Tattle Taler's Paradise (Wi-Fi Battles Blacklist as of May 1st, 2013)

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From what I can see from your VMs with your first opponent, you've given your opponent less than four minutes to respond to your accusation.

Reporting people here is a last straw measure. Don't jump to conclusions, give your opponent time to clear things up. Have a conversation with him. Try to see if this wasn't a misunderstanding.
Everytime I go to their visitor message section, it says they're offline. If you really think I should wait a day before reporting them, I guess I could do that. Maybe Ill make my own lists of disconnecters, which I can surely keep up to date, but posting here is better as it really benefits many other players who do check the list before each battle, such as myself. I only report if they disconnect later on in the game under circumstances that make it pretty obvious that they are indeed a disconnecter.

Note: 69th post.


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Everytime I go to their visitor message section, it says they're offline. If you really think I should wait a day before reporting them, I guess I could do that. Maybe Ill make my own lists of disconnecters, which I can surely keep up to date, but posting here is better as it really benefits many other players who do check the list before each battle, such as myself. I only report if they disconnect later on in the game under circumstances that make it pretty obvious that they are indeed a disconnecter.

Note: 69th post.
It's not so much the waiting time that's an issue, it's the fact you haven't given the user a chance to defend themselves. If they log back on and never reply to your accusation, report them saying they disconnected on you and ignored your attempts to talk it out. What we're trying to avoid is here is wrongfully blacklisting users. Don't post here making a blacklist accusation unless you've tried clearing things up with the users.
The user Bronztops Disconeccted

Username of alleged disconnector / hacker: Bronztops
Link to user profile: http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=153851

Friend Code: 5244 0145 4428 (BW)

He first disconeccted from the chat when he had two pokemon left, just to be sweeped by a +2/+2 terrakion, and then whe i defeated his last poke, he just DC the game, i just checked his profile and it wasn't the first time he does that.
i was battling CaptainKidd in a mixed tier battle where i specifically stated the rules as "BW2 Mixed Tier (3 OU or below 3 UU or below)".

First off he brought 4 ou pokemon (politoed, breloom, jolteon and vaporeon). he also had a kingdra which probably had swiftswim although i won the weather war before he used it and his final pokemon was honchcrow. I beat everything except his jolteon who had about 1/8 of its health and was switching moves so it had no choice scarf. i had both my technician hitmontop (who has both fake out and mach punch) as well as a choice scarf charizard in the sun, both of which can outspeed and K0 it with one move. both of my remaining pokemon had full health. he disconnected right as i was sending in hitmontop. he first broke the rules and then dced when there was no possible way for him to win.

I tried hosting a battle with the ruleset that said captainkidd talk to me and waited several minutes to get a hold of him so i could ask why he dcedbut he did nothing. I also vmed him but he was offline and did not reply. here is our conversation:
<Immortal> hi
<CaptainKidd> Ciao
<CaptainKidd> ive been having issues using wifi today
<CaptainKidd> hope nothing happens
<Immortal> alright
<Immortal> im in
<CaptainKidd> w8 a sec
<CaptainKidd> im in
<CaptainKidd> i dont see you :(
<Immortal> im talking to you
<Immortal> i was in for a while tho, lets rc
<CaptainKidd> lol im just walking around
<CaptainKidd> ok
<CaptainKidd> wait some person is contacing me
<Immortal> oh well
<CaptainKidd> i cant cancel
<CaptainKidd> nope i left
<Immortal> ok
<Immortal> im hosting now
<CaptainKidd> ok
<CaptainKidd> alright
<CaptainKidd> LETS GO
<Immortal> you have 4 ou pokemon
<Immortal> and drizzle and swiftswim are banned together in every tier
<CaptainKidd> Except OU
<CaptainKidd> i mean uber
<Immortal> oh well this isnt uber
<Immortal> whatever
<Immortal> lmfao
Your opponent disconnected.
<Immortal> u dcing
he said he had connection issues but we had no trouble connecting to battle and i think it was pretty convenient that he disconnected right as he was about to lose. here is the link to his profile http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=167162 and the friend code is 1421 4901 3651 but he was using a different one when i battled him that i forgot to get.
Opponent's FC: 4256 1425 0989 (BW)
Ruleset: Bw2 ubers

End Battle | Report Incident

<Dualshock> Y uDC
<Dualshock> U coild
<Dualshock> U could of have ran
<Championmarx> because I don't fell like clicking run
<Championmarx> to lazy
Your opponent ended the battle.

