Tattle Taler's Paradise (Wi-Fi Battles Blacklist as of May 1st, 2013)

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Battle Subforum Blacklist

addictus91 (FC: 4596 9317 5570)
Adeel7861: (FC: 2235 9860 0547) - used an extra defensive blissey in battle, etc.
ArmedFro: (FC: 1333 8927 4861)
CapnCrunch95: (FC: 1592 8597 0004)
Devil King: (FC: 1119 4996 4373) - used illegal hacks such as wonderguard sableye
Dro: (FC: 2666 3055 5360)
Ero.: (FC: 2621 9649 5519) - using legal hacks without informing opponent.
FRENZY (FC: 4682 9574 3113)
gabriel1994: (FC 1205 3888 9115) - used obviously hacked pokemon
Gerome795: (FC: 2192 9085 4430)
haryches (FC: 0301 7225 8017)
IZNOGUD: (White FC: 5071 3337 2099) - used illegal ability on milotic
jolteon rocks: (FC: 0475-0166-8899) - using hacked jolteon with earthquake & ice beam
Justin23 (FC: 1419 5102 3232)
kratoast: (FC: 3009 0596 8036) - using extremespeed blaziken
Lessthanthreettar: (5413 8226 0824)
Near D Mello: (FC: 4684*4458*8536) - used illegal hacks in battle.
Nub: (1591 0485 7810)
platinum fan: (FC: 0990 2420 7019) - used illegal hacks in battle, and disconnected too
ppftw (FC: 1762 6845 7409)
Ranqe (FC: 0516 3784 4975)
riversid: (FC: 1549 0025 2865) - using hacked pokemon without prior notice
shofu: (FC: 4340 7980 3574)
SilverTheBest: (FC: 4554 8441 0633)
SnackzTheGreat: (4th gen FC: 4685 0772 6768)
theharrysnorlax: (BW FC is 1807 1670 7459)
TheUberJ: (HGSS FC: 4599 0039 7929)
tlb31m: (4th gen FC: 0132 0664 3881, 5th gen FC: 3095 8852 9856)
too_talls (FC: 2492 2566 5270) - using legal hacks without informing opponent.
UnKnown7: (FC: 3567 6256 3344)
Waluigi3351 (0087 8763 1804)
War-lock: (BW FC: 3525 1493 7404)
Weavil123 - using hacks.
Wish Bone: (Pt FC: 4813 5872 0537; W FC: 2708 9111 3611) - used illegal hack
XxshedinjaXx: (FC: 2407 7553 5647)

