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to a mod pls check this out - failatgta has posted shit

Well this is an odd cause. I was battling with dueed from xat and he disconnected, although he was winning. Im not sure but I think it was 3-1 at the time. He left the chat earlier on in the battle so I made a new request for him. Luckily, I saved the chat from before and here it is:

<dueed from xat> hi
<dueed from xat> 1min
<dueed from xat> i need to change my team
<FailAtGTA> I need to start up my DS so its all good
<dueed from xat> kk
<dueed from xat> saving ur fc
<FailAtGTA> Kk going in
<dueed from xat> me too
<FailAtGTA> Im in and Ill host
<dueed from xat> kk
<FailAtGTA> Talk to me when you're in
<dueed from xat> ik
<dueed from xat> in the middle of the battle i may have to leave but i will still be batteling ok?
<FailAtGTA> As long as you dont disconnect
<dueed from xat> i wont
<FailAtGTA> I have low tolerance for people who disconnect
<dueed from xat> dont worry
<dueed from xat> nah not like that
<dueed from xat> only to hackers
<dueed from xat> i only dc to hackers
<FailAtGTA> Well to be safe, I always save the friend code :P
<dueed from xat> ha ha ha
<dueed from xat> oh man
<FailAtGTA> I forgot to switch the item on my Darkrai
<dueed from xat> wat is ur item?
<FailAtGTA> I think hes holding a Life Orb so Im dead anyway
<dueed from xat> oh life orb is cool
<FailAtGTA> Usually I can 6-0 with him
<dueed from xat> i am defensive raquaza
<dueed from xat> and i survived with 23 hp
<FailAtGTA> By the looks of it, yours is offensive
<FailAtGTA> Unless you put 252 in attack and sp def, its not very legit
<dueed from xat> no full atk and defense
<dueed from xat> but i like it with defense
<FailAtGTA> Thats not really a good Rayquaza set
<dueed from xat> y not?
<FailAtGTA> Defensive Rayquaza just isnt good
<dueed from xat> misclick
<dueed from xat> i was supposed to use draco meteor
<FailAtGTA> Legit shiny Mewtwo ^_^
<dueed from xat> cool
<dueed from xat> wtf u survived
<FailAtGTA> Mhmm
<FailAtGTA> Im guessing your Darkrai wasnt trained correctly
<FailAtGTA> Usually I die in 1 ht
<FailAtGTA> hit*
<dueed from xat> hmm
<dueed from xat> 12hp
<dueed from xat> he he he
<FailAtGTA> Not sure how that did nothing -.-
<dueed from xat> full sp def
<dueed from xat> and hp
<FailAtGTA> You choose bad sets >.>
<dueed from xat> and it is not stab
<FailAtGTA> Thunder is powerful, no matter what
<dueed from xat> ya ya
<dueed from xat> darkrai ftw
Your opponent disconnected.

Heres his FC: 4813 9355 1625

In the chat, he even admits to disconnecting to people.

this ass hole is cheating all of u i have batteled so many of u and this is the first complain and the thing is he dc'd and i kept telling him y u dc abt 100 times and u know wat he did .he did not reply... so i left the chat. and he does not post the other half of the chat only trhe first half..so wat am i supposed to do . pls help me

Dueed, why would I disconnect when I even tell you I have low tolerance for disconnecters. Also, dont you think this is a majorly late reaction? Our battle was almost a week ago...

You left the chat early in the battle so I made a new request for you to join. You NEVER joined then you disconnected from the battle a few minutes later. Since you disconnected from the chat, how is it possible that you tried to ask me 100 times why I apparently disconnected? There was no posts on my wall. I didnt get a single private message. Think logically before you try to lie.
illegal ev's

his jolteon outspeeds my scarfed heatran my heatram spd 224 and jolt eons max speed is 394 he had life orb so it wasn't faster
reporting IgoBOOM
Opponent's FC: 2194 2065 1557 (BW)
Ruleset: BW OU (NO DC!)

