Technical Support Mk. 2 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!)

OS: Windows 10
Browser: Google Chrome
Other browser: I've tried this in the PS program, Google Chrome, and on Internet Explorer.
When started: A few months ago
Username: Soupergameboy
Problem: I receive an error message "Couldn't connect to server!" every time I try to get on PS even without logging in.
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OS: Windows 10
Browser: Google Chrome
Other browser: Internet Explorer and it seemed to work there
When started: Today
Problem: I can't see the list of pokemons in teambuilders, icons are gone and i can't see the ability list and move list
OS: Windows 10
Browser: Google Chrome
Other browser: Internet Explorer, but the problem did not happen here.
When started: Today
Username: CallMeJJok3R
Problem: Every time I search for a battle it put the game under my games tab like this but doesn't put me in the game. Anytime I try clicking on it to join the game or try to join any other games, my page reloads & freezes. It doesn't want to load the game. I'm able to talk in chats and team build. But just can't join/view/play games. I've talked to the help room and they have no idea.
Operating system
Windows 10
Web Browser (with version, if you know it)
Software version
Have you tried other browsers? If so, which one, and does this problem happen on them as well?
The problem happens only on the software version, it works on the browser versions
When did this problem start?
I started having it about a week ago
Your PS username
And of, course, your problem (include any error messages verbatim. give frequency, etc.).
Every time I try to hide the chat window in the Windows version of the tool, the entire tool closes. There are no error messages. At first this only happened when I tried hiding chat while in the Team Builder but now it just happens every time I try to hide chat.
I am using a computer with windiows 10 on mozilla firefox, google chrome, and microsoft edge I get the error ":PS is under heavy load and cannot accommodate your connection right now." This also occurs when I use the computer and phone application . This also only occurs when I am on the internet where I am staying, but that makes it harder to do fights. My PS nickname is KidSeraph. This has gone on for at least the last three weeks.
  1. Operating system: Chrome OS
  2. (Web Browser) Google Chrome
  3. (Other Browsers?) No
  4. (When did this problem start?) At least a week ago
  5. (PS username) Lucielle005
  6. (Problem) Stuck at "loading client..."
Well hello, I'm currently having a problem with showdown on my mobile !
  1. Operating system Android
  2. (Web Browser) Maxthon
  3. (Other Browsers?) Puffin/Google chrome
  4. (When did this problem start?) Since I have my new phone
  5. (PS username) couscousargente
  6. (Problem) So, I have the issue where I can't use chat since showdown apparently detects that I have a proxy even tho I don't, I tried with different browsers but the problem won't go away, anyone could help me?

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