Team Power Crush, an OU RMT

Team Power Crush

Team Power Crush focuses mainly on wearing down opponents with powerful sweepers and clearing the way for a sweep from Offensive Dragon Dance Dragonite.

Team Building

With my favorite pokemon banned from Standard play, I needed to make a new team. I have an odd need to keep some sort of dragon on my teams, and Dragonite is my favorite Dragon-type still in OU. It also performs Salamence's old jobs almost as well, so Dragonite was guaranteed a spot. I decided to use Offensive Dragon Dance Dragonite because I really liked using Dragon Dance Salamence and the two play in a fairly similar manner.

Steel-types are the most annoying things for Dragon Dance Dragonite to face, so I needed something that could get rid of them. Magnezone kills most steels quite easily. It also has great typing synergy with Dragonite, forming a good defensive combination.

I wanted a secondary sweeper to provide more type coverage and possibly wear down Dragonite's counters, so I chose Dragon Dance Tyranitar. He has good typing synergy with Dragonite, and, just like Dragonite, Tyranitar hates Scizor and Bullet Punch, so Magnezone helps clear the way for Tyranitar as well.

Gengar helps cover Tyranitar’s weaknesses and also appreciates the support Magnezone can provide. Life Orb Gengar works well as a spin blocker and can easily lure out Scizor and cause severe damage to the opposing team with powerful special attacks. It also has great synergy with Tyranitar.

Since most of my pokemon are focused on offense and lack recovery, I chose Vaporeon as a Wish passer and general-purpose bulky Water-type. Vaporeon also worked well to wear down other bulky Water-types with Toxic.

Finally, I chose Swampert as a lead because it is very reliable and almost always manages to set up Stealth Rock. It also provided some great bulk later in the game and gave me a pseudo-hazer.

I wasn't satisfied with Swampert's performance as a lead so I replaced it with Gliscor to gain Taunt and a Lucario counter.

The two 4x Ice weaknesses really caused a problem, so I swapped Gliscor for Mamoswine, which gave me a priority attack, although I lost the ability to use Taunt in the process.

At that point, I had 3 Grass weaknesses, so I replaced Vaporeon, who was not really fast-paced enough for my team, with Gyarados.


After going through an enormous period of change, I have switched Mamoswine for an anti-lead Infernape set I made and have replaced Gyarados with Swampert to gain a bulky Pokemon and a check to various setup sweepers. The team currently looks like this:

Weaknesses and Resistances

In Depth

Infernape (M) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 56 Atk/200 Spd/252 SAtk
Naive nature (+Spe, -SDef)
- Fake Out
- Fire Blast
- Close Combat
- Grass Knot

Overview: Infernape has been a brilliant lead so far. I developed this set specifically to deal with bulky Pokemon that cause my team problems. It matches up excellently against every common lead and has plenty of utility later in the game as well. I moved 8 EVs from Attack into Speed to outrun standard lead Infernape and sets trying to outrun it by one point.

Moves: Fake Out breaks Focus Sashes, and with Infernape's high Speed, it can usually strike first and often destroys the opposing lead before it can do anything. Fire Blast is excellent STAB and gets good coverage with the rest of Infernape's moves. Close Combat is also great STAB and allows Infernape to function as a mixed attacker, breaking down walls with ease. Grass Knot over Stealth Rock is what really makes this set unique, and I added it for 3 Pokemon that give me trouble: Swampert, Hippowdon, and Suicune. Each of these Pokemon can stop Dragonite or Tyranitar from sweeping, so having them out of the way is a top priority. Grass Knot from a lead Infernape is almost entirely unexpected and allows me to cripple defensive Pokemon from the outset. To illustrate Grass Knot's effectiveness, I have run the following calculations:

Grass Knot on 240 HP / 52 SDef Swampert: 77.8% - 91.8%
Grass Knot on 252 HP / 216 SDef Swampert: 59.4% - 70.3%
Grass Knot on 252 HP / 88 SDef Hippowdon: 62.4% - 73.8%
Grass Knot on 176 HP / 248 SDef Hippowdon: 54.4% - 64.3%
Grass Knot on 252 HP / 0 SDef Suicune: 41.1% - 48.5%
Grass Knot on 4 HP / 0 SDef Suicune: 48.5% - 57.3%

Grass Knot almost always at least 2HKOs these Pokemon and usually weakens them to the point where another member of my team can KO them later, keeping them from inhibiting a sweep.

