Ongoing Temporary Leaves of Absence (formerly permanent)


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I am aware I am up in lots of stuff due to not reffing on the weekend. I won't be able to do them all today. Perhaps not even tommorow (I have usually 1-2 hours per day to focus only on ASB....sometimes I can squeeze in more time, sometimes not). So I am asking you to wait until wednesday.

My priority list is something along the lines of:
1) Order on ice gym -_-
2) AOT
3) Gym (dunno if I am up) and Tutoring
4) ASS and Pike
5) TLR
6) Other
I have no reliable internet access at the moment, the best I can do given my circumstances is the Public Library's free wifi (for an hour at the time gee thanks).

I know I'm late to ref things and I'm trying my best to get things updated. Sorry folks, I have no idea when I'll have reliable internet access again.


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Yes I am aware I was expected to do shit today, but I had a (useless) work reunion that messed with my schedule so I didn't?

Tommorow I also have a shitton of shit to shit so don't expect that much. Friday became the go-to day now. Sorry about that.

Priorities are:
1) Tutoring
2) AOT
3) Gym
4) ASS and Pike
5) TLR
6) Ordering on shit (it takes a shitload of time to order properly -_-) and doing non-ref stuff
Not LoA per se, but just to let people know that this past couple days have been busier than expected and today/tomorrow aren't looking too easy either, so I might push DQ on the battles where I'm up to order.

Next time put me in a group with a bunch of scrubs and maybe I'll order faster lel
I will be going on LoA just for this weekend because I have way too much homework. 3 Essays + an interview on top of regular homework.

Oh yeah and I'm also frustrated with my prize claim getting denied (imo it shouldnt have) so if yall feel like this is a bullshit LoA then you're probably right. But I do have a ton of hw and I do need to do those essays + get an interviewee + interview that person + do usual hw so I will legit do this.
Guys, busy this weekend and early next week. Expect posts around mid to next weekend. Also, if you would like then please get a subref for your battles, and I don't mind getting DQ'd in battles either. Do as you see fit. Later!


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retroactive loa; was dealing with a big hw pile so my activity was somewhat reduced. My apologies for not communicating this to anyone. I'm completely gone for most of tuesday and for wednesday morning; wednesday afternoon+thursday is my designated catch-up day.

edit extending this till Friday
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So... that temporary leave of absence lasted a lot longer than I anticipated. Pretty much checking in and letting you all know that I am not dead. My sabbatical will likely last a bit longer, as I am in the process of changing positions in the company from a role where I may have to work any and every day of the week for 8 (9) hours to one where I should only need to work 5 days of the week for the same number of hours (provided my coworkers show up and do their fucking jobs). It also has a significant decrease in probably of broken bones and concussions compared to my current position (of which I've sustained 7 broken bones and 2 concussions since I started in April '15).
Going to be a bit busy for most of this week. Mostly just a bunch of schoolwork that has piled up. I'm aware there are two Adventure Battles in particular awaiting my reffing, and I will get to them as soon as possible. Most other things will have to wait until later this week, probably Friday.


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Going to be away for the weekend, I might be able to do stuff but don't count on it.

Basically don't DQ me in anything until Tuesday
can i just post a LoA for today cos I'll probably sleep through all of my DQ times. I'll hopefully get through everything later in the day, but slep slep slep and DQ is like in mid-day.
Yeah, so... I'm sick. Don't count on me doing too much in the immediate future, especially if it involves more thinking than "sending out Belladonna the Kitsunoh @ Rare Candy".
Sorry this is long overdue, I'm taking a long break from not just ASB, but pokemon mostly. sorry, Iggy Azalea, studies have become hard :1
sry for anyone else i may have disappointed.
Update on the above: I'm feeling better now. Still, I'm behind on a bunch of stuff, so I'd appreciate it if I had some leniency until tomorrow to catch up.
Laptop broke, and I live in my car now. Forfeiting everything except LCT since i finished early and r2 isn't up yet. If I'm reffing your AB you can try your best to get a sub ref, I will get to them whenever I can... And that's probably going to be a while longer.

Sorry folks


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school has been smothering me recently more than usual, and also ASB is becoming a bit less enjoyable

i'll try to find time to order in aot / lct but everything else get a subref

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