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Been sick all day today, and I'm not sure if I'll be well enough to do anything tomorrow. I will try and ref when possible, but just know that I feel like death and I will ref your match as soon as I can.
Back from vacation, but internet is down. Please don't DQ until it gets back up.

EDIT: Internet was fixed very quickly, ignore this post.
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We have the technology.
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Alright, heading out on spring break. I will be out cold over the weekend, and posting with limited activity the following week. Don't expect full activity until April 6th. I will do my best to get in reffings when I find some spare time (ZT TLR / akela's gym / LLAMA). Show leniency in DQ for me, particularly in gym matches. See y'all later!


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Next weekend is ass. Monday and Friday not looking too hot either, albeit I may sneak in some reffings for TLRs. Tuesday I resume a more...adequate reffing pace and will start the projects I am in debt for (aka mentorship etc).


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I am "back" somewhat. To be more specific: my computer broke and I am trying to fix it. ETA next monday. I am using the work computer to get most things done, but lately I've been forced to do the most appaling thing: work. So don't expect that much activity from me, other than the occasional irc.

Since I am taking too long on too much stuff, feel free to get subrefs.
Guys Renewing this old one, cause I don't want to post so soon in the thread again.
Will be out for the next couple of days, Please beat with me. Will post whenever I can. Cheers!
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I'm probably not going to be on all of tomorrow and won't be on at all friday. Also, I'm going on a trip from monday-friday next week, so I won't be able to post much then (if at all)


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Update for above: Expected to receive my computer back on Tuesday. Which means that all pending reffings will be done either tuesday of thursday (more likely thursday, as I am busy tuesday and wednesday night). If your whatever isn't reffed by thursday like 5 hours from now feel free to get a subref and give full counters to them.


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Flight cancelled due to France, extending loa -.-


Non Phone-Net variant: I'm on my semi-LoA until Monday, because all flights that land in the UK from Spain prior to them are full or not running, due to French Air Traffic Control going on strike.
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School starts again on monday, and these couple days that I have left will be expended studying. I won't become inactive (hopefuly), but do not expect me to ref your whatever the same day you post as I had been doing the past days. Unless, of course, it is the only thing I'm up in when I do my spree.
Job starts tomorrow. Will be working nights, 4 days/week. Need to go in today to do some computer tests. Basically, my activity in ASB will plummet for good reasons. Please allow me a little leeway as I get used to my new schedule.
Tests are coming. TOUGH tests. Don't expect me to post reliably (will pretty much only post in "A quick flash" because Frosty already waited enough with AV going missing for several days and maybe raid as it doesn't require much thinking) until Monday's afternoon. Will ref Flying Quals tomorrow, most likely, but then they'll have to wait until Monday too.

If you really want a subref, feel free to get one. But please don't DQ me from anything. Please :)

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