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Sword and Shield CAP Holiday Bash Sign Up Thread

Yo! The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a shiny new generation of Pokemon. This is meant to be a casual tour for us to have fun and get accustomed to the new generation mechanics.

Please read the following tour rules before playing
  • The format will be [Generation 8] CAP format, which can be broken down to the current OU banlist + CAP Pokemon + CAP clauses.
  • This is a single elimination best of three tournament.
  • Replays are mandatory. The metagame is still pretty young and I'd like high level replays available in case we need to reference anything during the CAP update process.
  • The [Generation 8] CAP format on PS! is currently bugged to allow unreleased Pokemon and moves through the validator. Notably, this list of unreleased Pokemon include Ubers such as Reshiram, Zekrom, and the Kyurem formes. Additionally, moves that were removed from Pokemon's movepool this generation, such as Toxic, are also legal due to this bug. Anyone bringing Pokemon or moves that are clearly not meant to be in the CAP format, such as the aforementioned Ubers, will be automatically disqualified from the tour. Until this is fixed, please check that your teams are legal with the [Gen 8] OU validator in the teambuilder. CAP Pokemon will be flagged as banned for OU, which you can ignore. If the validator flags something for being unavailable or nonexistent, it is banned from this tour, moves included.
  • This tournament will be ran alongside an upcoming CAP project that will adjust the movepools of CAP Pokemon for Gen 8. We will use whatever movepools are available from the moment they are released, even if they are released in the middle of the week. This is to avoid the usage of custom battles when an actual format is available.
  • Necturna currently has a PRC topic discussing how to handle the removal of its Sketch mechanic. Depending on how the PRC thread concludes, Necturna may receive changes in the middle of the tour, in which case we will use whatever version of Necturna is implemented.
  • All relevant tournament rules as defined in this thread will apply.
Round 1
vs againa
Frat Dude vs Mx
vs Michael213
Snorlax in the wayyovan vs SHSP
Funbot28 vs Heaven Jay
Trod vs KilluaKillingIt
vs -Voltage-
SunMYSER vs Marjane
Birkal vs LucarioOfLegends
Jordy vs reachzero
lezzy cuttlefish vs snake_rattler

Atha, The Thunderbirds, Le-Hydra, quziel, and Yami all received byes this round. Challonge sheet that I used for the brackets can be seen here.

Round 1 ends on Monday, December 30th. Contact your opponents promptly and get your matches in.

This round has a lot of exciting matchups! Best of luck to everyone!
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For those that haven't seen it, Galar-Darmanitan is banned from OU. This also means that Galar-Darmanitan is banned from CAP as well. Since its not stated in the rules, bans will be enforced in this tour at the beginning of the next round.

This is also a reminder to everyone who haven't gotten their matches in that the round ends tomorrow. This is your last window to get your matches in, call activity, or request an extension.


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Sorry for the delay everyone.

Birkal and LucarioOfLegends you have a 48 hour extensions because I never replied, sorry.

Trod and KilluaKillingIt both never contacted on each others wall or posted in this thread. Coin flipping these two users through /pick on PS! has given KilluaKillingIt the match.

Funbot28 never replied to Heaven Jay's contact post, so Jay gets the activity win.

Round 2

vs The Thunderbirds
[ Birkal vs LucarioOfLegends] vs reachzero
Atha vs Heaven Jay
snake_rattler vs Marjane
yovan33321 vs cbrevan
Mx vs Yami
6Roggenrolas vs Lasen
KilluaKillingIt vs Jho

Round ends Saturday, January 11th.
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