team "leviathan strikes" v.2

This is a re-post of my previous RMT with some changes, but this time ill be able to fix the errors. this is my platinum team

MY Team

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Now here is my teams roles in which they play

azelf @ light clay
ability: levitate
EVs: 252 hp/4 def/252 spe
nature: jolly
- reflect
- light screen
- explosion
- stealth rock

The purpose of azelf was to setup and support my team with more defenses. Azelf will prevent the opponent from sweeping my team, light clay allows me to keep reflect and light screen up for eight turns. Azelf is my leading Pokémon, what I do is set up the screens first depending on the the role of the opponents Pokémon. if my opponents Pokémon is physical I set up a reflect first if its special I would set up light screen, and if its a mix I'll take chance and set up a screen of my choice. after that I then set up my stealth rocks, you want to make sure you set up a screen first to ensure your survivability other wise you wont be able to set up stealth rocks at all. azelf is a fast Pokémon with a base speed stat of 115 allowing you to set up easier, your only worries is the Pokémon that out speed you. after you set up you can explode depending on your health, if your hp is low then just use explode, if your hp is in the green or yellow zone you can switch out and save azelf to re-set up the screens. Explosion can help to eliminate threats like infernape/lucario/garchomp. the only problem when using this move set is the defensive Pokémon which can survive explosion and make you lose a azelf, make sure to pick on less bulky Pokémon.

Starmie @ leftovers
ability: natural cure
EVs: 136 hp/156 def/216 spe
nature: timid
- rapid spin
- surf
- thunderbolt
- recover

This starmie is a bulky rapid spinner that eliminates all field moves like stealth rock, toxic spikes etc. natural cure helps starmie eliminate status moves and survive more with leftovers by your side. Surf is a STAB attack that gets of infernape and mamoswine. Starmie also has the need for speed with a base speed stat of 115 tying with azelf and out speeding garchomp (with exception of choice scarf) should give no worries. thunderbolt is mainly for gyarados, which this starmie can take a dragon danced life orb earthquake with the defense EVs given, and with reflect up it can absorb the hit thunderbolt back then recover the lossed hp. starmie speed can make starmie tough to take down because it can recover before being hit again. The main problems with this set are ghost-types and bulky Pokémon with pursuit that can counter starmie.

Togekiss @ kings rock
ability: serene grace
EVs: 252 hp/6 def/ 252 spd
nature: calm
- body slam
- air slash
- aura sphere
- roost

This togekiss is a bulky special defensive Pokémon and also a "Para flinch hack god". First thing is that serene grace doubles air slash's finch rate from 30% to 60% and with king’s rock 90%. body slam paralysis rate becomes 60% percent thanks to serene grace, body slam is a better option to thunder wave because ground and rock types resist it Pokémon with motor drive and volt absorb (electivire and jolteon) absorb it and get boost’s, also body slam takes damage when thunder wave does not. Calm nature with 252 special defense EVs allows togekiss to survive 2 unboosted ice beams before recovering. Aura sphere can help against rock and steel types that carry stone edge. Your opponent will start cursing you out when you’re flinching his Pokémon or get it paralyzed giving your opponent a 30% chance of attacking. There is a chance that togekiss can survive stone edge. Your problem here is physical opponents who you shouldn’t switch into and blissy which can take aura sphere and air slash and doesn’t have to worry about paralysis because of natural cure.

Weezing @ leftovers
ability: levitate
EVs: 252 hp/252 def/4 spe
nature: bold
- fire blast
- thunder
- rest
- sleep talk

This is my defensive sleep talker or rest talker which has one weakness which is psychic thanks to levitate. Fire blast and thunder is for power to eliminate some threats like scizor and gyarados. The defense EVs given makes it easier to absorb physical hits. the combination of rest and sleep talk is very effective, if your effected by a status move like burn you can just rest it up. Thanks to weezing poison typing you are immune to toxic and can absorb sleep thanks to sleep talk. Using sleep talk you won't have to worry about pp because you don’t use pp for fire blast or thunder. there’s a certain trick to the rest and sleep talk, here’s how you I use it, first I rest when weezing hp is low then I use sleep talk then the next turn I used sleep talk again, then I use either fire blast or thunder on the third turn which is the turn weezing will wake up. The problem with this set it allows enemies to set up and it cannot take special moves e.g. hydro pump will OHKO this weezing and can't take down a swampert.