Synergy: Infernape takes Ice-type attacks for Dragonite, Fire-type attacks for Magnezone, Steel-type, Grass-type, and Bug-type attacks for Tyranitar, Grass-type attacks for Swampert, and Dark-type attacks for Gengar.

Lead Matchups:

| Azelf: Fake Out followed by Fire Blast may KO, and always brings Azelf into KO range for Dragonite's Extremespeed.

| Metagross: Magnezone traps and KOs. Infernape can also get rid of it with STAB Fire Blast.

| Jirachi: Fake Out followed by Fire Blast works wonders here. If it U-turns, I deal with the switch-in accordingly. If not, I can trap it with Magnezone.

| Aerodactyl: Fake Out followed by Close Combat gets rid of Aerodactyl.

| Swampert: Grass Knot as it uses Stealth Rock.

| Machamp: Fake Out, Fire Blast, switch to Dragonite, and Extremespeed.

| Infernape: I outspeed most other Infernape, so I Fake Out and then use Close Combat to get rid of them.

| Ninjask: Fake Out, Fire Blast.

| Tyranitar: Close Combat.

| Heatran: Close Combat.

| Hippowdon: Hippowdon also deserves a mention here. I usually cripple it with Grass Knot.

Magnezone @ Leftovers
Ability: Magnet Pull
EVs: 36 HP/220 Spd/252 SAtk
Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Substitute
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power [Grass]
- Magnet Rise

Overview: Magnezone’s main job is trapping and killing problematic Steel-types, and it does this very well. Scizor especially causes significant problems for Dragonite, Tyranitar, and Gengar. Magnezone has no trouble switching in on a Choice Banded Bullet Punch, or, if necessary, a Choice Banded Pursuit. At that point, Magnezone can set up a Substitute and KO Scizor with Thunderbolt. Choice Scarf Jirachi also causes problems for my team, and Magnezone can deal with it in much the same way as Scizor. After the Substitute is up, Magnezone can scout the switch-in and hit it with a STAB Thunderbolt, then switch to an appropriate counter when the Substitute is broken. Leftovers helps me recover HP for additional bulk and Substitutes. Magnezone also helps break down bulky Water-types with its resistance to Water-type, Electric-type, and Ice-type attacks, the three attacking types which most bulky Water-types normally carry. The 220 Speed EVs let me outrun Magnezone with the standard 216 Speed EVs.

Moves: Substitute allows me to scout and blocks status and flinches. Thunderbolt provides STAB. Hidden Power Grass allows me to hit Swampert and Hippowdon, as well as Roosting Gliscor. Magnet Rise allows me to avoid Ground-type attacks.

Synergy: Magnezone can take Steel-type attacks aimed for Tyranitar, Gengar, and Dragonite. It also shrugs off Dark-type attacks meant for Gengar, Rock-type attacks directed at Infernape and Dragonite, and Water-type and Grass-type attacks intended for Swampert and Tyranitar. It also doesn’t mind taking Ice-type attacks for Dragonite, Ghost-type attacks for Gengar, and Bug-type attacks for Tyranitar either. Magnezone also doesn't care one bit about Flying-type or Psychic-type attacks meant for Infernape.

Swampert (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Torrent
EVs: 240 HP/228 Def/40 SDef
Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Stealth Rock
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Avalanche

Overview: Swampert has been a key member of my team so far. He is my best check for Dragon Dance Gyarados, Dragonite, and Tyranitar and a great defensive Pokemon in general, as well as another check to Lucario. The moves have been selected specifically to handle the Dragon Dancers mentioned above. Swampert also gives me a nice midgame user of Stealth Rock and has saved me defensively on several occasions.

Moves: Stealth Rock provides the one entry hazard that almost every team must have. Earthquake gives me a solid STAB move and a way to dispose of Lucario. Stone Edge is my best bet against Gyarados and completes the QuakeEdge/EdgeQuake coverage (I know somebody is going to rage no matter what order I put the two in).

Stone Edge on 4 HP/ 0 Def Gyarados: 57.4% - 67.7%
Stone Edge on 156 HP / 96 Def Gyarados: 45.9% - 54.1%

These calculations were done without factoring in Intimidate. With Intimidate, Stone Edge will not 2HKO 156 HP / 96 Def Gyarados, but will still 2HKO 4 HP / 0 Def Gyarados assuming Stealth Rock is in play.

Avalanche gives me a weapon against Dragon Dance Dragonite and helps me hit Grass-type switch-ins.

