Tentacool (LC Analysis)


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Title: Tentacool (LC Analysis)


Name: Offensive Spinner
Move 1: Hydro Pump
Move 2: Sludge Bomb
Move 3: Hidden Power Psychic
Move 4: Rapid Spin
Item: Oran Berry
Nature: Timid
EVs: 36 HP / 76 DEF / 196 SATK / 196 SPE

Why this set deserves to be on site:
-Fast attacker with excellent dual STABs
-Excellent Croagunk counter
-Can easily KO Ghosts that block most rapid spinners
-Bulkier, faster, and more powerful than Squirtle
-Absorbs Toxic Spikes

Additional Comments:
-Ice Beams hurts Dragons more than Sludge Bomb
-Surf can be used, but misses KO on Gastly

Teammates and Counters:
-Gligar can switch in on Earthquakes and Thunderbolts and set up
-Gligar can switch in on Sludge Bomb, Hidden Power and KO but must be wary of Hydro Pump
-Bronzor can switch into Sludge Bomb, Hidden Power and is 3HKO'd by Hydro Pump
-Munchlax walls Tentacool and can KO with Earthquake or Pusuit for kill

While Tentacool doesn't have the power or the moveset of Staryu, he possesses the typing and the bulk to switch into common threats such as Croagunk and Mantyke.
whistle is a bitchass so ill change my post:

an alternate EV spread of: 196 HP/76 Def/196 Spd/36 SAtk could be used with a calm nature. its bulkier overall but it loses out on the speed of the other set. its also legit cause i use it.

also this had toxic spikes instead of hp psychic.
sup. a t spiker should definitely be on there imo, and kaseri (i think it was him) used a scarf tentacool to decent success but idk if that'd be outclassed by staryu. anyways, good set.


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I'm fairly certain that ScarfCool would be completely outclassed by Staryu, both in speed and special attack.
eo's lead tentacool is a very good set that relies on toxic spikes and is probably the best tspiker for lc stall

please test this out and add a set before this gets approved.
Also, you'll need to write an entire analysis for Tentacool before this gets uploaded (unless there's one hiding somewhere in the Analysis workshop).
Since the OP of Tentacool has given me permission, I'm bumping this thread. I'll get to writing the analysis sometime tomorrow.

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