Tattle Taler's Paradise (Wi-Fi Battles Blacklist as of May 1st, 2013)

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bokchoy disconnected because I was stalling him out with a Heatran. There was no discussion of a "no stall" clause before the match.
deathscythassasin disconnected because my scizor lived a fireblast in the rain, from a mixed dragonite holding sitrus berry.
I would like to report LJ23FTW for ragequitting during a bw ou wifi battle near 12:10 am EST time 12/04/11.

Both our teams were sun teams. His team comp was Dugtrio, Heatran, Venusaur, Ninetales, Volcarona and Deoxys-S.

my team was Ninetales, Dragonite, Victini, Espeon, Hitmontop and Gastrodon.

Just by the team preview I knew I had the advantage since his Dugtrio was his only physical attacker. Long story short his dugtrio died quickly since I did not lead with Ninetales and Deoxys died failing to finish my dragonite with multiscale. He got my Hitmontop and I sacrificed my dragonite since it was crippled by will-o-wisp.

Then I got the opportunity to set Light Screen with my Espeon while his Ninetales was on the field. Smart enought I sent my Victini that tanked his Fire Blast or HP Ice wte seriously... and I got the opportunity to set my Trick room. then my opponent dced (proof bellow. picture taken by my cellphone (judge the pic quality))


Now the reason why I am sure he closed his DS raging was all his remaining pokes we're weak to my victini because it carryt he Brick Break for situations like... Flash Fire heatran. His 3 last pokes we're Ninetales, Volcarona and Venusaur all being outspeed by a 0 iv brave nature trick room Victini on the sun that carries V-Create, Brick Break and Fusion Bolt.

If you look at the 2 SS and the 2 cellphone pics I picked (I didn't take any chance that somebody would say I could have used photoshop) the conversation, he was sure he was gonna win as his team then he said this before leaving "lol whatever i made misplay that going beat you faster P".


He can defend himself for his actions if he wishes, I'll leave a comment on his wall but I'm pretty confident he closed his DS.

His FC is 0733 4637 5997.
His page is http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=109609
Submit Report of SAVINGRACE of suspect using Illegal Hacked Pokemon.
FC : 1678 5599 3054
Link : http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=42011

His Mew's pokeball is Dream Ball, Dusclops and Chansey's were caught in Safari balls.
(Dusclops can't even be FOUND in Safari Zone!)
Furthermore, Dusclops might have placed 255EVs in more than 2 stats, as it took a discharge from life orbed Zapdos taking about 20% dmg.

Okay one might figure he's specially defensive, eviolite and all, but Dusclops took a Banded Outrage from a Garchomp, taking only 45% dmg.
Name: poke3p1
Friend Code: 2623 5411 0474
Incident: Disconnected when the game turned against him after stalling for 20+ turns.
Name: mrmet620 - http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=117002
FC: 1077 1637 0098
Reason: Knocked out his last Pokemon and he disconnected before the battle could actually end. Annoying for people who are looking to save battles in the Vs. Recorder -_-
Chat Log:
<mrmet620> what tier
<ZellMurasame> NU
<mrmet620> ok
<mrmet620> im in
<ZellMurasame> Hosting.
<ZellMurasame> People still use this garbage strategy?
<mrmet620> ?
<ZellMurasame> BP.
<mrmet620> oh
<ZellMurasame> Man....
<ZellMurasame> Specs?
<ZellMurasame> Wow...
<ZellMurasame> Lol forgot Regenerator?
<ZellMurasame> You are being reported.
<ZellMurasame> By the way.
<ZellMurasame> Thanks for being a sore loser.
<ZellMurasame> Ah, not that you care.
<ZellMurasame> Alt account created yesterday.
<ZellMurasame> 5 minutes later and still nothing to say?
Name: Capacity Ed
FC: 4255 6782 0452

Reason: I was pretty much countering every move he made, and though he was talkin a big game while I kept silent, he disconnected halfway into the match.

