Tautology Thread (thread about tautologies)


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I kindly invite you to accept my kind invitation. If you look through this thread, I can guarantee you will have seen it.

This is a thread for tautologies; that is to say, it is a thread for statements of a tautological nature. If I were to explain in more detail, I would give a more thorough explanation.

I was inspired to write this thread when the thought appeared in my head that I should write it. From there, I typed it up, typing all the letters in its length. Sure, "all" of this post hasn't been typed as I'm writing this, but hey, I added to the post after this point.

I would like to take this time to comment on the state of this forum by giving my opinion on how this forum is faring.
  • When I see a humorous message, I can tell it's a funny post.
  • With each post, someone's post count goes up by 1.
  • The more users post in Smogoff, the larger number of Smogoff posters there will be.
  • I thank you all for the ways in which you instill gratitude in me.
  • I encourage you to do everything I suggest:
    • If you're making a complex post, make sure it's intricate and elaborate.
    • If you're making a brief, witty post, make sure it's clever and to-the-point.
    • Remember that, every time you hit the "Post Thread" button, there is another thread in the forum.
I 100% promise that every point of advice I gave was presented to you. If you still have doubts, however, I understand that you remain skeptical.

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