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list times you've cried
  • saying goodbye to my favourite teacher when i went to high school
  • ending of its such a beautiful day by don hertzfeldt
  • when my dog died
  • when its such a beautiful day by don hertzfeldt got snubbed for an academy award for best animated film (lost to fuckin uh, pixar's brave i think)
  • stubbed my toe real bad


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  • birth
  • breaking my arm after falling off my bicycle
  • arriving at the hospital after breaking my arm
  • scraping my knee going up the stairs
  • assassin bug bite
  • seeing my little sister being bullied
  • getting my ass beat by my sister's bullies
  • porcupine quill stuck in my hand
  • realizing my middle school crush didn't like me
  • getting shampoo in my eyes
  • most fits of unbridled laughter
  • fish hook to the right knee
  • organic chemistry midterm
  • realizing my college crush didn't like me
  • finding out my dad wasn't coming home
  • losing my favorite plushie
  • that one Our Planet episode with the walruses
  • Wall-E
  • turning 11 and not getting my letter to Hogwarts
  • realizing my college crush did like me, I was just a dense motherfucker
  • finding out animals i cared for passed away
  • getting my first job offer out of college
  • any time i need to drive through alabama
  • cutting onions
  • fire ant sting on my junk
  • first time a snake ever bit me
  • running away from home because i spilled soda on the carpet
  • accidentally swallowing a ladybird beetle
  • after a lawnmower cut open a toad i found in the yard
  • running into a highway to rescue my puppy
  • first time i drank tequila
  • actually every time i drink tequila
  • listening to most family fights as a kid
  • first time i called for an ambulance
  • being told i was the best teacher they ever had
  • after my Nintendo DS got stolen
  • rubbing moth scales into my eyes
  • college graduation
  • letting go my bullfrog i raised from a tadpole
  • Murkrow being unbanned from BW LC
  • going back to my elementary school as an adult
  • killing a baby shark during a fishing trip
  • when my Bastiodon died in my Pearl Nuzlocke RIP Brickface
  • trying ghost pepper
  • getting pinched by a big fuckin crab
  • slamming my elbow into the corner of my desk
  • burning myself on the oven
  • watching Tremors as a kid
  • first and last time on a rollercoaster
  • writing this post
i may have missed a few idk


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Way back in high school I was going through some shit and decided to play some Animal Crossing Wild World (back when it was the most recent game) to relax and calm down. Decided to delete my save file since it had been a while.

The game really tries to guilt you into not deleting your town, but I went through with it. After a long loading section, you're hit with a text box that says:

"Your town has been deleted. Enjoy your new life."

For some reason that really hit me and I started bawling.


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I never heard this song until 2021, I never played these games, I'm not a part of that era of internet history, I'm feeling second hand nostalgia for a history that wasn't mine, I'm only existing right here and right now


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  • failing a couple of things at school
  • saying goodbye to my british exchange mate
  • Fernando Alonso's first retirement (this one was the biggest of these)

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