Team [Bulky] Offense ~

Hello , Smogon and welcome to my fifth RMT here on Smogon and this is one of a kind specializing in Bulky Offense! I'd first like to thank GoldDraconian from Shoddy battle in helping me create this team.I am mainly trying to maintain a balanced team with so-so offense and defense and also testing out new Anti-Lead Hariyama.

Usually on my RMT's I try to add lots of pictures and color my font but since its 9AM and I didnt get any sleep yet I'm trying to be as simple as possible!

First l00kz

Team in-depth details

Lead(Anti-Lead actually...)

Hariyama @ Toxic-Orb ~ Guts
252 Atk / 92 Spe / 164 SpD ~ Adamant

  • Fake Out
  • Ice Punch
  • Payback
  • Close Combat must be thinking "OMGWTFBBQ" but I find this Anti-lead to be very interesting , Fakeout is +1 priority and causes flinch enough for Hariyama to activate his Toxic orb and to abuse Guts , Closecombat is used for main STAB altho I do miss on lovely confusionhax from Dynamic-punch that Anti-lead Machamp has , CC does quite enough , Ice-punch helps against a lot of leads and Payback is for pesky Azelfs/Uxies and others where I can utilize Hariyama's low speed to get the 2x boost on Payback's BP and the great damage done considering Guts activated.The special defense EV's are invested so I can take a psychic from lead azelfs and tank hits from Heatran and the reason for me using Toxic orb over Flame orb is because Toxic does less damage over the first three turns and more after that while Flame orb does the opposite and Hariyama usually goes down fast so I went with toxic.

Against common leads:

  • Aerodactyl ~ Fakeout and Ice Punch
  • Heatran ~ Fake out and Close combat
  • Tyranitar ~ See Heatran
  • Mamoswine/Weavile ~ Close Combat[Considering most of them have Iceshard and outspeed , *both fakeout and iceshard got+1 priority*]
  • Machamp ~ Switch to Gyarados and set up
  • Azelf/Uxie ~ *Uxie is not as common but whatever* Fake out+Payback , as for new Colbur Azelf sets I have a 99% chance of K.o with Payback after Fakeout damage and if they survive they have no more than 4HP.
  • Infernape ~ Switch to Gyrados *Nobody in his rightmind keeps an Infernape against a Gyarados , free set ups;3*
  • Metagross ~ Switch to Heatran to bait EQ and then switch to Flygon and EQ.
  • Dragonite ~ Ice Punch since Inner focus blocks flinch.
Rocks user/Special Sweeper

Heatran @ Shuca Berry ~ Flash Fire
252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 SpD ~ Naive

  • Fire Blast
  • Earth Power
  • Stealth Rock
  • Explosion
Since I had an anti-lead on lead spot , I needed SR somewhere on the team , Heatran just fit perfectly because he resists Flying and Psychic attacks which are weaknesses to Hariyama(Altho theyre not very common) and again having 106 base defenses on each defense stat makes it perfect for a Bulky Offense Pokemon. Fire Blast is for STAB ofc , SR is....SR....Earth Power is for stuff like Metagross or other Heatrans considering I can tank one EQ/Earth Power from them at full health with Shuca and Explosion is there so I'm not completely walled by Blissey.Naive is the chosen nature because Timid will just lower Explosion's damage.Adding Explosion over HP Grass wasn't too bad except that I cant counter Swampert too much*Altho its usually safe to explode*.

Physical Sweep/Taunter

Gyarados @ Leftovers ~ Intimidate
156 Hp / 90 Atk / 96 Def / 168 Spe ~ Jolly

  • Dragon Dance
  • Stone Edge
  • Waterfall
  • Taunt
Another very good pokemon to be used in a Bulky Offense team as well as resisting Heatran's weaknesses.Having enough Bulk with a very good attack stat and Dragon Dance which can boost is even more along with Speed. Waterfall for STAB , Stone-edge had more coverage than Earthquake and Taunt was for preventing pokemon like Ninjask or Empoleon to set up.Jolly was chosen over Adamant because at +1 Gyarados outspeeds Timid Jolteon where Adamant would never*If you calculate you would have 3 or 4 Spe left to outspeed , if you consider my current Speed EV's*and ofcourse HP ev's for extra bulk and the rest of the EV's are divided into attack and defense to hit hard and tank those random physical attacks.

Scarfer/Revenge Killer

Flygon @ Choice Scarf ~ Levitate
252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 SpD ~ Jolly

  • Dragon Claw
  • Fire Blast
  • Earthquake
  • U-Turn
Nothing much to say really......Dragon Claw>Outrage so I'm not totally locked against a resistant....Fire Blast for Scizor's and Forretress....Earthquake is for stupid Heatran's with its awesome STAB and U-turn is for Scouting . Flygon is the most pokemon I often switch to because of its high speed and wide range of moves doing SE Damage.
Jolly is the chosen nature to outspeed other Choice Scarf Flygons*Most run Adamant* and I'm considering to change my item to Expert Belt...What do you guys think?

Now the team is good , Resisted Hariyama weaknesses by Heatran~>Resisted Heatran Weaknesses by Gyarados~>Resisted Gyarados weaknesses by Flygon.

Sounds just right eh...?How shall we go on now........


