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just a quick filler game while someone gets on hosting an actual game.

open to suggestions to format. my idea was mountainous or Carbon 14 for 7 players, matrix6 for 9. we'll get imaginative beyond that. drop a line with a format you might like. i could also make a format but idk if that's a good idea...

typical NOC rules. all are welcome. excellent user NUXL's first forum mafia game was in one of these filler games so ur path to greatness might begin right now...

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Thanks to Jalmont for setting this up in the interim. Unfortunately, no approval was given for this game, and as a result, this game 'skipped' the line before games from Fenrir and Hitmonleet. As a result, we will be locking this game.

Fenrir has been given permission to post sign ups, and those should be going up today (hopefully). Otherwise, I do sincerely want to thank Jalmont for taking the initiative here, just unfortunately it was done in a way that's unfair to people who are waiting in the queue line.
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