Data Temporary Leaves of Absence

Ok, so.
As some of you know from discord, I'll be going away for grad school-related reasons and will be living abroad for almost a year. This means I'll be travelling for over a day, starting on Thursday morning, and will have very limited internet access.
Also, I'm asking for leniency with everything for at least a week after that as I'll be moving to a different fucking country lol and will need to sort out a bunch of stuff, including internet access.

Tagging relevant people who I owe stuff to or might owe in the future: Ooraloo nightblitz42 cbrevan Iron Caliber
My internet access might not stabilize for a couple of days, perhaps a week, perhaps more. I'm deeply sorry if I'm dragging this along but I still believe it is possible for me to not have to quit ASB this time. I guess we'll find out.

I think nightblitz42 (and Lou) is the only one I owe stuff to, feel free to get a subref but I think/hope I can deal with Hall. I'd prefer not to get DQ'd from that since with these rewards I can max Kit (!)

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