This is the chat log I had with Championmarx after our ubers battle.I had critted his Ferrothorn and latias in the first 3 moves of the game.

This is what he had to say about Disconnecting.

I would like to see him blacklisted,as he should be for be even admitted it himself

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Folks, you are getting lazy again. TheMantyke had provided a template. Please use it to better aid us or else face the red light consequences :pimp:
i was battling H3strikesagain in an OU battle. his fc is 3955 1213 2754

as i started winning the battle he ended chat, at the end his meinshao missed my charizard with stone edge and was then KOed by flamethrower. all he had left was a forretress where i still had a scarfed solar power charizard with the sun up, a full heath chlorophyll venusaur with hidden power fire and a 3/4 health adamant dragonite with fire punch. basically there was no possible way for his only remaining pokemon, forretress (4x weak to fire and slower than all of mine) to win and he dced before sending it out. here is our conversation

<Immortal> hi
<H3strikesagain> hey can we battle OU
<Immortal> i dont really have a full Ou team but fine
<H3strikesagain> im heading in gl hf
<Immortal> ok
<H3strikesagain> u in yet?
<Immortal> going in now
<Immortal> now i am
<Immortal> dont see u
<H3strikesagain> i see you
<Immortal> ima rc
<H3strikesagain> same
<Immortal> u can host
Your opponent disconnected.
i sent him a vm but he wasnt online and i waited a while but he still didnt reply so i decided to report him for dcing here is the link to his profile http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=167974
TheEpicFly vs zm61196

Your FC: 0819 5351 7245 (BW)
Opponent's FC: 1807 8257 6294 (BW)
Ruleset: BW OU

End Battle | Report Incident

<TheEpicFly> why the hell do you dc
<TheEpicFly> when you get two mach punch crits too
<zm61196> shit team, no point in letting the battle go on, or because fuck you thats why
Your opponent ended the battle.

So i was battling zm61196 and in the end i have a scarfed Landorus, a Gastrodon with leftovers and a Genesect with life orb. zm61196 had a Scizor and a Celebei left. Now because my Genesect isn't scarfed i could change moves; i used flamethrower on his scizor and it fainted. Right after that he dc's on me. He also gets two mach punch crits on my team as well, he got a mach punch crit to kill off my Dragonite, and my Infernape. I got no critical hits. zm61196 should be banned because he has disconnected from a live match.
The user NnoitraGilga Disconeccted and used a Hacked Illegal pokemon (Contrarian Serperior)

Username of alleged disconnector / hacker: NnoitraGilga
Link to user profile: http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=164015
Friend Code: 1077-8746-4115(BW)

When i found out that his Serperior was the contrarian one, i asked why and how he was using it, because it was an ilegal hack, he replied that it wasn't illegal, when i prove him wrong, he said that he didn't know and he didn't have time to check his legality (you know, lame excuses for hackers), and then he just insulted me and DC. I was winning, btw.


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Okay so, here's a summary of what we've done with the last blacklist reports.

