost $10 more than both S/M and USUM combined? Also didn't Nintendo not charge for Internet service then as well?
They would, but this is Switch games, and the price tag of AAA Switch games is 60 bucks.
So if we had got a 2nd version instead, it'd have been 120$.

In a way or another, it's definitely a better and more welcome system.
Not only I'd take a sorta-incomplete game fixed with DLCs, over the next years, than have to buy several incomplete games in a row , but also this allows to keep everything in 1 game rather than having to move stuff forward.
This is actually pretty big if you think about it. If they're gonna extend SWSH DLC to the end of this year, it most likely means we won't be getting new mainline titles this year either! I had a hunch seeing as it'd be weird to have DLC and a new thing in the same year, but this basically confirms it imo.
It's likely that DP Remakes or Gen 9 are planned for holidays 2021. Meaning that there would be the space for a third (and maybe forth) DLC in earlt 2021 with potentially full dex. A man can hope now (which is all a lot of people were asking).
people: *purchases ultra sun/ultra moon*
also people: wtf a $30 DLC? what are you? hitler?
people: a singular entity, not in fact several different individuals most of which are either included or excluded as a matter of convenience to allegedly prove a contradictory or irrational behaviour

stop it

stop it

(it's a really lame joke)
Exploring dens seems like an awesome concept. I'm guessing this was planned for the base game, but scrapped due to time constraints.
There's unused text about it. Maybe we'll see 'hearts' and the feature that gives you a 'fresh set of the latest stamps' too.

You jumped into the den!
It’s [VAR 0100(0000)], a fellow Pokémon Trainer!
It’s [VAR 0100(0000)], a fellow Pokémon Trainer! Looks like they’re searching for allies to battle with.
View League Card
Join in raid
See [VAR TRNAME(0000)]’s League Card
Now the question is, are they gonna bring back all of the deleted moves?
Considering the moves are currently unobtainable in the games (therefore, we are not supposed to know it yet), it's possible we might get info when they finally decide to say something about HOME.
Now the question is, are they gonna bring back all of the deleted moves? I need my hidden power back.
Of all the removes moves, that's the one you can bet on not returning.

All the QoL changes to breeding and the addition to mints were made specifically to remove the necessity to hack pokemon for competitive usage.
Hidden Power removal serves as both making movepools better (as you don't have to play/teambuild assuming anything can have arbitrary 60 BP special coverage), and removing the need to softreset legendaries / spend hours breeding specific pokemon for HP, and reintroducing it would be basically dismantling their own job.

Unless you're telling me you're willing to softreset for that shiny HP ice Zapdos legally ;)

Considering it seems like all the legendaries will be coming back... What's gonna happen to Primal Groudon and Kyogre?
Their abilities exist in SwSh and are functional (albeith, without animations).
Since they went through the hassle of keeping the code for them, looks safe to say that if they also include the orbs, they'll function as usual.
- Lando-T is gonna really warp OU
- Magneton will be the answer to corviknight’s reign
- Dragon dance TR is going to get garchomp and kyru black banned
- Heavy duty boots Volcarona is gonna be the truth
- hopefully those new regis have a cool niche
- RIP to most galar mons as the power creep sets in
- please give us back gliscor and pursuit
- unban galarian darmanitan
- hidden ability cinderace and rillaboom are gonna SLAP
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Some information in the website:
- (No artwork on Gigantamax Starters or their G-Max moves. Just flavor information.)
- Calyrex is Psychic/Grass with Unnerve.
- Kubfu's ability is Inner Focus.
- Urshifu's ability is called Unseen Fist. No mechanics or G-Max moves mentioned.
- A new battle format: Restricted Sparring.

A new way to battle: Restricted Sparring
The Isle of Armor will also introduce a way to challenge yourself to some new battles! With Restricted Sparring, you’ll be limited in what types of Pokémon you can use and forced to battle under set conditions! Give it a try, and give some of your Pokémon that are normally overlooked a chance to shine!

- New Items are going to be added in the first expansion. Whether they are the Apricorns and Exp. Charms mentioned in the Direct, or other new items, is anyone's guess.
Did they ever mention this?
Rewatched the Direct just to be sure, and the exact quote is "Both areas are in fact seamless maps, much like the Wild Area you can already experience in the Galar region, where players are able to move around freely and control the camera"; there's apparently also "more to do" in the expansion areas "than there was even in the Wild Area", which is either a cause for great excitement or a low-key indictment of the Wild Area

Rewatching that Direct also reminded me of all the other fan-friendly features they're just chucking in, which, I mean, good grief, I'm hyped already:
  • move tutors, some of which apparently teach entirely new moves
  • Apricorns, for more Apricorn balls
  • something called the "Exp. Charm", which sounds like a way to drown in even more experience
  • Gigantamaxes for the Kanto and Galar starters
  • extra battles of some kind, apparently after completing both expansion areas

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