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A few nice channels that have entertaining videos on them.

By far the most amazing one:
The Top Cut, run by Kyle "Pooka" Suchevich, Drew Holton, Josue "Crimz" Rojano and Michael Pramawat. Very indepth commentary. Some of my favourites:
Pooka (LostGar) vs Aaron Curry (Tyranitar/Weavile)
Pooka (Reshiram/Emboar vs PieBeyonce (Donphan/Donphan Prime/Bill/Sawk/Tornadus/Bouffalant)
Pooka (Gothitelle/Reuniclus) vs Curran Hill (Yanmega/Magnezone/Roserade)
Pooka (The Truth) vs Victor S (Gothitelle/Reuniclus)

Jason Klaczynski, doesn't upload anything anymore but the few videos he has are interesting. Two-time World Champion giving indepth commentary on some games.

Fried Chicken N Rice I forgot who this is but his stuff is cool

Pokebro921 aka adamisclassy, lots of playtcg games with commentary

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