The Alolan Trial - Round 2

A simple Bo3 in the USM metas, with the procedure of selecting the tiers being as follows:
  • Main Pool of tiers consists of OU, UU, RU, and NU
  • Side Pool of tiers consists of Ubers and LC
  • Player1 vs Player2 - Player1(the player on the left) removes 2 tiers from the Main Pool, and Player2(the player on the right) adds a tier from the Side Pool
  • Bo3 played in the 3 tiers
Zack vs Adam
  • Zack removed OU and RU, Adam adds LC
  • Zack and Adam play a Bo3 in USM UU NU LC
The players will inform each other of the tiers they remove/tier they add while scheduling for the series—order doesn't matter. If you don't use VMs, please inform me of the status of your scheduling on Discord/Smogon. The first game for the Bo3 can be agreed upon mutually, but in case of conflict, the player on the left in the pairing will pick first. The game(s) after that will be picked by the player who lost the immediately previous game.

Tournament Rules
  • Single elimination
  • Best of 3 (as explained above)
  • All the rules of each respective tier apply accordingly - if there is a change in any of the tiers during an ongoing round, it will be followed from the next round. The current round will follow the rulings that were in place when the round was posted.

Ninjadog13 vs JeromeSeiko
Guy147 vs Leo
Leru vs Plas
megapulo1 vs Spl4sh
Exiline vs jerrytheboss
Acsel vs TheGreninjaWarrior21
DarkAngeallenq.q vs PasY_G
Tenebricite vs DBW
Xiri vs tjdaas
Finchinator vs tokyovania
Hamhamhamham vs Hassin627
Chill Shadow vs byronthewellwell
Real FV13 vs Mysterious M
Ads20000 vs Empo
MultiAmmiratore vs cbt
Marcelinho Rodrigues vs Noblesse Oblige
Squawkerz vs Will-I-am
Kingler12345 vs Nigel97
Jrdn vs perry
Deku Prince vs Heldinho
CaCaTuA vs Hipparion
Blitzburgh vs Holy Break
HaxBro.K vs Pohjis
FogHorn vs Arifeen

Deadline: February 6
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