Dragonite @ life orb
ability: inner focus
EVs: 252 atk/4 spa/252 spe
nature: jolly
- dragon dance
- outrage
- earthquake
- fire punch

this dragonite is my physical sweeper which is very destructive, but it’s still outclassed to salamence which has higher attack and speed. What I do with dragonite is I would dd up on a Pokémon that can't hurt dragonite like defensive type and would sweep with outrage. Fire punch helps me take care or scizor, fortress, shedinja, scarmory and bronzong. One dragon dance allows me to out speed gengar, azelf, weavile and a choice scarf naive heatran with jolly nature. Life orb can give dragonite more power, and earthquake can help me take care of magnezone and metagross. Thanks to the ability inner focus moves like fake out, air slash, rock slide and iron head won't flinch dragonite. stealth rock including the 10% recoil damage can add up, as to stealth rock that’s where starmie comes in. enemy starmie with ice beam is trouble for dragonite,dragonite will die to an ice beam before it can set up.

Gyarados @ leftovers
Ability: intimidate
EVs: 252 atk/4 def/252 spe
Nature: adamant
- Dragon dance
- Waterfall
- Ice fang
- taunt

Gyarados serves the same lethal role as dragonite but with a little twist. First I use taunt to prevent Pokémon from setting up, next I use dragon dance to make gyarados stronger and faster, one dragon dance can out speed a jolly weavile. Waterfall is a STAB move that can leave flinch on my opponent and give me a free turn to set up attack. Ice fang covers garchomp, salamence, dragonite and celebi which can be a pain if not taken care of. Taunt prevents other gyarados from setting up on me and scizor, this is the best move set to counter scizor as your naturally faster allowing you to taunt it before it can swords dance. Leftovers was chosen because I didn’t want the recoil damage from life orb making gyarados survive longer. Gyarados can take out a whole team by itself if played correctly. The problems with this move set is that bulky waters like swampert, slowbro, suicune and vaporeon can take your waterfalls. Especially vaporeon which has water absorb and can get healed each time you waterfall it, also swampert can strike back with stone edge. You also want to look out for starmie which can out speed and attack you with thunderbolt if you don’t have dragon dance up.
my teams stats at lv 100

azelf togekiss dragonite

hp:306 hp:354 hp:319
atk:277 atk:119 atk:333
def:147 def:217 def:211
spa:234 spa:263 spa:190
spd:148 spd:331 spd:230
spe:328 spe:175 spe:284

starmie weezing gyarados

hp:269 hp:306 hp:369
atk:166 atk:108 atk:342
def:224 def:366 def:206
spa:217 spa:202 spa:137
spd:200 spd:167 spd:212
spe:352 spe:140 spe:233
holy crap,now the team is full,ok just some minor things,first your dragonite is TOTALLY outclassed by mence,that run the same set way better,i sugest you switch for the bulk DD set,that show the clearly difference from dragonite and salamence,on weezing you prefer the less powerful version of your moves,fire blast and thunder are both moves that only work well on sweepers,where thunder only work well in rain,so change for thunderbolt and the other too,i also sugest you switch ice fang for stone edge on gyarados,stone edge hit about everything ice fang does and oposing gyarados,you might also switch for bounce instead,what come with a nice paralyze chance,2hko celebi and still hurts the likes of salamence and dragonite,another thing would be to change a little the gyarados speed evs,after dragon dance he reach about 392 speed,what dont really outspeed anything,enough speed to outrun jolly weavile is enough,so you can drop to 236,and put the rest into hp,while it dont allow to survive anything specific,free extra bulk always help,and you only lose the speed tie with others full speed adamant gyarados,on a side note,its always better to run fire blast instead of fire punch on the likes of salamence and dragonite because the single reason to use then is skarmory,scizor and foretress,all hit harder by fire blast(the later 2 being ohko,and the first also ohko with a neutral nature and some evs)

edit:another thing would be for you to change rest and sleep tank on weezing for will oh wisp and pain split,will oh wisp allow him to fuc* physical sweepers that dont got guts,and pain split still give you a hp boost while somewhat damage the enemy,its also your best bet agains blissey,this is just a minor thing and is purely depending on what exactly you want weezing to do against the enemy team,you also clearly waste the leftovers 6 evs that could have use,you can put then 6 evs on azelf atack to power up explosion,or could have put the leftovers evs on dragonite hp instead of special atack,they might just give 1 point,but any stat point counts around here,i also loved your team format,very easy to understand and read,and help get the idea of what the team does
any1 else

thanks for the ideas i also want opinions from other raters too any advice free to ask im also going to edit it again and add the stats of my team to improve your thought.

