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Programming Teams used in Smogon Tournaments

Hey it's me again,

today I want to show you a combination of currently existing resources, the Showdown Replay Scouter and the Tournament Match Checker!

What is the goal?

Did you ever want to see the teams which have been used in certain Smogon Tournaments like SPL or Smogon Tour?
Did you feel like you could go through every replay or look at certain users, but a way to see every used team directly was missing?
Great! This is the solution for this exact problem, a website where you can search for existing tournament threads and get the used teams in this tournament!

Show it!

The main site:

Main site

An example result:

Result page

How does it work?

It is again very simple! Basically, it makes use of the libraries which power the Tournament Match Checker and the Showdown Replay Scouter and just combines the two together. The website then takes the output and renders it nicely for everybody to see!
The output is recalculated daily, so that new changes and new tournaments are incorporated as time goes on!

Enough of it, where do I get it?

The website: https://fulllifegames.com/Tools/TournamentTeams/
The source code: https://github.com/FullLifeGames/TournamentTeamCollector
The dump (if you really want to work with it programmatically): https://fulllifegames.com/Tools/TournamentTeams/output.json

Since this is relatively new, feedback would be appreciated! Have fun :)
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