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In the first thread of this pre-evolution process, we discussed some of the overall ideas that we need to focus on for Syclar, the pre-evolution of Syclant. At the end, I threw out some thoughts that are necessary to consider for the future of Syclar. Please read through that post you you understand where I'm coming from in the following threads. Thanks!

Hiya! Welcome to the second-to-last voting stage of our CAP Gen4 pre-evo process for Syclar. Recall that Syclar is the pre-evolution of Syclant, so make sure you know your information by reviewing that page. We also discussed a bit of Syclar's flavor in the Syclar Overview thread, so you might want to brush up on that. Also, it'd be great if you'd look at Scylant's Pokedex Entries that were created a few years ago. From what I've gathered from that thread, poll options 3, 5, and 6 won. Use those flavor points to help you make an informed vote.

Note that I made a few minor edits to the selections I slated. Gen4 Pokedex entries capitalize the name of the Pokemon they are referring to within the entry. I also talked with Pwnemon on IRC and we agreed to lower the number on his entry. Other than that, this should be straight forward!

Recall that this poll operates on IRV voting, the details of which are outlined here. This means that you can upvote your favorite ability and downvote your least favorite. Be aware that order does matter in your votes! The first line is your favorite, the last line is your least favorite. Make sure you vote properly. Make sure that you bold your votes and nothing else! A typical vote might look like the following:
Most Preferred
Second Most Preferred
Least Preferred

Any comments that the voter has would go below the votes in non-bold text. Bold text is used to determine what the user's votes are, so none of the supplementary text should be in bold.
Please post only your votes in this thread. Do not respond to other posts, or your posts will be moderated and you warned. If you feel compelled to say something in your own vote, you may still do so, but don't try to incite a discussion. Keep discussion to #cap.

Here's the slate I chose.

You can read the full entries by clicking on the above links. You can also check them out in the hide tags below:

Syclar, the Ice Ant Pokemon.

Diamond: SYCLAR huddle together with their soft underbellies touching so that their hard shells face outward for protection.

Pearl: Though SYCLAR's icy claws may be short, they are nearly as hard as diamonds. However, they are used only as a last line of defense when attacked.

Platinum: According to legend, SYCLAR do not hatch from eggs, but rather emerge fully grown from within the frozen walls of their caves.
Syclar, the Scurrying Pokémon

Diamond: SYCLAR fling themselves into blizzards, using their fledgling wings to glide with gusts.

Pearl: Its abdomen wriggles as it walks. In snow, this conceals tracks that would otherwise alert predators.

Platinum: To exercise its juvenile wings, it seeks out blizzards and rides with the wind.
Syclar: Snow Beetle Pokemon

Diamond: Small groups of SYCLAR live in small burrows. Any minor depression in the snow is liable to be a SYCLAR den.

Pearl: When SYCLAR are frightened, they disappear into the snow. If cornered, they use their claws and teeth to attack and escape.

Platinum: When SYCLAR get nearly strong enough to evolve, they become very aggresive. It is not unusual for these SYCLAR to attack anything that moves.
Syclar: the Snow Bug Pokemon

Diamond: The ice in its abdomen is not simply water; it is a special mixture of juices that keeps its body temperature below freezing at all times.

Pearl: Its main defense is burrowing in the snow, hiding from predators it cannot outrun through the craggy mountains.

Platinum: It is estimated that a batch of eggs contains as many as 20,000 young, but due to fierce predators and scarcity of edible plants, it is rare for more than one to survive to adulthood.
Syclar, the Icicle Pokémon.
Diamond: SYCLAR typically live at the feet of tall, snow-capped mountains. From the day they hatch, they aspire to someday scale the tallest of peaks.

Pearl: SYCLAR celebrate the onset of winter by coming out of their summer burrows and using their small, sharp claws to skate on the fresh river ice.

Platinum: Riding the gusts of blizzards, a swarm of SYCLAR is doubly harmful to even the hardiest of crops; they eat whatever plant matter the cold winds and snow leave untouched.

This poll has 24 hours remaining. Get voting, you hooligans.

What we have so far:

Name: Syclar
Type: Ice / Bug
Abilities: Compoundeyes / Snow Cloak
Stats: 40 HP / 76 Atk / 45 Def / 74 SpA / 39 SpD / 91 Spe
Level Up
Level	Move
0	Fury Attack
0	Leer
5	Leech Life
8	Ice Shard
13	Focus Energy
18	Icy Wind
23	X-Scissor
28	Hail
35	Bug Buzz
42	Ice Beam
49	Sheer Cold

Evolve at Level 30 -> Ice Punch
Bug Bite
Earth Power
Fury Cutter
Icy Wind
String Shot
TM List
TM	Move
TM03	Water Pulse
TM06	Toxic
TM07	Hail
TM10	Hidden Power
TM12	Taunt
TM13	Ice Beam
TM14	Blizzard
TM17	Protect
TM21	Frustration
TM27	Return
TM32	Double Team
TM42	Facade
TM43	Secret Power
TM44	Rest
TM45	Attract
TM54	False Swipe
TM56	Fling
TM58	Endure
TM62	Silver Wind
TM72	Avalanche
TM75	Swords Dance
TM78	Captivate
TM81	X-Scissor
TM82	Sleep Talk
TM83	Natural Gift
TM87	Swagger
TM89	U-turn
TM90	Substitute

HM01 Cut
EGG Moves
Earth Power
Pin Missile
Tail Glow

I almost voted pwnemon before I remembered I was running. heh. The slush sac survives!


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[pwnemon] => 3
[specsx] => 4
[ravensnation] => 8
There was a supermajority decided here, so Ravensnation wins! Now all we're waiting on is the Art Submissions thread to finish up their work.
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