Project Team Style Analysis

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Welcome to the revamped RU Team Style Analysis thread! This thread will be a controlled discussion that can be looked back on as a teambuilding guide by incoming players broken down by types of teams (stall, balance, offense, sun, etc.). The topic will be moderated by myself, and will change on biweekly basis or when I feel the current topic has gone stale.

  • A specific playstyle will be selected as the topic.
  • Post information about this play style here. Ideas of what you can include are:
    • Purpose
    • How to build this style
    • Pokemon that are commonly used
    • Sample team(s)
    • Threatlist
  • I will maintain a reading directory of posts that I think stand out in the second post. The metagame shifts overtime so I might revisit topics.
Do not be afraid to post even if others have before. We all come into this game with a different mindset.
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