I took out 2 of his pokemon, while one of mine only died from hazards.
wow all you guys are way too stingy its pathetic xD if theyre gonna play like that, then just stomp them. ITS A GAME lol
ImHugosBoss DC'd on me when I was gonna 5 stock him

1120 3387 3803

<Underking001> hi
<ImHugosBoss> hey
<ImHugosBoss> r u hosting?
<Underking001> I talk to ya lol
<ImHugosBoss> what?
<Underking001> yes
<ImHugosBoss> lolwut
<ImHugosBoss> standard Ou right?
<Underking001> yes
<ImHugosBoss> r u in the union room yet?
<Underking001> mot yet
<ImHugosBoss> how like like 2 minutes?
<Underking001> yes
<ImHugosBoss> how long i meant
<Underking001> in a bit
<ImHugosBoss> kk ill just wait
<ImHugosBoss> there u r
<ImHugosBoss> kk ill host
<ImHugosBoss> seeking participants......
<Underking001> where
<ImHugosBoss> u coming?
<Underking001> I do not see you
<ImHugosBoss> i c u
<ImHugosBoss> c me now?
<Underking001> no
<ImHugosBoss> crap
<ImHugosBoss> what should we do now?
<Underking001> dc and rc
<ImHugosBoss> kk 1 sec
<ImHugosBoss> im back in
<ImHugosBoss> there u r
<Underking001> kk
<Underking001> no chat
<Underking001> turn off chat
<ImHugosBoss> kk
<Underking001> tnx
<ImHugosBoss> gl
<Underking001> u 2
<Underking001> hazards!!!
<Underking001> y u dc
<Underking001> I am reporting you just FYI

MrFryingBear false report on me he think i dc in the match i had with him i never dc in that match it was the game it shelf or bad wifi cause it dc however you call it i have battles on youtube i got 5-0 6-0 my opporent upload them on youtube it was not me who dc i am telling you the truth smogon

Expert Evan

every battle has a smell!
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Blacklist has been updated, but only one report in this page has been included, while the rest either had a follow up, or just missed any of the requirements as stated in the first post which resulted in many of you helping me light up this xmas tree with red infraction lights at least.

Also, the blacklist has been alphabetically sorted now, which still does not give you the excuse not to press Ctrl-F to find still.
MrFryingBear false report on me he think i dc in the match i had with him i never dc in that match it was the game it shelf or bad wifi cause it dc however you call it i have battles on youtube i got 5-0 6-0 my opporent upload them on youtube it was not me who dc i am telling you the truth smogon
Then explain me why on my 3ds screen I saw that my opponent has disconnected right after I had Trick Room set up on my Victini when your entire team was based on Sp.Attackers and it was easy to counter.

I don't know if you say that your opponent won 5-0, 6-0 or you won 5-0, 6-0 but your saying it's on youtube and I don't see your link.
I will like to report zomeza12 from disconnecting on battles. zomeza fc:4812 4600 9463
the situation was like this:
We were 4-3. i had tyranitar,gengar, jirachi and suicune. he had scizor, stamie and infernape. Tyranitar and his scizor were facing .I just let my tyranitar die from scizor's bullet punch. I send my jirachi for a revenge kill, i predicted a switch into starmie so i thunder punch , but he ended switching to infernape, giving me a paralysis on the ape.
Next i switched out my pokemon to my suicune, expecting a fire move, but he paralyzed. I knew that with my suicune alive i could proceed to sweep. He switched the ape to his starmie while i surfed.He thunderbolt on my suicune but my suicune resisted it very well , giving me the opportunity to take down the starmie with HP electric. Next he send scizor, i surfed while he sword danced. Then he bullet punched me, but again my suicune resisted with red points. My suicune eliminated scizor. At this point i had the game in my bag, but then the blue screen appears. I looked quickly to the battle chat, he disconnected at the same moment he turned off the ds.

DC'ed me somehow because I have Wobbufett to counter Infernape. Plus Wobbuffet is BL in BW not Uber. We were doing a Practice Standard Battle here.

Expert Evan

every battle has a smell!
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Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! At least thank you for eagerly helping to light our christmas tree with red warning lights that is.

Forget mentioning opponents friend code at time of hack accusation or disconnect will guarantee a warning.

Forget placing a link of your opponent's profile will automatically be ignored.

Failure to mention any reason why he/she disconnected will guarantee a warning. Who knows, they could've had a wifi failure on their end. If they act like an asshole then state that. We need the whole story in order to better believe you.

Get it? No ifs ands nor butts please.
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