The All-Gens Randbats Tournament: Round 1

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The All-Gens Randbats Tournament
Approved by Quite Quiet

Welcome to the All-Gens Randbats Tournament. This is a simple best-of-7 tournament, featuring every generation's Random Battle format. That means you won't have to worry about teambuilding at all, but you should be ready to potentially play out seven games with your opponent. All standard tournament rules and guidelines apply. Please use VMs to set up your games; it's the easiest way to track activity~

Best of luck, competitors ^.^

Still accepting signups. Let's share these replays, since not like there's any counterteaming or anything~

Round 1:
marthaa vs HANTSUKI
Eetu vs Oibaf
HSOWA vs Indigo Plateau
Hayburner vs Waszap
Ursarox vs tjdaas
CloudyNatu vs MacChaeger
zugubu royale vs SaDiSTiCNarwhal
MiyoKa vs FMG
Johta vs KevinELF
i dunt no vs byronthewellwell
Mega meganium vs MCVPodge
Xiri vs baister09
Twixtry vs Barbows
Ganso vs WinnyTheFacker
hoblaph vs Vodoom
Algeria4Ever vs jortml
Jahkem vs Swayzelicious
Lbix vs Aegislash
Drew vs Mael
Namion vs Blazeboy2.0
Jurishit vs Rasberry Pie SG
JeromeSeiko vs RedEmptionMc
Coronis vs Hassin627
Decadentia vs ArkenCiel
Honko vs Michielleus
Kingofcrimea vs Santu
Sugarcult vs Le Sabreur
TheGreninjaWarrior21 vs Azumarill
sparktrain vs Spl4sh
LordST vs Lady Salamence
MicktheSpud. vs TJ
Leo vs ridk021
megapulo1 vs KoldKappuccino
iRKD vs Twix
Kingler12345 vs Avaricity
TropicalTeo vs BRTTar
Stan Soojung vs ItsYaBoi1337
DragonKnightmaster vs Jase Duken
McMeghan vs Bughouse
DenisTheMenace vs pinktidal
Acsel vs Googly
Mr. Miner vs The Idiot Ninja
Marshall.Law vs Cloud9 NxtLvl
Mr. Uncompetitive vs Will-I-am
majaspic22 vs Ninjadog~
ZeZangoose vs parivard
Reviloja753 vs Melle2402
Lutra vs SciencePanda

Deadline's Wednesday, October 4th, 11:59 PM EDT.
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