  • MrMew72, we're working with a few programmers to see if we stop this kind of thing from happening
  • Championmarx and zm61196 have been blacklisted. Normally we would not accept these blacklist reports as neither of you gave us a link to the user's profile. However, since these two accusees looked especially malicious, we hunted it down for you this time. Don't expect us to be so generous next time.
  • Bronztops, CaptainKidd, and H3strikesagain have been added to the blacklist
  • Several posts on here have been infracted for not even trying to meet to the standards listed in the OP. Take not of the little red infraction cards, don't report someone like they have or you'll find yourself infracted too.
Hello, I would like to report the player Brant WGJ for disconnecting during our battle. I was walling his entire team with my Venusaur and he couldnt beat it. He sent out his Swellow and I put it to sleep. He said "you win", followed by an immediate disconnect from the battle and from the chat. This disconnect is clearly an intentional rage quit, not some sort of Wi-Fi error. Here is the chat log:

<FailAtGTA> Hey
<Brant WGJ> hi
<FailAtGTA> Going in
<Brant WGJ> k
<FailAtGTA> Im in and hosting
<FailAtGTA> Rc
<FailAtGTA> Ok Im back in and hosting again
<FailAtGTA> Good luck
<Brant WGJ> good luck
<FailAtGTA> Wow Im getting lucky with Sleep Powder
<Brant WGJ> you win
<FailAtGTA> :)
<FailAtGTA> Dont disconnect -.-
Your opponent ended the battle.

His FC is: 4685 5144 0861
Unfortunately i find myself having to report someone here once again. I was battling PirateKingLuffy in OU singles and would like to report him for dcing.
the link to his profile is http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=164357
his fc is 1679 1726 4262

i was using my sun team vs his rain team. His team consisted of Politoed, Breloom, Jirachi,Tentacuel ,Keldeo, slowbro. I was able to get the sun up by switching in my ninetales on his jirachi and forced a switch. he went to tentacruel so i switched to venusaur to either Ko it or set up. it used toxic spikes as i switched in. the next turn i went for a growth and was hit by an extremly low powered icebeam that did maybe 10%. My venusaur is modest nature, has chlorophyll 252 SpA and a life life orb. he switched in Jirachi as i used giga drain and i got a critical hit which put jirachi at around 1/3 hp. At this point he ended the battle chat and then disconnected. Im pretty not a single member of his team was capable of switching in and surviving a hit from either Hp fire for breloom and jirachi and giga drain for the others (all water types) and with sun up they were all outsped. i was already winning the weather war and he really didnt have much chance or winning the battle (since i was already able to burn and take out about a third of his politied's health as well as hurt and burn his tentacruel and grab a +2 boost on my venusaur) and he knew it so he pretty blatantly disconnected.

here is our conversation:
<Immortal> hey
<PirateKingLuffy> Hi
<Immortal> ou or mix?
<PirateKingLuffy> Ou
<Immortal> cool
<PirateKingLuffy> Adding u now
<Immortal> cool
<PirateKingLuffy> I'm in
<Immortal> oh lets rc
<Immortal> i dont see u
<PirateKingLuffy> K
<PirateKingLuffy> I'm in
<Immortal> ok me too, ill host
Your opponent ended the battle.
we didnt say much but as soon as i got the critical hit on his jirachi he disconnected.

I sent him a private message to try and resolve the issue and waited a while but got no response.
Its a shame I have to return so soon. This time Id like to report mrmrlapras for disconnecting. He was winning 2-1. He has his Charizard in and his Landorus waiting to come in. His Charizard went for Fire Blast on my Donphan but the 85% accuracy failed him. He knew on the next turn I could take out his Charizard with Ice Shard and his Landorus with 2 Ice Shards because I still had my Sturdy. As soon as his Fire Blast missed, he disconnected. That miss was clearly game changing. He left the chat extremely early on so theres not much to it but here it is:

<mrmrlapras> hi there
<FailAtGTA> Hey
<mrmrlapras> anyways goin in
<FailAtGTA> Same
<FailAtGTA> Im testing a new team
<FailAtGTA> Im in
<mrmrlapras> anyways gl
<FailAtGTA> I should have brought my sun team
<FailAtGTA> I see them often with Charizard now
<mrmrlapras> eh
Your opponent disconnected.

His FC is: 1163 8135 4838

This time I waited a while before actually reporting the disconnecter. Its been about an hour and a half and not a response from him yet.