best raters wanted
I have to agree with Luka at DDnite being soooo outclassed by DDmence...anyway,i think that starmie isnt pulling her weight in, seeing as your 3 pokes weak to it, are pokemon that go in, and DIE in that being said, i see NOONE fast enough to get to out speed +1 threats.

I think that...

Latias(F) @ Choice Scarf
252SpA/252Speed/4 hp
Draco meteor

That way you have got a tricker to LOL at blissey's face, also, adding latias makes her say "Come scizor and pursuit me plz" so i sugeest changing DDnite to Bulky DDnite seeing as it LOLs at bullet punches and roosts em off you can easily get to +3 and at +3 not much can touch you.

Those are my 2 cents, hope thye help
i was thinking that maybe i can replace weezing with spiritomb since it has no weakness and could survive special hits better. i can even hit shedinja with this moveset.

spiritomb @ letfovers
252 hp/252 def/ 4 spa
- dark pulse
- calm mind
- rest
- sleep talk

i also thought about the dragonite problem and was thinking how about a special defensive bulk i cant remember the evs but the moveset shoul give a clue

dragonite @ life orb
inner focus
- dragon dance
- outrage
- light screen
- roost
well,we said bulk DD nite,not SUPER bulk DD nite,no need for light screen,its just a common dragonite set with defense evs instead of atack evs,leftovers instead of,oh fuck this i will just give you the set
Dragonite (Dragonite) (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Inner Focus
EVs: 224 HP/84 Atk/200 Spd
Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Dragon Claw
- Dragon Dance
- Roost
- Thunderpunch/fire punch/earthquake/light screen

the last slot REALLY varies,depending on your needs,just chose what you want from the list
D.Claw > Outrage on that set.

Lets say you are forced to use outrage then some steel comes and kills you, then what? Bulky sets benefit of Roost so it might be better for it to run D.Claw...Just saying...

If you want a BEAST that says HI to most sweepers is....wait, i have no beast like that, but i got CroCune, who adds a nice bulky water and with few calm minds, people NEED to crit or explode.

Luka, that set is SOOOOOOO walled by skarm that is not even funny, if you choose T-Punch i see steels saying hi and if you go F(alcon)-Pawnch you loose coverage on Gyara so....I would go with with RQ just for the sake of it being super good for coverage.


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Your Pokemon seem to have some pretty low IVs. For example, your Azelf is way too slow and your Gyarados's Attack isn't as high as it should be. These things will make a big difference in battle, especially when many people have Pokemon that have perfect stats. You should Pokemon with better IVs by trading with other people or breeding them yourself.
As a frequent Spiritomb user both in UU and OU (yeah he's that good), I know personally that Shadow Ball has slightly better coverage than Dark Pulse (hits Fighting types for neutral damage, etc.), although you lose hitting Normal types like Blissey (who you still lose to either way). Also, Shadow Ball still hits Shedinja.

i was thinking that maybe i can replace weezing with spiritomb since it has no weakness and could survive special hits better. i can even hit shedinja with this moveset.

spiritomb @ letfovers
252 hp/252 def/ 4 spa
- Shadow Ball
- calm mind
- rest
- sleep talk

i also thought about the dragonite problem and was thinking how about a special defensive bulk i cant remember the evs but the moveset shoul give a clue

dragonite @ life orb
inner focus
- dragon dance
- outrage
- light screen
- roost
He already has a screener, so just go with an overall Bulky Dragonite (preferably leaning toward more physical bulk). Also, running Light Screen on an Adamant LO set is just... ugh...
comon uys i need more raters, i want some1 who has at least used this team for them self. any more ideas or rates would be nice
comon uys i need more raters, i want some1 who has at least used this team for them self. any more ideas or rates would be nice
No point in using or creating a team to test in-game or on Shoddy if they have terrible IV's. I suggest you either IV breed or use (*gasp*) a hacking device.

