The All-Gens Randbats Tournament: Round 1

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round's over, next one will be up shortly~

activity wins: arkenciel, the idiot ninja

coin flips:
MiyoKa vs FMG - heads, miyoka
Kingofcrimea vs Santu - heads, kingofcrimea
sparktrain vs Spl4sh - tails, spl4sh
Kingler12345 vs Avaricity - tails, avaricity
Stan Soojung vs Flamestar - heads, stan soojung
Marshall.Law vs Cloud9 NxtLvl - tails, cloud9 nxtlvl
ZeZangoose vs parivard - heads, zezangoose
Reviloja753 vs Melle2402 - heads, reviloja753
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