Avalanche on 252 HP / 0 Def Dragonite: 67.4% - 79.8%, a possible OHKO after Stealth Rock and Sandstorm.
Avalanche on 4 HP / 0 Def Dragonite: 80.5% - 95.4%, a definite OHKO with Stealth Rock.

Synergy: Swampert has brilliant defensive typing. It can take Fire-type attacks aimed for Magnezone, Steel-type attacks aimed for Tyranitar and Dragonite, Rock-type attacks aimed for Infernape and Dragonite, and almost any other weak neutral attack due to being bulky.

Gengar (M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 4 Def/252 Spd/252 SAtk
Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Shadow Ball
- Focus Blast
- Substitute
- Pain Split

Overview: Gengar makes a great Special sweeper and stallbreaker. It causes huge amounts of damage to almost anything it faces and works as an excellent partner for the rest of my team as well. Gengar is quite frail, but is immune Fighting-type, Normal-type, and Ground-type attacks, allowing it plenty of free switch-ins. Gengar works well luring out Scizor for Magnezone, which helps facilitate a sweep for Tyranitar or Dragonite later on.

Moves: Shadow Ball gives me a good STAB move. Focus Blast completes the coverage with Shadow Ball. Substitute eases prediction considerably and allows me to escape from Scizor. Pain Split helps me heal and break down walls.

Synergy: Gengar is immune to Fighting-type attacks aimed at Magnezone and Tyranitar, as well as the Ground-type attacks meant for Magnezone, Infernape, and Tyranitar. These two immunities make it extremely useful, although it has few other useful resistances, barring the Bug-type and the Grass-type.

Changes: On GaRgAnt's suggestion, I now use Substitute / Pain Split Gengar, which is brilliant at breaking down stall and just about everything else. Tyranitar and Infernape become excellent stallbreaking partners with this set.

Tyranitar (M) @ Lum Berry
Ability: Sand Stream
EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Dragon Dance
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake
- Taunt

Overview: Dragon Dance Tyranitar is my second Dragon Dance sweeper and helps to weaken the opponent’s team for Dragonite. He helps to lure out Scizor and Jirachi, so he definitely appreciates Magnezone’s support. After a Dragon Dance, Tyranitar hits very hard and outruns quite a few Pokemon. Lum Berry allows it to set up despite Will-O-Wisp from Rotom-A or Thunder Wave from Celebi. The biggest problem with using this Tyranitar is Sand Stream, which wears down my other Pokemon. I use Taunt on Tyranitar to allow it to set up on Pokemon like Blissey and Skarmory. Taunt cripples several walls and allows me to set up free Dragon Dances as they switch out.

Moves: Dragon Dance is my setup move. Stone Edge provides STAB. Earthquake completes the standard QuakeEdge/EdgeQuake coverage and makes sure I'm not walled by Lucario or Empoleon. Taunt is the real selling point of this set, since it can cripple stall with almost no problems. This Tyranitar can easily set up on Skarmory and Blissey, allowing to sweep an opponent's team with very little trouble.

Synergy: Tyranitar can take the Fire-type attacks aimed at Magnezone easily. It doesn’t mind the Rock-type attacks intended for Infernape or Dragonite, or the Ghost-type, Psychic-type, and Dark-type attacks directed toward Gengar either. It also has no trouble taking Ice-type attacks for Dragonite or Flying-type and Psychic-type attacks for Infernape.

Dragonite (M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Inner Focus
EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Dragon Dance
- Outrage
- Earthquake
- Extremespeed

Overview: Dragonite is definitely the star of the team. While he’s not as fast as Salamence, he hits almost as hard on the physical side and can really cause some damage after a Dragon Dance. This set often surprises airborne Steel-types such as Skarmory and Bronzong that expect the BulkyDD set and think they can wall me. The 20-point difference in Base Speed between Dragonite and Salamence has been a pretty big problem though, since it can’t Speed-tie with positive-natured, Scarfed base 100s such as Jirachi or Flygon. Still, Dragonite can be devastating for unprepared teams. The biggest advantages this set has over the BulkyDD set are its unexpected speed and power. It outruns non-Choice Scarfed Heatran before a Dragon Dance (and all Heatran after a Dragon Dance) and can KO them before they use Explosion.

Moves: Dragon Dance allows me to set up. Outrage gives me a powerful STAB attack. It can 2HKO most bulky Water-types and Hippowdon with ease after a Dragon Dance. Earthquake gives me a good way to hit Steel-types that resist Outrage, as well as providing excellent coverage. Extremespeed gives me a priority move and solves some of my problems with faster attackers. Extremespeed has, overall, been a very helpful change and is worth the loss in coverage.

