Resource SWSH Battle Stadium Singles Role Compendium (Ver. 0.1)

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Welcome to the SWSH Battle Stadium Singles Role Compendium! The purpose of this thread is to provide a visual list of what roles Pokemon fulfill in the current metagame. Ideally, the thread will help players of any skill level in finding Pokemon that fulfill their team when searching for specific roles, as well as assisting in encouraging players to use a wider array of Pokemon in their building. Pokemon selection withing the Role Compendium is based on both viability and general performance in the current metagame, however all Pokemon are ordered alphabetically. Check out The Pokemon Dictionary if you don't understand what a certain term means!

  • All users are allowed to post nominations, but must be done so with a logical point of view.
  • When nominating, check out the SWSH Battle Stadium Single Viability Thread for a general guideline of what's viable. Note however that some exceptions will be made.
  • If you feel as if something is not the role it is listed, feel free to mention so, but along the same kind of guidelines as if you were nominating a Pokemon. Think of it as a reverse nomination.
  • Keep in mind that the metagame constantly changes from season to season, so expect both subtle and major changes to be made!
  • Thanks everybody, enjoy the resource!
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Physical: :aegislash: :cloyster: :darmanitan-galar: :diggersby: :dracovish: :dracozolt: :dragapult: :durant: :excadrill: :gyarados: :hawlucha: :haxorus: :mimikyu: :rhyperior: :snorlax: :tyranitar:
Special: :aegislash: :charizard: :clefable: :dragapult: :hydreigon: :rotom-heat: :rotom-mow: :rotom-wash: :togekiss:
Mixed: :aegislash: :dragapult: :tyranitar:

Physically defensive: :clefable: :corsola-galar: :corviknight: :ferrothorn: :hippowdon: :milotic: :quagsire: :toxapex: :type-null: :umbreon:( :arcanine: :pyukumuku:)
Specially defensive: :ferrothorn: :lapras: :tyranitar: :gastrodon: :snorlax: :sylveon: :type-null:
Mixed: :ferrothorn: :toxapex: :gastrodon: :type-null:(:pyukumuku:)

Offensive: :aegislash: :cinderace: :darmanitan-galar: :dragapult: :hydreigon: :rotom-heat: :rotom-mow: :rotom-wash:
Defensive: :aegislash: :corviknight: :ferrothorn: :rotom-heat: :rotom-mow: :rotom-wash: :toxapex: :type-null: :umbreon:
Both: :aegislash: :rotom-heat: :rotom-mow: :rotom-wash:

Field Modification

Stealth Rock: :excadrill: :ferrothorn: :hippowdon: :tyranitar:(:mamoswine::sandaconda:)
Toxic Spikes: :toxapex:
Dual Screens: :dragapult: :grimmsnarl:(:duraludon: :inteleon:)

Status Abusers:
Toxic: :gastrodon: :quagsire: :toxapex:
Will-O-Wisp: :corsola-galar: :dragapult: :rotom-heat: :rotom-mow: :rotom-wash:
Thunder Wave: :rotom-heat: :rotom-mow: :rotom-wash: :grimmsnarl: :togekiss:
Sleep: :gastrodon: :hippowdon: :snorlax: :sylveon: :quagsire: :umbreon:(:torkoal:) (Yawn) (:butterfree:) (Sleep Powder)
Other: :mimikyu: (curse) (:sandaconda:) (glare)

Baton Pass users:
Baton Pass: :sylveon:(
) (calm mind) :dragapult: (dragon dance) (:polteageist:) (shell smash) (:dubwool:) (agility/cotton guard) (:butterfree:) (quiver dance)

Whirlwind: :hippowdon: :snorlax:

Assault Vest Users
Assault Vest: :charizard: :conkeldurr: :dracozolt: :duraludon: :excadrill: :lapras: :rhyperior: :rotom-heat: :rotom-mow: :rotom-wash: :snorlax: :toxtricity: :tyranitar:(:arcanine::rillaboom:)

Focus Sash Users
Focus Sash: :aegislash: :cinderace: :cloyster: :diggersby: :dragapult: :excadrill: :gastrodon: :tyranitar:(:chandelure::inteleon:)

Choice Item Users
Band: :darmanitan-galar: :dracovish: :dragapult: :tyranitar:
specs: :aegislash::dragapult: :hydreigon: :rotom-heat: :rotom-mow: :rotom-wash:
Scarf: :cinderace: :darmanitan-galar::ditto: :dracovish::dracozolt: :dragapult: :excadrill: :hydreigon: :rotom-heat: :rotom-mow: :rotom-wash: :tyranitar:(:chandelure:)

Weakness Policy Users:
:weakness-policy: Weakness Policy: :aegislash::corviknight: :dracozolt: :dragapult: :duraludon: :excadrill: :lapras: :rhyperior: :togekiss: :tyranitar:


OHKO Move Users:
Fissure: :gastrodon: :snorlax:
Sheer Cold: :glalie: :lapras:
Horn Drill: :excadrill: :rhyperior:
Guillotine: :durant:

Evasion Users:
Minimize: :clefable: (:drifblim:)

Trick Room:
Setters: :mimikyu:(:chandelure::hatterene:)
Abusers: :conkeldurr: :Dracovish: :rhyperior: :snorlax:(:crawdaunt:)

Rain: :seismitoad:(:barraskewda::pelipper:)
Sand: :excadrill: :hippowdon: :tyranitar:(:sandaconda:)
Sun: :charizard: (:torkoal: )

:arcanine: (Extreme Speed) :conkeldurr: (Mach Punch) :aegislash: :mimikyu: (Shadow Sneak) :cinderace: :dragapult::grimmsnarl: (:inteleon:) (Sucker Punch) :cloyster: :lapras: (:mamoswine:) (Ice Shard) :grimmsnarl: :whimsicott: (Prankster) (:crawdaunt: ) (Aqua Jet) :diggersby: :sylveon: (Quick Attack) :durant: (First Impression)

Setup Sweepers
Swords Dance: :aegislash: :diggersby: :excadrill: :hawlucha: :mimikyu: :rhyperior:
Dragon Dance: :dragapult: :gyarados: :haxorus: :tyranitar:
Calm Mind: :clefable: :sylveon:
Nasty Plot: :hydreigon: :rotom-heat: :rotom-mow: :rotom-wash: :togekiss:
Bulk Up: :Corviknight: :Conkeldurr: :grimmsnarl: :hawlucha:
Other: (:butterfree:) (Quiver Dance) :cloyster: (Shell Smash) :ferrothorn: :snorlax: (Curse) :snorlax:(:eiscue:) (Belly Drum) :glalie: (Moody) :toxtricity: (Shift Gear)

Max Airstream: :charizard: :corviknight: :diggersby: :dracozolt: :dragapult: :gyarados: :togekiss:(:Inteleon:)

Patch Notes:

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Is the cutoff for the niche brackets B- or C? Inteleon is getting brackets despite being B-, while Arcanine is not getting brackets while being in the same tier.

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