Otherwise, I'm not sure what to recommend on your team that someone else already has, as your descriptions of your members give little to no explanation as to why you specifically use one of them over another, which is why the Mence v. Nite problem arose. I suggest you edit your post and use the team on Shoddy enough to get familiar with a particular member's niche on the team. Your team has some bad type coverage and common weaknesses.

I suggest using Marriland's Team Builder: (

This will let your rectify particular type disadvantages in your team. Get into the habit of using this frequently, or at least running through the types in your head to figure out the issues.

Finally, some of your Pokemon are (a) outclassed by a similar Pokemon with better moves or a better place on the team, and (b) have sets that are better than the ones you are using (such as in the case of Starmie and Azelf). Feel free to PM me for some help with team reconstruction, as otherwise I see little that your team is actually doing to 'work together' like a team should.

PS Sorry for not rating, but I don't want to rate until you have fixed up some of your team's errors.
k. not sure if someone already caught this, but you have three pokes weak to electric with no resist, but honestly i cant help with that. ive never recommended a poke over another before, so i dont know if your team will be able to fit a ground poke in. sry.

also, move the 4 spA ev's on nite to HP, he has no spA's, so they are being wasted. though that might make him weak to SR, in witch case def is the place for those 4 ev's.

im a noob here, compared to you guys, so this may get ignored, but that's your loss.

There is no need for Kings Rock on Togekiss, since you use it as a special wall, you should give it Leftovers. I also suggest Thunder Wave instead of Body Slam on hr, simply because have a little Gengar weakness. If Gengar is paralysed it isn't a huge threat anymore, while ground types are slower then you anyway so you can still flinch them to death.

Thunder isn't really a good idea on a defensive poke. It needs the max acc. and the higher PP. So I suggest switching Thunder with Thunderbolt and Fire Blast with Flamethrower.

On Dragonite I suggest replacing Fire Punch with Extreme Speed so that you will be able to KO powerfull Ice Shard users like Mamoswine and Weaville.

I also suggest replacing Ice Fang on Gyrados with Stone Edge, otherwise you couold get walled by opposing Gyarados. Another option here is Bounce.

Hope this helped!
As kiltank pointed out, your Electric weakness is pretty glaringly obvious. Not only this, but you also have 3 Pokemon weak to Stealth Rock, and with Starmie weak to Electric, I would suggest you use a different Rapid Spinner. Forretress comes to mind as your team has nothing to take Dragon Dancers' powerful Outrages. Give Forretress Stealth Rock, and replace Azelf's SR with Reflect. I also recommend using Rest Talk Rotom in place of Weezing for some pretty obvious reasons. I also recommend replacing Dragonite with one of Latias' sets, and then changing Togekiss to either Electivire or Swampert.
thanks for the rotom idea, i was just starting to use rotom alot now, and im creating the bulky dragonite. i'll change ice fang for stone edge on gyarados and leftovers for king's rock on for starmie ill come up with something.

i tested the team on the shoddy battle simulater and came up with 50/50 wins and losses.
I'd just like to note that King's Rock only increases the flinch chance of air slash from 60% to 64%. It's really not worth using.

King's Rock Description Page said:
For example, a Serene Grace pokemon using Air Slash while holding King's Rock has a 0.6 + (1 - 0.6) * 0.1 = 64% chance to flinch.

As a fellow Weezing user, I'm going to suggest a different Weezing set for you. This set prevents Pokemon such as Scizor, Lucario, and Gyarados from setting up. In addition, this makes your Weezing THE pendulum fighting counter, only being weak to an Absol Psycho Cut (which is rare in Shoddy). Although this Weezing doesn't have as much sweeping potential as yours, it is much more reliable as a physical wall.

Weezing @ Black Sludge
Nature: Bold
Ability: Levitate
252 HP/252 Def/4 SpA
- Flamethrower
- Thunderbolt
- Will-O-Wisp
- Pain Split

Flamethrower is to hit Lucario, Jirachi, and Scizor, while Thunderbolt is for everything else (bar Electivire). Will-O-Wisp helps nullify stat boosts, and Pain Split is your recovery move.

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