Duplicate Teams saved with registered accounts

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Hello! I have often seen people go to help and whine about how they cleared their cookies or the sprites were not loading so they cleared their cache and then POOF! their teams are gone! This has been a problem for a while and it just clogs up the help section.
I think we could add teams saved with registered accounts. This would solve this problem AND you could switch to a different platform and it would save the whole thing about transferring data between the two. Please at least consider this, because everyone at one point gets angry about it.
That’s a lot of load on the server, and I believe that’s the reason why it isn’t like that. Maybe some feature where you can “favorite” one team at a time to be tied to your account? That would also make it easier to move your teams between devices.


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Actually, this is already planned. We just need to transition to a new database first, so we have the space for this.
Closing as duplicate - have a nice day!
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