Synergy: Dragonite shrugs off Fire-type attacks aimed at Magnezone, Fighting-type attacks aimed at Magnezone and Tyranitar, Water-type attacks directed toward and Tyranitar, and Bug-type and Grass-type attacks intended for Tyranitar. It can take Grass-type attacks for Swampert as well. Dragonite is also immune to Ground-type attacks.


The only real problem this team has is a lack of healing. Something that uses Wish would be beneficial, but I don't know what I could get rid of in exchange.

Threat List: Top 29 Pokemon in OU

Pokemon in Green are easily dealt with.
Pokemon in Orange are problems.
Pokemon in Red are significant threats.

Scizor: Magnezone takes care of all variants of Scizor pretty easily. Swords Dance Scizor causes more of a problem, but not by much. Swampert can soak up Bullet Punches all day long if Magnezone is gone.

Heatran:: Tyranitar's Earthquake hurts it, Gengar KOs with Focus Blast (assuming it hits), and Dragonite carries Earthquake. Swampert can hit it with Earthquake as long as it isn't carrying Hidden Power Grass or Explosion, while Infernape takes care of it with Close Combat.

Tyranitar: Infernape has Close Combat, Tyranitar hurts opposing Tyranitar with Earthquake, Dragonite has Earthquake, and Gyarados can use Waterfall or Earthquake. Gengar also has Focus Blast to take care of any Tyranitar sets it outspeeds.

Gyarados: Swampert is my best check, but I have to play around Gyarados a bit. I usually defeat offensive versions by using Stone Edge and then using Dragonite's Extremespeed.

Gengar: Gengar speed ties, Swampert wins one on one, Dragonite can take Shadow Ball and OHKO with Outrage. Infernape can KO it if Focus Sash is intact.

Jirachi: Jirachi is annoying. I hate Jirachi. Scarf variations are easy prey for Magnezone, but Calm Mind sets can set up on Magnezone, so I often have to use Dragonite, Swampert, or Tyranitar to Earthquake Calm Mind Jirachi.

Rotom-A: Tyranitar handles Rotom-A with no problems thanks to Lum Berry.

Starmie: Starmie outspeeds my team and can OHKO most of them with the correct move. Tyranitar can take a Hydro Pump and KO, but it can’t switch in safely. Dragonite can handle it with Extremespeed.

:Infernape: Dragonite can handle any Infernape without Stone Edge or the appropriate Hidden Power. Gengar can switch in on Close Combat and OHKO with Shadow Ball. Swampert can take Infernape without Grass Knot.

Metagross: Swampert has Earthquake and Magnezone can trap and kill slower variants. Agiligross causes some problems if my team is weakened.

Swampert: Gengar can damage Swampert with Shadow Ball, Magnezone does a lot of damage with Hidden Power Grass, and Infernape has Grass Knot specifically to get rid of it.

Blissey: I have plenty of powerful physical attacks to muscle through Blissey.

Machamp: I have to play around Machamp a bit.

Lucario: Most of my team has super-effective moves.

Azelf: Azelf dies in the lead spot, Tyranitar can KO after a Dragon Dance, and Dragonite has Extremespeed.

Breloom: Breloom is trouble, although I have several ways to defeat it. Dragonite outspeeds and OHKOs with Outrage. Tyranitar can take Spore with Lum Berry and 2HKO with Stone Edge. Gengar can KO with Shadow Ball and Infernape has Fire Blast.

Gliscor: Dragonite can Dragon Dance on Gliscor and Gliscor can’t touch it without Toxic or Stone Edge. Swampert can KO with Avalanche. Gengar gleefully sets up on Gliscor.

Flygon: Flygon is rather troublesome. Magnezone can hit Flygon locked into Outrage with Hidden Power Grass. Extremespeed from Dragonite and Swampert's natural bulk work wonders here.

Skarmory: Magnezone can trap it and eliminate it with Magnet Pull and Thunderbolt. Taunting Tyranitar can set up on it easily.

Vaporeon: Magnezone 2HKOs with Thunderbolt.

Jolteon: Tyranitar can take any of Jolteon’s attacks and KO it. Dragonite takes away a huge chunk of health with Extremespeed.

Suicune: Suicune causes trouble. Magnezone’s Thunderbolt can 2HKO all variants of Suicune without Special Defense investments and has a chance to OHKO more offensive variants after Stealth Rock. Infernape has Grass Knot. Gengar does plenty of damage with Shadow Ball, and Taunt ruins CroCune.