Addictus91 (FC: 4596 9317 5570)
airxrizz: (FC: 0603 8452 6510)
Aldieb: (FC: 0560 9867 6724)
aleiex: (FC: 0304 4303 4151)
armeen13 (FC: 0604 3592 8308)
Ashley Reynolds: (FC: 0776 6259 6610)
astropimp: (FC: 0647 9514 6162)
Away (FC: 0475 4019 1370)
Awmgnoob: (FC: 1118 2152 8612; 1462 7358 2651)
boratlikebali: (fc 0089-2614-0252)
BuBBleGumBoi: (FC: 1506 5896 3425)
burns 1583: (FC: 1676 9136 4815)
CDRE Vezon Dash: (FC: 5458 5186 0638)
Celesteial: PLAT FC: 2149 7747 0636
ChampionOfCarter: (FC: 1550 0405 8830)
Chompinet: (FC: 3008 8131 5064)
claw: (FC: 1979 3219 3400)
cleibsonxavier: (FC: 4856 6290 7377)
CrackerOfCheese: (FC:3953 9637 7521)
cvalera12: (FC: 0819 3376 4772)
Cyber Mewtwo (James FC: 1117 6767 7515)
DaBlackFili / xHolyFlameZ: (FC: 0347 1851 7264)
dashparr7: (FC: 4984 7118 2415)
DrakeCPKMN: (FC: 1893 1651 9330)
Eazy Beast: (FC: 0518 6656 4321)
ehkay47: (FC: 0431-7622-4088)
elekid26: (FC: 3052 9030 0982)
Ero.: (FC: 2621 9649 5519) - using legal hacks without informing opponent.
Ettenom: (FC: 2579-6175-5309)
fast900: (FC: 0819 5351 7245)
fatalfate: (FC: 2881 2223 2482)
FC: 0603 4602 7138: (FC: 0603 4602 7138)
Frango: (FC: 2194 1552 4190 (BW))
Fuh: (FC:5114 7456 9931)
flingo3000: (FC: 4469 0104 5781)
GanjaMan: (FC: 0733-7215-0001)
gr8astard (FC: 3052-6887-5433)
GraffikMonkey: (FC: 2623 5340 3351)
Griffwinski: (FC: 1334 4459 3035)
hades666: (FC: 4083 9355 6834)
Harvesters (FC:)
Hayzeus (also goes as YankeeSprinter) FCs: 2732 3355 4273 and 2792 9386 2277
HookemHorns: (FC: 2666 5992 3835)
Icey The King Of ice: (FC: 1205 8117 0767)
iDragz: (FC: 1205 9773 5427)
itchyFetch: (FC: 4427 6179 4972)
jacob x: (FC: 2537 6465 1527)
jackinthebox1210: (FC: 0647 0517 5782)
jaycee666: (FC: 1979 2466 2445)
jpdagon: (FC: 4255 7567 4906)
jle1076: (FC: 4512 4146 3000)
JoshBundy (FC: 3954 0266 6062)
JUSTFORFUN14: (FC: 4298 7749 9885 (BW))
Kloud / Kecleon / Slowbro Master / Donutt / Plush: (FC: 1847 8916 0032)
kelso (FC: 1160 6555 9980)
kevinman7u (FC: 3609 7624 7668) Disconnects and uses hacked Pokemon
Kirnockerbam: (FC: 3010 2099 5202)
kurosakiichigo2376: (FC: 5457 1766 6010)
lasertag: (FC: 3353 3845 4813)
Lizard: (FC: 1504 7075 2144)
lKerubin: (FC: 3912 2971 6519 (BW) )
Lord Zero: (FC: 2150 7465 5992)
Luigifan1234: (Fc: 0132 4687 8154)
Malkariss: (B/W fc 2021 8946 0334)
MasterFlames: (FC: 2022 2259 8576)
Maton (FC: 2320 5689 4858)
Metal x Soldier: (FC: 4126 1027 9927)
mishka123: (FC: 1807 7322 6948)
mjazar12: (FC: 2752 6433 8310 (BW))
MojoMonke: (FC: 3482 5651 4552)
Monkeywithaids: (FC: 0819 1642 9911)
MrJames: (FC: 3137 6119 3179)
MrJSundae: (FC: 0175 4818 9160)
mrmet620: (FC: 1077 1637 0098)
Mrmizz: (HGSS Friend Code: 2150 4489 0870 Black fc: 3482 3554 3112)
mudkipz94: 4425 7737 6082, 4768 4551 1923
noeliste: (FC: 0947 3312 3808) [formerly Cristiano95]
NSAN3 Pikachu: (FC: 0647 9514 6162)
Nutboy: (FC: 3139 1333 8024)
oscarolanivor: (FC: ??)
PiranhaFire69: (FC: 0733 9763 2108 (BW))
poke king: (FC: 5371 3141 8515)
pokemon7898: (FC: 3783 3779 2352)
psykeii: (FCs:1505 4929 2117, 3738 8511 1911)
Rafu333: (FC: 4169 9452 6849)
RawVintage: (FC: 3096-1084-4519)
Reaf: (Easy to change, go by username)
regen1: (FC: 3395 5436 2538)
RichieK13: (FC: 1335 2609 9796 (BW))
SanjithePain: (FC: 1720 6533 8591)
Scylla/PE / Kioryaz: (FC: 0604 3317 5197)
SdFr: (FC: 0389 7517 7235)
Seurun: (2150 0554 8836, 1333 4422 3011)
Skillie23: (FC: 5285 7181 0424)
Skyline of Hannover (FC: 5155 0495 9170)
SnackzTheGreat: (FC: 4083 9109 8864)
snorlax1: (FC: 2108 3132 7645 (BW))
snowclaw1234: (B/W FC: 4255-4705-1806)
Socko: (FC: 0861 5963 3997)
VEC GUIDO / PwB Strider / VCBOB / Sumthing (FC: 1461 8636 3788) and (FC: 2535 5609 7593) and (FC: 2149 6185 0057)
TheGrimVeztige: (b/w fc : 2494 5837 9984)
Thescrafty: (FC: 5329 2106 2691)
thickrick66: (FC: 1936 4700 7264 (BW))
Ultima Trainer Flare (FC: 0645 2263 3106)
urisan14: (FC: 5458 4011 9224)
Vince$: (FC: 4941 1345 2206) Also violates Sleep Clause
Wi-Fi Battler: (FC: 3481 6927 6332)
Womantine: (FC: 1677 6419 0132)
wowzer: (FC: 0304 5686 9832)
xfearlezzx: (FC: 5457 2830 7475)
xPiper: (Black/White FC: 3911 9631 5793)
XxdragontamerxX: (b/w FC: 1248 8763 5465 hg/ss FC: 3181 6673 6586)
yacine661: (FC: 2709 3522 1360)
Yanga: (FC:2794 2675 7797)
Zsolstice3-: (FC: 1634 2545 6580)
Pokelolers: 2108 3132 7645
Hello .. User is disconnected Pokelolers of fighting is seen in derota .. besides I was insulting in the chat ...
hi <Pokelolers>
hi <EduardoFR>
<EduardoFR> :)
Entering <EduardoFR>
Im going in <Pokelolers>
<Pokelolers> Where r u?
<EduardoFR> Mexico
<Pokelolers> Pokemon not in the room
rc <Pokelolers>
Your connection is failing <EduardoFR>
Entering <EduardoFR>
<Pokelolers> Is not yours
<EduardoFR> Where are you from?
Their damn mexicans <Pokelolers> lowriders cramming full of free healthcare and shooting the jobs
yes <EduardoFR>
<EduardoFR> :)
<Pokelolers> Do not smile thats stealing happiness from americas \
<EduardoFR> Good luck
Also <Pokelolers> kyurem is borderline
<Pokelolers> I dont need luck i have your money
<Pokelolers> Hey answer me you dirty mexican
Btw im joking
I'm battling TheFlameKing literally right now, and I'm winning. He won't make a move. He hasn't disconnected, but he's leaving the game on and trying to force me to DC. My brother and friend have had connection problems with him, too, where he claims we DC'd but we didn't. We don't. Ever.