Look at the rules No DC! but he DC when my Jolteon sweeps sigh...
disconnector piranah69

Piranah69. 0733 9763 2108 disconnected because i burned his glisor before it could poison it self
Piranha69 DC'ed after I was about to sweep his entire team with a nasty celebi (which i lead with). I set up one nasty plot and swept his entire team except his scizor which was at half health and about to take a plus 2 hp fire in the rain. The kid is obviously a noob at the game so I wouldn't be to harsh.
PKcod1997 FC: 0390 0479 7040 Disconnector

<PKcod1997> im going in
<Angryman> me too
<PKcod1997> you gonna join
<Angryman> im in
<Angryman> i dont c u
<Angryman> ill rc
<PKcod1997> i see you
<PKcod1997> ok
<PKcod1997> see me
<PKcod1997> lets go
<Angryman> do a friggin move man its been 10m min
<Angryman> y u dc asshole
<PKcod1997> get off my balls man its a pokemon battle
<Angryman> Opponent's FC: 0390 0479 7040 (BW)
<Angryman> so take the loss assholw its just a game
Angryman doesnt know when to shut his mouth, he talk so big event though in real life he's a little prik who plays pokemon all day. So watch out if you battle Angryman because profanity is certainly going to occur.
Angryman doesnt know when to shut his mouth, he talk so big event though in real life he's a little prik who plays pokemon all day. So watch out if you battle Angryman because profanity is certainly going to occur.
i wish he stayed for the rest of the match he got fustrated because he couldnt kill my gliscor i would like a rematch for fun
i wish he stayed for the rest of the match he got fustrated because he couldnt kill my gliscor i would like a rematch for fun
he writes on my wall and asks why did i dc the nerve he has he disconnected because he couldnt kill my gliscor grow up ANGRYMAN idont care if i lose
I'd like to report SotingKorea64, he dc'ed apparently for no reason, but then re-checking the match, he was losing, and didn't even bother to say what happened
FC: 0733 9763 2108 (BW)

I'd like to report PiranhaFire69. He dc'd when he was loosing 4-2 and one of his Pokemon was asleep. Here's the chatlog:

<PiranhaFire69> hi
<JoeyH> hi
<PiranhaFire69> GoinG in
<JoeyH> Swagger?
<PiranhaFire69> yes
<JoeyH> hax,,,
<JoeyH> shofu too much?
<JoeyH> fuck!
<PiranhaFire69> PWND
<JoeyH> by hax
<JoeyH> JUSTICE!!!
<PiranhaFire69> TRY TO COPY shofu's SWAG EH?
<JoeyH> more justice!
Your opponent ended the battle.

After the DC happened, I tried to talk it with him, responding to his following requests on the Wi-Fi Battle Finder (Said request's names were bashing me) and sending him a PM, but he kept ignoring me.

Expert Evan

every battle has a smell!
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Finally, one new blacklistee after a sea of red warning flags galore. If you don't understand what the fuck I'm talking about or claiming I am giving you pointless messages, please read the quote below which comes from lead post:
Welcome to the Wi-fi Battles Blacklist.

This is the new home for reporting troublemakers in wi-fi battles. Serial disconnectors and hackers should be reported here.

There are some rules for this thread though.

If you have something to say, fine. Just make sure it contributes somewhat. We do not want your opinion or take on the matter or your side in it. We do not care if you think a user needs to be banned, this is our decision. Do not minimod, do not spam. YOU WILL RECEIVE A WARNING.

Don't be so quick to report people. Talk it out with the other party first to see if it is a miscommunication, or if the other person is just an asshole. In the latter case, you should report them to us.

Don't report people who are already on the Battle subforum blacklist. They have already proven themselves worthy for the blacklist and do not need to be added again. You should be up to date with this thread so that you can simply choose not to battle someone on this list.

Don't simply report people without giving details. If this is a disconnect or battle hack accusation, tell us what you did to try to resolve this with the other party. Leaving this out will net you a warning!

