TCskux's EV training giveaway.

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Hey guys, I recently finished the battle subway and finally got all the EV items.. sad part is I dont have any perfect or even decent IV's on my pokemon.. So I figured I would do this..
I understand I am not exactly well known on Smogon so all I can ask is for you to place your trust in me when trading your pokemon OR Give me a cloned one or even one of your previous not succesfull breeds.
Im not only doing this for something to do (having completed majority of my pokedex and raking in a decent amount of BP on the battle subway) Im also doing this so I can get my reputation up here in this community.

I ask that if you do decide to do your ev training with me that you follow this simple format when posting to speed things up and make them a lot easier.


Level: ( I do offer leveling services up too level 70.)
Rights: (Basically just letting me know if I can keep a copy... If not that's fine but if I can that would be amazingly handy considering I don't have any good IV Pokemon..)
Date returned: (I can't stress enough how much time im going to be putting into this, without access to things like pokesav I will be spending real time and a great deal of care on the pokemon, so I do ask that you give me appropriate time when I am training them)

Thanks so much for your time, and if this is posted in the wrong place im sorry, alternatively if this is against the rules could you please link me to the rule where it says I am unable to do this as I gave the rules a scan and couldn't find it..

Thanks again,
goodluck with it all man! Definatly doesnt belong in the giveaway section! But im sure a mod can move it as said before!
I see your from sunshine coast! Nice! Im from sydney!
That's awesome man! :)
Yeha im a sunny coast lad.. Im just hoping I can get this thing going.. I have no good pokemon to EV myself so yeah :( haha Im pretty desperate too do something with my time..
Hey as you can see Im new too and I would like you to EV train and level my Newly hacthed DW Gligar to LV 50. I can pm you when we are both online to do the trade. So yeah hope to see you around and I wish you luck on your training giveaway.
Hey man if you want a few freebies you can ev and keep for yourself let me know! Even thoughthe blues are going to smash the maroons on Wednesday :p
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