Anyway, TheFlameKing is trying to frame me and possibly others for a DC. He ended our chat and won't re-chat me. Put him on the list.

EDIT: Someone else has experienced the same problem where TheFlameKing just does not go. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaW_OYRAmWw.
I was just battling burning inpact and I was destroying him (full entry hazards, etc.) and he DC'd on me when he had 2 Pokemon left weak to my Magnezone. Here's his FC: 0175 3737 2085
crma8787 disconnected on me.
<crma878787> hi
<JoshuaMunoz> heyy
<JoshuaMunoz> just testing a new team
<crma878787> ok
<crma878787> going in
<JoshuaMunoz> me too
<JoshuaMunoz> im in
<JoshuaMunoz> :(
<JoshuaMunoz> why?
<JoshuaMunoz> ??
<JoshuaMunoz> why did you d/c?

She/he wont answer, its been 10 minutes now. Her Ingame name is crma87
Hello and Im back with another disconnecter. ItzBroken2 was making horrible predictions throughout the entire battle (except hp ice against my Groudon switch-in) so he was probably extremely frustrated. I also got so much hax against him at the start of the battle. When he disconnected from the battle and the chat less than a second apart, making it extremely clear that it was an intentional disconnect. I was going to send him a message but he was offline. I read a post on his wall calling him a disconnecter, furthering my belief that it was purely intentional. Here is the chat log:

<ItzBroken2> sup
<FailAtGTA> Hey
<FailAtGTA> I really want BW2 to come out in North America very soon lol
<ItzBroken2> lol me too
<FailAtGTA> I have a 3DS so I cant play the japanese version
<FailAtGTA> BK and WK are very strong X_X
<FailAtGTA> But due to their typing they might be in OU
<ItzBroken2> i dont think so lol
<FailAtGTA> Ice is a horrible type to have
<ItzBroken2> but did you see there base attack lol
<FailAtGTA> Well, defensivly
<FailAtGTA> Yeah
<FailAtGTA> BK has 170 in attack and WK has 170 in special attack
<FailAtGTA> They have the second highest stats
<ItzBroken2> one hit from them and its over lol
<FailAtGTA> Haha no kidding
<FailAtGTA> Dragon/Ice covers almost everything in Ubers
<ItzBroken2> which one do you think is better R4 or an acekard?
<ItzBroken2> getting one soon cant decide
<FailAtGTA> I dont have either bu I hear good things about R4 from my friend Zac
<FailAtGTA> but*
<FailAtGTA> For some reason I expected Twave but forgot about Prankster >.<
<FailAtGTA> This works though
<FailAtGTA> Shaymin is actually my counter to Forretress but I have to rely on hax
<FailAtGTA> I dont have all day to wait for you to make turns >.>
<FailAtGTA> Obvious Protect is obvious ^_^
<FailAtGTA> You know Excadrill is supposed to be on sand teams right?
Your opponent disconnected.

His FC is: 2322 5830 9134
Kagarin243 is a dcer

after a tonne of rounds with vaporeons shooting scalds at each other, he switches out into flygon as i use wish
and i wish pass to my scizor as he earthquakes only for him to get destroyed by a u-turn into a levitate hydreigon adn he dies off to poison damage
instead of finishing the battle by hitting the run battle, he disconnects as hes only left with a vaporeon

remaining pokemon
my team: near dead hydreigon, half hp sciazor, full hp vaporeon
his team: full hp vaporeon

his name and fc are
Kagarin243: 0433 2525 2277

and ive asked for what happened for over 20 mins now

<Kagarin243> it was my first time using pokegen
<Hopeless> migth woork out
<Hopeless> be sure to cheeck after you save =P
<Hopeless> cause ivs might be screwed up too
<Hopeless> I HATE DRACO
<Hopeless> nice
<Hopeless> run away'
<Hopeless> well
<Hopeless> why did you dc?
<Hopeless> before i report this
Ignore what I had here before.

Hello, I would like to report emperoremboar for using unreleased Dream World abilities without informing me before the battle. I first noticed it when his Mewtwo has Unnerve instead of pressure. Theres not much more I can add to this as he remained silent throughout the entire chat.

His FC is: 3783 4233 6835

EDIT: He now requests battles saying he using unreleased Dream World abilities.
I was battling with ParadoxKillah (his FC : 4642 1053 9068) and i think he dc when he was losing the battle (he's last pokemon Nattorei was almost dead and i had my Whimsicott HP Fire and my Conkeldurr (paralysed but with Guts and mach punch)).

He was "winning" the battle at the beginning and the middle but i win it at the end, i think this is why he dc.

I hope that i'm understandable ^^ (i'm not an english or american guy).
Welcome to the Wi-fi Battles Blacklist.

This is the new home for reporting troublemakers in wi-fi battles. Serial disconnectors and hackers should be reported here.

There are some rules for this thread though.

If you have something to say, fine. Just make sure it contributes somewhat. We do not want your opinion or take on the matter or your side in it. We do not care if you think a user needs to be banned, this is our decision. Do not minimod, do not spam. YOU WILL RECEIVE A WARNING.

Don't be so quick to report people. Talk it out with the other party first to see if it is a miscommunication, or if the other person is just an asshole. In the latter case, you should report them to us.

Don't report people who are already on the Battle subforum blacklist. They have already proven themselves worthy for the blacklist and do not need to be added again. You should be up to date with this thread so that you can simply choose not to battle someone on this list.

Don't simply report people without giving details. If this is a disconnect or battle hack accusation, tell us what you did to try to resolve this with the other party. Leaving this out will net you a warning!

When providing details, please do us a favor and also provide us with the member's current username, link to their profile and the friend code used at the time of wifi connection. That is a MUST! Providing a log with CODE tags will be helpful as well. Missing information shall only be further ignored and more than likely to be warned, so don't be lazy.

