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Pending Teambuilder improvements

Teambuilder is nice as it is right now, but there's a couple small quality of life improvements that would help a lot. Some might not be feasible, if so too bad, some might be doable though.

- Add exclusions. Just like /ds. It solves a lot of simple issues, but mainly it means you can cut ubers out of OU-based OMs, and lets you remove non-rock types from /ds stealth rock, for example. Would help a fair amount.

- Add minimum/maximum stat searches. Simply explained I'd type into the box "bst > 100" and it wouldn't show me mons over that. Same as /ds, really, but huge improvement for mobile which doesn't want to swap to chat all the time just to do a /ds command.

- Make the validator reject a mon that has 2 Hidden Powers in its set. Happens quite often you dumbly put HP fire and HP ice on a mon just because you're being dumb, get into a battle and poof, only 2 moves. (most logically you were deciding between the two and messed up or w/e)

- A bit controversial but is there a real need for Arceus' forms to all be there when they're in the same tier as the main form? Silvally's forms are in different tiers, so those being there makes sense, but having to swift through 18 arceus forms is pretty tedious, though I guess I can't really say this is relevant, more of a side note.

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