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I'd like to report Xquisite. *Attention Smogon Users DO NOT BATTLE THIS USER*. First, he proceeded to try and provoke me with hateful slanders. Keep in mind, he was doing this as he was winning. When I got the upper hand, and stalled him out with Vaporeon he told me it was hacked. I have the IV and EV set to prove otherwise. Talk about a sore loser i also have a transcript of the conversation to provide if need be.
I am reporting FloopyTheDinosaur, Friend Code 1420 9606 0879 (BW).

He used DrizzleToed with Swift Swim Kabutops, and when I asked him about it he merely said "That's a stupid rule. That's like banning Chloro + Drought."

It doesn't matter if ONE person (or more) think Drizzle + SwiftSwim shouldn't be banned together, the fact is they ARE banned and those are merely the rules.

When I told him this, his classy answer was "Fuck You" and then he DC'ed.
Watch out for this guy.
fatalfate disconnected from the wifi battle finder before the battle even started on me and then disconnected on me because he was losing. noob
By Myself: D/C's and I believe is a multi-account. I don't have his F/C as for some reason the stupid pal pad doesn't show the FC's.

My Whimsicott encores his tyranitar's Ice Beam, and I allow the KO on my Whim. I switch into Mew, who sets up a Swords dance and basically walls his Ice beam. I continue to 1HKO Drain punch his tyra, 1HKO sucker punch his latios, 2HKO Zen Headbutt his Gliscor (He foolishly tried to set up a swords dance).

Then on his 2nd to last pokemon (Terrakion) Mew was left at 100 HP after Life Orb recoil. His Terrakion goes for a quick attack, leaving Mew at 27 HP (Somewhere around there) and my Mew 1HKO drain punches his ass and recovers a bulk of HP. Before he sends out whatever his last pokemon was I get a blue screen. Rage moar. He deleted a few VM's I left on his profile calling him out about d/cing but it seems the last one is still up there though.

Reason I suspect a multi-account, could have sworn I seen his poke's nicknames on another user's account.

Edit: He also called me a "Nigglet" before the battle and then d/c on battle finder. Don't know if I can type that here with the quotes but it's what he called me.
Name: Illusion234
FC: Couldnt retrieve the fc back from him
Link: http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=111966

He was getting sweeped by my gliscor, and he ended our battle chat, and disconnected. He also told me in the chat he was 12 years old. Couldn't properly talk to him. Please either get rid of his account, or make people know he is a disconnector so they won't battle him, tired of these kind of people on here.

Click the above link for PROOF that I'm not the only one.
I would like to report Tropical FC:0346 9366 2736 (BW)
I would like to report that he was using, celebi, lightningrod zapdos and imposter Ditto, in a UU battle. I told him before the battle that Celebii was banned and sent to OU but he replied
<xHolyFlameZ> celebi ou
<Tropical> no its not and darmanitan is
Ihave to admit i did DC, when he brought in the zapdos and I tried to paralyse it.
Lol i said in conditions Legal hacks and Unreleased DW, so therefore you should be in trouble for dcing also, we both used an OU because darmanitan is OU.
I would like to report XholyflameZ FC B:0347 1851 7264
For dcing and using a darmanitan in a UU battle and for cursing in the chat. Telling me to "Fucking hurry up".
Lol i said in conditions Legal hacks and Unreleased DW, so therefore you should be in trouble for dcing also, we both used an OU because darmanitan is OU.
it's not like i dced because i was losing the score was 6-3 to me, i dced becuase you brang a load of unreleased pokes and an ou and didn't tell me. DARMANITAN IS UU!
I would like to report Crabman (0046 2369 9671) for disconnecting on me as I was going to finish off his last pokemon at first I was going to forgive him because I don't mind people disconnecting on me because it happens to me all the time but he just called me a "(BAN ME PLEASE)" logged off and told me to "fucking get a life" on my inbox so if this is where you post to get a person on banlist I hope you put this disrespectful person on it
I would like to report amcgillicuddy ( FC: 5414 9866 0507 )

down to his last pokemon and instead of fleeting, he decided to dc. the message clearly says my opponent disconnected. I attempt to pm him but he ignores them and goes offline ! thx.
@justenough215: consider yourself lucky, and cheers for the night, as your opponent failed to follow the rules here and therefore you're off the hook this one time. He failed to link to your profile and provide convincing detail, that's it.

These reporters are all as ignorant as the one that had chandelure use psychic on my scrafty, a dark type.
Yeah i would hate to be reported for a random disconnect. Some people just don't seem to get it happens randomly sometimes. Like who would disconnect when they are clearly ahead lol.
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