Dragonite: Swampert is my best check. My Dragonite has Extremespeed and Outrage.

Celebi: Gengar, and Infernape can easily take down Celebi. Tyranitar can handle it after a Dragon Dance with a bit of residual damage.

Magnezone: Anything with Earthquake takes care of Magnezone and the only thing it can really trap is my own Magnezone.

Zapdos: Tyranitar can take anything Zapdos can throw at it and KO with Stone Edge.

Kingdra: Magnezone walls Kingdra quite well and can retaliate with a STAB Thunderbolt. I also have Extremespeed as extra insurance.

Togekiss: Magnezone can OHKO with Thunderbolt, Tyranitar and Swampert have Stone Edge, and Infernape has Fire Blast.

Bronzong: Magnezone traps and kills Bronzong with ease. Trick Room variants can be annoying though.
If you need a spinner, you may want to replace your gyarados for either a LO or rapid spinner starmie. Alternatively, you could use a faster lead such as Azelf or (my preference) Aerodactyl, which can outspeed, taunt if necessary, and set up rocks before dying.

Your team is generally slow, which is why you have a problem with scarfed opponents and faster pokemon like gengar and starmie. A priority move revenge killer would be helpful. Perhaps you could replace tyranitar or magnezone with a SD lucario with extremespeed and/or bullet punch?
First, this team is highly offensive, which I like, but you do have some problems. One is mainly fast pokemon/Scarf users.

There is an easy way to remedy this without changing the team. Simply slap a Choice Scarf on Gengar, replace Focus Blast with Trick, replace Hp Fire with Hp Ice, and you have a more potent revenge killer. This guy can outspeed a +1 DD Gyarados(Maybe +2 on the Bulky set, not sure though), he can take out opposing Gengar, he can OHKO Flygon with Hp Ice, and he has a chance to OHKO every Starmie set with SR. There are most of the problems I see with your team solved.
I'll definitely test out Choice Scarf Gengar, and maybe a Starmie or Lucario set as well.

I really like the way Choice Scarf Gengar is working for me, although I do miss some of the coverage Focus Blast provides.
Scarfgar's fatal problem is the rise in Scarftars- Though Scarftars are meant to kill Latias, it makes for a great revenge killer for anything weak to Pursuit... Which Scarfgar technically is.

To remedy this problem, I suggest running a Substitute/Pain Split Gengar over your current one:

Gengar @ Life Orb
252 Special Attack/4 Special Defense/252 Speed

~Shadow Ball
~Focus Blast
~Pain Split

Stall giving you hell?

Break it down. This sets up on Gliscor and Blissey and easily... Sets up on most members of stall, lol. Screw Lucario, it can't do ANYTHING to this besides pray for a miss.

It's a really solid team; I could find any true problems with it anyhow, but I think that my set will help you break stall better.
Maybe Choice Scarf Starmie in place of Gengar? It gets the same or better coverage in Surf / Thunderbolt / Ice Beam. Maybe a set like:

Starmie @ Choice Scarf
Ability:Natural Cure
Nature: Timid / Modest
Ev's: 252 Spe / 252 SpA
Rapid Spin / Ice Beam

If you choose rapid spin, you would somewhat of a spinner


It's all coming back to me now
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Hi I got your PM.

This dos look like a solid team but my main fear is that Fighting types can really threaten you. Gyarados is your best counter and LO + SR + switching into attacks will really dent it. I also am slightly worried about your dependance on Gengar which is pursuit bait and rather easy to revenge leaving you open to more threats.

Firstly I believe that the most important chage is to make Gyarados a BulkyDos with Taunt, DD, Water Fall, Stone Edge. This lets you take hits much better and reduces the threat that Fighting types have on your team. Next up I believe that a Lead Jirachi is worth a shot over Mammoswine. Jirachi sets up SR and also can act as a pseudo revenge killer thus reducing your dependance on Gengar.The result of this is that (hopefull) Jirachi would set up SR and then act as a revenger while Gengar can be saved for late game.

If the above change was made then I think that a SubSplit Gengar will work very well over Scarf Gengar (the set is posted above). It is very difficult to get rid off and threatens both offensive and stall based teams.

