Tattle Taler's Paradise (Wi-Fi Battles Blacklist as of May 1st, 2013)

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Spetsnaz Domination DC'd and then logged off after I got enough speed boosts to secured me a win. Definitely not an accident. He ruined a good match that would have been youtube worthy because he doesn't like losing i guess.
Username: Sharkboy1000
FC: 3612 0269 0448

<TheDXJC56> hey
<Sharkboy1000> sup?
<TheDXJC56> give me a min to setup
<Sharkboy1000> k
<TheDXJC56> alright my bad im heaidng in now
<Sharkboy1000> k
<TheDXJC56> pretty sure you've used more then 16 recovers by now...
<TheDXJC56> actually im 100% sure by now you've used more then 16 recovers
<TheDXJC56> ... (At this point he had just disconnected after using 25 recovers, I was keeping count)
Your opponent disconnected.

Used a Sableye that somehow out sped a max speed boost Yanmega, then proceeded to recover stall for roughly 25 turns, then dced when I called him out on it and did not respond afterwards, let him hang for wasting an hour of my life ;(
Sableye has Prankster though, allowing it to bypass all moves with a priority below +1....using more than 16 recovers however is truly worrying.
NostalgicNerd42 is using a non scarfed politoad that out speeds timid 252s gengar... plus gets raped anyway and disconnects.
I would like to report Butta b. He requested NU in the battle finder, but he used 2 RU Pokemon, Mesprit and Scyther.
His Friend Code (although not so friendly, hehe) is: 2967 8603 8887.
Here's our chat, if needed:
<GoldGuyXII> im going in
<Butta b> K
<GoldGuyXII> im hosting
<Butta b> i dont c u
<Butta b> rc?
<GoldGuyXII> ok
<GoldGuyXII> im reconnecting
<GoldGuyXII> hosting
<Butta b> k
<Butta b> entering
<GoldGuyXII> k
<GoldGuyXII> gl hf
<GoldGuyXII> !!!!
<GoldGuyXII> mesprit is RU!
Your opponent disconnected.
Username: ASHM4N96
Friend Code: 2237 5760 9095

This might be a mistake to do but when my Volcarona finished off his Jolteon (which of course is his last Pokemon), I was going to praise him for the battle but I somehow lost connection with him when the results were made and after that, he ended the battle. I think that he disconnected or something. There was no evidence on why he did that but this was the chat:

<christopher_ 1942> Why hello there.
<ASHM4N96> hi
<christopher_ 1942> Looks like you're my second opponent today.
<ASHM4N96> your my 4th
<christopher_ 1942> Ah, really.
<ASHM4N96> ummhmmmmm
<christopher_ 1942> Okay then, I'll be on.
<ASHM4N96> im in
<christopher_ 1942> If a communication errors, it would be the loss of the connection.
<ASHM4N96> k
<christopher_ 1942> Let's go!
<christopher_ 1942> Oh, a team from Kanto!
<christopher_ 1942> This will be fun.
Your opponent ended the battle.

He either lost connection or just a ragequitter.
Username of alleged disconnector / hacker: JPayne91
Link to user profile: http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=121440
Friend Code: I wasn't able to get it.

Okay so I was battling this guy and he tells me that he has to disconnect from chat. I haven't been on the site for a while and I just thought he really had to go. I battled a lot of people and they disconnected from chat but never from the battle. Anyway I lose a lot of my Pokemon but I manage to get my Jirachi behind a sub and use a Calm Mind and then BAM blue screen. Unfortunately I forgot to capture screenshots. I did send him a PM and he didn't reply. Also someone else left him a message on his profile a while ago calling him a disconnector.

Username: TheDarkNite360

BW Friend Code: 3009 7494 7131

BW2 Friend Code: 0648 3587 9041

If I explained everything in detail for all the times I've been dis connected on, I'd be in the Tattle Taler's Paradise for days. -_-" So, I'll just let this conversation speak for it's self. He could've at least lied and said he didn't.. so disrespectful.

