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We have the technology.
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More seriously, I am moving into an apartment! So my activity may be spotty over the next week or so as I make preparations. Shouldn't change too much, but you may need to tag me if I go over DQ.
Emphasizing this. I will be unavailable for a few days here outside of phone posting. Hang tight!
Going to be busy with various activities through the rest of the weekend, and going to have to do homework for the rest of the weekend. Please do not DQ for the next few days, I will try to catch up on Monday, but it might take me until Tuesday.


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Pretty sick; don't expect much (or any) activity from me for the next few days. If I'm reffing your match please find a subref or wait for me to get back. The subref can claim full UC.
Reinstating this as I thought I was getting better but I suddenly started feeling much worse again. I apologize for using this thread yet again so soon after my last loa, but I feel real life warrants it.
Went to ER today. Infected tooth. Looks like I may need another root canal. Understand that I am not intentionally johning reffings or ordering. I have a dentist appointment set for a week from today to determine the exact problem and hopefully fix it. But, for the time being, please be a little lenient with DQ on me. Those that know me in ASB know that I despise going over DQ. That is why I am a quick ref. Once up, I take care of business. However, because of the jaw pain I have, I might not be able to immediately ref everything. I'm typing this while laying down at an awkward angle in order to keep the ice pack just right on the jaw. I just cannot type at my usual speed and with my preferred limited number of typos at the moment.


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bad connection + trip :D = Frosty is probably late on stuff right now and shouldn't post reliably until next monday. Don't DQ me if I am a battler. If I am ref, then, well...use your discretion.
My computer refuses to repair itself or start up past the 'Starting Windows' screen. Do not know when I will get it fixed, and I probably won't get a new computer anytime soon. If I'm reffing your battle, sorry. Please find a subregion if you want.

EDIT: Okay, I installed Linux and it's working for now. Will update on any future changes.
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ughhhh, so due to spring break plan shenanigans going awry, my activity will be down until about Sunday. I should hopefully be able to post in everything, but if I am reffing you, you might want to tag me so I don't forget about it.


Oh my gosh I can change this now
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I'm incredibly busy this weekend, pls don't dq me in anything I'm in.


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Advance Warning: From April 1 to April 8 I likely will not be available for long periods of time.
Reduced ASB activity until end of this Friday. Don't DQ me, please, and for the matches I'm reffing, please have some degree of patience. Thank you.
I'm quitting ASB. I've had fun here, but there's nothing for me at this point, and I'm not really around anyway. I'm withdrawing from the tournament. I'll finish my raid with Avnomke, so he can get his artifacts. But after that, I'm gone. So long, ASB, and thanks for all the memories.
Just posting to say that I've been swamped with work for the past two days so even though I've been looking at the forums quite a bit I haven't really had time to post anything. Expect regular activity starting tomorrow.

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