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rakudai was weirdly really good IMO, the animation was super high quality (especially in the last 2 episdes) and i found myself loving the MCs

why does asterisk get s2 and this doesnt, anime fans love their battle harems and they love their bad ones even more i guess.
actually, going by preorders Rakudai has been doing a lot better than Asterisk (still not exactly well, but it has a solid chance of breaking even whereas Asterisk s1 will very likely lose money and s2 will lose even more) so it's just bad decision making by producers


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please read wandering son (hourou musuko) guys, it's definitely one of my fav manga and is well-written, well-drawn (albeit simply drawn), and tackles complex issues like LGBT stuff you almost never see taken seriously in Japan

but yeah please read it :) and tell me what you think! If anything the only complaint I have about it is that the plot becomes a bit convoluted towards the end but only a little

plus: there's apparently an anime but it doesn't look very good


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Just out of interest, is there anything in the upcoming winter season that anyone's looking forward to or interested by?
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Just out of interest, is there anything in the upcoming winter season that anyone's looking foreward to or interested by?
Dagashi Kashi
Shirayuki-hime Season 2
There's this yuri thing made the guy who did Ghost in the Shell. Its likely gonna suck but I'll watch it anyway.
That P.A. Works show with music and shit (PLEASE be better than Charlotte I'm begging you)
GATE Season 2 (I hope they fix at least SOME of the issues I had with Season 1 like what Noragami is doing right now)

That's just a few of them. I plan on giving everything at least a chance. (Still need to watch AssClass and DRRR though) Plus I got Osomatsu-san and (possibly, as I haven't watched it yet) Iron Blooded Orphans to hold me over in case the season turns out to be very disappointing.
I'm going to be watching Koyomimonogatari and Kizumonogatari, but if you haven't been keeping up with the series then these obviously won't be as interesting. I'll also be watching Kiznaiver, which is TRIGGER's new project, and Musaigen no Phantom World, which is by Kyoani. I've also heard good things about Dagashi Kashi so I might give that a shot.

also I finished Owarimonogatari yesterday after putting it on hold for a while and the last two episodes were stellar. This season was solidly good but the last two episodes alone pushed it to a 9/10 for me. One Punch Man was also obviously fantastic but I think I'm also rating it a 9/10 - I feel like there's not enough in the show to justify putting it at 10/10.

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Just out of interest, is there anything in the upcoming winter season that anyone's looking forward to or interested by?
I haven't looked into too many series yet, but I'll probably do what I do every season and pick up a bunch of shows then drop all the shit ones week 3. Though I am really looking forward to Kizumono
Currently marathoning all shows that came out this year (Since before I make a top 10 (or best shows in general) of this year I'll make sure to watch at least a chunk of what came out). Finished with Summer shows yesterday. (Excluding sequels and 2-cours, I'll probably get to those last)

The first show I'm watching from Spring is Hibike Euphonium, which I'm liking quite a lot. (Only like 5 episodes in tho)

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guys, what is your least favourite show you have seen to completion?
Complete cringe, not even sure why I didn't drop it-probably because it was one of the first few series I've watched. Even when it wasn't filled with poor humor and bad romance scenes its actual plot wasn't even that well put together. I liked the whole "mature" atmosphere of the after highschool college life but it got really boring after awhile. Would not recommend.
Akame ga kill was probobly my least favorite I watched till the end...
If they hadn't kill of almost every main character or let people get murdered in every fucking episode then it would have been a great series. But the risks they took by actually killing main characters, the beginning and the end of the series and lastly the great fights deserve recognition.

everything else I have dropped like Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball Super, Hacka Doll...but those are unbearable.

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Inu Yasha. I've never seen any anime drag its feet more. That thing seriously went oooooon and oooooon and ooooon. most people who like it probably saw it during middle school as it was one of the few anime to get a proper dub and broadcast treatment by major networks, but it's simply not worth the amount of run time it makes you sit down for.
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If talking about full-length shows then Chaos Dragon. Generic and boring as fuck. (Not to mention piss-poor production values despite it being Silver Link who normally do pretty well in this department)
probably tokyo ghoul root A, mainly out of a sense of loyalty to the manga writer. the best thing to come out of that entire season was the acoustic cover of Unravel

also ninja slayer is an objectively bad show, all memes aside, and I stuck with it to the end. it definitely had its great moments here and there but watching all 26 episodes is one of the most tiring anime experiences I can imagine


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If we're talking 24 ep then SAO II and Mirai Nikki for me. I enjoyed the first part of SAO ngl, but I hated how the 2nd part of it and SAO II just made all the characters but kirito super wimps. also the end of the Gun Gale arc completely ruined the entire season for me.

Mirai Nikki had the worst main character ever. The entire show was just carried af by Yuno, and even that got annoying. The ending didn't even remotely make sense to me, and I'm still confused as to what happened.

I tried watching Tokyo Ghoul but itwas absolutely awful to the point where I put off the manga for years
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