<TheDarkNite360> Awwwww yeahahhh
<SAVINGRACE> If we battled before I don't remember, someone used stone edge on my brain
<TheDarkNite360> We have, and yeah 12.5% for a crit so I understand.
<TheDarkNite360> you in?
<TheDarkNite360> ?
<TheDarkNite360> I don't see you..
<TheDarkNite360> I left
<TheDarkNite360> cumming back
<TheDarkNite360> rc
<SAVINGRACE> haha ok well clean your own mess ?_?
<TheDarkNite360> what in the name of scotum are you talking about?
<TheDarkNite360> scrotum*
<SAVINGRACE> Too many people in your pal pad ^_^
<SAVINGRACE> you got some rare pokes >_<
<TheDarkNite360> You got some tryhard pokes
<TheDarkNite360> yup, nothing to disagree with
<SAVINGRACE> their tough..
<TheDarkNite360> they're
<TheDarkNite360> freeze won you the game btw
<SAVINGRACE> I knew you were bitter and no it didn't -_-"
<TheDarkNite360> yeah it did tho
<TheDarkNite360> and being bitter has no correlation with you getting advanatges..
<SAVINGRACE> The most he could do was spore.
<TheDarkNite360> you cant say that a first turn freeze on a poke that walls your entire team besides mew didnt matter
<TheDarkNite360> and actually, I don't know if it is news to you, but pokemon have 4 moves, not 1.
<SAVINGRACE> But now you just change the whole topic.. You said that's why I won -_-" and the battle isn't over O_O
<TheDarkNite360> the topic is the same, your first turn freeze won you the game
<TheDarkNite360> If i win, then you just horribly suck.
<SAVINGRACE> Okay -_-" well if you felt you loss on that turn then why are you still playing -_-"
<TheDarkNite360> obviously to beat you..
<TheDarkNite360> you seem like a tryhard scrub
<SAVINGRACE> Man I don't remember you exactly just your user name alittle, what happen our last battle -_-"
<TheDarkNite360> I probably won.
<TheDarkNite360> and why do you do that face every time
<SAVINGRACE> -_-"? What face
<TheDarkNite360> wow
<SAVINGRACE> You mad bro ^_^?
<TheDarkNite360> we need a rematch
<TheDarkNite360> i refuse to lose simply because of hax
<SAVINGRACE> I knew it would take him out that's why I used seed bomb.
<TheDarkNite360> you make no sense..
<SAVINGRACE> Your fighting poke even after bulk up..
<TheDarkNite360> you don't know the name of it...?
<SAVINGRACE> He needed full hp to take a hit from Metagross.
<TheDarkNite360> your crit mattered totally.
<TheDarkNite360> i was at plsu 2 you derpface
<TheDarkNite360> plus*
<TheDarkNite360> rematch k?
<TheDarkNite360> dont flatter yourself b/c you got a lucky first turn freeze and crit
<SAVINGRACE> The battle isn't over -_-"
<TheDarkNite360> wow
<TheDarkNite360> nice luck ma
<TheDarkNite360> ever thought of the lottery?
<SAVINGRACE> Haha what now -_-"
<SAVINGRACE> Chansey getting paraylse big deal.. -_-"
<TheDarkNite360> rematch
<TheDarkNite360> tool
<TheDarkNite360> i just hate when kids think they are good because of hax
<SAVINGRACE> You dis conected and want a rematch?
<TheDarkNite360> I sped up the process
<TheDarkNite360> you afraid to ?
<TheDarkNite360> lose..?
<SAVINGRACE> You dis connected to speed up the process -_-"
<TheDarkNite360> i was going to lose to hax and didnt feel like waiting for it to be over
<TheDarkNite360> rematch or ur a pussy
<TheDarkNite360> new teams
<SAVINGRACE> Why not flee?
<SAVINGRACE> And now you want a rematch after dis connecting?
<TheDarkNite360> rematch pussy
<SAVINGRACE> But you dis connected..
<SAVINGRACE> On purpose O_O
<TheDarkNite360> just rematch me
<TheDarkNite360> if you think the hax didnt matter and that you beat me by skill wut do you have to worry about
<SAVINGRACE> Sure but why did you dis connect the first time again?
<TheDarkNite360> rematch me
<SAVINGRACE> If you give me a good reason why you dis connect then we can.
<TheDarkNite360> i disconnected because I just simply didnt feel like waiting for the turn to end.
<SAVINGRACE> At your last Pokemon though -_-"
<TheDarkNite360> rematch or no
<SAVINGRACE> Yes we can, but why at your last Pokemon?
<SAVINGRACE> It won't take long for me to win again ^_^..
<TheDarkNite360> i told you i didnt feel like waiting
<SAVINGRACE> okay. Well go inside.
<SAVINGRACE> Same team?
<TheDarkNite360> different teams
<TheDarkNite360> i dont know if you noticed but i didnt get any hax last game
<TheDarkNite360> do you play UU?
<SAVINGRACE> Who won the first time we battled? Sometimes O_O
<TheDarkNite360> I dont remember probably me though
<SAVINGRACE> My Cat just turned into a Lamp sorry I have to go... -_-"
<TheDarkNite360> pussy
<TheDarkNite360> nigahiga btw
TheDXJC56; said:
Used a Sableye that somehow out sped a max speed boost Yanmega, then proceeded to recover stall for roughly 25 turns, then dced when I called him out on it and did not respond afterwards, let him hang for wasting an hour of my life ;(
Sableye gets Prankster, which makes non attacking +1 priority...