Sets for Jirachi and Gyarados are below

Jirachi @ Choice Scarf
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
-Iron Head
-Stealth Rock
-Thunderpunch/Ice Punch

The reason I do not suggest Fire Punch is because scizor is delt with my Magnezone and Gyarados. ThunderPunch or Ice Punch really depends if you want to check Gyarados and Starmie (Thunder Punch) or Breloom, Flygon and Dragonite. (Ice Punch)

Gyarados @ Leftovers
156 HP / 72 Atk / 96 Def / 184 Spe
-Dragon Dance
-Stone Edge/Bounce

If you go for Thunderpuch on Jirachi then Bounce is an O.K option over Stone Edge to hit Breloom and Celebi harder, its your choice though.

Hope I helped!

Have a Nice Day!
Hello, I got your message, this team looks fairly solid, its nice not seeing another fwg/Gengar/Lucario/lead team.

IN my opinion, Gliscor and Kingdra should definitely be used over Dragonite and Mamoswine. You really need a defensive Pokemon and counter to fighting types, and yes the 4x ice weakness is bad, but he's really better over Mamoswine for this team. Of course this gives you a scathing ice weakness, so here's my other solution. Dragonite, plain and simple, is not a good offensive sweeper, and this team doesn't really need 3 offensive dragon dancers. Using Bulky Chesto Kingdra here is a perfect replacement! It minimizes the ice weakness and can actually set up on Starmie, instead of being weak to it. The set I'm talking about is here. This combination will help you with Flygon, Starmie, Breloom, and Machamp a bit. Ice Punch ones will still suck though.

That's all the advice I have, listen to those aboves me and you should be good. Hope this all helps!
Your team looks pretty solid, and I tested it in a few matches and it worked pretty decently. However, I did notice that your team was really weak to BP teams :/ Maybe installing a phazer wouldn't be too bad. Other than that, really nice team.
Thanks for all the rates. I'm using Substitute / Pain Split Gengar now.

@ginganinja: I've been on the receiving end of Choice Scarf Jirachi's Iron Head and I just don't get any pleasure from abusing flinchhax. With that said, would a similar Metagross set work as well?

Metagross @ Choice Scarf
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
-Meteor Mash
-Stealth Rock
-Ice Punch / Explosion / Earthquake

This set gives me a bit more physical bulk as well.
I'll definitely give BulkyDos a try.

@Smith: I don't really want to give up Dragonite since it's done really well and is the focus of the team. Is there somewhere else I could work Kingdra in? That set looks really interesting and I'll be sure to try it out.


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Yea..... Metagross can work for you over Jirachi. It weakens you in that it lacks speed to beat other scarfers or pokemon with a DD boost but if it works for you and you are not getting swept by stuff like DD Nite and DD Gyarados then you should be fine. However if you ae getting swept by the above pokemon with scarf meta then remember Jirahci as an option,
In regards t oHeatrans moveset however I would always go for Explosion over Ice Punch and Earthquake. Since you lack Jirachi's awesome coverage and speed Explosion is a much better option since its harder to set up on a scarf metagross with Exposion. Explosion also deals with most threats such as Dragonite and Gyarados without having to resort to Ice Punch (which leaves you walled by Gyarados if you have tricked away your scarf) I huge advantage of both Metagross and Jirachi with scarfs is that Mahchamp is slightly less of an issue since you cacn trick it a scarf, locking it into DP and then get a free switch to Gengar to set up a Sub.

Anyway hope I made things clearer.

Have a Nice Day!
I have made some enormous changes to this team and would like opinions and comments. All changes and explanations can be found in the original post.
Looks solid at a glance, but I've found a really big weakness in your lineup; Lucario. Lucario completely decimates this team, and the only thing stopping it is Gengar, who is both vunerable to Pursuit (and Scizor mindgames), and relying on 70% accuracy is a bad idea. You've got some good synergy here, so I don't want to mess that up too much. To check Lucario, I suggest using Bulky DD Gyarados over Swampert. This Gyarados can successfully come in on Lucario, scare it off and set up it's own DD. It allows gives you another check to Infernape, who with Grass Knot and HP Ice can sweep most of your team. Hope this helped!
Liam, the problem with using Gyarados is that I lose Stealth Rock and a check to Dragon Dancers. I could put Stealth Rock on Infernape, I suppose. Is there another lead that can get rid of the bulky Pokemon that give me trouble and check the Dragon Dancers?
Metagross with a Shuca could lay out SR and check one Dragon Dancer per team, bar Kingdra. A little SpDef investment and it could check Gengar too, and a ton of SpDef and it could Thunderpunch a weakened Starmie after taking the LO Hydro Pump. That's not the greatest solution to your problems but it's worth considering.

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