EDIT: When I tried uploading the battle video, I got the message saying "There appears to be a problem with the Pokemon in the Battle Video." He should be on both the disconnecters list and the hackers list.
I'd like to report No1s Perfect for using a Tornadus with regenerator during our OU battle. I first noticed it had regenerator when he took a hit that left it at half health and when it came back, it was at almost full health. The second time he came in and out he was back at full health. I tried talking to him to see if it was just me but he did not respond. This is his profile:

Were you using a Black 1/White 1 cart, by any chance? The Therians show up as their Incarnate formes in that situation, since the new sprites don't exist in the old games.
Brant WGJ - http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=150698
FC: 4685 5144 0861

We were playing UU, I had a Rhyperior in (along with full HP Virizion, Kingdra, Raikou and Victini) and he had Swellow, Bisharp and Arcanine left. He switched in Swellow to Protect (for some reasom, even though he couldn't touch me and took SR) and I Sub'd on it (again, not fearing anything but some kind of random HP Grass). He looked like an idiot and basically just further cemented his defeat and DC'd, left the battle chat and went offline.

<Brant WGJ> uu
<ZellMurasame> Ready?
<Brant WGJ> just a minute
<Brant WGJ> i'm going
<Brant WGJ> i'm hosting
[B]Your opponent ended the battle.[/B]
disconnector alert!

Raphael619 disconnected after my clefable had 4x boost def and sp. def using cosmic power. he tried to use hazard entry earlier during the battle, but wasn't able to because of taunt from my sableye, it was a one sided battle and i was winningm then he suddenly disconnected
Hy, I'd like to report user called MIKEYCULLY For an obvious Dc when he was his last poke, paralysed Alakazam with no hope 2 win against my blissey, other faster pokes that could easily OHKO it, pretty self explanatory what happened really.


Mikecullys FC- 0089 3185 1248

My FC- 4123 2562 3782

Hope this helps, thx!
I was battling Lackey90 at OU singles.
Here is the link to his profile http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=143006

Honestly it was a great battle, my sun team vs his rain team, i was able to eventually kill his politoed and get the sun up permanently.

At the end he had a substitute/dragon dance gyrados and a rotom w, gyrados killed my charizard who broke gyrados's final substitute (my dragonite had hurt it before so it was too low on hp to make another) while it used dragon dance for the second time. At that point gyrados was faster than my charizard and killed it with waterfall. His gyrados had maybe 40 hp left. I then sent in my naive natured chlorophyll venusaur who outsped and killed his gyrados. All he had left was a rotom w with leftovers, it barely survived my giga drain (maybe 10%hp left) and for some reason hit back with willow wisp which really didnt matter since i was about 9/10 health and using a special attack, he then disconnected from the battle before i could finish rotom off with another giga drain. It would have been a guaranteed KO. I also had my injured dragonite left as well. I would post the chat but all we did was say hi and then he said im gonna leave this chat as soon as the battle started. I forgot to get his friend code because i closed chat out after he left and he doesnt have it on his profile.

I sent him a VM asking why he disconnected but never got a reply. I hope this is enough info to put him on the dcer list because im getting pretty tired of these people, thanks.
This quitter battle9692

My mew killed four of his pokemon and he was down to his magnezone, his magnezone kept using thunderbolt and i kept softboiling because magnezone was burnt, as soon as his hp hit 0 he disconnected and refuses to respond

FC: 2967 6482 8618

<KingofKong> again:p
<battle9692> same or diff teams
<KingofKong> whatever you want
<battle9692> im bringing different
<KingofKong> just dont tell me lol
<KingofKong> im in
<KingofKong> you in?
<battle9692> i misclicked
<battle9692> oh zorark ]
<battle9692> ahahaha
<battle9692> glad i did now
<KingofKong> quitter
<KingofKong> whyd you quit? i didnt quit on you when i lost
<KingofKong> did you quit or dc?
<KingofKong> dude you there?
<KingofKong> gg anyways
Evie: i dont really know if this is an offense but it was really annoying she forfeited on the first turn of the battle and then she was battling someone else and had no communication at all as why
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