New: for hacker accusation, save the battle video and upload to get a battle video (via GTS, not Youtube) if possible and report it here. If unable to, please describe the error received when attempting to upload. Failure to attempt this shall only be further ignored as well.

And remember foremost that you trade and battle at your own risk.

We will do our best to keep this thread to date. Thanks.
shuts off after he recives a loss
I like how you somehow missed the rules even though they're the first thing you see on this thread and ironically the post above you.
Not everyone has the time to read through the entire thread.

I'm only here to report people who disconnect, not have people attack me over a post i missed.
I would like to report Yourbroification (his FC : 5200 7677 9952), he clearly disconnects when he had only his Jellicent low HP and sleeping vs. my Conkeldurr burned with guts and Payback, and 3 others pokémon full life.

Here's the chat :

<Galley> hi
<Yourbroification> yo
<Galley> im adding you
<Yourbroification> okay
<Galley> no video please (youtube)
<Yourbroification> I dont have a acekard
<Yourbroification> pussy move
Your opponent ended the battle.
Not everyone has the time to read through the entire thread.

I'm only here to report people who disconnect, not have people attack me over a post i missed.
Its the first post in the thread though. If you dont read that, you should never post. When I post on this thread, I read all the recent posts just to make sure I dont battle the person whos being reported or the person who is reporting.
disconnecting cheater

i dont know if i much about cheating but im pretty sure this qualifies: This guy named Bob64 is cheating by disconnecting whenever he starts to lose and then says its an accident. i believed him at first, he said he had to do something real quick so he disconnected and came back five seconds later. when i asked him why he disconnected, he responded with "I dunno". Then it happened a second time and then a third time and i finally just said, "What the heck, what are u doing" (and of course this was all occuring just before he was about to lose). Then he just ended the battle. His profile link is http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=147009
I'm here to report TheRedNinja71 i was about to use spore on his Landorus with my Amounguss and suddenly a random disconnect happens out of thin air....

FC: 0476 3522 5731 (BW)
Hello, I would like to report Youngster Joey for disconnecting. It was a fairly slow battle due to him taking nearly 2 minutes every turn. It was a fairly even battle but I guess he though I was going to win. He left the chat very early in the battle. Here is the chat log:

<FailAtGTA> Hey
<Youngster Joey> Hello :)
<FailAtGTA> I think we battled before
<Youngster Joey> Yes we have
<FailAtGTA> Like a long time ago
<FailAtGTA> Im in and hosting
<Youngster Joey> Ok
<FailAtGTA> Im testing a new team
<FailAtGTA> So far I won /
<FailAtGTA> Whoops
<FailAtGTA> I won 5/5
<FailAtGTA> Good luck
<Youngster Joey> Cool, I'm 1 0 today :)
<Youngster Joey> You too :)
<FailAtGTA> You might want to make that 1-1 ;)
<Youngster Joey> Should I run now? :)
<FailAtGTA> Maybe :p
<FailAtGTA> I knew you would switch to Blissey but I used the wrong move
<Youngster Joey> I got that exact same crit yesterday
<FailAtGTA> You got the first hax of the battle which usually means Ill get hax at the end and win :P
<FailAtGTA> Dont take too long between turns
<FailAtGTA> Makes the battles more boring
<FailAtGTA> Gg Blissey :P
<Youngster Joey> Sorry I keep daydreaming
<FailAtGTA> Seriously, Im dying of boredom whilw waiting
Your opponent disconnected.

His FC is: 3224 7523 9402
Username: powerman
FC: 1249 3680 1381
Brought a Staraptor to UU then disconnected and never came back. He didn't leave the chat. I assume he was waiting to frame me.

<powerman> hey'
<Carter0108> hi
<powerman> going in
<Carter0108> Staraptor isn't UU
<powerman> its borederline
<Carter0108> exactly
<Carter0108> so banned from uu
<Carter0108> wow d/c
<Carter0108> Are you coming back?
<Carter0108> Hello?
Report another d/c. Username: Trainer White.
I had 6 curses up with snorlax and was sweeping team and then they d/ced.
Also brought Mew to UU but i didn't mind as it's only a recent move up to OU.
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