voodoo pimp

marco pimp
is a Forum Moderator Alumnus
For hacker accusation, save the battle video and upload to get a battle video (via GTS, not Youtube) if possible and report it here. If unable to, please describe the error received when attempting to upload. Failure to attempt this shall only be further ignored as well.
Every time I've seen someone complain about something outspeeding things it shouldn't, it turned out that they had missed something that explained it (Scarf, Tailwind, etc.). I don't think I've ever actually heard of a verified case of someone using a Pokémon with a stat above the natural maximum in a multiplayer battle.
Reporting hardmode for disconnecting in a lost position. Absolutely waste of time. Do not play against this person for said reasons.


Banned deucer.
I would like to report XlxFRONTLINExlX for using illegal hacks (or illegal abilities in this case). It was the 2nd to last turn when it happened. It was my Scarfed Heatran vs his Gliscor. The sand is up. I go for Hidden Power Ice AND I MISS proving that he has Sand Veil on his Gliscor. He pretty much beat me because of that bit of Sand Veil hax

Profile: http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=172780
Friend Code: 2967 8739 5266
it might have been holding brightpowder, which is legal.
Username of alleged disconnector / hacker: amarthurmesquita11
Link to user profile: http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=183297
Friend Code: 0820 1966 3018

Another dissconnector...my luck. Basically my Leafeon was about to destroy his team with +6 attack and he disconnected.

<amarthurmesquita11> hello
<Ghetsis> Hey
<amarthurmesquita11> im going
<Ghetsis> same
<Ghetsis> okay i am almost there connecting
<Ghetsis> in
<amarthurmesquita11> you host
<Ghetsis> okay
<amarthurmesquita11> no see you
<Ghetsis> you dont?
<Ghetsis> i see you
<amarthurmesquita11> no
<amarthurmesquita11> i host
<Ghetsis> okay
<amarthurmesquita11> rc
<Ghetsis> connection lost lol
<amarthurmesquita11> RC
<Ghetsis> yeah
<Ghetsis> i am
<Ghetsis> okay connecting
<Ghetsis> in
<amarthurmesquita11> you host
<Ghetsis> do you see me?
<Ghetsis> okay cool
<Ghetsis> good luck and have fun
Your opponent disconnected.
hi i would like to report Kyrex for disconnecting and braking rules in the battle.

he used minimize with latios and it can't learn that move

he also used ability sand veil with garchomp (this is a OU match)

and finally he had pokemon with random moves like his alakazam has psystrike and the garchomp has bolt strike.
Username : Strudel07
1206 7582 7027 (BW)
Info: Basically, my opponent was down to his last two pokemon, Infernape and Latios. I sucker punch'd the Infernape with my Honchkrow and he died, thus giving me moxie, enough to take out his Latios. Then, he d/ced.....
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