Team Rocket Steals a Legendary Pokemon! [Themed Warstory]

-Being Team Rocket
-Being true to them
-Funny, original, and didnt lose its charm halfway through
-Props for using Meowth, Victreebel, Arbok and Licitung

Things to improve:
-This guy was high on scented Golbat dung, get a better opponent, and I guarentee, I will give it a 12/10

Good job


Who let marco in here????
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Man the battle was bad but the commentary and theme is so top notch I can't really stop laughing at this.

lol, do a real warstory next time.
Format: 7/10
Battle: 1/10
Comments/Idea: 7/10 Great! Almost no comments though

average: 5.5/10-ish FUN
Hahaha, the battle was terrible but the commentary totally made up for it. Nice warstory!

Basically everything that everyone else said. Your opponent was awful, and the battle wasn't very good, but Team Rocket theme was awesome, and the dialogue was funny, I could actually hear all their voices. xD I enjoyed it, especially since I'm a huge fan of theme teams. I'll give you 8/10, it was definitely worth the read. =)
ROTFLSHMSFOAIDMT! All jokes aside, very funny. Bad plays and no rules, but who cares? It's Team Rocket! Write another one soon!
8.5/10 (only because of Wobbuffet AND Lickitung)
Keep up the good work!
I loved this so much. However, I think it would be better if TR got its ass kicked yet again, just extra-horribly because the opponent wasn't a noob like Ash. Still great, 8/10
Let me say some things. First off, your opponent was pretty bad, but I loved, and I mean loved, your commentary. You sstuck to the characters to a T and I just loved it. This was very creative.
The amusing commentary certainly made up for the fact that both your opponent and the match were awful. Got to love those UBERs and that Hyper Beam Lucario! Quite an interesting read.

Lmao I expected you to lose and say something like we're blasting off again! Or whatever the exact words when they get blasted away, but good Warstory I give it a 7/10. Your opponent was awful.


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lmao i expected you to actually do a fun bump! or whatever the exact things people say when they revive old threads
overall i give it a 3/10 this bump was awful
I do like the warstory though :X
I remember battling Team Rocket Trio before. This has some awesome commentary (Victreebel is killed by Pikachu in one hit), but the battle itself was meh. I mean, who the hell slaps Focus Blast and Hyper Beam on a Lucario?
Though your opponet was horrible and you had some really lucky hax against Rayquaza, I fiund myself actually laughing out loud over this. I give your warstory a 6.5/10

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