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You have to sign up in a thread, but it's being posted about in the room. So I guess the answer is yes, but probably a few people who don't visit the forums otherwise will have joined.
Yeah, you have to make a post on the forums in order to join. Some of the accounts on the forums will have been made just to sign up for it, but at any rate, it's all people that are making a conscious effort to ladder, so it would probably help. I suppose it's possible that people just see the LTI people on Showdown and make their own account like that, but I doubt there's many, if any at all.


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Should we submit alts that we *have* but don't often use? I don't think most of my alts are even registered on any ladders, but i nabbed them in case i would ever want them
i guess you're still collecting, so i submitted.
if you get a large sample, will we see the result? and about how far are you from getting a sufficient amount?


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So are you going to release the data from the study at any point (obviously anonymously) or is this just a personal thing of yours Antar?


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I'm closing this thread. I got the data I needed out of this project a while ago. Thanks for everyone who contributed. WreckDra, yes, everything was lost.
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