that one internet friend you played fifa 14 with on xbox and formed a tight bond with but then disappeared out of nowhere

I used to have an online friend on an mmorpg I used to play around 2014-2015 (Flyff for those interested). Frequently chatted with him for a few months when he one day got an adorable husky puppy. When we were playing one day he said that his husky just slipped through a crack in his garden fence and that he was gonna go afk to look for it. I’ve never seen him online in game or on skype ever since then.
It's funny how FIFA hasn't changed much since then. I used to play with my brother, but he would get mad at me and beat me, lol. He would always get angry because we would lose the game in the last few minutes. Still, it was cool on FIFA 15 when you could talk to the people you played with. Some of them were assholes, but I was one at times too...
FIFA hasn't changed much, but it's still the best sports game. Ultimate Team is still great to play, and it's even better on the PS5. You can get cheap game codes on, and there is no need to pay around $70 for that game...
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