Thanksgiving Meals

Because my swaggering immune system committed foul play on the beta cells in my islets, this is the first Thanksgiving, a day of gastronomic indulgence, when I cannot liberally indulge myself in carbohydrates. Even when I was not a diabetic, I still exercised much prudence too avoid gaining weight by the overconsumption of calories, but I now practically have no capacity to digest carbohydrates using endogenous insulin that even a small piece of fruit would raise my blood glucose outside of the normal range. However, I may just say "fuck it" and eat whatever I want while undercompensating for the insulin dosage; overcompensating can potentially induce a severe hypoglycemic episode . I did that at an all Saints Day party, and my blood sugar went up to 192 mg/dL one time (which is outside of the normal postprandial range and is near a diagnostic criterion for diabetes). Usually, I can keep my blood sugar below 100 consistently with a little attention and moderation, that is severely restricting carbohydrate intake. I used about 12 IUs fasting-acting insulin (insulin glulisine) (I empirically estimated that 7 grams of carbs equals 1 IU, and 11 is the average amount of fast-acting carbs I use per day) of insulin to cover the carbs I had that night, even though I most likely consumed fewer carbs than the average person at the party.

Still, what would your relatively carefree Thanksgiving gustory experience would be? Surely there would be no concerns about the pharmacokinetics and dynamics of injected insulin. Try to make me jealous with some exotic offering instead of pedestrian turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. I am not really not bitter at all as the consumption of food does not really excite me, but I do feel socially alienated (and I am also autistic too) when I recently went to a diner with people from a Catholic young adult group without ordering anything because I was not neither hungry nor enticed by the menu and mainly I did not want to bother with the issue of insulin dosage when my body does not need food and my blood is at 80 (which the concentration for a fasted, non-diabetic ).


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we do an indian / american fusion

the turkey is usually basted in a tandoori + tikka masala butter mix

we do all the standard american stuff like yams / mashed potatoes / apple pie / banana bread

but we also add indian potato cutlets and shrimp curry and naan


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nah too many people

we usually invite 30+ and the attack the food

sorry faint i know how much you love it


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this year it's thanksgivukkah, so we got latkes and kugel in addition to your standard thanksgiving fare

also some baller oreo crust chocolate pudding pie to go with the pumpkin

remember, it's not real cranberry sauce if it isn't shaped like the can it came in

ps you misspelled "gustatory"


Calm_Mind_Latias do you exercise? My professor is also diabetic, he says exercising makes him feel much better and he sometimes skips taking his medication because of that.

A great alternative to just stuffing your face would be to eat Turkey along with alot of vegetables, these foods are packed with alot of nutrients. You could also sample some of the other fatty foods but in smaller portions.


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I might post the picture when the food coma wears off but:

Italian Antipasto with 1.5 lbs of prosciutto and all kinds of cheese/italian peppers/olives/other veggies

21 lb turkey, with gravy made from the juice
Bread stuffing
Veal stuffing
Brussel Sprouts
Baked Potatoes, extra crispy
Baked Sweet Potatoes
Broccoli Rabe
Cranberry Sauce, can shaped
Cranberry Sauce, with actual cranberries
Mashed Butternut Squash

Home-made Panettone
Pumpkin Pie
Coconut Custard Pie
Apple Pie
Pumpkin and Gingerbread squares
There might have been cookies idr
Coffee w/ Sambuca

pretty sure I gained like 5 lbs today and THERES STILL A SHITTON OF LEFTOVERS


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oddly enough I didnt stuff myself with all the good turkey and lasagna and its not just me. Nobody ate more than 2 plates when last year we all ate until there was barely any food left. Now I know what Im going to be eating for the next week straight. :s
I usually eat just the generic Thanksgiving foods (turkey, stuffing, potatoes), but I'm in California so we always have some weird hippie dish. This year it was kale salad with pomegranates. In the past, we've had quinoa, fennel with bleu cheese, and an entire brussels sprout tree.

This year my sister was responsible for making pumpkin pie, and she somehow managed to put almost an entire cup of salt in it. I'm making an edible one as we speak.

hello great sage#2

as a chinese I am having duck this thanksgiving, much better than turkey
One of my friends had an entire Chinese meal for Thanksgiving. I saw pictures and it looked delicious.


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I have 2 thanksgivings each year, one in Northern California with my brother and sister, my sister's husband, and a few friends/significant others. The other Thanksgiving is in southern california with my entire extended family (cousins, aunts and uncles from both my mom and dad's side of the family.

For Thanksgiving North my sister and her husband does most of the cooking as it takes place at her house. Every year she makes sushi for thanksgiving north, as she is a former sushi chef. The rest of the menu is subject to whatever food people feel like bringing, the only rule is you have to make it yourself, no pre-made stuff from a grocery store. Since none of us are routine meat eaters, all of the food is vegetarian except the sushi (about half of which contains crab since it is the local seasonal catch in santa cruz around this time of year every year). So this year the menu at thanksgiving north was:

Jalapeno Corn Chowder- so so so good

Sister's Husband:
Spinach, Goat Cheese, and Citrus Salad
From Scratch Cheese Ravioli with home made cheese sauce- this was the main dish and also really fucking good.

Hot Mulled Apple Cider (so that the non-drinkers, aka former alcoholics, have a beverage to enjoy)
Jalapeno Cornbread (to soak up the the corn chowder)

Friends and Significant Others:
Brussel Sprouts (these are bomb)


Wine, wine and more wine. My brother is actually excellent at cooking, but since he has the farthest to travel he usually doesn't make anything.

So, the only thing close to a traditional offering at Thanksgiving North was the brussel sprouts. Notice no turkey or dessert.

Thanksgiving South is more traditional with turkey, stuffing, yams and all the usual (boring) things. The best part of Thanksgiving South is the dessert, this year we had chocolate pecan pie, ginger-macademia nut pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, apple crisp. I think someone brought some Latkas too, but I didn't get any .cry

Last year my sister made Mole Negro, and that was the best thanksgiving main dish I've had, basically Thanksgiving North always has the better and more interesting food.


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We don't really have Thanksgiving in Hong Kong, unless the person is from a majorly white family.
I think the major reason is that most of us hate turkey. (We eat lamb chop or beef chop or even lobster/ oysters for Christmas, if we celebrate Christmas.)

If someone here can enlighten us by suggesting something Thanksgiving-related to eat that isn't turkey, I might be able to start a new mini-culture among my friends :p

PS: No potatoes, thank you.
PS2: Myzozoa's sister's husband's goat cheese sounds interesting. Pumpkin pie as well.


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