When providing details, please do us a favor and also provide us with the member's current username, link to their profile and the friend code used at the time of wifi connection. That is a MUST! Providing a log with CODE tags will be helpful as well. Missing information shall only be further ignored and more than likely to be warned, so don't be lazy.

New: for hacker accusation, save the battle video and upload to get a battle video (via GTS, not Youtube) if possible and report it here. If unable to, please describe the error received when attempting to upload. Failure to attempt this shall only be further ignored as well.

And remember foremost that you trade and battle at your own risk.

We will do our best to keep this thread to date. Thanks.

Brought a mewtwo ,meloetta, latias, and jirachi to a uu match, all had illigal moves, like latias with eruption and rachi with seering shot. everyone of his pokes had wonder gaurd :/
I'd like to report Revengeboys for disconnecting during a match. I can tell it was intentional because he kept complaining about my Kingdra sweep and abruptly disconnected communication from both his DS and the battle chat.

His FC: 1335 1234 4746
Hello I was battling with Mammon and I noticed something odd. His Wigglytuff avoided my Dragon Claw twice in a row. I was curious about his item and he wouldnt answer for a while. He later revealed that he has Brightpowder. Heres the important part of the chat log:

<Mammon> lol i think i lost
<Mammon> xD
<FailAtGTA> Maybe
<FailAtGTA> ...
<FailAtGTA> Do you have an evasion item or something?
<Mammon> How does it feel to have a rayquaza die to wigglytuff?
<Mammon> xDD
<FailAtGTA> Well when it avoids Dragon Claw twice, its absolute bullshit
<FailAtGTA> I dont trust your item
<FailAtGTA> What item is it?
<Mammon> nah, wiggly is just lucky ;DDD
<FailAtGTA> Avoiding 3 attacks in a row is very suspicious
<Mammon> meh
<FailAtGTA> Tell me the item
<Mammon> just brightpowder
<Mammon> lol
<FailAtGTA> ...
<FailAtGTA> Thats an illegal item...
<Mammon> pshh lol why are you so scared of an NU pokemon
<FailAtGTA> You're using an illegal item

His FC is: 0347 3221 7784
I want too report ChoppedAndScrewed he dc'ed on me because I was using Calm mind on my Alakazam then went tell everyone that i Dc'ed on him . This is the Chat.

Me>Nice pokemon
Him>Wtf you are annoying b****
Him>F*** you

Then he left and went tell everyone I dc'ed on him and he said Epic Snoogie is a dc st he dc ed on me when I sweep his team too his last. But I had four pokemon he had too and Alakazam was still out and he dc ed on me which I don't think is fair because I'm getting called a dcing noob he's the join he just joined and dc ed on everyone
Just had a great UU battle against a decent player (DrakeCPKMN). I swept near the end with Choice Scarf'd Heracross. When he realized this appending loss to Cross locked on Close Combat since he only had Empoleon & Clefable left, he D/C'd, said nothing and then left the forums afterwards. Now I normally would not complain about users D/Cing on me although it is a constant thing that has been happening to me lately, but I seldom have the time to accept battle requests only for the user to disconnect afterwards because I have work & school. So during my battle time, I would like to be able to record a match.

What's worse is that I was actually complimenting him on his strength during gameplay before I turned the tables on him (after I stayed in with Scarfed Heracross locked on Close Combat on his Zapdos at around 35% HP predicting the Sub) and swept the rest of his squad. Me saying "O wow" at the following picture is my reaction to him D/Cing after he only had Empoleon and Clefable left.

....then I go to check his profile to see what happened, but it was clear what took place after I visited his page as he was no longer online...

The username of my opponent is DrakeCPKMN
The friend code of said opponent is 1893 1651 9330
The link to his profile is http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=117033
DW294 (Disconnector)

Check out DW294. He disconnects because he does not like being 6-0'd. It shows really poor sportsmanship. Everyone has lost at some point or another.
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