Team Building Help For VGC '18 around Volcarona

Hi, I'm brand new to the forums, want to start getting involved with Smogon. A little bit about me: I wanted to play competitively for a while and tried joining Smogon WAY back in Gen 5, but I had such bad reception about it that I forever quit Smogon and tried my hand at VGC. And low and behold, I sucked at it. So, here I am, willing to improve and try Smogon again.

So, I wanted to try my hand at VGCs again after 2018 allowed the whole PokeDex, and I want to build my team around my all-time favorite Pokemon, Volcarona. I figured since it's Doubles, I don't have to worry about Stealth Rocks, and if I run a HP Ice Timid set, I'm sure I can hit the ever-common Landorus-T. But I dunno where else to build from there. Any tips, suggestions?
Assuming I'm allowed to reply to this,
Hop onto Pokemon Showdown / PM me on showdown preferably and I can help you; I am on Showdown way too often for my own good. If you need help, I'm sure quite a few people on showdown would be willing to help as well!

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