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The Cross Ange Wild Ride is almost over. It's gone from "so shit it's ironically good" to "ham af, actually enjoyable" to "wow this is really terrible" and now it's just hype.
Tusk is dead, Hilda's gonna win the Ange-bowl
my watch-list for next season is pretty sparse at the moment - right now i've just got Hibike! Euphonium that i'm watching for sure, and a friend of mine recommended Ore Monogatari as well

APART FROM THOSE, nothing that's being hyped looks too interesting to me. gintama and nisekoi S2 are things i'd want to watch from the beginning

any recommendations for next season?


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this is the stuff im watching next season, out of them; punchline/digimon/ninja slayer are probably the top choices
Digimon Adventure tri: ALL OF MY YES. I wonder if it will be released in April or May? I guess we have to finish petting the egg and attacking the enemy on the official Digimon Adventure tri website.


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Planning on watching these:

Danna ga Nani wo Itteriru ka Wakaranai Ken 2 Sure-Me (aka I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying Second Season): Short 3 minute clips about an otaku and his wife, nice and heartwarming, season 1 was in the fall season and only about 30 minutes total, quite a nice surprise.

Digimon Adventure Tri: Come on.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka (aka Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?): Ecchi/harem/whatever light novel adaptation quota that I have to fulfill.

F/SN: UBW part 2: HYPE PART 2

Nisekoi S2: Because I already watched S1 and I need more fuel for best girl arguments.

Shokugeki no Souma: I've heard good things about this from friends, also food.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku (aka Oregairu 2): Need more 8man in our lives, always fun to see the character interactions. Also waiting for the OP artist to sing another great OP.

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo: Ecchi/harem/more stuffs yee.

Edit: Forgot about new Highschool DxD, I'll watch if I finish S2 in time.
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UBW: duh
dungeon thing: looks ok, jc staff makes really good things on ocassion
grisaia: nope, not gonna spoil the second vn for a trash anime adaptation
gunsliger stratos: heard the arcade game was cool, mechs are cool
hibike euphonium: will kyonai once again find a way?
DxD: don't judge me
Houkago no Pleiades: gainax? magical girls? ok
re-kan: looks cool I guess
oregairu s2:

Cross ange: see earlier posts, don't be like me and like things ironically because soon enough you'll find yourself unironically liking things that are objectively shit. AOTS if you don't count sequels (Jojo)
kancolle: shipgirls? more like shitgirls
saekano: I like the art and music but the otaku protagonist thing is super tired and the plot really hasn't gone anywhere. Still pretty solid I guess
Kimi Uso: pretty good, but probably not as spectacular as a lot of people seem to think. it's overall value will depend largely on how well they can avoid a disappointing ending
im@s cg: cute and fun even if most of the characters are less interesting than the cast of the original series
yoru no yatterman: I was hesitant of the idea of a reboot of something I know nothing about, but I loved Gatchaman Crowds so I gave this a go. pretty good, seems fairly underrated
yurikuma: bear girls? more like shitgirls Bear Grylls. Stupid and fun, if you liked Utena and Penguindrum you'll like this and if you didn't you're probably lame
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Absolutely gonna watch this spring:
FSN Unlimited Budget Works 2 (self explanatory)
Shokugeki no Foodgasm (it's a cooking manga anime. it's a cooking manga anime. it's a cooking manga anime.)
Danmachi (thirsty goddess is thirsty)
Oregairu 2 (based hachiman)
Owari no Seraph (please studio don't screw this up)
Yamada-kun no Kiss-whore (lel)
Gintama (hue)
Lupin III (for nostalgia's sake)
Digimon (for nostalgia's sake)
DxD (for oppai's sake)

Gonna try:
Arslan, Ninja Slayer, Gunslinger Stratos, Punchline

Yep, next season's gonna be busy.
RODANK There will be an eighth DigiTama to click in a few days. Is it possible that the show's air date will be announced after that? I hope it airs in either April or May.
Persona 3 movie 2 subs are out for those who care. Featuring more actual plot than the first movie, the same crazy-budget animation, and Operation Babe Hunt.
I liked one outs and kaiji, I avoided akagi cause I didn't think I'd be able to understand whatever game its based on.
You'd think you would have to understand the game they were playing in order to understand this anime, but this isn't the case. I to this day don't understand the rules to mahjong and I still found this fantastic. This was because it wasn't so much as a game of mahjong as it was psychological warfare between the badass/mysterious Akagi Shigeru and his opponents.


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DAMN that last ep of shigatsu totally fucking redeemed the show, like i really was startin to dislike because of all the fucking monologues/melodrama. but the fact that it all led up to that episode FUCK.

still not totally redeemed tho just not nearly as Meh
I agree on the fact that you don't really need to know Mahjong to enjoy Akagi. It's a step down from Kaiji and One Outs though.

also, if they ever do a Kaiji s3 it'll be about Mahjong too
PSA: the sub situation for oregairu looks bleak (the best we can hope for might be crunchyroll releasing a week late), but please please don't watch Commie. I tried their memeshit subs for ep 1 and that was the worst subbing I've seen since the era of yellow-text subs.

At least Hachiman is still Hachiman.


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re-kans first episode really impressed me, i laughed a bunch at it. it is my ResidentSleeper pick for the season
it's that time of the year when you dig out your kanshou and bakuya and run around the house posing :L
hibike! euphonium and ore monogatari both starting off pretty strong, imo

looking forward to see how euphonium goes since i'm a big band nerd, and monogatari puts an interesting spin on shoujo anime
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