Celebi @ LifeOrb ~ Natural Cure
232 Hp / 32 Spe / 244 SpA ~ Modest

  • T-wave
  • Recover
  • Psychic
  • Grass Knot
I originally had SubPunch Gengar on mind on this spot but since im not stacking hazards I didnt really need a spinblocker so I went with Celebi as it can Status paralyze where none of my team could do direct status.I love how Thunder wave stops stupid Rain dance pokemon.Recover is to heal Life Orb Damage. Psychic is good STAB against all pokemon not named the dark type in general and Grass Knot>Leaf storm cause I dont like the accuracy and special attack drop from LS , plus it hits almost everything harder if you take weight in account and not considering Vaporeon.Modest was for extra damage and the 32Spe EV's to outspeed Scarftar.

Now Since I didn't know how to go on I added a Steel type for its huge resistances , ofc that adds another Fire/Ground weakness but I have 3 Fire resists and 3 Ground resists in my team so It didnt matter too much.

Wish Support.

Jirachi @ Leftovers ~ Serene Grace
252 Hp / 220 Def / 32 Spe ~ Bold

  • Wish
  • Calm Mind
  • Psychic
  • Thunderbolt
Cuuuuutieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!Yah he's cute , you dont agree?K gtfo.
Anyway...Wish support overall is usually good for this type of name especially with Gyarados since he's SR weak and needs heal for easy set-ups.Calm Mind is just to boost the damage of my two attacking moves , T-bolt for those Bulky waters and Psychic>Flash cannon because of coverage as well I can kill Rotom/Gengar easily.Bold was for extra defense and leftovers just makes perfect sense for healing HP

*phew* Already 9;30 AM!Gotta go to sleep just some final things to note.

Overall this team:

  • 1x SR weak
  • 2x Steel types*Great resistances but common weaknesses I have 3 resistances from each weakness tho*
  • 1x Taunter
  • 2x Set ups
  • No toxic spike absorber
  • 1x Status
  • 1x Wish Support
Final l00kz


Critizice and rate as much as you want , thanks in advance!
Hi, I got your PM so first I'm going to highlight some threats to your team and see if we can help make it better.


-SD Lucario: Has trouble setting up, but can set up on a Flygon locked into Dragon Claw and KOs literally everything on your team after a boost with the appropriate move, bar Gyarados, but Gyara doesn't have reliable recover.

-LO Starmie: OHKOs Heatran, Gyarados, Flygon on the switch and 2HKOs Celebi and Jirachi with the appropriate move. To add to this, it has Recovery so it's extremely hard to play around.

-MixMence: Same as Starmie except slower, but OHKOs EVERYTHING on your team and Gyara gets 2HKOd by Draco Meteor.

-British Gliscor: Nothing can break through it except for Gyarados, and Gliscor is more often than not paired up with Vaporeon, one of the best Gyara counters in the game.

Ok so first of all, I really want you to replace celebi. Yes it forms a good core with Heatran, but it doesn't really accomplish anything other than that. To help out with your MixMence problem, as well as your Starmie problem, I would replace it with a ScarfTar. But to also help out with Gliscor, I want you to run a different ScarfTar set than most. Use: Tyranitar @ Choice Scarf
Hasty 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 SpA
Ice Beam

This set helps you trap things like Starmie and Gengar not behind a sub. Crunch is reliable STAB, while EQ helps you hit heatran, other ttars, and cm jirachi while superpower hits the former two, as well as blissey. Ice beam is the catch here. It helps you reliably revenge MixMence and gliscor who are a total bitch to this team. It also helps you revenge Lucario which is extremely beneficial. So basically, Scarf Tar really helps you revenge some key threats to your team. I would also make your Flygon a Scarf Mence. It can help revenge things, but I like it because it cleans up amazingly late game.

Salamence @ Choice Scarf
Jolly / Naive 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 Def
Dragon Claw
Stone Edge / Fire Blast

Stone Edge helps you revenge gyarados without resorting to outrage. Dragon Claw is good for early game scouting and EQ hits the steel types that rape this metagame. Outrage is great for late game cleaning.

Hope I helped gl.
Hey , thanks for the rate a lot , but now I've got some points to say in mind after analyzing the typing cycle with all the changes.

1)If I remove Celebi my team gets a little Gyarados weak.

2)Replacing Celebi with a T-tar that has Icebeam is a good idea as I can revenge kill Gliscor but without Stone edge I give Gyarados a place to set up!

3)And even If Salamence can revenge kill Gyarados , Salamence has his own problems as it leaves with two SR weak pokemon where one of them by nature switches out a lot...

If you can please point out what to do and give me some alternative solutions then I'll consider the changes , thanks.
Um gliscor only carries SD which is extremely rare, and if it does SD, switch out and Ice Beam again. Secondly, with Jirachis EV's, LO +1 Gyara NEVER kos with EQ after rocks, and most Gyaras these days are bulky and carry Waterfall and Stone Edge or Bounce, so I dont really think thats an issue. The Mence statement: what it does is switch in once, revenge something, switch in twice, revenging something, switch in a third time and clean up with outrage so it should only be switching in three times at most where it should be outspeeding and KOing whatever its revenging, so sr shouldnt be to much of an issue. If you don't like my suggestions don't take them but I think they can really help with your team. I just prefer mence over flygon because it cleans up better but its up to you. I hope i helped though and gl again.

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